11 Best Font Style Apps for Android & iOS

Are you bored of your Font style Apps in your smart device? Add up a bit of spice by changing them! There are over thousands of fonts available out there, other than the default font which your device sets.

You can easily change your fonts using a font style changer app. Choosing out of the cluster of apps available on android and iOS platforms would be difficult.

Top 11 Font Style Apps for Android & iOS

So, here are the top 11 Font style apps for Android and iOS:

1. Font changer

The first app we have brought for you is Font Changer, an app available for free on Android devices. It has more than 110 intriguing fonts, that will satisfy the need of any kind of fonts required for any location.

The interesting feature of this app is that it is super light, occupying negligible space in your smartphone. Seems interesting? Having a stack of 110 unique fonts and occupying low space.

This is because, whenever you want some different font, you can type your text in this app, and then all you got to do is copy-paste the text wherever you want to apply them.

2. WhatTheFont

Another low sized app, available for free on iOS platforms. This app is one of a kind for its crux feature is the one that distinguishes it from other similar apps.

If you ever find some interesting font style, you can open this app, take a picture of the font, and this app will show you similar fonts available for use! There’s a good chance that you may find the same font!

You can type your text in the text-box, select a font style, and copy-paste to use it.

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3. Phonto

The name of this ‘Phonto’ seems interesting, right? It is a portmanteau for ‘photo’ and ‘font’.

The reason why this app has been given this name is for its unique feature, where you can write your selected fonts on a photo pre-loaded, or any photo from your gallery.

It has more than 400 fonts to offer, plus many others to buy. Moreover, it allows users to change the font colour, text-shadow, rotate text, etc.

4. iFont

A simple app is available for android users, free of cost. It has an easy interface, and you can get beautiful fonts.

You can change the text size, colour, shadow, etc. to make the text better according to your required. You can also get custom fonts, using the custom font style support option.

5. TextSwag

A free app for Android to make cool posters or invitations with some awesome fonts. It is perfect for users who post quotes or write short articles.

It has an active team, where they upload new fonts in every update, and hence you will never be limited to a specific number of fonts.

6. HiFont

Another free android app with hundreds of free font styles to pick up from. The best feature offered by this app is the provision of a custom font option which you can use for free on your smart device.

It also supports emojis for the users to blend it with your font. Select your fonts and make your write-ups, articles, messages, etc cool!

7. AnyFont

An app on the iOS platform, AnyFont is a unique app, with a huge stack of font styles. It enables you to download these fonts in your system program, so once you download any kind of font in your device, you can use them across all apps in your device as long as you’ve granted AnyFont the required accessibility.

Thus, by using this app, you can customize your documents quicker, since you won’t have to do any kind of copy, paste and editing process since you will be creating them in the font style of your choice.

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8. Font Manager

Another app available on iOS platform, Font Manager, is similar to AnyFont since it downloads the font for you and you can use them in almost all your apps.

You can choose from hundreds of fonts, and the preview option makes it even easier to select. The app downloads the font in TTF or OTF format and installs it in your device.

9. Fontli

Ever heard of a ‘Font’ community? Fontli has its own ‘font’ community where you can find the name of the font you’ve seen before by scrolling through the font list provided by the community.

It has a huge list of fonts, set in order and categorised too, to facilitate search and pick. It is a free android app, light in size and can provide your device with cool fonts.

10. 3D Magic fonts

Just like the name suggests, it is an app that provides the user with 3D fonts, and the word ‘magic’ suggests it to be a simple process.

Choosing or customising 3D fonts would sound a bit mundane and difficult, but with this app, you can easily customise fonts and add a 3D touch to your messages and texts.

A simple app, with an easy interface available for Android devices, makes it a perfect choice for 3D fonts!

11. Fonteer

Another iOS app which allows downloads of fonts, Fonteer. You can use the same font you use on the smart device that you do on your windows or mac.

It has a huge list of fonts, where you can assure yourself to find your choice easily. But, the two drawbacks that this app provides is that it does not change the font of the whole system, that is, the fonts used on your home screen won’t change, and other than the free version allows only 3 downloads of fonts, then you have to pay to get access to more.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So here’s our list for font style apps. Choosing out of these 11 would be a tough task since all provide good features while being distinctive. 

Having a good font style would make a difference since having boring fonts wouldn’t attract human eyes. A unique and distinguishable font is the breakthrough you need, hence, make a good choice out of them!

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