9+ Best Audio to Text Converter Online Free (2022)

So you are in search for is there a program that will transcribe audio to text? It is difficult to rank the best tools as there are many good online tools available. But we have created this list of free audio to text converter according to the reviews and ratings of different users.

Computer Science and technology have made great advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As we all know there are thousands of applications that make use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) for their functioning. In this article we will be discussing one of the most popular and commonly used applications of AI i.e.; Audio to text converter.

Audio to text converter is an easy to use user-friendly application which uses AI and speech recognition techniques and takes input from the user in the audio format and returns the output in text format. In certain fields of work, we usually get tasks related to the transcription of the audio files to text.

It would be a tedious job to transcribe audio to text manually. Audio to text converter makes the above-mentioned task quite easy. Nowadays free audio to text converters is available on several web pages which can be easily accessed by users.

You simply have to upload your audio files that might be in the mp3 format into the converter and in a matter of few minutes it will convert audio to text, you get your required text file for free. This converter is of great use for the creation of subtitles as well.

Suppose if you want to translate audio to English from a certain language, you just have to upload the audio of the movie into the converter, select the output language as English, the converter will transcribe audio to text and you get our text file in English. The audio to text converter also supports real-time voice recording features. In this way transcription of voice recordings to a text file is also possible.

10 Best Automatic Audio to Text Converter Online in 2022

After checking 100s of reviews and ratings of different users we have created this list of best audio to text converter tools.

All the tools are easy to download or easy to use online without downloading.

So, let’s begin.

#1 Sonix

Convert audio to text with Sonix. It is a User-Friendly sound to the content converter. It has an intelligent interface that makes you need to utilize it. Their product is astonishing for both business and individual use. It merits a spot among the best of its sort.


The program has three Pricing bundles for use:

  • Professional (Single-User): $11.25 every month membership.
  • Business (Multi-User): $16.50 every month membership.
  • Enterprise (Large Teams): $49.50 every month membership.

The cost is robust. However, it merits each penny. Among the without nonprogramming, Sonix is “Surprisingly Affordable” for the administration it gives.

The sound to content transformation procedure is “Fast” and “Basic.” The nature of the yield content document is top-notch. The changing framework joins Artificial Intelligence for quick and exact outcomes. This tool is good to transcribe audio file to text.

#2 Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is the most useful tool to convert audio to text free. The product has numerous clients and prominent admirers in the market. It is a programmed sound to content translation programming. 

Happy Scribe
Happy Scribe

The astounding Happy Scribe highlights include:

  • It can process all organizations of Audio and Video.
  • It is accessible in more than 119 dialects.
  • The yield content record has different organizations: txt, PDF, Word, and so forth.

Upbeat Scribe is a “Rapid interpretation” programming. You can transfer a sound record of any size for change to content. You can even transcribe information from a Walmart receipt using this software.

The product has a high exactness level. If you are not happy with the outcome, Happy Scribe has an online manager for use on the content records.

#3 InqScribe

Converting audio to text becomes easy with InqScribe. It is truly outstanding, if not THE Best converter accessible on the web. Its transformation exactness is close to consummate.

The precision levels are a degree higher in contrast with different converters. The device is extensive for work in an expert field.

You can download the product on your framework through the connection in the title. It is a real advance up from introducing change applications from the Store.

The device is higher than a basic sound to the content converter. However, its sound to content transformation quality gives it an edge over different apparatuses.


Even though it doesn’t legitimately change over the sound to content, InqScribe is an automatically advanced translation instrument, which makes the manual section as simple as could be expected under the circumstances.

With this product, you can rapidly embed timecodes anyplace in the transcript and work the rest only like a word processor. You can dole out console alternate ways and addition scrap factors to drop now and again utilized content with a solitary keystroke.

InqScribe has another real use than Audio and Speech-to-Text changes. The product procedures full-length films to make captions. The captions are accessible for the fare.

You can transfer these captions to the web and add them to your motion picture. It is a stunning and straightforward approach to produce captions to recordings.

#4 Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter is an online tool to translate audio to text. The instrument is free and open to everybody for use. It utilizes the Open Source Speech Recognition Toolkit of CMUSphinx. An ongoing update presents a second change motor: Baidu.

The product acknowledges four sound record augmentations: mp3, wav, WMA, and Ogg. The yield document has a txt (scratchpad) expansion.

Bear File Converter
Bear File Converter

There are Sure Impediments to Bear File Converter. These are:

  • Audio Length: the maximum furthest reach of the sound record length is 3 minutes.
  • Language: the product takes sound documents in a single language just, for example, English.
  • Conversion Time: Bear File Converter isn’t the quickest around. It has long changed times.

If you need a straightforward sound-to-content transformation for brief notes, Bear File Converter has a better-than-average alternative.

Because of Baidu’s acknowledgment motor, it can make a legitimate showing in changing over a reasonable sound with few diverting clamors.

Be that as it may, the online programming isn’t exact in changing over MP3 melody documents to content. Likewise, online programming does not record for longer than three minutes. 

#5 Native Mobile – Audio to Text Converter Apps

There are versatile applications that convert content to sound. They take a sound document on your Smartphone and make a content record as a duplicate.

