Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels in 2022 [All Categories]

Amazon, which has the largest commercial website for shopping, hasn’t stopped seeing big dreams as concerned with India. It launched a streaming site too called Amazon prime, and finally, it has found an Amazon fire stick, a voice-controlled remote for just 4000 rupees available to purchase at the website. We have mentioned some Amazon Fire Stick Channels for you.

Firestick TV is powerful streaming media that is a plug-and-play system that offers millions of programs, movies, etc. It’s like a large storage device with an organized system filled with movies, games, or any other program of your choice.

It comes with a fast Wi-Fi network and a quad-core processor. It has a customized language system to use your voice either in Hindi or English and search for what you want to watch.

How Do We Use It?

Firstly you need an Amazon account registered with your website. And if you don’t have one before the setup, you will be asked to create it. It’s a necessity as most contents are from the Amazon account.

Then connect the first end of your fire stick to your power adapter, and the other end will be connected to your television’s HDMI port. Now switch on your TV and join the HDMI channel where you want to activate your fire stick.

A loading sign will appear and connect your remote now. After the Wi-Fi connection, you are good to go! It has a good interface but does not offer to mirror your PC or laptop, but it does stand out.

Features of Amazon Fire Stick Channels

1. Content

It does have a fantastic collection of thousands of movies, TV programs, sports channels, music, and games. It has all the Bollywood and Hollywood movies divided into sections. Hence. it can also be connected to your hot star, YouTube or Ganna, etc.

2. Ease Of Use

Amazon Fire Stick Channels has a fantastic note feature that comes preinstalled so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading it separately.

3. Parental Controls

Movies and shows have those PG signs and need to be approved by parents as they are not comfortable letting their children see the contents. So now parents can put an access code and password protect it. And someone wants to see the contents. They need to put the password.

4. Track data usage

The fire stick feature user can see how much data has been used in the account and other notification. You can also alert yourself if the data limit has been exceeded.

5. Voice search remote

It’s the most fantastic feature the fire stick has to offer. The fire stick can understand your voice and follow the instructions.

Pros of Amazon Fire Stick Channels

1. 4K capability: This device lets you stream all your channels in ultra High definition. 

2. Supports All The Mazor Streaming Sites: Watch Netflix, amazon prime, Popcorn Flix, Hot star, etc. The availability of different sites may differ from country to country.

3. Elegant Design: The device’s compact and comfortable design make it compatible with different TV sets. The mini plugin device allows you to play the instrument regardless of the port size.

4. Access to Free Steaming Sites: The best thing is to stream unlimited free channels through a device micro-console system that comes with the fire stick. But if you want to watch channels like the NBA, you have to buy the subscription individually.

5. Easy to Set Up: It’s a simple plug and play device set up through an HDMI cable and a stable internet connection.

Cons Of Amazon Fire Stick Channels

1. Limited Scope: It’s unreasonable to some peripherals compared to Chromecast, which can be attached to more peripherals like mobile, laptop, etc.

2. No Unique Streaming Feature: It has the same system which a single DVD player or TV has. You can watch multiple things using both if we have an internet connection.

3. Constant Promotion: The device offers too many adverts, which disturbs the flow of streaming. If you are not using Amazon prime, then the adverts will force you to subscribe to it.

Amazon wants to bring new technology and innovation through this Amazon Fire Stick Channels before the mainstream TV screen takes over. A lot of things have changed. There are dozen streaming sites giving us a better view, HD screen, and many more amazing things. But what does this little toggle can do.

The Channels You Can Watch Through

The fire stick is the product of Amazon, which means you have access to amazon prime, but those who have not purchased this medium can download or rent movies and TV shows.

Apart from these what things are available :

  • Netflix 
  • Disney+
  • Apple TV
  • Brit TV 
  • Hayu box

These are streaming sites, but the fire stick also supports BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and the technology giant YOUTUBE. These sites are for movie lovers, but what about music, fear not? You can stream your music through Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple music along with your radio stations too.

