13 Of The Best Android Dialer & Contact Apps (2021)

If you are searching for the best android dialer apps then we have a list for you. As such, there is no need to replace the current Android phone app but if you want to upgrade then you can utilize these android phone app replacements.

Smartphones being upgraded then and now, make it much advanced and better for users to do a lot of things in it. But the most casual yet important feature of it is enabling users to make a call anywhere at any time and connect to people from any part of the world.

But many androids, even the latest one does not provide a customized or automatic dialer. It mostly provides us with a simple keypad. And this manual keypad is not suitable if besides just making a simple call, you also require other services, especially for your business contacts.

Services like automatic systems of making calls, blocking unwanted and spam numbers, knowing the details of a caller even of an anonymous, and so on can be provided only by the best dialer and contact application out there.

And in such a modernized society where almost anyone can easily dig up into your private details just by having your number, you should definitely have the best phone app for android that can help in reporting such callers automatically without you having to do anything.

Not only for security purposes but these dialer apps are also pretty much customizable and provide access to many other exciting features besides just making a call, that you may have never thought you needed.

By getting these phone apps for android you can easily find duplicate contacts, get instant call reminders, merge calls, sync in your social media accounts to instantly add contacts there, customize the theme, fonts, call log, call recording, and background color to make it look more appealing and yet much more to explore.

And since you are here, reading this article you now do not need to search any further for getting the best dialer and contact application. As here we have provided our top 13 picks just for you that you can look through.

14 Of The Best Phone Dialer & Call Contact Apps for Android in 2021

We have created this list of the best android dialer apps after analyzing and reviewing more than 40 apps from Google Play Store and App Store.

Without wasting any time.

Let’s start.

#1 Drupe

Want to have a caller id, smart call blocker, and call recorder all in one here is the best app for you. It replaces a boring old look with a configurative and manageable screen. This phone dialer app for android has multiple language support including Dutch, English, Española, etc.

You can also add an animated gif to your message. You can organize or create different groups all in one place. It also has a feed option for you to access all your directory in one place. Works seamlessly with your calendar or your emails. Has social media services available.

Drupe has its own address book and phonebook app for android which supports cross dialing and blocking spam calls and it also merges duplicated contacts automatically.


  • Multilingual support system.
  • Has a cross dialing feature.
  • Has a call recorder.
  • Tracking
  • Blocking spam
  • Merges duplicate contacts.


  • Face time errors.
  • Drains your battery.

#2 Truecaller

You can send your money or recharge your phone and bills with the UPI platform. The best thing about this best android dialer app is, it doesn’t upload your phonebook in public or make it searchable. It does filter your unwanted calls and messages by filtering them out completely.

It also has a voice caller for free along with features like you can view the last seen person easily. The amazing backup system is connected to your Google drive so that no data is lost or misplaced. Truecaller has a free phone number app for android which is available for both android and iOS.


  • Both are available for iOS users and Android ones.
  • Helps you to trace a location by adding a number.
  • It has an option “who recently viewed” to let you know who is tracking you.
  • Allows you to block spam messages and calls and mark them spam for the future.
  • Has a subscription option for availing of different benefits.
  • You can select a default theme along with a dark mode.


  • No internet no work
  • The privacy policy is weak
  • There are many places the app doesn’t work.

#3 Hangout

You can call anyone in the world using this app and in countries like the USA and Canada, it’s for free. People who will call you will see your verified number. It has improved usability. With this best phone app for android, you can do quick free calls and it has a quirky interface.


  • Best contact manager for android
  • Quick and free calls.
  • Has a quick call option.
  • Simple and quirky interface.


  • Not solely based on speed
Best Dialer Apps for Android

#4 Show Call

It is a caller ID app that has blocking absolutely free. It’s a specialist in identifying the person along with its country and region. This app works offline too. This phone dialer app for android directly adds the region and country name to your phone directory. Has an excellent call blocker and keeps spammers at bay.

The best advantage is a T9 caller which makes phone calls more efficient and smart. Smartphone lookup helps you in searching numbers faster. This best android dialer app has an offline database analyst. Also has a call recorder and all the services are absolutely free.


