12 Best Alternative Apps Like Whisper [2022 List]

In this article, apps like whisper our users will learn about some software for anonymous chatting. These services uphold their reputation of letting clients chat and talk anonymously.

As we move through the report, customers can distinguish these apps’ salient features. This report will help our readers find the best ones that suit them. Whisper is a cross-platform anonymous social networking application. It works well on both iOS and Androids.

This application launched in 2012 and has made its name in the market since then. This app lets person post their thoughts on the app and converse with others using a fake alias after signing up.

It doesn’t collect any data from the user and thus can’t locate its clients. This attribute proves enough to make the user anonymous and invisible.  The market is overflowing with programs that promote anonymity on social media platforms.

These platforms are safe to use without injecting a cluster of trojans into the device. Yet, these applications can damage a person’s integrity or even pocket.  People’s identity on the app is well hidden, which makes them careless about others’ feelings.

People might try to hurt other people’s emotions with or without consciousness. Some people might also try to instigate fights using religious and political issues. People also disguise themselves as teens on the app by creating a fake profile of a teenager.

Creating fake profiles with the wrong age is easy, as the tools don’t ask for any age confirmation. Later, such profiles can be misused to lure rich teenagers into phishing and honeytrap scams. These scams lead to extortion of money from rich people by blackmailing them.

The person blackmails the patron into releasing the sensitive information they disclose. This question generally pops up and hovers in the mind of clients while using such apps like whisper.

Some websites might say that these tools are trackable and that it’s easy to find out who uses them, but this is not true. Developers and the companies developing these tools take care of this issue. These platforms do not collect any information or personal details of the user.

These applications do not contain the IP address of the user either. The apps like whisper provide clients with a fake username to avoid privacy breaches. This attribute allows them to interact with others without hesitating.

There are anonymous platforms for introverted personalities. People often find it difficult to talk to new people. This gap happens because they think that people around them might judge them. This freeware cut out the possibility of knowing their identity.

Thus, making shy people confident in sharing their thoughts and views on issues. These platforms are well suited for people to rant out the stress. It sometimes makes them find someone to talk to in times of solitude.

These platforms also pave the way for those people to speak to those with common interests. These tools let them find someone with a similar taste in fields or even a similar lifestyle. These fields can be political issues or job profiles.

Top 12 Best Similar Apps Like Whisper for Android & iOS

#1. CuriousCat

Download – Android

Curious cat is a free-to-use application developed for iOS and Android devices. This app aims to provide an anonymous platform for people to interact. The app mainly focuses on Twitter addicts as its target audience.

It grabs the attention of the people who follow each other on Twitter and want to know more about their followers. Developers have created the app so that it works as a question-and-answer app.

It lets people ask questions to each other and answer the spicy questions with a twist without revealing their identity. This app proves to be a small-level social networking tool with anonymous interaction.

The app also allows one to confess something on the app. Clients can confess and answer questions using their Twitter account or an unknown name. The app maintains users’ privacy and identity by giving a fake username to every user.

The app’s developers also assure its customers of total anonymity by not collecting users’ data in any form. It also guarantees not to provide the information to any third party. The app is free for its followers, yet it contains some ads in the lower part of the screen. The ads are irritating and sometimes cover some content.

#2. Slatch

Download – Android

Slatch is a plurilingual texting platform that lets one converse with people worldwide. Indeed, it is the first of its kind audio and message translator app. The app translates the voice messages of the sender into the desired language.

Utilizer need to click on the Slatch microphone and record the audio to be solved. With this feature in the app, it aims at eliminating the language barrier among its diverse followers.

The chats are end-to-end encrypted between the people talking. The messages and media shared between the users on the app remain safe and protected. The developers assure total privacy for messages between users. This attribute motivates users to talk freely.

The app provides its interface with various most used languages in the world. The speech set consists of English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Chinese. Meanwhile, the app promises to translate messages and calls into 103 distinct languages. This feature shatters the language barrier among people.

It also allows the client to schedule a message at a particular time to prevent delays in sending important messages. With this app, one won’t miss birthday wishes at sharp 12. The app allows the creation of multi-user group chats. These apps like whisper make the process of talking more fun and interesting.

