8 Ways to Fix Airdrop Not Working on Mac or iPhone

Whenever you want to transfer files, photos, videos and other documents from your iPhone/iPad to another or from iPhone/iPad to Mac, then the first thing that comes in your mind is airdrop. What if airdrop not working when you need it. If you are searching for why airdrop is not working on my mac? then in this article, we’ll tell you eight simple ways which will solve your problem.

First, lets me tell you what an airdrop is? 

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrop is apple’s proprietary method of share files and documents locally. The device is initially connected through Bluetooth then later to Wi-Fi for massive file transfer. This feature was first introduced on Macs in 2008. Later it expanded to iOS devices in 2013.

Airdrop works very efficiently, but as your hardware gets older, then you may start facing specific problems. Visibility is the most common problem observed. The recipient doesn’t show up no matter how hard you try. 

When Apple introduced the new U1 chip with ultrawideband technology for iPhone, one of the reasons behind it is this only. U1 improves the device visibility that has been a problem in apple for a long time. For now, we will stick to airdrops and make them work the old-fashioned way.

Can My Mac Use Airdrop?

Now, you may be thinking whether my Mac will support this feature or not. So, let me tell you the Mac computers on which it will work:

  1. MacBook Pro (late 2008 or newer)
  2. MacBook Air (late 2010 or newer)
  3. Next, MacBook (late2008 or newer)
  4. iMac (early 2009 or newer)
  5. Mac mini (mid-2010 or newer)
  6. Mac Pro (early 2009 with airport extreme or newer)

The Matter That Needs Attention

Before you use airdrop, there are some points/matters that you need to pay attention to. That matters will help you exclude the factors that affect the working of the airdrop. Check it with your iPhone/iPad:

  1. You should make sure that your devices are in iOS 7/Mac or X lion (10.7) or later versions.
  2. It would help if you started both your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi before you turn on your airdrop.
  3. To secure your transfer process, the optimal distance between the two devices should be within 30 feet. 

Now, lets us look at the eight tips/ways to fix “airdrop not working” problem on the iPhone.

Tip 1: Reset the Network Settings

As you know the use of airdrop for transferring files and documents require both your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be turned on. If there is any problem in the connection, then it will lead to “airdrop not showing up” error.

The method that can be used to fix this error is to reset the network settings. You can follow the following steps to reset your network. 

Step 1: Open the Settings app and click on general.

Step 2: Choose reset and select reset network settings.

airdrop not showing up
Reset your device

Tip 2: Reset your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

As mentioned in tip one that is turning your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is necessary for using airdrop. When your airdrop is not working correctly, then you can try fixing it by reopening your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

On the Mac the airdrop window provides a button to enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in case they are disabled, so you don’t have to connect to a Wi-Fi network or enable Bluetooth manually. This convenience is not available airdrop share sheet. 

If you disable Bluetooth and then try to airdrop a web link you will be greeted by a message saying “to use airdrop, turn on Bluetooth”. On the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you can tap the airdrop icon in the airdrop menu.

This will automatically turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if they are disabled. This will definitely resolve airdrop on mac not working error.

airdrop on mac not working
Restart your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Tip 3: Are You Airdrop Device Discoverable?

An Airdrop must be manually enabled in the control centre for it to work. On iOS swipe from the bottom of the screen to bring up control centre and tap airdrop to select your discoverability mode. There is three option:

Off: no one can see your device, but still, you can airdrop files to others.

Contact only: only the people in your contact can see your device as airdrop destination. This option is good as it adds privacy and prevent airdrop request coming from random people.

airdrop not working
Airdrop the contacts

Everyone: all nearby devices using airdrop can see your device. You are advised to use this option to prevent visibility problems

Tip 4: Restart your Device

By merely restarting your device you not only solve your Wi-Fi not working problem but also your Bluetooth not working problem, and eventually your airdrop will start working—the most common way to restart an iOS device to press the home and power simultaneously. 

airdrop not working
Restart your airdrop

Tip 5: Equip Your Device with the Latest iOS Version

When after using all the above methods your airdrop is still not working then this may be due to old iOS system you need to upgrade to the latest iOS version which will help you fix some problem caused due to the old version including airdrop not working error.

airdrop not working
Software Upgrade

Tip 6: Use iOS Data Transfer Software to Help you Transfer Data

If you are facing issue of airdrop not working on mac the you can use EaseUS MobiMover to transfer data between two iOS devices. MobiMover is professionally design to transfer tool to share data. The following steps will tell you how to transfer file with MobiMover and clear the error of airdrop on mac not working.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer. Open EaseUS MobiMover go to picture> photos 

airdrop on mac not working
Open EaseUS MobiMover

Step 2: Now choose the photos or albums you want to move 

airdrop on mac not working
choose the photos

Step 3: Click to another phone to start transferring photos. When the transfer is complete, go to the folder to check. 

airdrop on mac not working
transfer software

Tip 7: Disable all Incoming Connections

If you have a firewall, then it might be blocking the incoming connection too. To prevent airdrop transfer from failing, you have to disable this function. 

Step 1: Go to system preferences> security and privacy> then click on the Firewall tab if it is off then moved to next tip.

Step 2: If it on click on the lock-in button, then type your admin password.

Step 3: Click on firewall option and uncheck the box next to block all incoming connections. 

Step 4: Hence, Click ok to save the changes then try again. 

airdrop not working
disable all incoming connections

Tip 8: Re-Sign in iCloud

You can also re-sign in iCloud to fix this problem. Open Settings app, tap on your name an go to iCloud, first sign out then sign in again.

airdrop not working
re-sign in iCloud

Eleggible’s Final Words

These are eight easy tips which will help you solve your problem of airdrop not working. You can also check are you on do not disturb mode or not or maybe your aeroplane mode is on.

These are some other essential steps/methods that you can check. The airport is some of the easiest ways to transfer files and data. We hope this article helped you and you are transferring and sharing your data.

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