6+ Of The Best Educational Software for Students in 2022

With a variety of educational software designed to make the teaching process interactive. Modern students are now becoming engaged, interested, and active participants. Classrooms, libraries, and amphitheaters are evolving into multimedia centers, while oral presentations and hands dirty with chalk and sponges are slowly moving into history.

With the different approaches to learning that these applications bring. As well as through the many areas they cover, it awakens and stimulates the student’s curiosity. Moreover, they develop a lifelong love of learning and introduce software that enables later self-improvement.

Top 7 Educational Software for Students in 2022

The article below brings more details about the best educational software for students those eager learners can get.

#1 Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is one of the best applications for organizing tasks, and it can be downloaded on all leading operating systems. The idea behind this software is that you can collect all your tasks in one place. The great thing is that To-Do and Outlook work very well together. Place your tasks in Outlook, they will also be placed in To-Do and vice versa. Of course, it workes the same when it’s finished.

Microsoft To Do best educational software for students
Microsoft To Do

The software enables synchronization between your mobile phone and the computer you are working on, which is of great importance. You can easily enter the task or task you need to perform on the phone, and later view it all on your computer or receive a notification, i.e., a reminder. Now, we can surely call Microsoft among the most industrious educational software companies that students now use to organize current academic tasks and improve their learning experience.

#2 Edmodo

Imagine a well-known situation. The school year has begun. Both pupils and teachers are heating up. The schedule is ready, with another chance in the software management system. It seems that everyone is satisfied, except maybe the students, who would like a little less. And just when everything seems to be working properly. There is chaos concerning the formation of the schedule related to lesson plans, additional, and free activities. 

Edmodo education software for students

The overlap of those classes is inevitable, and an even bigger fiasco is the fatigue of young learners. Teachers often experimented with this problem, trying to balance the student schedule, their schedule, and the optimal time for learning.

Edmodo is a free and secure learning management software. When you register as a teacher, you can create as many closed groups as you want, which pupils access using the code you send them. This free educational software is intended for teachers around the world, which is why we include it in a special type of social network. The so-called professional network. Also, the educational purpose makes it a kind of learning platform.

#3 PapersOwl

This is a bit different education software compared to all other digital learning tools presented here. When in need of qualified specialists to help students create plagiarism-free essays. PapersOwl excels and grants access to valuable resources. Specialists standing behind this software know that there are so many efforts behind a degree and are willing to help them reach the diploma in an efficient manner.

PapersOwl educational software

Whether you need a math essay or are asked to submit something in your French language classes. This resource grants access to the best examples on the web. There is no need to worry about the teachers’ integrity since all providers gathered here are academics with a degree in their subject.

Students can take a tour through other relevant features of this and other online learning platforms. Here, along with essays of relevant reference and resources built inside each of them. Other options include plagiarism check and the thesis statement generator. The first-mentioned is irreplaceable for finding any copied content, while the latter narrows you down to a chosen subject. Finally, there is an efficient citation tool to help students create an article with proper formatting.

#4 Kahoot

Kahoot is probably the simplest of all educational tools mentioned here and is designed for creating and playing quizzes. This interactive learning software uses elements of teaching through play. It encourages the competitive spirit in students and thus increases motivation, and is adapted to all ages.

Kahoot educational software for Students

The teacher selects and creates the desired quiz on the computer and displays it to the class with the help of a projector or smartboard. After selecting the option of individual or team play, questions for students are displayed.

They enter pin games and their nicknames into their phones. When all the students have joined the game – which the teacher can check by the nicknames of the players written on the big screen – the virtual classroom game starts.

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#5 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the pioneers in the field of online education software, and its mission is to provide free education for all. The Academy fulfills its goal by making over 3,400 video lessons available to its users.

Accordingly, this technology simplifies student life since all resources and learning materials available on the Academy’s website are completely free-of-charge.

Khan Academy educational software for Students
Khan Academy

You can go through the math, like all other disciplines and subjects, at a speed that suits you. Starting with the most basic things, even if it is adding and subtracting prime numbers.

#6 Canvas

Offering open MOOC courses, Canvas connects people eager to learn every day and develop professionally with experts and educational institutions from all over the world. The software is designed having openness, experimentation, and innovation in mind and targets professionals who want to succeed and strive in their careers.


This cloud technology offers self-paced free-of-charge courses divided into categories. Such as The Art and Craft of Remote Teaching offered by UC Riverside or Integrating STEM. From Beginning to End (K-12) provided by the Tennessee Tech University. There is also a lot more to discover from another reputable school or institution that offers its services on this platform.

#7 FluidMath

FluidMath is still amazing software for those who want the freedom of handwriting with their math work but on a computer. This software works by converting your handwriting into formulas and allows you to graphically display solutions on an electronic screen. It will equally convert equations to text.

Fluid Math
Fluid Math

The software can also work in combination with tasks. So you can write your solutions by hand without having to work on paper. Use it to solve a number of different forms of math.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Information systems, learning processes, and educational technology tools are vibrant and constantly evolving areas of our life. There are always room for improvement, which is also shown by the Web Experiments project.

Using distance learning software, schools around the world connect via the Internet to well-equipped research centers and laboratories.

This method allows you to perform real experiments in remote locations, and the results are viewed via webcams. Robotic telescopes with remote control can be used to record astronomical bodies.

In this way, schools and students can use expensive equipment and explore the secrets of the universe from their desks. Along with projects such as Google Classroom. The future of computer science is already here and the list of educational software will be much bigger.

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