#3. Interpals

Download – Android

InterPals is a free cross-platform app for texting and talking to friends. The app is available on both iOS and Android. The app has a straightforward interface with over 5 million followers. This app is not a dating site as misunderstood by many people. 

This app upholds its reputation for being a communication app. It lets the user connect and make new friends across the globe. Some people also find good companions and pen pals on the app.

This app allows people to meet new people and travelers around the world. This app also allows patrons to practice many languages with their native speakers. The set of languages this app offers consists of more than a hundred languages. Some are English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Chinese.

It allows clients to create and upload photos and albums with other interpreters. This attribute of the app promotes diversity and harmony among users.

#4. Loka World app

Download – Android

Loka world app is a free application that works fine on iOS and Android. This app is a social networking platform. It allows users from different parts of the world to communicate with each other for free.

It enables users to make new friends of varied ethnicity. This attribute of the app eliminates the diversity barrier among people worldwide. Also, it gives them a chance to know different points of view before perceiving a group of people.

It also allows users to practice languages with the help of native speakers. It also provides people to showcase their cultural specialty to the world. Users can answer travelers’ queries and refer to places to visit in the city.

After signing up for the app, the application asks users to fill in the city they live in. The app allows users to share their photos with backgrounds of famous places. It also lets users fill up their native languages. Users can follow others based on their interests and exciting content.

#5. We3

Download – Android

We3 is a free-to-use cross-platform social networking application. The app is well suited for iOS and Android devices. The apps like whisper are not dating sites for young adults, as claimed by the app in the first place. The application is a secure platform for people to find new friends in their area.

The app gathers the user’s taste in music, games, and hobbies by setting up fun and psychographic quizzes. The app has a matching algorithm that collects users’ locations. Then it matches three people according to their interests and groups them.

This app upholds its reputation for introducing compatible friends to users in their area. The app uses its super matching algorithm to make this poss. The app also advises its users to meet oriented people in the real world. This policy would make the individuals know each other better than in the online mode.

The app has an excellent interface with zero ads. This user-friendly interface makes the app look professional. This app considers the present scenario of people finding it tough to make new friends. It helps people socialize with the comfort of anonymity and transparency.

#6. ASKfm

Download – Android

Askfm is a social network application for iOS and Android. It allows users to ask fun questions from friends and other members of the community. The app is free and offers some extra features for the VIP program.

It lets users ask questions using the profile or without showing identity. The application has a broad user base with over 40 million users. This app is helpful for those who want to expand their friend group and have fun. It allows users to ask questions from friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

The app also has some unique benefits for its users. The app has a policy of internal currency, which works in the form of coins. It gives users coins for inviting friends, posting creative content, and watching ads. The user can spend the accumulated cash in ask benefits.

These benefits include customizable backgrounds, purchasing premium moods, and tipping exciting answers. It also provides an option to chat apart from asking questions. The users need to enter the chat and start talking about the topic.

#7. F3

Download – Android

F3 is a social discovery app that allows its users to find new friends across the globe. This social networking app works fine with both iOS and Android devices. It lets its users create exciting and captivating profiles.

These catchy profiles prove efficient in luring users into sending messages. These messages can be confessions or secrets from their secret admirers. The messages received can be in the form of photos, videos, and texts and confess their feelings.

Apps like whisper let users receive anonymous messages and spicy questions from friends. The questions and texts remain unknown to others and only visible to the receiver.

The app, with its vast reach of 25 million users, boasts about the features this app offers. It lets users have a one-on-one private conversation with its direct message attribute. The platform is secure, and the conversations are end-to-end encrypted.


Download – Android

Holla is one of the most popular applications available for random video chats. This app is available on Android and stopped its services on iOS. The app got launched in 2016 and still owns the market in its ways. With over 30 million users, the app claims to be a popular video chatting app.

The app provides a safe interface for people to match with random people across the globe. This app matches people based on their interests and allows them to have 1-on-1 communication. 

The app provides video chatting services, such as voice chats and text messages. It also offers real-time translational services. This feature breaks the cultural barriers among users of diverse backgrounds. 

