Apps like Mobdro | 11 Best Mobdro Alternatives (2020)

Apps like Mobdro

If you belong to the one who enjoys using Apps like Mobdro as it is one of the best streaming television shows which includes different categories and genre such as TV shows, entertainment, sports, movies and other too. Other than that it also allows its users to live stream shows and gaming facilities.

It is one of the popular applications which people use widely. But there is airing news that this application is coming to an end. Before this application work on desktop, but now it is only available for Android device. But before it shuts down, let us find some Apps like Mobdro that support similar content like entertainment, movies, and different categories as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss Apps like Mobdro that you can use by replacing Mobdro. All of this is on the top of the board, and you can enjoy any one of the following before any further delay let us go with the best Mobdro alternatives in 2020.

Mobdro Alternatives & Similar Sites in 2020

Here is the list of the top 11 best Mobdro alternatives that you can use in this running year 2020. Let us go with each of these Apps like Mobdro with its features that will amaze you.

1. ThopTV

On top of the board, Thop TV is one of the best apps like Mobdro. If you miss something to watch on your TV, ThopTV would help you in that case and can continue the missed show or any part. It is used widely by many of its users and has vast community support.

Other than that, ThopTV has its free and premium version as well. You can view the free content easily without any subscription required. It is used widely over many countries, and you can also change your VPN in case of unable to view copyright content. It has a simple interface and is compatible with Android as well as with iOS devices too.


  • It has an understanding and a straightforward interface.
  • ThopTV has high-quality content.
  • You can stream live on this application.
  • It supports Android and iOS devices.
  • Has a vast collection of channels that are free to view.
Mobdro Alternative

2. Tea TV

Moving to the nest on the list, Tea TV is another source of enjoying live TV shows moderately. Other than that it has a vast collection of movies that you can watch for unlimited times. As it is second on the list, it has significant followers and its users with high community and support.

All the content is of high quality without any lagging issues. The interface is also relatively easy to use and intuitive. Anyone can access this application as it is easy to operate. Also, it does not have many ads between similar Mobdro and yet considered as the best alternatives that you can use.


  • It has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • All the content is of high quality.
  • This app does not consist of significant ads.
  • Tea TV works smoothly on your device.
  • Does not harm any of the files and is safe to use.
Mobdro Alternative
Tea TV

3. Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV is yet another primary Apps like Mobdro as it has most of the standard features within it. It is a free streaming site through which you can surf any of the movies or TV shows. From the old collection to the latest ongoing movie trends, it consists of all of them in one application.

Along with living streaming, you can also download the movies and shows on your device easily without any third-party source. In recent times, Cyberflix TV has over millions of downloads, and it does not even require your email address to sign in. What you have to do is open the application, and that’s all where you can enjoy all its activities without positioning your information.


  • Many users use this app, and it is a popular application.
  • This app has millions of downloaded content.
  • It has a massive collection from the 2000s till today’s date.
  • This app does not require any of your identity for access.
  • You can also Live stream through this application.
Mobdro Alternative
Cyberflix TV

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4. Morph TV

It is yet another suitable Apps like Mobdro as it also has some of its features similar. This app allows you to view distinct channels over the world and can enjoy the on-time moment through live TV. It shows all high-quality content along with subtitles and proper synchronization.

Morph TV first came in 2007 and till now is used widely over the globe. If you do not want to compromise with the quality, then Morph TV is the one that will make it available for you.


  • It has many users and better community support.
  • You can watch live streaming on any channel.
  • This app has a vast library collection of movies and famous television shows.
  • Morph TV does not compromise with quality and gives your better experience of streaming.
Mobdro Alternative
Morph TV

5. 123Movies

By the name itself you can understand that this will have a vast collection library and yes it’s true. But along with that it also has different TV shows, Live TV, entertainment, sports, news, and other categories. It also shows you the anime genre shows, which are popular today.

Other than that, it also allows its users not only for a live stream, but you can also download the movies and watch them later. It was closed due to some legal issues, but now it does have Apk sites through which you can carry on your fun with 123movies.


  • It has a massive collection of movies from old to the latest as well.
  • It includes the content of different categories and genres including sports, entertainment, news, anime, and other types as well.
  • You can also download any content easily.
  • It does not require any ID for your access.
  • You can get the apk link of this application and enjoy it on your desktop.
Mobdro Alternative for pc


From the countries UK and US, UK TV is available for some of the Indian Subcontinents as well. This application provides you with easy access to more than 150 channels. Another advantage of having this on your device is, you can surf with filters and allows ease of use other than that it also avails you for unlimited streaming.

You can find your content easily by its filtering feature. But one of the throwbacks is, you will not see this application on Play Store, but you can download the Apk file from their website.


