11 Best Emoji Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

Chatting is fun, right?! We assume that the most essential thing in chatting are words, which actually is true, but those words are better expressed by way of emoji! We all use emoji to increase the emotional quotient of your statements, but what if there were even more options for emoji, other than the regular ones? That’s why we have written a detailed article on the best emoji apps for android & iOS.

Yes! Ways are using which you can add up emoji to your chat, and express in a relaxed and unique way. You should try emoji apps for your respective smart devices to increase your original stack!

Top 11 Emoji Apps for Android & IOS

Here’s our list of 11 Best Emoji Apps for Android & IOS

1. KeyMoji

The first app in our list of apps for emoji, is an associative app to the keyboard, wherein you will be suggested emoji concerning the word or phrase that you have typed.

You can add up emoji to anything you have typed, making your chats interactive and more transparent.

This is an app available exclusively for iOS devices, completely free of cost! Using this app will not only make your chats better but also give you an experience of the various emoji available other than the few mainstream ones.

2. Swift Keyboard + Emoji

This is the new emoji app available for free on both platforms Android and iOS that comes with a dedicated keyboard and emoji stack with various features surrounding these two.

It has the best algorithms that can get your typing speed to another level with its smooth touch, suggestions for next words or emoji, flow typing, and searchable emoji stack.

This app also provides you a keyboard that can be edited or customized according to your requirements and talking about the emoji; this app provides you with new emoji, other than the built-in ones, segregated in so many sections!

3. Elite Emoji

If you wish to add a separate keyboard that contains emoji only, then this is the best choice for you.

You get access to more than 2000 high definition emoji, that will make your chats exciting and impart clarity to the same.

Apart from this massive collection of emoji, this app also provides the user with more than 5000 witty texts on various emotions that you can use to create a better impression! Moreover, you can create and add your GIFs and stickers to the enormous stock!

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4. Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIFs and Stickers

An app available for free, exclusively for Android user, Emoji Keyboard. This app has a vast collection of more than 3000 emoji, stickers, GIFs, clipart, etc. along with more than 1000 emoji theme keyboards and fonts each!

Apart from these features, the keyboard excels with useful features like more than 150 compatible languages, auto suggestions, autocorrect, fast typing, emoji recommendations, one-hand mode, etc.

The unique feature is that you can make music with your keyboard with many different sounds like piano, guitar, and many more! Because of lots of features we have included this in our list of best apps for emojis.

5. MojiPop

Using mainstream emoji is fun, but have you ever tried using emoji, stickers, and GIFs of you? Yes, you read that right, emoji, stickers, and GIFs of you! You can create your collection featuring you using this cool emoji app for texting, MojiPop.

There are a wide range of emoji, stickers, etc. from which, you have to select those in which you wish to feature, and then upload or click your photo, and boom, you can share it around and have fun!

6. Mirror Moji Maker, Emoji Sticker Keyboard, Makeup

Another similar app like the previous one, where you can create your emoji! You get more than 1500 personalized emoji, stickers, GIFs, etc. to select from, and then create your own by uploading your photo.

The collection can be created in two forms, one, in original way and two, in anime form. You can select one according to your choice and create your character in a few easy steps! and use these emojis for texting with anyone.

7. Facemoji Keyboard Pro: DIY Themes, Emoji, Fonts

The best free emoji app with more than 3600 unique emoji, 1500+ keyboard themes, fonts, and tonnes of stickers in various fields, be it love, superheroes, friendship, memes, etc.

Apart from this massive stack of emoji, stickers, GIFs, themes, etc. this app also provides the user with ‘Kaomoji,’ which are Japanese emoticons, which include Japanese characters to express better.

8. Emoji Free

An app exclusively for iOS devices, Emoji Free, is the top emoji app that will up a boost to your emoji rooster, by adding its stash along with the built-in ones.

It has a unique stack, including all kinds of emoji that will make your chats interactive with more emotions.

9. Animated Smileys Emoji

If you love the yellow round smileys, then this is the good emoji app you could use. As the name suggests, this app specializes in ‘Smiley’ emoji and has a stack of more than 1200 smiley emoji depicting various emotions.

You can instantly share this via Whatsapp, Messenger, or any other media app in one touch! Other than smiley emoji, it has a collection of other emoji, too, making it a specialist all-rounder!

10. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a unique app and safe emoji app in terms of creating your emoji or sticker because, in this, you have to create your appearance virtually and then, you can use thousands of stickers and emoji on all media platforms, primarily including Snapchat.

If you use this on Snapchat, then you get one more option, that is, Friendmoji, in which two people, that is, the virtual ‘Bitmoji’ of two people, will be combined to obtain new bitmoji, also known as, Friendmoji!

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11. Gboard

The number #1 keyboard on both platforms, developed by the #1 developers, Google. Gboard is the best keyboard app or emoji text app for android, including thousands of features, and in a way creating the bar for other keyboard apps.

Aside from keyboard features, it has a useful collection emoji, stickers, GIFs, etc., and apart from the built-in ones, you can download new from the internet! No doubt, the king of all!

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, here’ our list of 11 Cool Emoji Apps for Android & iOS. You should make a right choice out of these, for in the modern era of technology, connectivity plays a crucial role, and you keep it on and clear by way of these supportive apps. Happy texting!

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