  • It’s a free application for all users.
  • It identifies the number which isn’t on your list.
  • The best advantage is that it identifies the caller’s id and photograph too.
  • Automatically blocks telemarketers and spammers.
  • Has a large database.
  • Some features work offline too.
  • Efficient size.


  • The data may not be true
  • As a smaller database.
  • Glitches.
Show Call

#5 Contact

It’s the world’s leading smart app. It’s a voice dialer for android, spam blocking, SMS, recent calls, call log, caller id features. Private and customizable apps to set up your own themes and preference. It can merge your duplicate contact automatically and help you remind your birthday and schedule. It also has additional improvements for missed call notifications.


  • Contact management
  • Blocking spamming calls
  • Multiple themes
  • Allow message blocking
  • Good interface with different social sites linked
  • Video calls option.


  • Issues while adding a picture.

#6 Speed Dialer

It’s a very useful voice dialing app for any Android user who finds it difficult to dial a number. Here you can add multiple home widgets so that you can access any contact there and then.

Speed dialers are helpful for those who call any one person daily and find it very difficult to navigate through thousands of contacts. You can change the picture of your choice or set your favorite color in contact. This best android dialer app has a smart user interface which makes it easy to use for users.


  • Multiple language support.
  • Has a speed dial.
  • Has a voice command feature.
  • You can customize the speed also.


  • Crashes sometimes
Best Dialer Apps for Android
Speed Dial

#7 Mobile Number Tracker

This app locates your calls and location easily. It has an additional feature of the color call screen. Mobile Tracker has a live GPS locator that helps you in searching for numbers easily. It also has an area code lookup for finding almost all cities with their detailed call information. Moreover, it can locate almost all countries and cities. With these features, this app become one the most popular and best android dialer app.


  • Identify the numbers as well as the operator of the phone.
  • Also, show’s you the country and the city.
  • Block spamming
  • Large database.


  • Does not work properly.
  • Inaccurate locations.
  • Too much advertising.
mobile number tracker

#8 Go Dial

This app has an auto-calling option along with call reminders and a payment tracking system. Has a bulk messaging system for you to send 50 or more messages at a time. It has an easy import and export of Contact system management. It has various dialer themes for android to make phone dial pad looks different. 

You can also send a DND message and filter your calls. You can also add voice notes anytime. This best phone app for android can also send WhatsApp messages easily just go dial.


  • Perfect for quick calls and messages.
  • Allows you to create a group and helps you send messages simultaneously.
  • Has unlimited storage.
  • Connects your face time app for video calls.


  • Only available in IOS
Go Dial

#9 EyeCon

Eyecon is one of the best android dialer apps for android which helps you to know who’s calling along with a photograph to remind you here’s the one for you. With one click all your calls and messages are accessible in one place. With extra features, you can also look into their Facebook profile to know them better.

Has an inbuilt communication system named “Toki” to communicate with your colleagues etc? It’s like a walkie
talkie system which connects with them in a simple click.


  • Free application with no adverts.
  • Has an image of the caller.
  • Allows you to use social media.


  • Security problem
  • Bit slower

#10 T9 Dialer

T9 dialer is the best dialer app for android and has dual sim support. Highly customizable but easy to use. It can be easily accessible for you to see your contact or groups, or you’re favorite.

You can add additional information like birthdays, notes, customizable images. Multiple languages support along with clear and sleek design. It is completely free for seven days after that you can see adverts.


  • Two sim cards can be synced together.
  • Easy customized.
  • The great organizer of your numbers.
  • Simple user interface.


  • Limited functions.
  • Not free
T9 Dialer

#11 ZEN UI

It has call blocking, message security, speed dial, and merging of duplicate contact options. It has a smart search which allows to search numbers and their location.

It has a speed dial to instantly allow you to link contacts to your dialer. It has password protection for all your call history. This is one of the best android dialer apps which can capture a mugshot of an unauthorized user.


  • Allows you to speed dial eight users at a time.
  • Blocking of unwanted calls.
  • Protect your contacts by adding passwords.
  • Intruder mugshot.


  • Searching works with names but it’s difficult to search with numbers.
  • Deleting a contact is difficult.
Best Dialer Apps for Android

#12 Calley

This app is designed for business professionals or people with shops that have dozen of numerous numbers to record and call each hour or day. The best thing about this one is its agent support and accessible dashboard. You call multiple people and track them all together.

