15 Of The Best Cad Software For Mac In 2022

If you’re currently a designer or want to get into 2D and 3D design. There are a plethora of tools available that can help you. In this post, we will look at what is cad software and what are the top 15 best CAD software for Mac programs. So you may get started on it sooner and figure out who rules the highest position.

CAD, or computer-aided design, is a modeling and analysis technique that automates manual drawing (such as blueprints). Architects and engineers, as well as multimedia specialists and fashion firms, utilize it all over the world.

The 2D and 3D rendering software CAD systems are used all around the globe to produce visual representations, construction documents. And also to mimic designs in the real world through realistic representations of an actual subject.

This software might be ideal for anyone wishing to get into design or enhance their professional design talents. Our collection includes a wide range of CAD techniques. These programs were picked for their functionality, design capabilities, and ability to run on the macOS.

15 Of The Latest CAD Software For Mac In 2022

We’ve whittled down some of the free cad software for your Mac. So you can easily communicate your ideas and show off your work through your designs.

#1 AutoCAD

AutoCAD best cad software for mac

Download Link – https://www.autodesk.com/free-trials

AutoCAD is a functionality-driven free 3d modeling software for mac with a lot of capability. It’s one of the most well-known programs out there. Designers, engineers, and construction managers rely on it for both 2D and 3D printing.

With design automation and field-specific toolkits, this is the best CAD software for Mac. It aids in the annotation, design, and drafting of 2D and 3D geometries and models utilizing mesh objects, surfaces.

This program is simple to use and allows the creation of stunning 2D and 3D graphics. AutoCAD gives customers tremendous functionality and mobility.


1. It allows you to personalize the user experience via APIs and add-on apps. And it simplifies object and layout design.

2. Its specific toolsets boost efficiency and aid in the automation of operations. Such as scheduling, quantifying, assessing drawings, and inserting blocks.

3. AutoCAD excels in creating clear and detailed 2D modeling as well as in-depth designs.

4. These specialist tools are credited with inventing the industry-standard DWG file format.

5. Users may utilize its intelligent measurement tool to ensure that all of their dimensions are accurate.


This feature-rich software gives subscriptions to businesses of all sizes. You may also subscribe to a premium subscription that is valid for a year.

You can also test out AutoCAD by getting a 1-month free trial plan. Students and instructors are also eligible for a free 1-year educational subscription to its products and services.

#2 Fusion 360

Fusion 360 best cad software for mac
Fusion 360

Download Link – https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/free-trial

Next up comes another Autodesk free cad program for mac, Fusion 360, a CAD tool that is excellent for lighter use. As a result, it is an excellent piece of software for novices to use.

Along with its profound and user-friendly UI, it provides project management features. This is cloud-based CAD, CAE, PCB, and CAM software. That focuses on the full design process, from concept to final product manufacturing.

It is both value to money and amazing since it provides a superb framework for building 3D printing projects. It involves integrated collaboration to let you work from almost anywhere. As a result, fusion 360 mac has just what you need.


1. It includes free-form modeling work as well as solid, parametric, and mesh modeling. With an entire array of modeling tools at their disposal, users can get started on projects fast.

2. Advanced simulations, optimizing, and analysis features are included in this software. This can save expenses and speed up the entire design and production process.

3. Cloud computing is the preferred way for backing up data. This is useful when dealing with projects with a large group of people.

4. Among the many standard export file formats available are OBJ, STL, and SKP.

5. Fusion 360 can also create 2D drawings from 3D models. This aids in precise annotating, measuring dimensions, and documenting for production accuracy.


This dynamic CAD software has a free edition. Alternatively, to get started, choose a compatible subscription plan.

#3 CorelCAD

CorelCAD best cad software for mac

Download Link – https://corelcad.en.softonic.com/

This is a proficient CAD program running on Mac OS which is 2D and 3d software for mac. It offers time-saving collaboration, automation, the ability to share the project, and customizability.

As a result, it’s an excellent tool for sketching the fine details necessary in technical design. CorelCAD is a simple program with a robust set of tools. These are designed specifically for architects, manufacturers, contractors, and engineers.

