11 Best 3D Camera Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

Do you like to click 3D pictures, but you have an ordinary camera on a smartphone? No need to worry anymore as, in this article, we are talking about 11 Best 3D Camera Apps for Android And iOS with which you can take 3D pictures.

3D camera apps help you to take high-resolution 3D photos from your phone. It doesn’t need to have a high resolution of the camera on your phone.

These 3D camera apps help you to make beautiful pictures on your phone and also save and share it with your friends and family.

There are tonnes of 3D camera apps out there, and they are not equally efficient in doing their job, so we are here with our article.

Top 11 3D Camera Apps for Android And IOS

In this article, we emphasize various 3D camera apps and introduced 11 Best 3D camera apps for Android and iOS explore them below:

1. Panorama 360 Camera

Panorama 360 Camera is a free 3D camera app and one of the best 3D camera app android iOS. This app will surely turn your smartphone into a 360-degree panoramic camera for you.

With this app, you can easily take beautiful 3D pictures on your smartphone. This great app will help you to capture your moments in 360 views easily, and this app also offers you to share them on social media. It also supports high-resolution picture capturing.

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2. Fyuse

Fyuse is an amazing 3D app that allows you to click 3D pictures on your smartphone.

It is easy to use the 3D app with simple UI and unique features so that you can easily capture your shots on your smartphone. 

One of the best features of this app is to allows you to snap and view the image from different angles.

It is a very user-friendly and fully customizable app so that you can also use this app according to user’s interest.

It also allows you to share photos, videos, and others with your friends and relatives via different social media.

3. Camera 3D

This is an impressive 360-degree 3D photo app that makes GIF images on your smartphone.

It can automatically provide one 3D image set taken from several pictures from it.  These 3D pictures can then be shared from the My Uploads option.

It has a unique feature that is multi-angle, where 3 or more pictures can be previewed, and the faces of the image can be controlled with an accelerometer/slide by the user.

It also has a vibrating mode were 2 images can be previewed and vibrated to produce a 3D effect.

4. Cardboard Camera

Google’s Cardboard Camera is a 3D camera app made to capture and share moments with virtual reality photos. 

It allows user to capture spaces for viewing in 3D or AR with its camera, and it does best at this task.

To capture the image in three dimensions, you have to pan your camera from left to right slowly. 

It’s quite an interactive app and very easy to use. The resulting image is available to you in various ways, including a normal2D panoramic image or 3D image.

5. 360cam

360cam is a popular 3D camera app that lets you take an image from 360 degrees. It allows you to take photos and videos from every angle from your smartphone. 

One of the best features of this app is to provide real-time streaming video. It is a free 3D camera app. You can also use it as a remote control to take photos and save on your smartphone.

You can also use it as a cartoon face app to create different funny faces for free.

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6. Phogy

This is another very good 3D camera app that will allow you to click unlimited numbers of pictures. 

This app doesn’t require any special of the special hardware and allows you to take unique selfie shots with 3D effects. This app also allows you to share your picture on social media sites and by email too.

This app will also create your Gifs, and you can also set Phogy as your device live wallpaper. This app will provide you a variety of filters to personalize according to you.

7. Phereo 3D photo

Phereo 3D Photo is a unique 3D camera app that allows you to click photos from your camera from different angles. 

It is easily available only for android users. You can use this 3D camera app to capture the moments of your life in all dimensional way.

It easily covers and shares 3D pics around the world using your android device.  

Also, it has some different and unique features by which you can take very high-resolution pictures.

8. PopPic

Next in our list is PopPic. This is also one of the best 3D camera apps, which works just similar to a normal camera, but along with taking flat or normal photos, this 3D camera app also captures an extra dimension that is depth. 

It allows users to take 3D photos, which you can explore by rotating your smartphone.

It adjusts focus and depth of field after capturing a photo, and you can get creative with its depth effect and filters.  This app will help you to add motion to make your picture live and share pictures

9. LucidPix

LucidPix is a new app which is still in beta. It is unique in the fact that it was designed. It doesn’t require you to move your phone to capture an image nor require any special add-ons. 

It is truly a 3D camera app to capture and view the 3D Photos LucidPix creates. You just take a photo like you normally do, and LucidPix uses advanced AI to convert the 2D image into 3D images. You can also apply filters to create the perfect look. Or you can follow this to Unblur Photos for free.

10. EyeFly3D Pix

EyeFly3D Pix is a 3D camera app for iOS users, which lets users capture and convert photos into 3D.

You can easily convert your normal photo into a 3D picture using this app. There are lots of 3D stickers that can be used with any photo to make them in a 3D look. 

It has both free as well as an app to purchase option with lots of different features. It also allows the user to share 3D pictures with social media and your friends.

11. Film3D

This 3D camera app is a new way to bring life to your photos with its stunning 3D shots and beautiful filters. 

This application will enable you to capture innovative 3D pictures and allow you to apply lots of filters that are picked by professional photographers.

This 3D camera app is desired by professionals and also suitable for beginners. This app also allows you to save your 3D pictures directly in your camera roll and also allows you to share them across different social platforms.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These 3D camera apps are designed to optimize the normal capabilities of your smartphone camera and get more out of it.

Here in this article, we enlisted a comprehensive list of best 3D camera apps for Android and iOS. You can research and finalize the best fit as per your requirements.

You can install any 3D camera app for improving the hassle-free use. I hope you guys like this article, share your feedback and suggestions in the reply section.

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