9 Best Age Progression Apps to Look Yourself in the Future

As each of us has a curiosity to know about our future looks, each one has that concern. But today, in this digital era, nothing is untold. Each and everything has a solution. Talking about this, there are even some of the Age progression Apps that can detect our present age and then can also have a rough guess of our future face.

They cannot be as appropriate, but still, you can enjoy it. Although, you can easily find such an application on the Play store as well. You can want these applications as you can experiment with your face and get surprised. You don’t have to worry; this is a fun Age progression Apps where you can have real fun and experimental ideas. You can even share your avatar with other and even surprise your friends by creating their oldie look. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best Age progression App with a full brief description. Along with that, we will also discuss some queries that you might have found in the wonder of this application. We will relatively solve those, and also will help you by suggesting our best Age progression Apps recommendation. So let us begin with the list without any suspension.

What is the Best Age Progression App? (9 Best Apps of All Time)

Here is the list of the top 9 best Age progression Apps that will blow your mind. You can go through each one of them and try one of them without any hesitation.

1. Faceapp- AI Face Editor

It is one of the modest applications that can instantly change your face’s look at the top of the list. It is one of the leading apps that is used widely. From young to old or from old to young, you can try any approach.

Other than that, you can also give different looks and styles and can edit your face accordingly. Since it has been launched, it has instantly created a lot of traffic and has almost over millions of downloads.


  • It has a comprehensive service and a vast community.
  • You can also swap the gender of your face.
  • Can able to change the background?
  • Has a massive collection of filters.
  • You can even store your photo and share it with your friends.
Age progression Apps
Faceapp- AI Face Editor

 2. Agingbooth: Age progression Apps

Agingbooth was launched earlier in 2012, and till then, its popularity is still on. It is an android based application that you can easily download from the Play store for free. You can capture a picture by your-self on the application itself, or even upload a photo from a Gallery. You can also try some different effects and filters and can change your entire face look.


  • It has distinct filters and effects.
  • You can capture from the in-built camera application or else from the gallery.
  • The interface is very humble and easy to use.
  • You can straightforwardly download it from the Play store.
  • It can make face progression from young to old or vice versa.
  • Age progression Apps
    Aging booth

3. Oldify

As the name itself, you can get an idea about what this application has to do. Well, it is one of the best applications that can transform your young face to old within a few minutes. You have to take a picture of yourself and then select the option, and then you are almost done with it.

Also, you can choose the range of your age and can set your look accordingly. Apart from that, you can also record your voice and like an oldie. This application is quickly obtainable on the Play store free of cost. 


  • It has the option of age selection.
  • Pretty easy to use.
  • It can get results in a few minutes.
  • It can record voice and capture video as well.
  • Free to use.
Age progression Apps

4. Make me old

From the name, you can know that this application is used to transform your face and wonder how you will look in the future. Like other age progression applications, you can grab one from an album or even capture one instantly.

Make me old is very simple and easy to use the app. You have to play some moves and select some outstanding oldie components such as a white mustache, beard, or even hairstyle and transform your look accordingly.


  • It has several components to change your style.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • You can upload an image or capture it.
  • The faster and quick transformation of ideas.
  • Can even download the transformed images and share them
Age progression Apps
Make me old

5. Old face

It is yet another application that can change your photos and look into the future after many decades. It is effortless to operate. You have to select the picture you want to transform from the gallery, and quickly it changes it to ages later and looks like your future face. You can download this application from the Play store without costing a single penny.


  • You can select photos from the gallery.
  • It has a clean and well-ordered user interface.
  • Ease of usage.
  • It can transform your face thoroughly and make it like an oldie.
  • The beginning should be adequately detected and placed in the center.
Age progression Apps
old face

6. Agify

Agify: age your face within a few clicks. It is one of the applications which was launched in 2012. The application transforms your face so that you can imagine your face after time has been changed. You have to select a picture from your gallery, and then it immediately transforms it into the older look. You can download Agify from the Play Store for free and enjoy it.


  • It has automatic face detection.
  • You can adjust your face and use markers.
  • You can have this for free.
  • Easy to use and has an outgoing interface.

7. Face Reading 

This application is a complete combo of different transformations of your images. It is one of the best applications ever that can predict a rough face of your after few ages or even before some. Apart from it, it comprises different effects and styles, such as baby predictor, anime transform, and other such techniques.

You can also draw some results and anime to your photo and change them accordingly. This application is a complete set of all transformations, and you can download it from the Play store.


  • It can analyze your face quickly.
  • It has varieties of effects and filters that you can add.
  • Not only age progressions, but it also has other features.
  • It is available on the Play store.
Face Reading
Face Reading

8. Face Changer 2

You can get surprised by Face Changer 2 and its features. It is wholly loaded with different ideas that you can explore. You have to take a picture or choose it from the gallery instead and select the aging option later. Apart from that, some similar transformations, such as face swap, add funky filters and effects. Also, you can share them with your friends easily.


  • You can experiment with different styles to your face.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has an intuitive interface.
  • Have various transformations styles apart from aging.
  • Can upload your photo from the gallery or take one.
Face Changer 2
Face Changer 2

9. Age Face: Make me old

With the name of the application, you can know that what the purpose of this application is supposed to be. It is a fun app that manages to change your face and make it look appear in future age alike 60’s or 70’s. Hence, it has a comfortable face detection technique, and you can adjust the image accordingly.

It also modifies your face according to your preferences, such as wrinkled, white hairs, broken tooth, bald, and other such funny effects. This application is used world-wide with many downloads and over a million users.


  • It is a fun application with groovy effects.
  • It can detect your face automatically.
  • You can adjust your look.
  • Can change the image with your specified features.
  • Has over millions of downloads.
Age progression Apps
Age Face-Make me old

Eleggible’s Recommendation

As we have discussed, the best age progression applications that gently manage to change your entire avatar make it look like the way you will look in the future. Perhaps they all are fun applications and do not offers you accurate results. You can try them for fun purpose and share your looks with friends.

However, if you are still confused and want us to help you more. We can recommend some of the best choices you can try. Face app and aging booth, which are on the top of the list, are the best choices you can go for.

Apart from that, if you want to experiment with your face, you can go with Face reading and Face changer two, which offers distinct effects and categories.

How Accurate Are Age Progression Photos?

As the age progression is just a guess, it cannot be accurate certainly. But it does have some approximate suppose that the face can be similar to some extent, but not the whole.

Why is Face App Dangerous?

By using face, there is a chance that some users save those photos on their phones or in the cloud. The application makes it sure by their side. The user should not continuously upload the images. However, the uploaded photos are always deleted in 48 hours, but all of it can invade your privacy, and hence it is dangerous to some extent.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Coming at the conclusion, these were the Age progression Apps that you can use for fun. However, each of them is unique and creative in their way. You can go with any one of them, as each one has a similar approach but different aspects.

Grab any one of them and share the one with your friends which you love the most. It is a fun part, and one can genuinely have a great experience by trying different avatars, age progressing, and other concepts. Also, one can use it as a trial before you want to change a look.

However, apart from the fun part, there is also a way where such applications are used commercially. For instance, the individual investigating department uses it to recognize a face that is not seen for many years. There are even some advanced apps that are only used by professionals.

Since we think that, for the time being, you should stick with one of these mentions in the list. I hope this article was accommodating and helpful to you.

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