This 2D modeling and design software tool can work with DWG and STL files. Allowing for more cooperation and improved 3D publication. With only just a few keystrokes, it converts 2D designs to 3D, allowing you to complete your task speedily.


1. Conceptual model, planning, drafting, and editing are all possible with this feature-rich application.

2. You can easily convert a 2D sketch into a 3D model using features and many design tools.

3. It is a strong 3D design solution that may help you put a finishing touch to your designs. With visual elements & text while handling technical design duties.

4. CorelCAD is equipped if communication with your CAD program is crucial to you. It helps users to simplify project collaboration with team members and external vendors.


CorelCAD is a cost-effective solution for all your drawing and design needs. It features a 30-day sample version.

This is a complete trial version that allows you to save and print your work. It also has a paid complete version that may be purchased.

#4 SketchUP

SketchUP best cad software for mac

Download Link – https://www.sketchup.com/try-sketchup

SketchUp is a high-end 3D modeling program used in a variety of fields. It is a fantastic tool for both beginners and experts. It comes with many properly built extensions that may be used to personalize a 3D workplace.

As a tool for displaying 2D drawings in a 3D environment, it has a wide range of applications. SketchUp’s open-source library of model assemblies and 3D Warehouse are two notable new features.

This software is available in two versions: SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro. SketchUp Free is a CAD tool that allows you to quickly create things.

With SketchUp Pro, you’ll have access to a far more comprehensive version of the software. You’ll be able to build extremely detailed models from scratch for 3D printing and viewing. This is one of the best CAD software for Mac since it provides powerful capabilities with few constraints on the web


1. It is a user-friendly CAD software with an attractive UI. It allows you to modify the 3D workplace.

2. 3D Warehouse, a massive archive of user-generated material, also has pre-made 3D models.

3. You may also create virtual models, render them, and also save the projects in DWG format. This increases the productivity of the team, making your job faster and more efficient.

4. There are several file-import options, and it supports a range of extensions. You can work with others and have cross-departmental collaborative projects.


Individual users and students can sign up for a free level. But, the free service is only accessible via the company’s website.

SketchUp also provides a variety of subscription options to suit a variety of needs. For more intricate tasks, the Pro edition is a good option.


MATLAB best cad software for mac

Download Link – https://www.mathworks.com/help/install/ug/download-without-installing.html

MathWorks’ MATLAB is a coding, modeling, and simulation software. Many scientists and engineers use it to analyze data, design algorithms and build models. It may be used as a tool to illustrate the mathematical foundations of most CAD topics in depth.

2D/3D curves, surface design, triangular mesh, point cloud, and so forth. The program is also used to design physical items in a variety of sectors, with the software performing calculations. To find the best shape and size for specific products and uses.

It is also utilized throughout the engineering process. From product planning to design through dynamic and durability analysis of production methods. MATLAB can also be used to improve some CAD software outcomes.


1. Matlab offers a large built-in library of functions and tools. Making it simple to use when applied effectively. It offers a fantastic GUI tool that allows you to create outstanding apps.

2. Its usage highlights the mathematical algorithms. That allows the designer to build B-Spline curves, Delaunay triangular meshes, and so on.

3. Its mathematical properties enable users to better comprehend the principles behind 2D & 3D design. Allowing it to be used as an instructional resource.

4. It enables efficient document management and includes collaborative tools.


MATLAB is available for a free 30-day trial period. It also provides a permanent license and a licensing program at a really low cost for students.

#6 Onshape

Onshape best cad software for mac

Download Link – https://www.onshape.com/en/products/free

Onshape is a powerful cloud-based software with the latest features for your creative needs. It’s one of the best CAD software for Mac. The tool has an intuitive interface for quick image modification.

Because this is a web CAD solution, all the activities are saved to the cloud, protecting from data loss. Documents managing, real-time collaboration tools, and business analytics are all included.

Its collaborative features include file sharing, document editing, and file downloads in many CAD formats. For professional CAD development, Onshape provides a full set of tools and functionality.


1. It also includes a collection of cutting-edge tools. That allows for simultaneous modification of its exclusive architecture design database.

