9 Of The Best Drinking Game Apps for Android & iPhone

Suppose you enjoy drinking alcohol with your friends. But have you ever thought about what games can you play when drinking on your phone? You want to increase the amount of fun you have with your friends, colleagues, or drinking partner. Then, you can play these drinking game apps on phone it will enhance your entertainment level because it is said that a drunk person enjoys more than an average person who is not.

It could be tedious sometimes to sit and drink rather than enhance the fun with your friends by downloading fun apps while drinking.

It would help if you were above the age of 21 or an adult to play these games because they are not for children below the age of 21.

You can play these virtual drinking games at your house parties or someone’s birthday party for example you can play beer pong, ping pong balls, flip cup games.

Virtual drinking games are those games that enhance the drinking experience and help you to increase the amount of fun with your friends, partner to get drunk online.

You can play the drinking game on FaceTime, Zoom, and on other platforms also. As some of them are designed like a drinker can play them easily without any hindrance.

Everyone can play these best drinking games on phone, which are available for both Android and iOS users. You have to follow some set of rules while playing these games.

9 Of The Best Fun Drinking Game Apps on Phone with Friends in 2022

But, there are a vast number of mobile drinking games that are available on both Android and iOS platforms.

So, we have filtered out some of the best drinking games for Android and iPhone users below to save your time.

You can select the best game you like the most and download it from the link given below. 

#1 Drink Roulette 🍻 Drinking Games App

Drink Roulette 🍻 drinking game apps
Drink Roulette 🍻 Drinking Games App

Download Size – 23MB

Ratings – 4.2 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Drink Roulette Drinking Game app is on top of our list. It has one of the best designs that will attract you at the first look, and its design will entice you to play it. The winner will take all the money in this game.

You could play this while as pre-gaming or as post-gaming. It has nine drinking game modes, and each one is designed according to your mood, from “I can’t drink” to “Let’s drink.” Its first drunk mode is accessible and with no pop-up ads. You can also play vodka or water in Drink Roulette.

This game is more fun playing with more people. The more people join the game, the more exciting and fun it will get and is easy to play this drinking game on your phone.

The app shows buy promotions in the middle of the game, which is very annoying for players who struggle to remove the ads from the screen. If you close the ad, it will tell you to buy it again.

#2 Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever couple drinking games app
Never Have I Ever

Download Size – 24 MB

Ratings – 4.2 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Never Have I Ever is the 2 person drinking game app. This free online drinking game app will keep you entertained for a night out. There are three rounds in this game. In the first round, you get handed sips to drink. In the second round, you give out sips. And in the third round, there will be sudden death.

This game will make your night unforgettable. The paid version is more convenient than the free one because the free version gets interrupted many times.

All the modes are not unlocked in this drinking game apps. You need to pay or buy their subscription plan to open all the ways to play them since the subscription plan is too high for a week only.

#3 Truth or Dare Game – Party App

Truth or Dare Game - Party App new girl drinking game
Truth or Dare Game – Party App

Download Size – 27 MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Truth or Dare Game: party drinking game is more fun to play with your partner as it is the most played couple drinking games on phone as well as for adults or for small groups of people.

There are 1000 dares or questions, and you have to choose among them. There are five levels of dares, and they all are arranged into different groups like Soft, Fun, Hot, Hard, and Extreme.

The game is entertaining because it does not have ads in it, enhancing the user experience. Everybody likes to play without any ads. 

There is a problem logging into the game from a Facebook or Gmail id. It is sometimes impossible to save the dares which you like. Sometimes, even after paying for the paid version, it doesn’t unlock the next version. 

#4 Picolo Drinking Game

Picolo drinking game apps
Picolo Drinking Game

Download Size – 17 MB

Ratings – 4.0 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Picolo app is one of the most popular party game app for Android that will give you next level of party experience. You have to add the players’ names in this drinking game app. The rest of the process will proceed with the app. You can add names one by one or in a group.

The rules are not complex; instead very simple to follow and understand and you can play this fun drinking game without cards. When you win this game in a group your group may be called as an ideal group and then you can connect more friends online easily.

There will never be a dull moment in the game, and it keeps you engaged in the game to forget all the other things. It is recommended for students who like to party, and the extra-paid pack is worth it. These features create its position in this of drinking game apps.

The weekly subscription of the game is disgusting. If you buy the paid version and change your phone, the subscription will be over.

#5 DrinksApp: Games to Play in Pre-Drinks and Parties!

DrinksApp: Games to Play in Pre-Drinks and Parties!
DrinksApp: Games to Play in Pre-Drinks and Parties!