The app is free to use platform with basic features. Yet, it also offers extra premium attributes with a premium plan which is a part of in-app purchases. It also provides a wide range of filters to try on. These apps like whisper have filters that enhance the essence of video chatting and make it addictive.

#9. Tidio

Download – Android

Tidio is a compelling application for iOS and Android devices. This powerful app lets businesses and entrepreneurs level up their customer service.  This tool upholds its reputation for increasing sales and also monitoring customer satisfaction.

This tool proves to be a one-stop solution for all customer-related queries. It empowers users to extend their customer services by adding an attribute of live chat. The app also makes life easier for businesses by arranging AI-powered chatbots.

These chatbots are capable enough to answer people’s queries while users are offline. It also provides data on the number of visitors to a particular website. It also supports the feature of push notifications.

This feature sends important announcements to the owner even when the app is in closed mode. This attribute prevents users from missing out on important messages. 

#10. HearMe

Download – Android

HearMe is a free application developed with a unique idea to ensure mental wellness. The app provides a listener to the user to hear them out about their issues. The app is available on iOS and Android.

The creators made the app keeping in mind the privacy and safety of its users. The app claims that the user and listener chats come with encryption. This claim motivates the users to open up with the listener without hesitation.

The app focuses on comforting its users of stress. Thus, improving the mental health of individuals. The users can sign up on the app. After joining the app, users get a verified listener in a minute or less than that. Users can share their stories, incidents, or dreams with a listener.

The app allows users to make unlimited conversations with listeners. The users can talk about any issue. The issues can be their work life and stress or relationship problems. The listeners are also open about topics like LGBTQ to make users feel confident.

Apps like whisper help people gain clarity of things with an introduction to a new lookout. It also improves their relations with others, especially their partners. It gives them a better understanding of their emotions and themselves.

#11. Trillian

Download – Android

Trillian is a sophisticated and secure messaging application founded in 2000. It finds its use in daily life for people, businesses, and even healthcare. The app’s interface is easy to use and costs nothing for its consumers to use the service. 

The application is well structured. It works fine on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and web browsers. The app focuses on providing uninterrupted messaging services to its users. The app claims to keep an eye on maintaining the user’s data safe and confidential.

It lets its users send instant messages to people or in groups. Users can also share files like images and documents on the app. The app is helpful in businesses of all sizes and the health care industry.

It also enhances manufacturer-to-consume relations. The apps like whisper plan to do this by providing a safe yet efficient medium to discuss issues in no time. Thus, it eliminates the chances of delay or miscommunication.

#12. Chanty

Download – Android

Chanty is a free collaborative platform for teams to coordinate and work together. It empowers groups to avoid communication gaps and hassle. The application is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Debian, Fedora, iOS, and Android.

This tool makes users avoid switching between software to communicate while working. The app is excellent and focused on project-based teams. This app not only provides messaging services to its user but also voice and video conferencing with members or even with the whole group.

The app has exciting features like “pinning,” “discussion threads,” and a “Kanban board.” These features let users set a deadline and order of importance for their work. It also makes it easy for users to share files and present them on the screen during presentations.

This app has a switching option of light and dark mode too. It adds other features like mention, online status, and many more. These features make it impossible for employees to miss any important message.

The application also offers up-gradation to some business plans with extra premium features.

Eleggible’s Final Words

This article is a complete research package on messaging apps that work like a whisper. It contains information about anonymous messaging using certain tools. It also highlights the risks of using such freeware and why users should try them.

Some of the applications mentioned in this article allow users to send messages anonymously. Yet, other applications let users work in coordination with other fellow members.

Through this article, we have tried to bring out these services for our readers. The tools stated in this report are some of the best we found per their use. With millions of users worldwide, these tools have a good name in their fields for protecting their users’ privacy.

We hope that the preceding details of this piece should help users determine how to use these apps like whisper. We’ve attempted to integrate the results logically and effectively.

Through this paper, we’ve tried to provide readers with an overview of the subject. We have purchased only the finest for you, so we hope you find this helpful report.

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