2. Onshape enables you to build intricate objects, assembly, and detailed drawings on a Mac.

3. It can import/export DWG, DW, or DXF file formats for drafting needs.

4. It is simple to use and discover for design and collaboration. Via live conversations and comments. The cloud security platform also includes features for secure sharing and auditing.

5. OnShape allows you to review the design history. Also, alter the log as needed using tools such as version history. This can be made available in the form of reports to assist in better understanding the design process.


This software can help to speed up the development process. Although the basic edition is free, experts must switch to the paid version. It is reasonably priced.

Yet a monthly membership provides unlimited capabilities needed to get started.

#7 Graphite

Graphite free cad software for mac

Download Link – https://ashlar.com/2d-3d-drafting/2d-3d-cad-graphite.html

Next up we have software that places importance on creative expression and features. That further makes most of their Cad system super intuitive.

Graphite also is a 2D and 3D modeling program for Mac. It excels in wireframe designs and can produce quality models with an infinite amount of quality & detail. It has new and appealing designs that will widen the frontiers of drafting and sketching.

This CAD program is intended to make 3D modeling activities simple for the user. Using a feature-rich toolkit and command prompt. Because of its large suite of tools, innovative usage of APIs, and integration of a collaboration platform. It is somewhat comparable to more complex modeling CAD systems.


1. This user-friendly software creates an ideal setting for speeding up the production process. While generating quality blueprints.

2. It can also deal with DWG documents and has a feasible and efficient workflow.

3. The speed, smoothness, and efficiency of the process are the primary benefits. With excellent power and a clear UI, you can swiftly create even the most complicated designs.

4. It allows creative workers to convey their ideas effectively. Work without distractions, while still taking care of the intricacy and subtleties.


There is a free trial version of this CAD program available. Users can also get a subscription on their single-user and business licenses.

#8 FreeCAD

FreeCAD 3d modeling software for mac

Download Link – https://www.freecadweb.org/downloads.php

FreeCAD is an exceptional open-source parametric 3D modeling tool. It’s a very adaptable and flexible piece of software. It is one of the best CAD software for Mac that allows you to effortlessly edit your design.

Lets users build 3d models from a 2D drawing. It is intended to accommodate a wide range of purposes based on engineering and product layout. This strong software is designed to create real-world things in 3D using the parameterized model.

You may quickly customize drawings to fit a range of situations or locations. If you’ve been looking for CAD software for amateurs, FreeCAD is a great choice. Provided all services and tools it has, even experts can operate it.


1. The Robot Simulation feature in FreeCAD helps in exploring robot motion. It’s a renderer program that allows you to export the project to external renderers, among other things.

2. You may quickly change your design thanks to parametric modeling. Because it permits you to alter your activities in your model history. So that you may modify its properties to attain the best outcomes.

3. It can support a range of open file formats, allowing it to fit into your workflow smoothly.

4. The program also has a modular design, which makes it possible to create plug-ins for certain functions.


FreeCAD is a free platform CAD program. Even though it is a free product, the UI is nearly identical to that of commercial CAD software.

#9 Modo

Modo free cad program for mac

Download Link – https://modo.en.softonic.com/

This CAD program claims to be the quickest modeling technology available. Modo is a comprehensive and versatile software. Used for 3D model, sculpting, and renderer toolkit with direct modeling methods.

It gives artists the chance to discover and generate ideas without having to dig through technical barriers. This is a high-end application with a lot of features. Artists and designers alike appreciate it.

Because of its quick pace and effective outcomes. It’s an excellent tool for creating models. Developing digital printing projects uses both direct tools and procedural procedures.

Whether you’re designing new products or building compelling real-time models. MODO’s intuitive tools help users to explore as well as achieve the full creative abilities of their concepts. It has a lot of functions and runs smoothly.


1. Modo offers a modular node-based modeling system. It makes creating, editing, managing, and reusing complicated character rigs a breeze.

2. The MeshFusion Boolean system has been included to quicken the 3D modeling process.

3. Real-time simulation enables you to see your designs as they are being developed or changed.

4. It gives you the ability to personalize your toolkit. By assembling a collection of specialized tools that complement your artistic process.