There are plenty of channels you can watch, too, like Plex media lets you manage your downloaded videos, Twitch TV, which lets you stream live game sessions and news channels, or you can be inspired by Ted talks and get physical with your games by watching BOXNATION. Apart from these entertainment sessions, Amazon Fire Stick Channels also offers multiple utilities like Audible, Facebook, Silk Web browser, etc.

5 Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels to Watch Movies & TV Shows

1. HBO GO (Paid)

Great place for HBO fans to stream HBO originals and tons of movies, documentaries, sports programs, and comedy channels. Plenty of bonus videos, such as behind the scene, comes along with an HBO subscription too.


2. Starz (Paid)

Starz network originals, TV programs, movies can be watched here. You can stream as well as download videos here. If you don’t have a subscription, pay just $8.99 every month, and enjoy it. 

3. FOX Now (Free)

Gives you access to full FOX episodes and shows, such as The Masked Singer, Master Chef, Empire, etc. Watch a live stream of football and mbl. 

Fox Now

4. Pluto TV (Free)

Has dozens of free Live TV channels and more than a thousand movies. Sign in with your Pluto TV account which is also a mobdro replacement; you can have access to viewing history and preferences across devices too.

5. Netflix (Paid)

The world’s biggest streaming site. The subscription also gives you access to tons of Netflix Originals, documentaries, movies, shows, etc.


6 Best Amazon Fire Stick Channels to Watch Sports

1. NFL App ( App Purchase Option)

All the sports news, highlights, etc. can be accessed here. It’s an excellent app for NFL lovers and always them to catch up on the latest tournament, matches, score updates. It’s free to download and has some in-app purchases.


2. Fox Sports

This app allows you to watch all sports. It’s a must for all sports lovers, especially in a country like the USA. The sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, MLB can be watched here.

3. Fubo TV

It features more than 100 sports channels, and more than 30 of them cover live. Gives you access to channels like NBC, Fox, etc. You can also stream live news and on-demand movies and TV shows.


4. Ufc (Paid)

It’s an excellent app for MMA lovers. With one UFC Fight Pass, you can access Fight Library, Fight Nights, highlights, replays, TV Shows, and originals. Let’s you up to date with the TV schedule and the latest news.

5. Dazn (Paid)

It’s a subscription-based sports channels that are available in the US and eight other countries (including Japan, Canada, Italy, Brazil, etc.) Covers more than 70 major sports leagues, sporting events, and several minor competitions. UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, NHL, NFL, Major League Soccer, FIBA Basketball World Cup, Premier League included in this.


6. Tennis Channel (Free & Paid)

The channels cover a lot of live tennis matches and also includes tons of on-demand videos, replays, and highlights of the games. Everything is not free here. If you want to explore the app to its full potential, you may either sign in with your cable TV subscription or buy the subscription.

5 Best News Channels

1. CBS News – Fire TV (Free)

News channel covers national as well as world news. World, US News, Science, Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Health, Crime, etc.

2. Fox News

Allows you to access live and on-demand content easily. Stream live coverage of significant news events or watch your favorite Fox News shows using your TV provider login credentials. Access to the latest content that is only available online only.

3. ABC News

Channel brings you the streaming of the day’s top news stories, live news streams, breaking news, and a range of specials. Lets you watch popular programs and TV shows.

Abc News

4. NBC News

You can live stream news and several other popular programs after signing in. You can watch breaking news, events, or stories. Stream full-length episodes, get detailed news analysis, etc.

5. BBC News

Channel brings the global coverage right to your TV without a subscription. Interested in international news or any other popular topic? There is everything you can stream here. Access to full TV programs and top stories.

BBC News

The Best for the Kids

1. GooNoodle

Most popular educational services across the United States. Hundreds of educational videos and fun activities for kids and families. Choose videos from various exciting categories, including Newest featured in School, NTV: Noodle Television, The Best Tees, Blazer Flesh, Moose Tube, Awesome Sauce, etc.


