9 Best Dating Apps For Black Women [2022 Picks]

It is hard to find a dating app these days that is inclusive and considers the demands of the best dating apps for black women. However, there is good news for all the black singles.

Today, in our article, we have come up with a list of nine super amazing dating apps that are specially designed to suit the needs of black women.

These best dating apps for black women have been tried and tested by so many users around the world and are super easy to use. You will have to pay some charges for their usage as they are not free to use.

However, their free trial allows you to get an exact idea of how they work. Once you start using the app, you may find a partner interested in curvy dating maybe as soon as a day, or you’ll have to wait for some days to get a match.

It’s about patience so that you get the man of your dreams. These black people dating sites come with a lot of instructions before you start using them. These instructions in general will guide you in working out a successful dating.

When it comes to dating and online dating, most of us become skeptical about it. It is hard to believe that online dating can work but trust us, this was the case in the last decade.

However, in contemporary times, online dating is a real and very effective mode of dating, and you can trust it. Many people have got positive responses in the world of online dating, which is why we highly recommend you go for these online dating apps. 

This is an extensive list that is prepared after thorough research. This list has been prepared after deeply researching all the key dating sites that claim that they are inclusive and are specially designed to cater to the needs of black women.

These best dating apps for black women are very popular among black women and have impressive user bases. Many people have left positive reviews about these apps and shared their experiences.

The fact that these sites have such a huge user base and are constantly recommended by their users proves that these apps have very high creditworthiness. 

Top 9 Dating Apps For Black Women in 2022

#1. SilverSingles

SilverSingles best dating apps for black women

Are you tired of being single and looking for one of the best online dating platforms? SilverSingles can be consistent as a full stop in your single boring life.

One can meet amazing single people around your city and chat with them in just a few minutes effortlessly. The users will only find verified true accounts on this application, so they don’t need to fear catfishes.

Your soulmate may be waiting for you with an account on this great application. To make an account in this application, you must pass the personality test, complete your dating profile, and fill in your preferences for a partner.

You will be provided with at least three to five people’s suggestions daily according to your preferences. You can also look at more profiles on this dating app and easily post your Facebook pictures to your SilverSingles profile.

This is a great app where you will be satisfied. One can also become a premium member of this approach, where they will receive more interesting features inside the application. You can download the application from the given link and read other details about it. 


  • Once you take the personality test.
  • There are guaranteed three to seven matches daily.
  • Ensuring that the time you invest in this app will be well-spent.


  • You won’t be able to check who visited your profile.
  • The list of who liked your profile is also not accessible without buying a premium version of the app.

#2. BlackPeopleMeet


BlackPeopleMeet is another amazing dating application that is specially designed for black singles out there. You can look for black singles around your area and date them for real.

It is one of the largest and best dating apps for black women in the United States for black people and singles looking for a black partner around them. You will be satisfied for sure with this dating application.

The users can find new black dating partners daily, match their profiles, and chat with them. One can easily sign up for this application.

However, you can only chat with the matched profiles when you become a member of this community, which means you need to pay for communication.

But you can search and check the profiles of others even if you still need to get a paid membership of BlackPeopleMeet. There is also no personality test in this application; hence you can immediately sign up within a few seconds.

More than a million members are already in this application, so you will not get short of matching profiles. Check this amazing dating application, specially created for black singles looking for a black partner.


  • This app is very popular amongst its users.
  • Many claims that they have got positive results by using this dating app.
  • Even the premium version users are satisfied and believe their financial investment was worth it.


  • The app freezes sometimes, and it looks like some serious connectivity issues need to be resolved as soon as possible.


BLACK CUPID is another wonderful dating application for black singles where they can look for other black singles around them or even all over the globe.

The singles can instantly meet new people from all over the world and can chat with them. With the BlackCupid mobile app, you can create a new account and begin writing your love story in just a few minutes.

BlackCupid is a platform where black people from all over the world meet for Afro dating, interracial dating, and African dating. After installing the BlackCupid app, you can easily sign up or log into your BlackCupid account almost anytime and anywhere.

Whenever you get any text or matched profile, you will immediately get notifications from the application. The users can also create, edit and update their BLACK CUPID profile whenever they want.

