8 Apps I Use to Write My Paper for Me

Writing is a meticulous task. One should pay attention to all elements. For instance, you might fail to write a persuasive thesis statement. Or organize in-text citations in a proper format. One unsuccessful element in essay writing influences your whole work.

Want to improve your writing skills? Install apps to increase your productivity, organize your schedule, and enhance your writing skills. Which apps are the most appropriate for this purpose? Check the article below.

Why Use Apps for Writing?

The modern Google Play and Apple Store are bursting at the seams because of the number of new apps entering the market. Choosing a few effective apps will save you time and increase your writing efficiency. Meanwhile, you’ll stop asking ‘Who will write my paper for me?’ and start composing essays by yourself. Before you download a writing app, write down your needs in a column.

Why Use Apps for Writing

  • Virtual planners and reminders allow you to stay on track and never miss a deadline;
  • Plagiarism and grammar checkers polish your writing and make your professor happy;
  • Sleep and meditation apps help you relax effectively during breaks;
  • Focus apps enhance your concentration on the task;
  • Security apps keep you safe if you stay at the library during late hours;
  • Citation writing apps help you show respect to the academic community and avoid plagiarism.

#1: SoundNote

One of the most popular lecture-capture apps among modern college students. Sure, audio-recording the lectures is a practice as old as hills. Then why use SoundNote if you can choose a common audio recorder on your smartphone?

  • The app records a clear sound without noises;
  • SoundNote has a drawing feature. While the app is recording the lecture, you can make quick sketches;
  • The user can easily navigate the recorded material. All you need is to fill in the word which the necessary part of the lecture contains and tap the button;
  • If your college projects require recording interviews, the app is a great helper;
  • The files take tiny space in your storage – the one-hour record is only 25MB;
  • You can transfer your files to the email storage or share them with other people when the recording session is complete.

#2: Grammarly

One of the app giants, Grammarly ensures your academic writing is professional. The company designs amusing ads that you might have already seen on Youtube. Like the ads, the app is easy to navigate while being created according to the latest tech fashion. Why should a modern student choose Grammarly?

  • The app suggests automatic updates;
  • It has a real-time proofreading feature. All you need to do is start writing in the blank list of the program or synchronize the app with your device;
  • The app suggests both plagiarism and grammar checking.

#3: EasyBib

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘Which app can write my paper for me?,’ you’ve got an answer. EasyBib is a tool that assists you in creating a bibliography for your research papers. Once you write your essay, fill in the name of the source in the research field on the site. The tool will find the citation in its database and organize it according to the format rules you need.

Another feature of EasyBib is plagiarism and grammar checking. If you need advanced app characteristics, the app suggests plans with a minimum entrance fee.

#4: Circle of 6

This app is totally unusual for paper writing. But if you ever had questions like ‘How can I write my paper for me while staying safe?’ check this app. Imagine you’re staying late at night in the library and are afraid to go home. Or you’re walking down the dark lane while followed by a stranger. To make sure you’re safe, the app allows you to choose 6 people you can contact quickly.

  • It sends the GPS location to your friends once you feel in danger;
  • You can tap the type of help you need like ‘call me’ or ‘come get me’;
  • The app has in-built hotlines.

#5: Forest

You don’t have to be passionate about nature in order to use the app. What you need is a strong desire to concentrate. If you try to hopelessly multitask without successful results, try the app.

  • The user chooses the time during which they need to concentrate;
  • They plant a tree. The tree starts growing. Once the user leaves the app, the tree dies. Hence, staying focused while using the app is of life-or-death importance;
  • The best thing about the app is that the creators spend the donated money to plant real trees globally.

#6: WriteRoom

This app is an amazing choice for students who want to reduce external distractions to a minimum level. WriteRoom is an alternative stress-free text editor. Though you can’t create charts or diagrams here, you still get other great writing opportunities.

  • WriteRoom provides a distraction-free environment;
  • The app is easy to navigate and free;
  • It autosaves your text and allows you to edit it however you decide to.

#7: Draft

This app will remind you of WriteRoom. However, the tool has far more tech features than the previous tool in our list. You can download it to your smartphone and use it as a pocket text editor. The tool encourages the user to write first and check later.

  • One can copy, share, and deep link the data;
  • You can synchronize the app with other tools;
  • It has widgets, extensions, and a dictation feature;
  • The app suggests a support community.

#8: Insight Timer

How can I write my paper for me while feeling no stress? Download Insight Timer. As a meditation and sleep cycle app, the tool will let you feel better. For instance, meditation is a great way to relieve stress and concentrate better. Once you feel like mentally recharging, try the app.

  • It has a free user plan;
  • The tool has a community;
  • The number of meditations and yoga classes is overwhelming.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Whether you choose a note-making app or an audio recorder, you’ll write smarter. To write your paper even more efficiently, combine the apps. For instance, choose a plagiarism checker and a focus tool simultaneously.

The app has got your back when you need to check the text for errors or clear your mind.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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