2. Nick Jr

Features popular shows like PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, Blue’s Clues & You, Shimmer and Shine, Top Wing, Peppa Pig, Broken Record, Hobby, I shrunk the Kids, etc. Unlock the full range of content, and for the ad-free experience, you need to sign in with your TV provider.

3. Pokémon TV

Lets you watch your favorite Pokémon movies and episodes free in this app. Lets you stream everything without signing in.


4. Fun with Roblox

Designed for children and teenagers in the 12 to 15 years age range. The app is entirely free. Does not require any login. You can start streaming right away with Roblox


Access your favorite channel. Features hundreds of excellent videos and lots of shows. Let’s discuss the best apps you must have on your firestick.

PBS kids

7 Best Apps to Watch Movies, TV Shows, Sports & News Online

1. Youtube

It’s the largest platform for you to enjoy movies, tutorials, songs free, and in your favorite language. You can command Alexa to “play a Taylor Swift song,” and you are good to go. In these times of e-learning and teaching, what’s the better way than the fantastic stick.

2. Netflix

The most watchable and streaming app. Netflix offers movies in various languages like English, Hindi, German, etc. The app has multiple movies, TV shows, anime, k-dramas, and documentary. Just a click away.


3. Tubi Tv

It has a feature called collection, which can be used as a short cut to your favorite movies and TV shows. Like a highly rated movie collection that helps you in finding hidden gems called classics. It’s the world’s largest ad-supported platform for movie collection with over 2 lakh movies and TV shows.

4. Popcorn Flix

watching streaming movies, viral videos, game life, and web series just got easier. You can watch foreign films and documentaries free, but with little ad breaks, that’s all. This app also has a mini version for kids called POPCORNFLIX KIDS. 

Popcorn Flix

5. Ted Talk

Want to have some brain food? Fear, not these talks don’t provide lectures about life and its elements but help you know about fantastic things. You can watch it on your desktop or your phone wherever you like. This easy transfer allows you to watch reruns with saved history and a plus point. It also has voice command.

6. Crackle

So, what’s crackling? Your favorite movies, tv programs, or a music contest. Crackle allows you to watch it for free. It’s a product of Sony entertainment that has an organized collection of your favorite channels. It comes with an advert, though, but its navigation is more comfortable and more interactive. You can navigate through the kid’s section to your dark world easily.



Stars, galaxies, constellation, planets have always motivated us to look further beyond. So watching space programs and free astronomy channels became easy. Monitoring news, live events, space broadcasts, interviews with astronauts, history of shuttles all in one place has never been this marvelous.

Is There A Subscription Fee Required for the Stick?

No, the most significant advantage of this stick is that it’s free, and you have to buy the box and have a Wi-Fi setup, and you are good to go.

What Are Some Channels You Can Watch on this Fire Stick?

Firestick allows you to watch hundreds of channels that are free as well as paid. 

Do You Need an Internet Connection for Firestick to Work?

Yes, you will need an internet connection to access the contents from apps and watch them.

Can You Get TV Channels on Firestick?

Yes, you can access some regular channels on your Amazon fire stick.

Are You Able to find Local Channels on your Fire Stick?

There may be offshoot broadcasts from local stations, too, like classic TV programming, and so on. 

What Channels are Free on Firestick?

YouTube, TUBITV, film rise classic, Popcorn Flix, IMDb TV, Ted tv, crackle, Xumo TV, NASA, PBS kids are some channels that are available to download for free.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Isn’t this fire stick valuable and perfect way to create an enchanting experience. It can convert your dumb boxy TV into a smarter version of magic. Installing the right apps and channels can even make you drop your subscription cables soon. It’s just not a multipurpose hub of entertainment and laughter but a value for money device.

Firestick is an android device and doesn’t support Google play services. It uses a modified Android operating system and supports the Amazon store. It allows you to stream and download content free, and some content is paid too. Additionally, it will enable you to download third-party apps that are not available to these fantastic features in your store.

Amazon Fire Stick Channels provides exceptional support to streaming sites. The potential user can easily use this plugin and play device and access channels with a voice command feature. It also provides an ultra HD version for all streaming apps available.

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