9+ Best Free Cut and Paste Photo Apps (Android & iOS) 2022

In this article, we have listed the top 11 free cut and paste apps that let you edit your photos, make them clearer, cut the boring background, and paste an alluring one and much more to explore.

Not every one of us knows how to click a picture-perfect photo. There are times when we accidentally click blurry photos or are unable to capture memories at the exact time, and even if we successfully click a flawless picture.

There are chances of some scenarios, like a random stranger may pop up in the final picture or, absence of any important family member or an acquaintance in the picture, which surely sets our mood off especially if the pictures are in remembrance of a beautiful event of your life.

But thanks to an enormous rise in technology, that now you can correct such albums within a few seconds.

These amazing applications not only cover such aspects of photo corrections, but you can also use them for adding beautiful edits and effects to make an already perfect picture even more beautiful and pleasing.

You can also cut- paste your favorite celebrities’ photos with your selfies to prank your friends with it besides enjoying a real-time fan moment. Hence you can consider these apps as an all-in-one platform where along with editing pictures you can use it for fun or pull pranks by making some funny edits.

And they are also quite efficient in providing necessary features to give a professional look to your edits, whether it is someone’s face in the photo, or cutting out someone from the picture, the results look so fine and polished that nobody could tell if it was an edited one.

So, just go through all the listed apps and get the one that fits your purpose the best!

10 Best Free Cut and Paste Face Apps for Android & iPhone in 2022

After testing and filtering out more than 40 apps from Google Play Store and App Store we have created this list of best free cut and paste apps for you.

You can download them easily from Google Play Store and App Store for free.

So, let’s begin.

#1 Background Eraser – Superimpose

Eraser as a rule? The one that can delete mix-ups and components from the photograph? Simple! Foundation Eraser encourages you to dispose of all superfluous things from the image, or even eliminate the entire foundation, supplanting it with another one. Add straightforwardness with only a couple of basic moves. 

Best Cut and Paste Apps
background eraser

The tedious foundation is taken out in minutes. You click on the ideal zone, and the human-made reasoning itself decides wherein these spots in the image can be taken out foundation. You can take a picture with a straightforward foundation and use the cutting and pasting pictures app in other photograph editors or straightforwardly in Background Eraser. 

The application has the virtual devices essential for every one of these activities. You can remove the zone you need to save or utilize the “target territory” work. This device eliminates all homogeneous foundations from the picture. In the event of a blunder or on the off chance that you do not care for the outcome, you can generally re-visitation of the first state with the “Re-establish” apparatus’s assistance.

#2 Photo Layers

You need to make the foundation straightforward, yet you do not have the foggiest idea how? Obviously, in the Photoshop program’s PC form, you will eliminate the foundation in only a couple of clicks, yet it is an issue in the portable rendition. 

Photo layers app

PhotoLayers works fundamentally with the programmed discovery of items and individuals in photographs. Toward the start of altering, you should pick the foundation picture and the primary one – the one you need to remove. You can likewise utilize the information from Google Drive. 

You can use this app to insert photo into photo and alter it exclusively – practically like in Photoshop. Yield the picture to an advantageous configuration. Measurements, direction, straightforwardness – this can be changed straightforwardly in PhotoLayers, the primary concern – remember to save the outcome after all the advancements.

#3 Adobe Photoshop Mix

In this picture cutting app, you can add background images to your photos so that your photo will look good. In its portable form, Adobe Photoshop is sub-par compared to the usefulness of an undeniable PC variant. However, all the virtual devices work similarly too on iOS and Android cell phones. 

Best Cut and Paste Apps
Adobe Photoshop Mix

On the off chance that you need to get something other than embed components starting with one picture then onto the next, at that point, Adobe Photoshop Mix can tackle every one of your issues. You work with picture layers for better handling, so when altering one component, you do not change the other.

#4 MagiCut – Cut and Paste

The altering cycle in MagiCut is more like an inventive action. Stickers, textual styles, pictures, transparent background, extra preparation, and different devices give you a lot of space for innovativeness. Understand all your trying dreams and post them on interpersonal organizations – the outcome should be seen by the entirety of your companions! 


Magic utilizes Auto Trim and Auto Detect of articles and individuals, which enormously rearranges the entire cycle of changing the picture. You pick the correct items, and in no time flat, you can embed them on the foundation you like. 

On the off chance that you need to encounter the entire cycle face to face, you can deal with everything about the photograph yourself, feature the zones’ edges, and significantly more.

#5 Cut paste photos

It would help if you allowed cut and paste app for android to get to pictures from your gadget’s display. Whenever you have added the whole picture, you can begin working. Its remove bg and background remover feature will automatically remove the background of your photo.

