9 Best Contraction Timer Apps to Track Labor (2023)

True labor contractions usually occur around your due date. Labor contractions can often occur as early as mid-pregnancy.  True labor contractions usually occur around your due date. Not all women experience labor contractions in the same way. The best contraction timer apps track your contraction with ease.

These apps come with some beneficial features:

  1. The app automatically calculates the duration of the contraction. 
  2. A contraction timer helps track how often your contractions are happening.
  3. Track of contraction patterns can help your doctor determine when labor is coming. 
  4. Few apps include relaxation music to calm your mind

The feel of contraction varies among pregnant women. Early labor contractions may make you feel as though you have an upset stomach. Some women feel intense cramps that stop after delivery. Some may have discomfort or heavy pressure on their lower abdomen. Backache, nausea, and vomiting are contractions.

The app provides information that helps determine whether you need to go into labor. Contraction timer apps measure the frequency of contractions during labor. These apps allow you to walk through this experience with ease.

These apps ensure that your surges are progressing and are regular. The apps can provide detailed information about each contraction. This app features an AI Symptom Tracker that will tell you when to seek medical attention. Finally, these apps are helpful in distraction during labor. 

Though plenty of contraction apps are available in the market, we’ve made a list of the best. These apps have no ads to make you frustrated while in labor.

We’ve reviewed each app’s description, features, reviews, and ratings. After thorough research on all these points, we’ve made a list. The list includes some of the best contraction timer apps for recording contractions.

Top 9 Contraction Timer Apps for Android & iOS (2023 List)

#1. Contraction Timer

Contraction Timer
Contraction Timer

This app comes with a virtual assistant with information tracked and organized. It allows you to figure out the time of each contraction and the interval between them.

The contraction Timer helps you with the duration and how frequent your contractions are. The app analyzes data to update contraction frequency to healthcare providers.

Besides keeping track of your contractions, you can store them in a database. The app allows nurses and doctors to see the contraction pattern over several hours.

The app can record the duration and intensity of contractions. It can save and review the contraction history. You can edit and delete the timing of contraction. The app also provides information on-

  1. What to expect during childbirth? 
  2. Each stage of labor and how long they last 
  3. How can you deal with the discomfort caused?


  1. Presentation of information through visuals

  2. No ads to annoy or distract you.
  3. The app has an interactive and easy-to-use user interface
  4. The app creates a timeline of your contractions.


  1. Contraction Timer is only available for iOS and Android devices
  2. The app cannot save a file to send as an attachment.

#2. Full Term- Contraction Timer

Full Term- Contraction Timer
Full Term- Contraction Timer

The app lets you tap a single button to track the start and end of each contraction. The “Full Term” takes care of the next processes. The app keeps track of the times, duration, and frequency of the entire labor period.

The app enables you to save full labor history and contraction progress. It also tracks your weight gain progress throughout the journey of Pregnancy. The app has a full-featured Fetal Kick counter that gives a complete view of Kick count sessions.

The app allows you to set up reminders to ensure you count Kick every day. You can email your contraction and kick count history to a healthcare provider. You can count the number of kicks counted per session as per convenience. Along with tracking contractions, the app also tracks the breaking of waters.


  1. This app is compatible with Apple watches 
  2. The app backup your history to iCloud
  3. The app provides a handy reference section for pregnancy information


  1. The app neither has a timeline to track nor relaxation music
  2. The app does not have an interactive interface

#3. Pregnancy Tracker – Sprout

Pregnancy Tracker - Sprout
Pregnancy Tracker – Sprout

Sprout Pregnancy will walk you through each day of your pregnancy. It provides information about changes in the body during each week of pregnancy. Thus keeping you organized and educated about you and your growing baby.

The app has a personalized pregnancy timeline of contractions. The Health tracker feature monitors the health of the mama and the unborn baby. The due date calculator helps to estimate your due date based on your last menstrual period.

The Symptom tracker feature tracks symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and breast tenderness. This feature helps to give a better understanding of what to expect. A kick counter allows you to keep track of your baby’s movements during pregnancy. The app provides advice on nutrition, exercise, and preparing for labor.


  1. The app has interactive 3D models showing the baby’s development and movements
  2. The app provides pregnancy journals with FREE PDF eBook to view or print
  3. Physicians recommend the usage of this app


  1. A week’s trial,  after which you need to upgrade to Premium to continue enjoying all features.
  2. The app doesn’t provide a proper diet chart

#4. Storky – Contraction Timer

Storky - Contraction Timer
Storky – Contraction Timer

It is a baby monitoring, reliable, and easy-to-use contraction timer app. The app tracks the length of your contractions and the intervals between them. The app gives a tentative delivery date so you know when to consider going to the hospital.

The push timer feature tracks the duration of each pushing contraction during labor. With just one tap of a button, start and stop the timer. The app will measure the time of the interval.

Storky provides important information about how contractions work and how to measure them. The app shows an overview of the contractions and interval lengths in one place.

Both you and the doctor can see the progress. You can also access any previous monitoring. You can send an overview of your contractions to your doctor via email. 


  1. The app is free with no ads
  2. The app can record the duration of contractions
  3. The app guides on how to measure the contractions in the correct way


  1. Loss of data, on closing the app
  2. App closes itself anytime a logged contraction is deleted

#5. Pregnancy App and Baby Tracker

Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker
Pregnancy App & Baby Tracker

This app guides you when you’re pregnant, a new parent, or an expectant. The app provides daily pregnancy updates and week-by-week baby development information.

