11 Of The Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android & iPhone

Singing is no longer just a hobby, but also a way to express yourself and have fun. Karaoke is one of the most enjoyable ways to sing your heart out while having a good time. There are karaoke bars where there is a Karaoke machine which is quite expensive, but thanks to technology, we can do karaoke at home with so many free karaoke apps on our phones.

For individuals who are unfamiliar with the concept, Karaoke is a great form of entertainment. You can sing along to your favorite songs while reading the lyrics and listening to backing music for a concert-like experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled vocalist, even if you don’t have musical instruments or equipment. With these free karaoke apps, you may practice and improve your singing skills by singing along to a variety of good karaoke songs.

These free karaoke sites also give you a great platform to show off your singing abilities and gain attention. You can also just have a good time with your friends, family, and other music lovers.

With all of these excellent free karaoke apps that we’ve handpicked for you to choose from, you’ll stand out among your friends at karaoke or singing parties.

What is the Best Karaoke Apps for Android & iOS [2022 Free List]

#1 Smule: Sing 10M+ Karaoke Songs

Smule Free Karaoke Apps

Download Size – 106 MB

Ratings – 3.8

Price – Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

Smule is one of the most well-known free karaoke apps online. Anyone with a passion for singing, whether a beginner or an experienced performer, may have a good time here with free karaoke songs. With a broad number of features, this is one of the greatest karaoke apps available.

It contains a songbook with over 10 million songs from all genres, allowing you to select all of your favorite songs to sing along to. One can sing solo karaoke or duets with friends and family here. You also get to perform duets with all of your favorite artists.

Music effects and studio-quality sounds can be added to recordings to create a fantastic singing session. You can host or attend a live Karaoke party with, where you can sing live with other music fans 24/7. Smule is one of the best karaoke app for parties for both young and old people.

It offers a ‘Moment’ function that allows you to make a short music video in which you sing your favorite part of any song. It also allows users to share their musical performances on other social media platforms, making the singing experience more enjoyable.

#2 StarMaker: Sing Karaoke, Record music videos

StarMaker Free Karaoke Apps

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.4

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

StarMaker is another popular singing app for free with outstanding reviews and a global community of more than 50 million members. You may sing along to a variety of music from across the world with this app. It also has lyrics and top-quality backing music, allowing you to have a true karaoke experience.

This app includes amusing video filters and vocal effects that will help you make professional-looking singing videos. This app lets you sing your favorite songs in duo with your friends or with the performers you like. Karaoke videos can also be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

The unique function of delivering free ringtones separates this mobile karaoke app from others. It delivers all of the top trending music to its users for free. So people can download top trending songs as ringtones for their phones. It includes this one-of-a-kind feature with which you can connect with other music fans by joining the community rooms. One can also perform music and offer gifts to those who share your musical tastes!

#3 WeSing – Karaoke, Party & Live

WeSing Free Karaoke Apps

Download Size – 76 MB

Ratings – 4.0

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

WeSing is one of the fantastic free karaoke apps for android as well as iOS users. You can pick the most popular songs and make videos by yourself or with friends and celebrities. If you’ve always enjoyed singing in cars or at concerts, this is the best app to try. WeSing provides an excellent backdrop and rolling lyrics.

It includes a music library with 6 million+ tracks for free, with these many songs you can practice as well as enhance singing talents at home. This app has a video recording feature and lets you modify them using a variety of video filters, effects for better sound.

You can present your singing to the app’s 100 million users with the Duet challenges and get a chance to become famous. This app features many KTV app party rooms, these are open 24/7 for you to meet new people. Notification popups, which may be turned off in the settings, are one of the concerns that consumers may be experiencing.

#4 Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Karaoke Free Karaoke Apps

Download Size – 44 MB

Ratings – 3.6

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs by Yokee is a fantastic karaoke app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If you want to sound like a singing superstar, this karaoke app is ideal.

It contains all of the most popular songs, as well as many genres and song themes in several languages. You may sing karaoke at any moment with this large library of songs from your favorite performers. It has a unique feature that automatically enhances the sound using voice filters. To sound like an artist, use filters like echo and reverb on your recordings.

It adds new songs on a daily basis and includes the ability to film videos while singing karaoke. The nicest aspect about this app is that you can use it to host karaoke parties. You can now sing karaoke on the mic by connecting the external singing equipment to your phone. Any party can be turned into a fun karaoke party with these free karaoke apps.

Some of the effects in this app require VIP access to use.

#5 StarMaker Lite: Singing & Music & Karaoke app

StarMaker Lite Free Karaoke Apps
StarMaker Lite

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.5

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

With over 50 million users, StarMaker Lite is another popular free karaoke singing app. It’s also compatible with any device. This app creates a customized songbook for you, complete with all of your favorites. You can collaborate or just freestyle whatever song you choose.

There are a lot of camera effects and voice editors in this app. There’s also a unique function calledtake the mic,” in which you compete with other music enthusiasts.

Anyone can compete in challenges with other users here in order to prove their level of skill. This app provides enjoyable tasks every day as well as opportunities to sing and win a variety of fantastic rewards. It’s a large social networking site where you may become famous, gain likes, and trade virtual presents with new friends.

Even though it is a lite edition, one drawback with the program is that it consumes a significant amount of storage.

#6 Karaoke Online: Sing & Record

Karaoke Online best app
Karaoke Online

Download Size – 5.8 MB

Ratings – 4.0

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

This free karaoke app is developed by a company called Aloha. It’s a straightforward and userfriendly app that works on any device. There are no ad popups and the user interface is quite simple. This one’s for you if you’re new to karaoke apps.

There are a number of songs here, including some that are currently popular. Every day, they upload new music. You can create a highquality karaoke video and share the recordings with your buddies.