Cut paste photos

There are a few different ways to choose something – physically or with the assistance of a human-made reasoning framework. The framework consequently perceives the outskirts and deletes all superfluous things from the picture! There is likewise a Magnifying glass to help you work in manual mode, which permits you to inspect and feature the necessary shapes in more detail.

#6 Cut Cut Cut

At times you take a great picture. However, the foundation allows you to down. For instance, you have demonstrated every one of your focal points. However, the filthy socks lying on the seat ruin the entire picture!  

Cut Cut

Try not to surrender. There is an approach to save the image. The cut will turn into the colleague to substitute a foundation on the off chance that you need to make all rapidly and subjectively. 

The application chips away at the human-made reasoning framework – that is, in this cutout photo apps mode, you apply at least exertion to feature the article.

#7 Cut paste photos pro edit chop

Mafooly has created quite possibly the most acclaimed Photobucket editors for iOS gadgets. This application permits you to join a few pictures into one without utilizing standard, and exhausting collection formats, just as to supplement the photos with the subtleties you believe are essential. 

Cut paste photos pro edit chop

You cannot just transfer a depiction for altering from the display, yet make it straightforwardly in the application. Notwithstanding the fundamental subject, you can catch a few components of one picture on the double. If you do not have any thoughts about the foundation, you can utilize this cut-paste photo effect on this apps.

#8 Cut Paste Photo Seamless Edit

This is perhaps the most mainstream application on Google Play Store. Honestly, it has picked up its gigantic fame since it was one of the first applications that happened, ever. Then again, its usefulness is still very lovely – you can achieve here what you came for – reorder photographs. 

Cut paste photo seamless edit

Quite possibly, the most specific component of this application is that it rapidly supplants faces on the photographs. The programmed cut is accessible. In any case, some of the time, the cuts can stay obvious – to take care of this issue, attempt to supplant a foundation with a ‘straightforward’ surface.’

#9 Auto Photo Cut Paste

The mobile application industry is creating at a fantastic rate, and the auto photo cut and paste app is the second era of such applications. Programmed choice and featuring of the region permit you to accomplish the ideal outcome rapidly and effectively in a brief timeframe. 

Auto photo cut paste

The application has an enormous enough display of fundamental foundation pictures. It tends to be metropolitan scenes, coasts, seashores, etc. You can likewise download your own experience if you do not discover anything appropriate. 

You should feature the foundation on the photograph, and computerized reasoning will supplant this territory with a straightforward one. Apply the next part to some other picture. The evacuation of the foundation should likewise be possible physically. In the event of a mix-up, utilize an eraser – it will drop every one of your activities on a specific region of the photograph.

#10 PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

Likely, probably the best component of PicsArt is its super easy-to-understand interface. As you open the application, everything is evident to you. All the highlights are separated into classes, and you can see them at the lower part of the screen while you are altering the image. 

Best Cut and Paste Apps

You can go directly to the first-class line advertisement for the cut paste to see which alternatives it gives. Incidentally, PicsArt underpins the programmed decision of the components on the image; also, in any case, it is not generally exact. You can likewise get the articles physically – scale the image to make that precisely.

#11 Cut and Paste Photo Blender

The individuals who attempted to reorder applications before most likely expertise interesting it very well may remove something from the image precisely and how monotonous it is. Cut all the tiny lines altogether. There are no extras to the old picture… Duh. Who needs to do that? 

Best Cut and Paste Apps
Cut and paste photo blender

That is the reason this application has a natural interface that permits you to essentially draw the outskirts on the article you need to remove or glue. Afterward, the product will decide it consequently and will do all the employment for you. 

You will need to do all the employment physically for the more multifaceted pieces. In any case, the principal include as of now makes the existence a lot simpler. Aside from that, there are loads of mixed models in the application, so when you reorder, you can pick your image’s style – it does not need to look sudden or harsh.

What is the Best Cut and Paste app?

PicsArt would be the best option for best free cut and paste Apps. 

How do you cut your Picture and Paste it into another?

By using the PicsArt app. Further information is mentioned above. 

What App can you Cut and Paste faces?

MagiCut is one of the best cut and paste face app.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These apps range from highly affordable prices to almost zero cost to spend. With deeply analyzing all such free cut and paste apps for android and iOS available throughout the various platforms we were able to filter out some of the best apps to present in front of you.

Hence only after finding satisfying functions and features within them, we can assure you that each of them will surely be a great help to you in terms of such editing, and also these are available on both android and iOS platforms.

If you are still looking for that one excellent app, to instantly use without even further going down the list then it is Cut Paste Photos. Having millions of downloads and mostly positive reviews, it serves you with the best results. While other apps too are excellent in their areas, giving you a new and exciting approach to transforming your pictures.

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