This software is paid and requires an annual subscription.

#10 SmartDraw

SmartDraw drawing on macbook

Download Link – https://www.smartdraw.com/downloads/

SmartDraw is a simple-to-use but robust free 2D CAD software design program. It is useful, even for those with no prior architectural knowledge, and beginners may use it.

But it’s also progressive enough for designers with more expertise. It is one of the best CAD software for Mac available, with a large number of layouts. It’s simple to build blueprints and floor plans. It has all been from floor layouts to electric diagrams, architectural drawings.

With strong automation, it can align shapes and patterns to generate a quality drawing. It provides an online floor plan builder that anybody can use.

As well as building design symbols, like an org chart maker. As well as file-sharing software for collaboration and ease of use.


1. It comes with a fast start software that includes over 70+ distinct diagrams, charts, and floor layouts.

2. It also facilitates collaboration, allowing users to work together on projects or exchange ideas.

3. Floor plans may be saved in many formats and shared with others using Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

4. It also features CAD automation capabilities, which assist to cut minor differences between objects.

5. It can generate and insert diagrams in Google Workspace, Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira, Microsoft Office, and many more products.

6. Users can begin by customizing Quick-Start floor plan templates, which are ready to use and can be altered fast and simply.


In the web version, there is a free option. But, there are two monthly options available, each dependent on the number of users.

#11 VectorWorks

VectorWorks best macintosh software

Download Link – https://www.vectorworks.net/downloads/ServicePack

VectorWorks is an excellent drafting software. This efficient and user-friendly CAD tool makes it simple to create architectural designs. BIM modeling, designing, drawing, and documentation are all possible with this best CAD software for Mac.

The 2D tools are easy to use and accessible. Allowing users to create thorough construction drawings. It is a sophisticated visualization and simulation application built for construction engineers. This may be used to create accurate building images.

It’s capable of supporting the complete creative process. From the initial concept to design development, blueprints, and presentations, it has got you covered. It comes with focused tools that provide your processes a sense of flexibility, ease of use.


1. Many strategies and paths for integrating architectural info into your project are available. As a consequence, your company achieves a high precision.

2. It also has a specialized cloud platform that allows for the creation of floor layouts.

3. It is a good fit for small & big teams, as well as projects of all sizes, with its built-in collaboration capabilities.

4. With its tools and a unique 3D modeling engine, users may create, model, and record innovations.

5. It comes with designer-focused features and functionalities. That provides your processes a sense of flexibility, agility, and ease of use.

6. Vectorworks users can cooperate with users of most other programs with a wide number of exports and imports possibilities.


While it is somewhat pricey in comparison to other applications in its category. It does offer monthly subscriptions as well as a free trial for users to get started.

#12 Archicad

Archicad macintosh drawing programs

Download Link – https://myarchicad.graphisoft.com/

ArchiCAD is an amazing architectural CAD program. It is especially developed in the realm of simulation. Providing architects with high-quality, lifelike structural depiction.

This also has a BIM API, making available a complete collaborative tool for many users. It is a 3D architectural program that may be utilized to prepare small structures as well as huge construction projects.

This ArchiCAD is a BIM CAD software suite that is focused on architecture. Everything is simplified from design through production with better procedures and collaboration.

This software is also well-known for its capacity to store massive quantities of data in 3D models. It may be used to create building models, interiors, and cities. It includes a variety of design options tailored for architectural firms.


1. It has an MEP collision detection UI and an intuitive backdrop interface as well.

2. This BIM is a comprehensive feature for designers. Permitting them to undertake 3D & 2D drawing, simulation, and building models.

3. It is also workable to make realistic renderings by integrating Cinema 4D.

4. It has parametric custom profiles. That combines the strengths of design methods with the ability to create graphical profiles.

5. It comes with a variety of collaboration and sharing capabilities. As well as the ability to import and export files.


Students and instructors can try for 30 days before purchasing the complete edition. to design buildings, interiors, and cities. This program includes a variety of design options tailored.