You can simply find all of your favorite songs with theTalk tosearch option. It offers echo, reverb, equalizer, and a variety of sound manipulation tools. It enhances your vocal quality to make you sound more professional. This app allows you to develop and perfect your singing skills.

With this karaoke online score option, you may also have some fun with your buddies. Apart from being a fantastic app. One common problem users face is that it does not record karaoke background music with headphones on.

#7 Karaoke Lite: Sing & Record Free

Karaoke Lite free singing app
Karaoke Lite

Download Size – 5.7 MB

Ratings – 4.0

Price –  Free

Download Link – Android

Karaoke Lite: Sing & Record Free, a simpler version of the Karaoke app that is mentioned above. This is a pretty straightforward application to use and is available without any charges.

All the songs collected here are karaoke YouTube songs and provided for free use for everyone to try. The Voice Search tool allows you to quickly find any song. This software takes up very little space on your phone because it is a lite version.

You can upload your recordings to any social media site and save recordings to your device.

#8 The Voice – Sing Karaoke

The Voice singing apps for free
The Voice

Download Size – 40 MB

Ratings – 3.5

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

The Voice is yet another fun and easy app made by the developing company Yokee. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

This new app has a big collection of songs from various genres, including Pop, Rock, R&B, and Hip Hop. All these tracks have been handpicked to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the songs from your unique music taste.

Perform on your own, with friends in duos, or with song lovers like you from all around. It has incredible visual and voice effects so that you can record your singing in high quality.

Here one can connect to a large supportive community of karaoke singers. Anyone can share their recordings, earn popularity, and gain likes. You may also kill boredom and gain inspiration by viewing hundreds of incredible covers.

#9 Karaoke – Sing Songs

Karaoke Sing Songs recording app
Karaoke Sing Songs

Download Size – 181 MB

Ratings – 3.8

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

KaraokeSing Songs works on android and iOS users and is a free karaoke app. It’s a simpletouse app for everyone who enjoys singing. It offers over 1000 amazing songs and lyrics in nearly every genre. Top popular songs are included in the songs list on a regular basis.

This app might help you improve your singing if you are just getting started. You may polish your vocal pitch and sound like a pro by using vocal effects and filters. The background music and lyrics are of excellent quality.

You can have singing or karaoke parties with your friends and perform duets with them to get stage experience. It comes in both a free and a premium edition.

#10 Midifun Karaoke

Midifun Karaokebest app with lyrics
Midifun Karaoke

Download Size – 22 MB

Ratings – 3.2

Price –  Free

Download Link – Android

Midifun Karaoke is an Android-only offline free karaoke app. It contains a large number of songs and lyrics, as well as a library of MIDIs (musical instrument digital interfaces).

You can either search for your favorite songs or become a song editor and add songs and lyrics and create your own version of them.

Other than a karaoke singing app, this is a guessing game app too. Anyone who enjoys music can test their knowledge by guessing songs based on their lyrics. Correct answers get you scores, as well as bonus points.

They’re working on expanding the features of this free app. It now has a limited number of songs, but you can email them and request any song you want. It also doesn’t record background music when you’re using headphones, so you can try singing without them for a better experience.

#11 Record your music, sing – nana

Record your music sing nana the best karaoke app
Record your music sing nana

Download Size – 53 MB

Ratings – 3.5

Price –  Free / In-app purchases

Download Link – Android

Nana is the last app on the list, but it is also one of the finest karaoke apps because of the numerous features it offers. It’s available on android and iOS devices. It is a perfect karaoke app for tv viewers also.  You may get instant online music sessions on your phone with this app at any time.

It offers a fantastic feature that allows you to overdub your own original beat and music. It’s a venue for showcasing or discovering new talent. With one tap, you can find your favorite songs or any original cover with this app. Record your karaoke sessions with a chipmunk, chorus, monster, echo, and other vocal effects.

You can show your creativity with the ‘nana party’ streaming feature. Here you can host or join live singing streaming channels and sing karaoke, voice acting, mimicking, etc.

It has a pretty short recording time for songs as compared to the average of 3 minutes. Also, there is no option as of now for downloading your own karaoke recording through the app.

Best Free Karaoke Apps (Quick Recap)

Now, you have seen all the apps with their features, positives, and negatives, it’s time to decide which one to download first.

For YOU, we have created this table with the App name, its ratings and reviews, and its download link, so you can easily select the best free karaoke apps for parties at home.

App Name

Download Link



Smule: Sing 10M+ Karaoke SongsAndroid3.84,049,673
StarMaker: Sing Karaoke, Record music videosAndroid4.42,501,617
WeSing – Karaoke, Party & LiveAndroid41,004,000
Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited SongsAndroid3.6906,987
StarMaker Lite: Singing & Music & Karaoke appAndroid4.5573,337
Karaoke Online : Sing & Record Android4109,622
Karaoke Lite : Sing & Record FreeAndroid4.477,623
The Voice – Sing KaraokeAndroid3.556,260
Karaoke – Sing SongsAndroid3.753,887
Midifun KaraokeAndroid3.244,245
Record your music, sing – nanaAndroid3.539,777

Eleggible’s Final Words

Almost all of us have dreamed of performing on stage or in the presence of huge crowds but never got a chance. This is not a problem now, because these free karaoke apps that we have for you can give you a real-time experience of performing.

You can try to single one or recommend these apps to your pals to sing along. Practice at home and get confident in your skill. People of any age group can use super simple applications to record and share.

With all these options, we know it might be hard for you to choose, so we recommend that you try all these free karaoke apps once to get the best one suited for YOU! Share your favorite karaoke apps here for others to explore and keep enjoying singing.

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