  • It is available for many countries to allow access.
  • The UK TV NOW provides you over more than 150 channels.
  • You can live stream on this application.
  • Does not require any ID for login, you can download the Apk file and enjoy its benefits.
  • This app has a filtering feature for easy searching and sorting.

7. Tubi TV

Another application to put on your entertainment without any interrupt is Tubi TV. You can watch anything on this from movies, shows to the news and sports as well. It is one of the best applications that you can use Apps like Mobdro.

It is effortless for the users to surf over this app as it has a pretty good interface. Also, it is a legal application that is concerned about the user’s security too. They do not provide copyright content as it is highly illegal.


  • It is very easy for our application with a simple interface.
  • You watch any favorite move and also enjoy live streaming.
  • It is a legal and secured application to use.
  • Does not provide you with any copyrighted content and is restricted to do so.
Tubi TV
Tubi TV

8. Terrarium TV

Another free online streaming service is Terrarium which offers you many similar content and ideas alike Mobdro and can be used as a spare alternative for it as well. This application is free, and you can even download it easily.

Within the initial days of launching it has over 5 million downloads until now. It has increased its popularity day by day ever since the initial days. You can reasonably use it as Apps like Mobdro as it comprises the bulk of features.


  • You can easily download it.
  • This app has an intensely popular growth overall.
  • It provides you fresh and up to date content.
  • Terrarium TV has vast community support and various downloads.
  • It has progressed a lot and legal application which is safe to use.
Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV

9. Yupp TV

When it comes to Yupp TV, it is one of competition for other steaming platforms as this one is superior. You can stream and have your streaming channel on it where others can enjoy it. It is a very user friendly and easy to use application.

Due to its ease, it has many of its users and recent downloads. Along with that, it has a huge community and support where you can request any of the content which you want to see. 


  • It shows you all of the latest movies and shows.
  • You can go through the most popular of them as preferred.
  • It has an easy and straightforward interface that makes easy usage for all its users.
  • You can also stream by yourself and share it with your friends.
Yupp TV
Yupp TV

10. Kodi

Another approach towards the next application, but no, Kodi is not a streaming application. It is a media platform in which you can have any of the movies, shows, and other media files. It is a social media service which comprises of huge files and repositories that consists of vast shows.

You can even share them with your friends and can also download it on your device. If not included, you can also request them, and the community will soon interact and make you avail of your content easily.


  • It is more like a server-client format where you can request for any content.
  • It has a massive library of itself.
  • You can share any movie or show with your friend just by providing the link.
  • You can also download any of the content and make it available offline.
  • It is easy for you to use but tedious at some times.
Yupp TV
Yupp TV

11. Pluto TV

It is moving on to the last but not the least on Pluto TV, which is a free source where you can watch different popular and trending movies. This app is a legal application that is secure and sage, and you did not have to worry about security.

Pluto TV first came in 2014 and now has 20 million users. People use it widely and trustworthy application you can use. Movies, TV shows, and other contents from distinct categories are available over here. Along with that, it is compatible with every device and can enjoy it.


  • It is one of the best legal streaming application platforms.
  • This app provides you with 100% legal content.
  • It is secured and safe.
  • It is easy to use and has a cool interface.
  • This has a supportive community and supports.
Pluto TV
Pluto TV

Eleggible’s Recommendation

You may have gone through each and every application which is mentioned. But are you still confused about what to be the final choice, no worries we will help you in that case too? If you are the one who wants all of the latest of the shows and trending ones, then ThopTV and Tea TV which is on the top of the list can be your ultimate choice.

Other than that if you are concerned with security and want an application that is more secured and legal, you may directly jump to the Pluto TV as it is all safe. Tubi TV is another application when it comes to safety that you can go through.

Is Mobdro Still Available?

The answer to this is NO. Mobdro is only available for Android operating systems and not for others, due to its some issues. But you can use it on your Android device.

Is Mobdro Illegal?

When it comes to viewing the copyright content from any other site or application, it is illegal to do so. Meanwhile, if the user is watching any content that copyright, then yes using Mobdro is illegal certainly.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Coming at the conclusion, we have almost discussed every possible content covering Mobdro Alternatives in this 2020 year. However, it is sad news for all its users as it has getting towards the terminal and you can’t enjoy it furthermore unless you have an Android device through which you can surf.

But if not, then this article is suspiciously for you guys that you can relate with. Including the features of every Mobdro Alternatives application, we have also given you a brief description of it.

Other than that, you might have got some of the queries if you were or are a Mobdro user; we have also discussed some of the frequent FAQ’s. You can try any of the mentioned application and enjoy its features; Hope this article was helpful for you.