Download Size – 69 MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

DrinksApp will serve you with the hottest and most extreme games. It will come with questions and dares to make it more spicer for the players if you have any secrets that you do not want to share with anyone then you can do a dare or drink a glass of shot.

This best game will reveal all your secrets with all your friends and partners, and all your dark secrets will be announced by the end of this game.

If you want to know the secrets of your friends, then this fun drinking game is best for you to play with friends. The dares and questions are very well designed to make it very interesting. 

It lacks the design and gaming experience. The slow speed of the internet will become an obstacle for this game.

#6 Game of Shots (Drinking Games)

Game of Shots drinking games for two
Game of Shots (Drinking Games)

Download Size – 25 MB

Ratings – 4.4 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Game of Shots will help you find matches with dice, cards, and much more. Game of Shots is one of the fun drinking game for two or with up to 8 friends.

There is a separate section called Drunkpedia, where you can know all the rules of other drinking games worldwide. It is the best online two-player game to play with your friends and get some shot glasses.

There are some translation mistakes in the game, making it difficult to understand for the players. Sometimes the question of dares is mixed with the question of truths, making it confusing. It isn’t easy to track whose turn it is.

#7 iPuke: Drinking Game

iPuke: drinking game apps
iPuke: Drinking Game

Download Size – 2.3 MB

Ratings – 3.9 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

iPuke: is a fun drinking card game that will give you a lifetime experience of an epic night. All you need is to download this app, play it with your friends and lose some self-esteem. There are different turns in this game.

After every turn, you have to draw a card with two challenges—one of dare and another of the number of shots to drink. You have to choose among them. This will earn you points. The first player who will achieve the target will win.

You will face a few examples of dares: you have to walk up to a stranger and ask for a selfie. Do hip-hop. Fill your mouth with spicy chilly.

This couple drinking games app will bring out the best competitive version of you. Everybody wants to earn points and compete to win, which will make it more competitive.

There is no option to skip the card, and you have to complete the given task. Sometimes players lose access to before-bought decks.

#8 Seven Drinking Game

Seven couple drinking games app
Seven Drinking Game

Download Size – 25 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

Seven Drinking Game is a game that will give you booze and laughter. You can start with three or more friends, and have a drink for a start and dive into this game. There are more than 400 cards with unique tasks in every card, and there are three modes in the game.

An added advantage is that you can create your cards. If you do not like some cards, you can reject or remove them. There are no annoying ads in between.

You can go to other modes unless you have completed the first mode. Some cards carry ridiculous questions like “Show your first aid skills to the person across the table.” Players can’t understand what does that means.

#9 Drink & Smiles: Drinking Games

Drink & Smiles: drinking game apps
Drink & Smiles: Drinking Games

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.5 Star

Price – Free / In-app purchase

Link – Android

This game in the list of drinking game apps contains more than 500 questions to ask your friends. After answering a few questions, you will get to know your friends’ darkest secrets. You can use your photo to create a whole new card.

Say something related to the given question, and you have to pass on the potato before it explodes. You have to guess what the next card will contain. If you think, you can make your friends take a shot.

There are no difficulties in this game. You can understand the rules to follow, and even the questions asked are easy to understand. You can also submit your content to it.

It also has ads like any other app. But, the ads will not bother you much. Some questions may hurt your feelings, so you must be prepared for them.

Best Drinking Game Apps on Phone (Quick Recap)

Now, you have seen all the apps with their features, positives, and negatives, it’s time to decide which one to download first.

For YOU, we have created this table with the App name, its ratings and reviews, and its download link, so you can easily select the best drinking game apps to play when drinking.

App Name

Download Link



Drink Roulette 🍻 Drinking Games app Android 4.2 0.85
Never Have I Ever Android 4.2 0.8
Truth or Dare Game – Party App Android 4.6 0.71
Picolo drinking game Android 4.1 0.42
DrinksApp: games to play in predrinks and parties! Android 4.6 0.14
Game of Shots (Drinking Games) Android 4.4 0.13
iPuke: Drinking game Android 3.9 0.07
Seven Drinking Game Android 4.3 0.07
Drink & Smiles: Drinking games Android 4.5 0.07

Eleggible’s Final Words

I hope you found the best drinking games apps on Phone which are best suited for you. The games above are available on both Android and iPhone platforms: Google Play Store and App Store.

We are sure that you will not find any difficulty in playing these games. These are tried and tested by us, and their rules are straightforward to follow even when you are not 100% conscious.

So, now you can enjoy these drinking game apps while drunk with your kith and kins. I hope you liked it and can leave a comment below.

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