You can likewise include thoughts to the application through the amplifier. The application types out your words as content to report your contemplations. 

One application for the object is Speechnotes. The multipurpose application is stunning for essayists and scholars the same. It spares you the exertion of understanding and manual composing of sound documents.

You can encourage it with a sound record, and it transcribes audio file to text. The exactness of the content relies upon the discernable nature of the sound. 

Audio to Text Converter
Native Mobile Speech to Text Converter Apps

When you are going to talk or conference, it tends to be hard to adjust between taking notes of key focuses and tuning in to what is being said.

This is the place a voice recorder application would prove to be useful. You get the opportunity to catch the whole gathering or talk, which you would then be able to tune in to later at your own pace. 

The issue, however, is that you may, in any case, need to move this sound chronicle into composed content for simplicity of looking. Deciphering it by hand is a debilitating and tedious exercise. 

#6 360Converter

Other than applications, there are Online Audio Text Converters. These web applications require no establishment.

This tool is good to convert voice recording to text on a computer easily. Many such sites are multilingual. They acknowledge sound records in more than one language. The last content document is accessible for sparing, duplicating, etc.

Audio to Text Converter

If you’re searching for marginally better outcomes online in sound to content change, 360converter offers a straightforward dashboard apparatus. It bolsters both sound and video. The results can be downloaded as a word record or PDF.

There are impediments to the freeware, in any case. While the product is adequate to decipher discussions and prerecorded addresses, you wouldn’t get proficient outcomes.

A free online converter that transcribes audio to text is 360converter. It is more than a sound converter to content documents. It additionally has mp3 to text, Video-to-Text, Speech-to-Text, and OCR alternatives. On the web application, you can: 

  • Browse through your framework to transfer a sound document for change.
  • Fill in the sound document as a URL from the web.
  • Insert a sound document from your Google Drive or Dropbox.

The apparatus is multilingual and takes documents in the dialects:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Hindi

It additionally allows changing over the sound record to content. The PDF containing the content to the sound is accessible for download to your framework. You can utilize the archive for your motivations. 

The precision of the content shifts with the nature of the sound record. Most sound documents have commotion signals, which meddle so.

#7 Sobolsoft

Sobolsoft is the best tool to convert to mp3. It has excellent clamor scattering programming for mp3 transformations. This makes for a precise yield content record to the information sound.

Rather than a sound to the content converter, think of it as an mp3 to the content converter. It takes just mp3 sound documents and no different configurations. There are no constraints on the sound record size or Length.

The yield record is an expert-level content impersonation of the info mp3 document. If you’re going for expert outcomes in MP3-to-content change, Sobolsoft offers a better yield.

Audio to Text Converter

There are no time constraints as far as yield and natural choices which enable you to change over various records and split the courses of events.

The outcomes are much better than past decisions. Nonetheless, you have to make a buy-in advance, albeit a free preliminary is accessible.

Download the Trial Version of Sobolsoft through the connection in the title. It requires the establishment of your framework before use.

The download source additionally gives different instructional exercises. These are on programming establishment, portrayal, and use.

#8 AmberScript Converter

AmberScript is one more AI-incorporated programming. The stage has numerous highlights for various clients. 

Audio to Text Converter
AmberScript Converter

AmberScript gives two premium sound to content transformation forms:

  • Direct: A harsh content draft from the sound. You can alter this content document in their online proofreader. It is adaptable, and accessible in 29 dialects.
  • Perfect: A programmed sound and video to a content converter that delivers an ideal duplicate. You get a notice at the finish of the errand.

They have three evaluating alternatives for translation time. These include:

  • Direct Hourly: $10 every hour of transferred sound or video.
  • Direct Monthly: $40 every month, 5 hours of transferred sound, or video.
  • Perfect Per Minute: $1.00 every moment of transferred sound or video.

The transformation rates are superb, with many highlights. AmberScript gives rapid sound to content changes. The yield content record is accessible in various organizations. 

#9 My Voice 2 Text

My Voice 2 Text is free audio to text converter accessible on the web. It doesn’t require downloads or establishment. You can begin “Constant transformations” immediately. 

Audio to Text Converter
My Voice 2 Text

The product has an AI acceptance to expand precision and decrease transformation time. The stage is astonishing to give a physical structure to your thoughts and musings.

You can reorder the yield content into any program that supports the content. This makes My Voice 2 Text straightforward, quick, and reliable. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, there was the best audio to text converter ranked from top to bottom. As mentioned above it has now become much easier to transcribe audio to text files due to the available software. Audio to text file converter finds its use in several domains of the industry.

In this modern era of Computer science and technology, we can cut our wastage of time with the help of various applications.

The world is full of people with different tastes and preferences, so similarly, there’s an audience that prefers reading more than watching a video. By converting your audios to text, you’re directly targeting them and augmenting your marketing efforts. Audio to text file converters is of massive use for people who are deaf or have hearing problems.

Another matter of fact is that text files use less space and bandwidth as compared to audio files. As a result distribution of text files is much easier. So use the free audio to text file converters available on the internet as it has many advantages as mentioned.

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