One can also post beautiful pictures on their profile. The users can get matching profiles with their profiles from over 1000s of quality Black singles from all over the world.

You can upgrade your profile whenever you want, according to your needs. You can try using this wonderful dating application, and we guarantee you that you are going to be satisfied with this application.


  • The app is very easy to use and runs very smoothly.
  • This app is very nice in eliminating communication barriers
  • It helps users connect from various states and even countries.


  • This particular app is only ideal for some of the locations that it claims.
  • Many people had serious financial issues with the app.
  • They claimed that money was deducted from their cards, but they were not allowed access to any of the app’s features.

#4. e-Harmony

e-Harmony best dating apps for black women

eHarmony is the fourth most amazing dating application on our list. e-Harmony is a platform where you can take your online dating experience to the next level.

Yes, here you will be able to find your soulmate for a lifetime. You can find compatible matches every day and choose from various profiles.

The first step in finding your true love through e-Harmony is to clear their Compatibility Quiz, which will help them to know the user in a better way.

Now you will get compatible matches every day and can check their profiles easily. The users can easily start a conversation with their matched profile without many hustles and can also start dating for real.

You can lead your life towards a happy and healthy relationship just with the help of this amazing application, e-Harmony. There are plenty of quality singles out there in the application having their profiles in it.

After all, who knows? You may find your true love here! Try checking out this wonderful application if you are also looking for a soulmate. A million people have already found their true love and lifetime partner with the help of e-Harmony.


  • This app gives a new look to modern online dating and is super easy to use.
  • It very well helps in determining the compatibility of the other person by matching the profiles and then giving suggestions.


  • However, this app comes with only a few instructions for use.
  • Making it a little tough for the users to deal with it in the beginning. But in the later stages, the app runs very smoothly.

#5. BLK Dating

BLK Dating
BLK Dating

BLK Dating is the next wonderful dating application specifically designed for singles out there looking for Black singles around them. One can go through millions of black profiles and date them.

You can meet single people around you in your local area and date them for real. One can immediately set up their profile on BLK Dating and join a community consisting of millions of other singles like you looking for black partners.

You can easily edit and customize who and what you are looking for in your love partner. The users will also receive around five to six personalized groups of single black profiles through which you can have a look.

The users can easily chat with the other profiles and can find their true love. You can also purchase this application’s premium and Elite membership, with the help of which you can unlock more amazing app features.

With the help of a premium membership, one can send over 100 Super Likes per month, which will let your partner know you’re interested in them. Try using this great application and find your lifetime partner here. Check out further details with the help of the given link!


  • This particular app is ideal for some black dating for free.
  • You can glance at several profiles and swipe them left or right as per your choice.
  • You can even start a conversation with the matches you get.


  • There is some scarcity of profiles in this app and even some fake profiles that you’ll have to deal with while using the app.
  • This thing can be very annoying to handle.

#6. Nonga

Nonga best dating apps for black women

Nonga is another amazing application for the elite singles out there. This app is just perfect for single black ladies. Not just for women, this app is also for black men at the same time.

You can try Nonga for African-black dating and meet people matching your expectations on its platform. At first, you will be asked some basic questions related to your taste and preferences and the choice and ideas you are looking for in your partner.

Later on, your feed will be customized according to your preferences, and you will get to see a lot of personalized suggestions for yourself. If you like any of the profiles, you can slide it right, and if the feelings are mutual between you two, you can start chatting immediately.

Similarly, you can swipe left on the profile if you think it does not match your choice. Well, these are the features you get on the regular version.

But if you switch to the premium version, you can even rewind the profiles that you had earlier swiped left and think of giving them a second chance. You can check this link to get to know about this app in more detail.


  • This app offers an interaction between the largest community of black singles out there.
  • The best part of this app is the personalized feed that helps you glance at only what you are looking for.


  • Without the premium version, you won’t be able to look back at the profiles you have disliked or swiped left.
  • This is unfair in case you want to give them another chance or have another look at them.

#7. SexyNBlack


This app is a completely free-to-use dating app for all the beautiful black ladies out there. SexyNBlack will help you serve your curiosity of finding a perfect partner in the black community or even make just friends if you want.

