Top Apps you Might Need for Enhancing your Interior Design

We were talking about the various app types, but let’s get more specific with the apps that are elaborated for interior design. Nowadays you have a wide assortment of inspiring possibilities and your own home isn’t an exception. If earlier you could only imagine and draw by yourself or by some professional your future interior, then now you have a new solution for this problem.

And moreover, this process doesn’t require some special skills and education. It became a lot more productive, interesting, and joyful, reminding game process. Everyone can create a home project with the help of the free apps that will help you visualize and project your apartment or house plan. Let’s see what apps we can use.

6 Best Apps to Enhance your Interior Design in 2022

#1. Houzz

The application offers you to get acquainted with an extensive database of ready-made design projects and get to know their creators. Provides assistance at all stages of arrangement and repair. Houzz contains a catalogue of furniture, interior and decor items, garden and home utensils with real prices, and links to websites selling this product. Isn’t an online furniture outlet a good opportunity for this kind of approach?

When working with sketches, you can create notes, edits, and highlight zones. The finished layout can be shared on social networks, and sent by e-mail and instant messenger. Editor’s Choice on Google Play in the Housing & Home category. Ten million downloads. Rating 4.6.

#2. SketchUp

An online service will help you create a high-quality 3D interior model by changing the layout, colour, furniture arrangement, and size.

This program has both free and paid versions. If you are a professional and need more instruments then you will need a second variant. But the free version still can give you the possibility to create and render.

What exactly you can make? Qualitative 3D models in which you can change the layout, color scheme, and furniture pieces.  The program will help to equip finished objects with dimensions and markings, creating a realistic picture. Google Sketchup can create any 3D spatial model. 

But there still are drawbacks, one of which is a limited assortment of objects. When you download this app you can just start your project without any preparations, because it is very simple to use.  There is one very handy feature, you can write down the sizes of every element. 

The finished render can be posted on the internet, so you can share your result or you can inspire by the works of other creators. Supports downloading and using missing items from internet resources. Another interesting moment is that this app is good not only for houses and apartments but it can be used also for the 3D model of roads, cars, or other objects.

#3. AutoCAD

AutoCAD is famous among the professional designers and architects that use it for projecting their ideas. But it doesn’t mean that this application will not be useful for amateurs. You can fully create your design from the tablet due to the well-thought zoom and panorama view of your project. 

This application allows creating a design from the draft, you can edit it and also share access or send it if you will need someone’s help or opinion. 

#4. RoomScan Pro

If you are in a situation where you need measurements of your space this app is a perfect tool for you. You need to put your iPhone or iPad near the wall and wait for the sound. if there are protrusive corners should be taken separate measurements. 

This app features a built-in gyroscope and an Apple GPS module. An error can be in the parameters of 10 cm but if you want a more accurate plan then think about purchasing a paid version.

#5. Homestyler

This app differs with the possibility to choose from the start if you want to create a project from the start or if you want to work with the ready one. So you have a wide gallery with the already made projects and ready-made schemes or you can start your own design from the scratch. Also, you will have a wide assortment of finishes, color schemes, and real furniture pieces which are a part of the famous brand’s assortment.

#6. Sweet Home 3D

Affordable and easy-to-use program with a simple intuitive interface. Contains various furniture elements that are added to the layout by dragging and dropping. The app makes it possible to optimally distribute elements in a limited space, reflecting the project on a two-dimensional plane with the possibility of 3D viewing, and supports loading and using missing catalogues.

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