How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues

Amazon fire stick tv is a streaming device that lets us watch movies, play music, install the app, and perform any other TV activities. It is build to use in the Android platform, but we can convert a regular TV to a smart TV with this device’s help. The primary streaming services available on the Stick are Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Britbox, and Hayu. There are some Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues.

Along with all these benefits, there is always some problem or error. The common problem we face while using this firestick is streaming issues. This can be due to any reason may be internet slow or the wifi connectivity on any other settings problem which we are unaware about. Many people do not know how to fix this problem.

So they think that this Amazon fire stick is useless, but no you are wrong there is always a possible way to solve the problem. Now, I will tell you the simple ways or tricks to solve the streaming issues an ordinary person can solve by himself.

How to Fix Amazon Firestick Streaming Problems in 5 Ways?

Let us look towards some of the ways to fix Amazon fire stick streaming problems, so let’s starts our step by step guide:

1. Uninstalling Unwanted Data

The apps in your Amazon fire stick, which drive most of your space, matter a lot, including the cache files, useless apps, and data.

To remove unwanted apps, press the home button on the Fire Stick TV remote, then go to settings and click on applications. Click on manage applications and select the unwanted application you want to remove, and click uninstall.

Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues
Uninstalling Unwanted Data

If you want to remove the default apps present in your Amazon fire stick, press the home button, click on applications, click on manage applications, and select the unwanted applications. There will be an option of force stop press on that.

2. Restarting the Firestick

The sober and straightforward way is to restart the firestick. No, you don’t have to make any changes. Only unplug your Stick from the power source and plug it in after few seconds. To restart the fire stick, you can also try an alternative method, follow these steps:

Using the firestick remote, press the ‘Home’ button. Then go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Device.’ Finally, select ‘Restart.’ The issue you may be solved by restarting the firestick properly.

Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues

3. Resetting your Amazon Fire Stick to Default

You are always provided with an option to reset your Amazon fire stick to that original state when you got it. If the restart option doesn’t work, then the only option you must look into it is resetting your Amazon firestick to default. But remember the settings you have been changing since starting in the Settings. You have to set it afterward to your preference.

Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues

Using Fire TV Remote:

  • Press the ‘Previous’ and the ‘Right’ button together on your remote.
  • You can see the reset screen. Enter the pin if it asks.
  • Click on ‘Reset’ and wait for the System to restart.

An Alternative Method using a USB Mouse:

  • Go to ‘System Menu’ on your Screen.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and go to’ System.’
  • Then, go through the slide menu and search for ‘Reset to Factory Defaults.’
  • Type your Security PIN code.
  • Click on ‘Reset’ and wait until the device restarts.

4. Adequate Power Supply

The proper battery supply provided by cables and adapters included with the Amazon fire stick must be in good condition. Remember that you should not use any other cables or adapters other than the Amazon because it will lead to streaming issues any other problem with your firestick.

If you are using an improper battery supply for this Amazon fire stick, you can face heating issues buffering issues, and lag while using your smart TV. The standard battery cable is of TV USB.

Adequate Power Supply

5. VPN

The best method to resolve this streaming problem of the internet is to use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network used basically to change your location or the IP address for a short period. The best VPN you can ever get is a Nord VPN.

You only need to download the VPN and install it on firestick. Go and select the VPN app and finally click on enable VPN. So this is how your streaming issue may be resolved.


How to Fix Fire Stick Not Working (3 Ways)

1. Issues with Wifi Connection 

If the Firestick device always goes offline and won’t stay connected, it could be an issue of bad wifi connection, power outage, password error, etc. If someone might doubt that it could be a password issue, you need to make sure that your wifi password and Amazon prime account password are different.

Also, check if there is any interference between the wifi signal and the Amazon Firestick device. This may also involve some physical obstacles.

Wifi Connection

2. FireStick Remote not Working

Amazon FireStick Remote consumes a lot of battery, so this may result in FireStick isn’t responding. There is a good chance that the remote batteries are out of charge. Check it out that the battery depletes without giving a user any warning. 

FireStick Remote not Working

3. FireStick Buttons not Working

The FireStick buttons do not respond if the remote hasn’t correctly paired with the device. You need to press down the Home key on your remote for about 8 to 10 seconds to pair it again, and if it does not fix the issue, you need to reset the remote and try re-pairing it with the device.

FireStick Buttons not Working

Why is my Firestick not Working?

Restart your Fire TV device, use the connection equipment that came with the device, disconnect the Fire TV device from the HDMI port, and then plug it back in. After that, try replacing your HDMI cable or HDMI hub with a new one.

The FireStick buttons do not respond if the remote hasn’t correctly paired with the device. The only thing you need to do is press down the Home key remote for about 8 to 10 seconds to pair it again, and if it does not fix the Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues, you will need to reset the remote and try re-pairing it with the device.

What causes Buffering on Amazon Fire Stick?

The leading causes that lead to buffering on Amazon fire stick are overheating, lack of proper power supply, unwanted or unused apps taking space on your Android, internet connection, and maybe due to cache filling the free space slowing down the device.

We can see Fire TV Stick buffering issues in the form of app crashes, reduced video quality, lower frame rate, lag, slow motion video, or long buffering times.

How can I Improve Firestick Streaming Performance?

The main points we introduced earlier on how to fix Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues are also the points to improve firestick streaming performance. You can look for proper power supply, delete unwanted data or cache, keep the automatic updates always-on, restart your firestick deregister, and re-register your fire stick cable. These are some of the tips you can use to maintain your streaming quality on Amazon fire stick.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Hope these Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues work, enjoy your smart TV, play video games and have fun. These were the simple methods that we told you about today. Thanks for reading, and if you liked this info, then do share it with your colleagues.

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