11+ Best Craigslist Posting Software Reviewed (2022)

Give your business and sale worldwide exposure by using these top 11+ best Craigslist Posting Software.

Gone are the days when people had to walk miles up and just struggle a lot to get to look out for vacancies, houses for sale, or getting ads printed for promoting their business or to get a worker/employee.

Nowadays through advanced technology with just one click, you can post an ad of your need without any further exertion.

And Craigslist automatic Posting Software is that such platform, it is a free online classified and forum site where you can post items for sale for free and even look for products that you want. Whether you are looking for a job, property, or wanting to hire a suitable employee, it serves all different needs.

Though you can post on Craigslist without paying any money advertising there in job-related fields (and other such exceptions ) can cost up to $25 (approx.) while the amount may differ in all such exceptional fields.

Other points to take note of before its use is first, be sure not to use any abusive language or words promoting any illegal and harmful activities, posting ads promoting drugs, alcohol, and other hazardous materials because this can lead your post to be flagged.

Go through all its terms and conditions to know the dos and don’t, rules to be followed to avoid your post from being deleted.

The most amazing feature that has made it the best advertising software is the accessibility of any location from any part of the world that it provides. You can search Craigslist nationwide as per your requirements.

What does Craigslist Software mean?

In simple terms, it will ease your buying or selling process.


Let’s start from the beginning.

Okay? It is called “Craigslist” because the person who developed these kinds of the website was named Craig Newmark.

So, the Craigslist name comes from the person who builds this.

Now, here you can post advertisements for the products you want to sell.

The cool thing about this software is, it is not limited to the place where you live.

The whole world can see it. And you might get a buyer from another country too.

So, this software helps in marketing as well. It has so many features which will benefit the selling in so many ways. And if you are a buyer, then it helps you too.

12 Best Automatic Craigslist Posting Software Reviewed in 2022

#1 AdPlotter

AdPlotter is our second last recommended craigslist poster software.

If you want to increase the scale and expose your business or your product, you can go for this software.

You can cost-effectively promote your products.

But still, you have to pay for the promotion.

Although after paying for the promotion, you don’t need to get the results.

#2 Craigslist Quick Poster

If you are someone who owns a start-up. Or are you a small business owner?

Then this software is for you. Because being a small business owner, you definitely cannot afford to invest in ads.

Right? So, if you are looking away to increase your sales, then this might be the exact thing for you.

This software is free craigslist posting software

It allows you to post quickly. And not only that, but it also has a feature of automated craigslist posting.

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#3 Craigslist Auto Poster

Our first recommendation is Craigslist Auto Poster, simple to apply software.

You can create accounts. And after the account is created, you may begin posting advertisements.

Posting advertisements through this software program is straightforward.

You can do all these things once you create an account on the website through the software.

You can increase your income through this site. that is why it is tops in this listing too.

Isn’t it superb?

#4 Craigslist Auto Posting Software

The third software is Craigs list Auto Posting Software.

Now, auto posting to craigslist software is a little different.

Every day, there are so many ads posted on these sites that there is a chance that before people could see your ad, it is probably on the 3rd or 5th page. Re-posting the ads becomes a monotonous job.

This is where Craigs list Auto Posting Software comes into the picture. This software will automatically do your task.

This software helps to re-post the ads with a few clicks.

#5 Craigslister eAssistant

The next Craigslist software that we recommend is Craigslister eAssistant.

This is another really good software.

Yes, it has some disadvantages, but there are always two sides to the same coin.

You can save templates.

It supports YouTube. It has captcha bypassing and so much more.

Besides all these advantages, it does have some disadvantages, such as you cannot turn off the popup messages.

The updates are slow sometimes.

#6 ASN Auto Posting Tool

Are you looking for Craigslist software where you can advertise automobiles?

Are you someone who wants to sell the automobile in bulk?

Then this is for you.

Here you can post the ads related to that and increase your sales.

You can post about non-automobile products too.

But this software is more about automobiles.

#7 CLAD Blaster

Craigslist Posting Software

Another unique Craigslist software is CLAD Blaster.

Are you someone who wants to target multiple cities and wants to know how to post craigslist as in multiple cities?

