5 Of The Best Dancing Apps to Learn Dance [2022]

There is always a desire to learn a dance to impress your friends and family. Here we listing out some dancing apps where you can learn dance easily. There is a massive passion for dance and music for many people worldwide. Some people can dance when they feel happy or at a party. But, some are professional dancers.

Through this COVID-19 period, many offline dance classes have been closed. But, it opened an endless opportunity for both dance teachers and those willing to learn how to become better at dancing.

With the increasing technological change, it is effortless to stay at home and know every type of dance. There are many platforms where you can learn dancing from professionals in their fields.

They can teach you many dancing styles like Hip Hop, Irish Dance, Folk dance, Pole Dance, Tap Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, Break, Ballroom, Salsa Ballet, etc. Learning one of these dancing styles, you can stand out in the crowd by showing off your dancing skills. You can also learn these dancing styles at your home by downloading a single app in which you can take free online dance classes.

5 Best Free Dancing Apps to Learn Dance Moves at Home

For this, you have to choose the best dance apps to learn Dance, and we have filtered out the most popular and best dance videos apps for both Android and iOS users.

You can select one of the apps below and fulfill your desire to learn dance free.

#1 Just Dance Now (Recommended Dancing App)

Just Dance Now
Just Dance Now

Download Size – 75 MB

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free / In-app Purchases

Link – Android

This dancing app has the most outstanding choreographers and dancers worldwide through this app you can easily learn how to dance. With over 1,116,710 reviews on the Google Play Store. It has more than 500 popular songs from the Just Dance 2021 console game.

Some of the good karaoke songs are Baby Shark by Pinkfong, Taki Taki by DJ Snake, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, Kill this Love by Blackpink, Con Calma by Daddy Yankee, Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, and much more.

New songs are added every month to match the popularity. You could shake your body by listening to these songs and learning some cool dance moves. There is an extra feature where you can count your total calories burnt. There is an issue with updating the subscription.

#2 Dance Clash: Ballet vs. Hip Hop

Dance Clash: Ballet vs. Hip Hop
Dance Clash: Ballet vs. Hip Hop

Download Size – 52 MB

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free / In-app Purchases

Link – Android

At dance clash: Ballet vs. Hip Hop, you could choreograph your moves and show them to judges. You could compete with other dancers all around the world using this dancing app. Choosing a good team member is a key to winning the dancing competition. Step by step, as your team climbs up to the points table, your chances of winning the competition will increase.

There is a golden trophy for the winning team. You could also decorate the stage for the big dancing battles according to your wish. There are points even for your dance clothes and your hairstyle. There are a variety of costumes and hairstyles that you could try out to earn more points.

It takes more than enough time to download, and sometimes you have to re-download it to let it function.

#3 Just Dance Controller

Just Dance Controller
Just Dance Controller

Download Size – 43 MB

Ratings – 3.2 Star

Price – Free / In-app Purchases

Link – Android

This app gives points or scores to your dancing skills through your smartphone. You don’t need any other gadget or camera to record your dance moves, and it will simply work with your smartphone camera. You have to hold your smartphone in your hand while dancing, and it will track down your moves. There are many apps available to help you completing your school homework fast, so that, you can learn your dance in free time.

Start a dance learning video with your six or more friends at a time and learn to dance at home easily. The app will track all your activity and give you a score. Just Dance Controller is a companion with Just Dance App, and it is supported in all Just Dance versions.

It sometimes stops recognizing the dance room or the master. This app shows an internet connection error while you are connected to the internet. It is the best dance app for those who have a proper WiFi connection but for those who have network issues in their area then this app will not work well for you.

#4 STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

STEEZY - dancing apps
STEEZY – Learn How To Dance

Download Size – 126 MB

Ratings – 4.5 Star

Price – Free / In-app Purchases

Link – Android

Steezy: learn how to dance gives you access to more than 1000+ classes and weekly new releases. Anybody could track their dancing progress with the help of this dancing app, and joined programs could also be tracked with the app.

There are so many custom features like Switch View, View Sections, Loop Moves, Control Speed, See Yourself, etc. Paid members get a chance to train with the best instructors in the world. It offers many dancing styles like Dance workout, Ballet, Open style, Jazz, Locking, House, Heels, Dancehall, etc.

Steezy can work both on your Smartphone and your Smart TV, and you can learn easy/hard dance moves for beginners. The paid version is more valuable than the free one. If you are on a low budget, you could easily opt for other apps.

#5 Zumba Dance Exercise Offline

Zumba Dance Exercise Offline dancing apps
Zumba Dance Exercise Offline

Download Size – 91 MB

Ratings – 4.2 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Zumba Dance Exercise Offline will help you lose weight without following any diet plan and you can enjoy simple dance moves also. This is the best dance app because teachers in this app will motivate you to learn Dance and stay fit and lose some extra weight. This app is based on Zumba because all the instructors are well-trained experts in Zumba.

If you want to learn Zumba for free, you could try this app. The added advantage is that you also know to stay fit from this app. You could also use it offline, which makes this app better.

Not all dance videos function in the app. Either it is not supported by your device, or it says ‘can’t play this video.’

Eleggible’s Final Words

I hope you found out the best dance apps for you. Either you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert in dancing. These dancing apps will help you sharpen your skills more.

You can also use these dancing applications for your kids if they love to dance and want to become professional dancers in the future.

All the dance teachers in these apps are purely professional in their respective dance styles. So, you can trust their skills and give your 100% to learn those skills.

We hope you will learn some new dance moves at the end of the course. We guarantee these apps will add a feather to the cap to your dancing moves. Leave a comment below on how much you liked the apps and give your suggestion below if we missed any dancing app.

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