This phone dialer app for android helps you to organize your contacts and has a premium membership available. 


  • Ideal for business workers or shopkeepers who have to attend dozens of calls.
  • You can organize your contact personally.
  • Free and premium membership is available.


  • Limited to 50 calls per free user.
Best Dialer Apps for Android

#13 Krisp Dialer App

This is a magical app for removing all the background interference and is compatible with any conference app. This best android dialer app is totally a private app.


  • You can sync your schedule that is the calendar.
  • First noise cancellation app.


  • Only available in the USA and Canada
  • Is free for only two hours per week
Best Dialer Apps for Android

#14 Itel Mobile Dialer

It is the Best Dialer Apps for Android. It offers functionality like VOIP calls and messages. Has a cross-platform messaging system. You can fully customize and brand it to your requirements.


  • Has both video and messaging options.
  • Is user-friendly.
  • You can change the interface according to the performance.


  • Is difficult to connect to Bluetooth
Best Dialer Apps for Android

#15 Clever Dialer

It’s the easiest way to identify the callers and spammers. This best android dialer app has the best privacy policy for a secure network. It can automatically add up your calls from your call history. You can review your caller too.


  • It’s also a multi-feature Android app.
  • Has the best privacy policy and security.
  • Automatically identifies numbers.
  • Has a call history.
  • Spammers are blocked.


  • Spamming is only available for paid user
Best Dialer Apps for Android
Clever Dialer

Eleggible’s Recommendation

  • True caller
  • Simpler
  • Drupe

These Best Dialer Apps for Android have the best features compared to many caller apps because it has free as well as subscription options to avail many benefits. It has a large database available to store your contacts and identify your spammers.

It has additional security services and a privacy policy so that you feel at ease while using your phone. Hence, it has a simple user interface and features to let you customize your app according to your personal style.

How do We Change Our Dialer App?

The phone apps are probably ignored by us like we ignore our calendar, alarm clock, etc. But these apps when not
monitored create unnecessary junks and afterward, they are of no use.

Here are the steps I follow while installing a dialer app;

  • Install the app of your choice like True caller.
  • After installing it open the tab “ get started”.
  • Click change the default option or use the same
  • Enter your number
  • Type your name manually or you have the option of connecting to your social media like Facebook or a Gmail account.
  • And here you are good to go. Personalized your preference accordingly

Should I Answer vs HIYA:

Should I answer is basically an app that helps you to figure out if you could answer the unknown call? Blocking of spammers. The best part of this app is it’s absolutely free. It runs only on Android It needs customization according to your need but if you plug in and play user this isn’t for you.

Whereas Hiya is an app available on both platforms you’re an Android user it’s the plugin and plays app for you. Simple interface and settings. Has additional security that you can protect your message. In this, you can ignore the call and it is sent to the voice mail.

At last, those who want many options may pick the SHOULD I ANSWER app but the user who is a simple plug and play should go for the HIYA app ( the one with iPhone too).

Does Google Has a Dialer App:

No, Google doesn’t have a dialer app of its own. It has a default dialer for pixels’ phones.

Are HIYA and MR NUMBER The Same?

Mr number is a premier service from HIYA. It tells more about the person who is calling and the last time it was called. Whereas HIYA has free services with no adverts. So yes they are the same dialer apps.

Thus to make your smartphone more efficient and save you from the hassle of blocking calls from unknown numbers
, or answering telemarketer late at wee hours or having loads of unwanted messages in your inbox we definitely need
a dialer app.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These applications are totally the best approach that you can have to take a step ahead towards an advanced calling system, which is much needed nowadays.

With large numbers of such applications available on various platforms we have self-reviewed almost all authentic ones available and thereon, filtered 13 most efficient and best android dialer apps.

And with further analysis and comparing them, we can say that True caller is by far the excellent dialer application that you can have. Having more than millions of downloads and the best positive feedbacks, it even provides an SMS feature.

And can also notify about incoming calls displaying the caller’s name even if it is not in your contact list, which makes it convenient and easier for you to avoid any unwanted calls.

You can also look into the other applications, as each of them caters to services that are suitable for different users. So hurry up and download the one now!

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