Are you someone who wants specific people from specific cities?

Then this software program is for you.

And not only that, you can re-post the ads that you already posted to reach new people daily.

Because you can do that within a few clicks, and then it will automatically do everything on its own.

So, in case you are a person whose predominant purpose is to amplify in numerous towns and increase income, this might be Craigslist for you.

#8 ESC AD Poster

ESC Ad poster is another craigslist poster software.

If you are a beginner at user craigslist software, this one’s for you because this particular software helps you in so many things.

If you are creating an ad, it will guide you and make sure you are not making any mistakes.

#9 CLAD Genius

craigslist posting Software

CLAD Genius is a classified advertisement posting tool.

Use this device to manage your campaigns on the net.

The product upholds Craigslist, Backpage, and eBay Classifieds.

Promotion randomization, including thesaurus support, covered up text, word transformation, tokens, and 1000’s of inherent mandates to computerize the cycle of advertisement posting.

Gmail and Hotmail Record Maker support. Email and Craigslist Record makers to expand achievement building and posting your advertisements.

Telephone check support with different highlights.

#10 Craigslist Bot Pro

Craigslist Bot Pro: Best Craigslist Posting Software can be used to post ads about work.

Are you someone who is looking for a job?

You would probably get on from here.

Now, we are sure you all guessed it right.

This software allows you to post the requirement of any post in your company.

It is mainly for recruiters, but sometimes you might see some real estate dealers, marketing companies, and more on this.

#11 Crayzilla

Craigslist Posting Software

Another 100% automated

Craigslist software is crayzilla. It is free of cost, so you don’t need to spend money.

This software provides features like multiple site management, account creation, and ad spinning too.

Best Recommended

The best Craigslist software has to be Craigslist Auto Poster.

This particular software tops the best craigslist automatic posting software because it provides so many features to the buyer.

It is a real deal, and it does what it says.

It does what it claims to do. This is pretty rare, considering that people always exaggerate!

You can post, edit, delete, track, manage your ads.

You can even renew your ads. The only requirement is you should have a Windows PC or laptop.

You can attach images too.

There are literally up to 300 options available to select the fields.

You can target people and make the most out of your ad.

If you want to promote your business, then this is where you need to go.

You can manage and start the campaigns that you wanted to do from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Boost My Craigslist Post?

There are so many ads getting posted on Craigslist every day.

There are chances that your ad moves from 1st page to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd.

So one thing that can be done is re-posting your ads.

In this way, you will get new responses every day.

So, reposting is the key.

The more you re-post, the more you can reach the people.

What Is The Best Day To Post On Craigslist?

Well, you don’t necessarily need to follow this.

But the studies say that people are more active on two specific days on Craigslist websites.

The best day to post on the craigslist website is Monday and Tuesday around 2 pm to 5 pm.

This is because in those 3 hours almost 20% of all traffic is generated.

What Can You Post On Craigslist For Free?

Yes, you can post a free ad by not creating an account or logging into the software.

But, if you create an account for posting advertisements on the website then it might be good for the business.

So, it is advisable to have an account so you can edit, post, re-post the ads.

Is There A Charge For Posting On Craigslist?

If you want to sell something then yes, there are changes you will have to pay.

This charge varies from site to site.

But, if you do not want to sell something then those advertisements are free of cost.

Eleggible’s Final Words

The many advanced pro features, like automatic rescheduling of ads, giving you a deep insight of general response to your ads, your post’s reach and so many other rich info, are what have made these applications the best approach to look out for.

With now over millions of page visits in a single day alongside having the best reviews and feedbacks by the users, these Craigslist software are 100% authentic, legal and safe to use. It ensures to maintain the secrecy of your private details and info that you have given.

Operating it is such an easy task, you only have to type the text ( typing your post) in a dialog box, make any changes if you want to, such as changing the font, size, or color of the text, width of the border, and so on.

Hereby, your search for the best advertising platform now ends here. By reading this article you will come to know about the top 11 best Craigslist posting software that you might not have heard before.

And the software mentioned here makes your work more manageable and simple, so just go through all the recommended Craigslist software and select one that you find most suitable for your campaign.

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