#13 LibreCAD

LibreCAD free drawing software for macs

Download Link – https://sourceforge.net/projects/librecad/

LibreCAD is a feature-rich and well-developed 2D-CAD program. It can assist you in the creation of intricate drawings, 2D sketches, or projects.

This free and open-source program is a compact CAD. With all the fundamental tools you’ll need to create and edit your drawings, it only works in two dimensions. The user interface is clean, making it an ideal CAD tool for novices.

There are several tempting features for more experienced users. Thus it makes this tool a viable alternative. The application has capabilities such as a snap-in tool, dimensioning and measuring, and annotations. Similar to a graphics editor like Microsoft Paint, but with extra complexities.


1. You can quickly import your existing creations from AutoCAD or other CAD software. This software accepts both DWG and DWF file formats.

2. Plugins are also supported by this program. So you may add powerful functions by simply implementing a third-party plugin.

3. It’s accessible in over 30 languages and supports macOS cross-platform.

4. It includes features such as interactive geometry creation, ray-tracing for rendering and analysis, and a benchmark suite.


It might be the software for you because it’s open-source and accessible for Mac. Available without any subscriptions, license fees, or yearly fees.

#14 Civil 3D

Civil 3D cad programs for macintosh
Civil 3D

Download Link – https://www.autodesk.com/products/civil-3d/free-trial

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a BIM software suite that can assist builders in developing more efficient civil structures projects. It has tools that help with drawing, design, and construction documentation.

It comes with a comprehensive collection of AutoCAD and other popular application connectors. The software makes it simple to coordinate plans from concept to production.

By stressing collaboration and productivity. It very effectively transforms the workflow of a civil engineer into a user-friendly and powerful software environment.

Saving time and money while reducing mistakes. It simplifies time-consuming activities and speeds up iterations.


1. It includes a task-based system for analyzing GIS data and combining GIS and design data.

2. Civil 3D includes effective civil components that interact to generate linked designs. As well as changeable styles that allow it to comply with practically any graphical standard seamlessly.

3. Within civil infrastructure projects, collaboration tools assist you in overcoming coordination and communication, and workflow issues.

4. It links design and documentation to improve efficiency and quality.


The Civil 3D trial is available for free download. They may purchase a complete subscription for a set annual rate once they’re satisfied.

#15 TurboCAD

TurboCAD best apps for macbook pro

Download Link – https://www.turbocad.com/content/free-trials

TurboCAD is a highly qualified best free cad software for mac for engineering and architecture professionals. That includes 2D drafting and three-dimensional solid modeling. It has a UI that is simple to use.

It provides a complete set of professional 2D/3D CAD tools. For designing, modifying, presenting, and documenting in a unified manner. It has a rich drafting palette as well as excellent modeling.

It also offers complex architectural and mechanical toolsets. As well as 2D geometric and dimensional limitations. It has hundreds of decals, textures, and symbols and is suitable for realistic depiction.

Can create editable files that AutoCAD users can fix. With modern toolkits and BIM capabilities, both design and collaboration are possible.


1. It comes with a unique Ribbon Interface and support for 4K monitors. To boost productivity and understandability on relatively high-resolution displays.

2. It is technologically advanced in that it has roughly 500 pre-designed floor plans as well as a self-styled House. Also, The wizard tool allows you to create rooms and include particular structural components.

3. The BIM platform enables cooperation among several users using various operating systems.

4. Several CAD graphic formats are also supported by this program. It accepts a variety of saved files, including DWG and other BIM files, 3D.PDF files, and STL files for 3D printing.


A paid membership is required to use this dynamic and fully capable CAD program.

Eleggible’s Final Words

The best CAD software for mac can help you design, create, and produce 2D and 3D objects. All these software mentioned above are ranging from beginner ability to advanced users or professionals.

All of these are well supported by developers and user communities. Some among them are free or offer free trial periods with enough time and core features to learn key concepts. 

Since CAD is one of the most basic software for someone belonging to any of the designing and styling platforms. We would recommend that you do check out these powerful CAD applications.

These best cad software for mac are what we’ve believed to be the best out of all the others available in the market. But if you think that we might have missed any good software. Then you’re most welcome to share it with us in the comments.

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