This app will show you plenty of profiles to find someone for yourself and then begin a free chat with them. SexyNBlack will help you to begin a new relationship.

The mantra of this dating app is that you should not judge a book by its cover. Well, that means that they don’t just throw random profiles at you and ask you to judge them and decide with this minimal information whether they are of your liking.

Instead of this, SexyNBlack believes that you need to spend some time chatting to have a good idea of how the other person is and fix a date for yourself to get to know each other well.

They don’t charge you for chatting as it is completely free. Now, this is something that most dating apps need to offer to their users. You don’t need to think anymore, download it now and start looking for your match!


  • You only need to select your profile match criteria.
  • Then you won’t be bothered with unnecessary profiles which do not match your interest.
  • This is a great saving of time and energy.


  • A daily message limit is not a good feature as it doesn’t justify its free usage concept.
  • This limit will hamper your healthy and fruitful conversation and sometimes leave you frustrated.

#8. Black-White Interracial Dating

Black-White Interracial Dating
Black-White Interracial Dating

Black White Interracial Dating is an amazing and inclusive dating app that takes into consideration of all the black singles out there. As it is an interracial dating app so you really don’t need to worry about finding only single black men and you can expect others as well.

This app gives a blow away to the ordinary taboos of dating where there are color and race boundaries to dating. This app will give you a chance to scan through plenty of profiles and find the right match for yourself.

The users can easily chat with the other profiles and find their true love. You can also purchase the premium membership of this application, with the help of which you can unlock more amazing features of this app that are not otherwise available in the free version.

Try using this great application and find your lifetime partner here. This dating app will act as a savior for you and your dating life.

After using this app, you won’t need to go for anything else. Check out further details with the link’s help and don’t waste another minute thinking. Try this app now.


  • This app is perfect for exploring friendship and love beyond boundaries.
  • Your race or ethnicity can be forgotten for a while, and all you need to do is make bonds by using this dating app.


  • This app is highly monetized and you have to pay for every single step you take on this app.
  • After downloading the app, you must pay to access the profiles.
  • Even chatting isn’t free in this app; you have to pay to start a conversation with others.

#9. Match

Match best dating apps for black women

Match is the last dating app on our list for black single women and it is completely free to use. This app has a very unique feature that allows its users to take a break from the boring, conventional mode of chatting and instead go for a video call to get to know each other better.

This feature makes the app really interactive and immediately increases its points over other apps. To our surprise, there is even a team of experts that will guide you in your virtual dating experience and will always be available to you for resolving any kind of doubts or having discussions.

These experts help users with useful dating advice and even provide catchy ice-breaking phrases to grab the attention of the other person.

Now, what’s better than having a one-on-one guide in your dating journey? All of you understand how tough it becomes to manage this dating game all alone and especially when it is online dating.

So, these experts are going to be your guiding light all the way. Also, this app allows its users to be as specific as they want to be as the search is highly customized as per the user’s choice.

We highly recommend you try this dating app because this is the best you can get for free. So, don’t even think twice, go for it now!


  • The app works on a subscription basis, but for people who have invested their time and money.
  • It found this app highly valuable.
  • They claim that their investments were justified and they got great results.


  • Firstly, the app needs an update as the messenger is buggy.
  • Another negative aspect of this app is that it is highly monetized and must pay for everything you do on its platform.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here, we have reached the end of this article, and we are very confident that you must have got what you were looking for. We have listed the nine best dating apps for black women.

You won’t have to compromise on getting a perfect partner for yourself, and by using these dating apps, you can find one.

These best dating apps for black women are specially designed keeping in mind the needs and necessities of single black women, which is why you don’t need to be skeptical about them.

These apps are highly inclusive, and they have even fetched a lot of positive reviews about themselves. You won’t get them for free as they include charges for their usage, but you will surely get some free trials before buying their packages.

Many single black women have found their true match using these dating apps. Take a step forward and leave all your insecurities behind.

These dating apps will help you connect with many people from various locations and eliminate all the barriers of boundaries. Start a new dating life by using these dating apps. We wish you luck! Happy dating.

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