11 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android & iOS

Bill Reminder Apps can solve the problem of forgetting the payment of bills. Adults have thousands of tasks to look after, and due to this stack pile, it happens many times that we tend to forget important tasks and end up regretting.

One of the most ‘forgotten’ tasks is the timely payment of bills. Due to this, we end up paying up an extra sum as penalty or commission.

Top 11 Bill Reminder Apps for Android & iOS

However, you can reassure yourself, since, in this era, technology has made human life much more comfortable. Here are the top 11 bill reminder apps use for android and iOS platforms

1. Monefy

A free app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, lite in size, battery saving, and user-friendly is our first suggestion in this list of best bill reminder app.

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It has all the necessary features required for a finance manager and payment reminder app. Finance management is quite easy; all you have to do make regular entries, and you can get weekly, monthly, and yearly analysis.

The bill reminder feature is pretty simple, too, as all you got to do is put up a timely reminder for your bills, and the app will notify you every time you are due!

best bill reminder app

2. Mint

Another free available on both platforms is a similar app, just with some broader range of features. This bill organizer app function is pretty much the same, even the finance tracker, but there’s one difference, you can add up your bank account balance, credit card expenses, and not just your daily expenses.

This unique feature is that it makes mint an obvious choice.

bill organizer app

3. Easybills

As the name suggests, this is a straightforward app that specializes in one feature, bill reminder. Once you enter your bill details and frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly), you can relax your mind, as this app will provide you a reminder every time your bill is due.

It has a decent and straightforward UI, easy to learn, and does one job assigned to it in the smoothest way possible.

Bill Reminder Apps
Easy bill

4. Fudget

If you are looking for a convenient and straightforward app, then this is the app you are looking for. It has a bill reminder, as well as a finance tracker that gives you a rough idea of the flow of your money.

It is the highest-rated payment reminder app, and thus, has some specializing points that have earned it the spot. One more excellent feature is that it won’t bore you with ads and excessive details.

payment reminder app

5. Bill watch

Bill watch, an app available on iOS platform, is an excellent app for bill reminding. It has got all basic features required for statement suggesting, like a one-time payment reminder, repetitive reminder, specialized reminder, etc.

But one feature that makes it unique is the auto payment of bills. You need to provide your bank details and expiry date of your invoice and this app will smartly pay up your bill.

Bill reminder apps
Bill watch

6. Home Budget Manager

The features of this app are well-defined by its name, Home budget manager. This app specializes in finance tracking and has various functions and options to make it informative.

Another feature provided by this app is bill reminders. It has simple features for bill reminders and does all, what an ordinary bill reminder does.

Moreover, it has a neat UI and has direct sync via Dropbox so you can get your details on various devices using this feature.

best bill reminder app
Home budget Manager

7. Pocket expense

A simple bill organizer app with the base feature of money management and bill reminder. Its bill reminder is different from others because it sends repeated until you notify the payment of the bill.

It is like an alarm clock, where you need to hit the stop button, or it will keep on snoozing until then.

With all of this, it has a good program that provides you with an analysis of your expenses in an extensively informative format.

bill organizer app
pocket expense

8. Spending tracker

A simple bill tracker app with a hassle-free UI and specific feature of finance management. Available on both platforms, free of cost, Spending tracker is an excellent app to get a financial analysis weekly, monthly, and yearly with charts and graphs of the same.

In this post of The Eleggible, we have shared about how you can make a flowchart on Mac.

The easy bill reminder is like a cherry on the top, making Spending tracker a top choice among finance management and payment reminder app.

payment reminder app
spending tacker

9. Wallet

Wallet, another bill payment tracker, and finance management app available on both platforms. It is user friendly that works offline and has a sync feature so that you can view your statement on any device.

The bill reminder feature of this app works well, providing all primary essential functions like time to time reminder to frequency, repeated alerts, etc.

bill payment tracker

10. Money lover

Formerly a finance manager app has all features for such an app, like easy to understand money and expense statement and analysis.

With the help of this app, you can quickly get a rough idea of your financial account. With this, you can track your debts, set up recurring payment notifications, etc.

The bill reminder is decent, with a repetitive reminder feature. The excellent and simple UI has high adaptability, and it is available on both platforms for free.

Bill reminder apps
money lover

11. Prism Bills

Another simple as well as best bill reminder app with adaptable UI. Use this app, and you will never forget to pay your bills. Once you enter your bill reminder, it will show you a reminder when the bill is due.

If you inform the app about the payment of that respective, it will add up automatically to your expenses. If you provide details about your bank balance, you can get an even better view of your financial condition.

best bill reminder app
Prism Bills

Eleggible’s Final words

So, here’s our list of 11 best bill reminder apps for Android and iOS. However, picking one out of these would be a difficult choice since almost all of these facilitate the task of paying bills on time.

These apps also include various extra features, like, finance tracking, management, and statement, so making a choice circumscribing all, would be the best choice you can make! All the best managing your money and paying your bills on time!

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