The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator customizes your pregnancy tracker and gets timed updates. This app also supports daily parenting updates and feeding guides after birth.

The app provides accurate health information reviewed and approved by medical professionals. The app gives advice on dealing with common pregnancy symptoms and food cravings.

The Baby Registry Checklist helps you get organized. The app has an online Birth Class to make you prepare for labor and delivery. The Baby Growth Tracker feature charts your baby’s progress. 

The app is handy for expectant mothers to learn about the early signs of pregnancy.  An expectant mother can track fertility with an ovulation calculator. 


  1. BabyCenter Community to connect with parents and parents-to-be.
  2. 3-D videos show your baby’s development throughout pregnancy.
  3. The app has pregnancy workouts and nutrition advice tailored to your trimester.


  1. Sometimes, the bumpy feature doesn’t work 
  2. The app is slow and difficult to navigate

#6. WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy
WebMD Pregnancy

This free pregnancy app lets you track your baby’s weekly growth and development. This app measures the duration of contractions to determine when to call your doctor.

It offers trusted health information for expecting parents. The app has more than 900 doctor-approved articles and expert-curated checklists. Connect with moms in the pregnancy community to get support and maternity advice.

The app provides quick answers to fundamental health questions, from what to eat to what to avoid. The app also offers twin-specific content. The symptom tracker tracks the frequency and intensity of your symptoms.

This tracker adds notes that help you understand the causes of each one. The app lets you share your weight and blood pressure changes with a doctor. The Kick Counter feature tracks your baby’s movements by recording each kick, twist, and turn. 


  1. The app has fun features such as the journal and the belly photo album 
  2. You can set reminders and create custom lists.


  1. The app provides very little information on supplies you will need for baby 
  2. There is zero mention of home birthing or midwife care. 

#7. Contraction Timer & Counter 9m

Contraction Timer & Counter 9m
Contraction Timer & Counter 9m

Thousands of pregnant women became mothers using this simplest-to-use contraction timer. The app tracks your contractions and determines when it’s time for delivery.

The app becomes handy for a home birth. It will tell the stage of labor you are in at any moment. The Contraction Timer feature examines the duration and frequency of contractions.

The app keeps track of your labor by tapping a single button at the start and the end of each contraction. The app informs you about how many contractions you’ve had in the last hours.

It is easy to edit any contraction information. You can disable the recommendations and the contraction’s intensity in the settings option. You can send the contraction history to anyone via email.


  1. User-friendly interface to get information at the fingertips
  2. Very cheap to upgrade to premium
  3. The app provides information about labor phases, how long they can last and what to expect. 


  1. Inaccurate notification will tell you to hurry to the hospital
  2. The free version of the app has unnecessary ads

#8. Babylist Baby Registry

Babylist Baby Registry
Babylist Baby Registry

The Babylist Baby Registry app helps with all the necessary things to bring a baby home. You can manage and organize your registry along with weekly pregnancy updates.

The app provides a  personalized baby registry checklist to determine your needs. Add or link to existing registries and keep track of everything on your wishlist in one place.

Chat, call, or email experts to get help choosing the best products. The app has an exclusive baby store to shop for baby products. You can buy the best based on feedback from thousands of parents.

Track your pregnancy and get info about your pregnancy and due date in the app. Take the quick quiz of the app and get registry suggestions tailored to your lifestyle.


  1. Get everything you need before the baby comes home.
  2. Keeps updated about medication and diet
  3. It provides information on what to do after the baby’s birth


  1. Sometimes shows a problem with order updates and tracking
  2. The problem in adding order to the wishlist from the website

#9. Expectful: Wellness for Moms

Expectful: Wellness for Moms
Expectful: Wellness for Moms

This app provides holistic care for fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. The app aims for the healthiest, happiest moms and babies. The app provides necessary prenatal vitamins and ultrasounds women need.

This app is easy to use with an interactive user interface. This app is truly empowering and anxiety-reducing. The app provides holistic support from fertility through the baby’s first year.

The app helps reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and build bonds with the baby. With the app, join week-by-week meditations crafted for every step of pregnancy.

The meditation classes have flexible timings. Through meditation, you focus on connecting with your baby. The on-demand courses and downloadable guides help you through motherhood. The app allows you to set your own goals for regular practice.


  1. Live classes on prenatal fitness and hypnobirthing courses
  2. Join the community to listen to the journey stories of thousands of moms
  3. The app is integrated with Apple Health Kit to help track your minutes 


  1. The app has only a week’s trial, after which you have to subscribe
  2. Sometimes, the problem arises in loading meditation videos

Eleggible’s Final Words

The contraction timer app is perfect for tracking your contractions as labor progresses. Labor can be a long and challenging process. These apps also provide relaxation techniques and visualization to make it more manageable.

These best contraction timer apps have become very popular with the invention of the smartphone. You can do the calculations and for logging the contractions. The apps and checklists can give you a sense of relief during the last days of pregnancy.

Overall, contraction timer apps offer very similar features. It would be best to determine which characteristics are most significant to you and why.

A mother experiencing preterm labor will have a different need than a mother trying to figure out the delivery date. There are many other great options available.

We’ve listed the best contraction timer apps to assist moms-to-be in labor. You will find the app you are looking for in the list above. So explore all the options and find one that works best for you

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