11 Best Day Planner Apps to Increase Productivity [2022]

Did you always forget to do something important and get suddenly reminded by someone or while you are in a deep-thinking state, if so then day planner apps will be a very useful app for you and you must download it and use it.

Sometimes when you wake up you know what all tasks you have to complete but while going through the hectic day you usually forget one thing or the other. If you want that your day goes perfectly well and you can complete all the tasks and other things that you want to do then make sure you plan your day beforehand by using these apps.

Top 11 Day Planner Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

In this article, I have listed some of the best planner apps for android & iOS that can be used by you all to plan your day. 

1. Google Calendar

As you all know Google is one of the most trusted IT industries, all the apps, and features through this industry. Among all the daily planner app this is the most trusted. In this app, there are total of three types of reminder goals, reminders, and events.

You can mark all the important holidays, dates, and events. You can mark the work schedule so that you make sure to complete all the tasks on time. The events section will remind you so that you can complete all the required tasks for the event before that day. The goals section will help you achieve all the set goals on time.

day planner apps
Google Calendar

2. Outlook

This is also one of the most popular and used day planner apps. This app will surely help you to increase your productivity. In this app, there are two categories so that you can easily make your planning: tasks and meetings.

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This application is mainly suitable for managers and office workers. This app can easily cooperate and creates an interface between your Microsoft accounts like word or excel. You can easily upload all the graphs and tables. You can easily make your day efficient by scheduling your day. 

day planner apps

3. Trello

If you are planning your trip or making a list that you want to do for your day then this app is the best for you. This app can be used to create a work plan for application, colleagues, or plan an event.

This app is flexible and easy to use. If you have a complicated to do this just drag and drop items on the board. You can create your to-do list without internet access. When you have the internet then you will get the notification of what all tasks you have to complete. 

day planner apps

4. Time Free

This is a modern app for day planning. In this, you can even separate your public event from your private events. You can even share your schedule with your friends even if they don’t use time free app. That’s why we can call this app the best schedule app for android & iOS.

All the events can be further divided into categories like working, personal, meeting, etc. in this app you can even save your memorable photos and the data that you want to save from your already completed tasks.

schedule app for android
Time Free

5. Pocket Informant 5

This is an app that will replace your paper notebook and this app can be used by both android and iOS users. This app is easy to use. The app’s main page has 2 columns one has a task and others contain events that need to be done for the day.

You can also observe your events and tasks in the form of weeks and months. The programs is fully synchronized with your built-in calendar, that is, if you already have a calendar with notes, the app will take the information from there and copy it to itself. 

schedule app
Pocket informant 5

6. Jorte Calendar

It is a close version of that what is in a diary. Both Android and iOS users can use the app.  If you are more comfortable using your diary then this is the best app. You can create your own notes, voice messages, and even add photos to the calendar.

This app has three versions of accounts that are Jorte premium, Jorte plus or Jorte buffet, of this plus is the most expensive one is plus and it has no ads. Premium is the extended version with all the advanced features. 

daily planner app
Jorte calendar

7. Todoist

This is also a popular schedule app for android that is used by many people worldwide. It also has a premium version that has all the advanced features and has no substantial restrictions. The app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. This app will remind you of the events and tasks whenever it is required. 

Popular schedule app for android

8. Evernote

This is an amazing daily planner app that will help you to reduce stress because all your works will be done on time as you will get regular reminders for your tasks. In this one of the best features is that you can even attach scanned documents and photos.

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Synchronize all your devices in one place – one planner for all your gadgets. Easy navigation, cute design, a little creativity – all this seamlessly blends in with Evernote.

daily planner app

9. Zenday

This is a very amazing app as it will help you to stop procrastinating your task and stop being lazy. This app also has a graph that shows the progress of your work. If your goal is running out of time or has expired, the service will change the color of the goal to make you aware of that. This app can be your mentor, not just a reminder.

daily schedule app

10. Any.do

This app will help you to organize your day. If you organize your day then you will surely become a successful person. This app is free but also has a premium version that has all the advanced features.

You can plan your day even with Seri’s voice. Any.do you can even share your goals, thoughts, and plans with family, friends, and colleagues. 

daily schedule app

11. Up to calendar

This is one of the best day planner apps for day planning. It has a reminder that will make sure you can complete all your task on time. This app also shows the weather that will be during the scheduled actions. You can synchronize your Facebook account, and your meetings, events, and plans will be displayed in the application.

best day planner apps
Up to calendar

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the day planner apps mentioned above are one of the best and popular apps for planning your day. You can synchronize your day so that you complete all your tasks on time. Some of these apps also have a premium version with advanced features. You all can download and install the apps and give it a try. I hope this article was a help.

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