11 Best Free Notepad App for Android & iOS

You will hardly see anyone with a pen and paper and noting down things these days. This is the era of digital note-taking, and people have switched from conventional note-taking to smart Notepad apps.

These apps assist the user in avoiding writing down points in different papers and then wondering where they went. After all, you can never find out where the paper went where you wrote down such an essential piece of information.

These free Notepad apps help you never to face such a problem again. These apps organize your data so well that you can access them anytime and anywhere. Your notes are always just a click away. You can get many Notepad apps in the market, available for free.

Few of them allow the users to make simple notes, and some of them have pervasive features which will enable the user to do writing tasks in several other formats than just the introductory notes. In short, these note-making apps offer note-making, but they have much more to serve.

What is the Best Note Taking App for Android?

Also, it is not the case that you have to be a master in using these digital note taking apps. Anyone with a basic understanding can easily access these apps. We have mentioned a thorough list of a few such apps to help you to pick the most suitable Notepad app for you.

#1 Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Google Keep - Notes and Lists

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.1 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Google Keep – Notes and Lists is undoubtedly one of the best Notepads apps available for free in the app market. It is easy to use and even beginner-friendly.

Google Keep helps the user quickly capture whatever strikes his mind and not just let the thought go because of not having a pen and paper in hand. This app is best for students or budding writers who have a continuous flow of ideas in their heads.

It allows the user to speak a voice memo and get it automatically transcribed. With this app, you can even get a photo of a poster, receipt or document.

Google Keep helps the user neatly and easily organize all of its papers and notes. Later on, you can easily find it by the search option.

  • The Notepad app is just phenomenal and works perfectly. It will not disappoint you.
  • This app is simple yet great. Literally, it will be the only app you will ever need from now.
  • This app works well until and unless it starts hanging.
  • It is not very smoothly optimized and this can be a real trouble for the users.
  • Sometimes you can even not copy-paste content from it.

#2 Microsoft OneNote: Save Ideas and Organize Notes

Microsoft OneNote

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.2 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Microsoft OneNote is the best note app that allows users to organize their ideas, viewpoints, thoughts, and discoveries simpler. This Notepad app will surely help you plan the critical occasions of your life.

The events can be as small as going for a long drive with your spouse and as big as planning your office opening party next week. When you take notes of your ideas, your plans become better and more effective.

This best digital notebook app allows users to access all the essential information with just a click. By using Microsoft OneNote, you can take notes and sync them on all of your devices.

This syncing of notes helps to access them anywhere, anytime and on any device. Also, by using this Notepad app, you can add pictures and images to your messages to make them even more creative.

  • It is a handy app. This app is convenient and easy to use.
  • It will help you to organize all your notes in one space and you can also sync it with your devices.
  • There are varied ranges of pens and colours to pick from.

  • There are minute bugs in the app, and the app even crashes down sometimes.
  • The updates are slow and irregular.
  • Many times you will be automatically logged out of the app and have to log in again.

#3 Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner

Evernote free notepad appDownload Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.4 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Evernote is the best note taker app that allows the user to capture inspiration and ideas whenever they click. Now you can have all of your notes, to-do lists, timetables and schedules in one place to organize your life in a fancy yet simplistic manner.

Remember, an organized life helps to achieve more for sure. By using Evernote, you can even sync all your devices to it, and hence you will have a hold on all your scheduled tasks. This is the best note taking app for students who are in school or college.

Evernote allows the user to not just make notes but also add a few other types of content to your messages, such as docs, PDFs, sketches, photos, audio, and a lot more.

  • It is the best note-taking app you will ever use. The features are unique, and it is easy to use.
  • This app even offers you to secure your data with password protection.
  • Sometimes, the app runs too slow, and the updates are also irregular.
  • The app is believed to be slower than it was before the latest update.

#4 Notepad – Simple Notes

Notepad - free notepad appDownload Size – 6.7 MB

Ratings – 4.4 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Notepad is a convenient, small and good note taking app that can be used to create Notes. This app can be used by anyone who has the habit of jotting down important points during the day, a person who usually forgets a lot, or a creative person who keeps on getting great ideas.

This app is handy for different people depending on their needs and reasons. This Notepad app includes some fantastic features such as its simple interface, it has no limits on note’s length or the number of messages, creating and editing text notes, importing notes from txt files, saving notes as text, app password lock, colour themes, lines in the background, numbered lines etc.

  • This Notepad app is straightforward and easiest to use.
  • It has basic features in it and is not very complex.
  • Moreover, it does not have any ads on it. You can even recover your data from trash till a certain time.
  • If you write excessively more, the app may crash, freeze or have glitches.
  • Also, too many ads may bother the user.

#5 ColorNote Notepad Notes


Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.4 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

ColorNote Notepad Notes is a very basic but still an excellent notepad app. Using this app, the user gets familiar with the most accessible notepad using experience. This is because this app allows the user to write notes and memos, e-mails, to-do lists, and a lot more.

You can use this app as a reminder for yourself. Whenever you get an idea popped up in your head, just write it down immediately in the app to not forget it.

This app is comparatively more accessible than other apps that claim to do the same job. This Notepad app includes two basic note-taking formats, one of them is the A lined-paper styled text option, and the other one is the checklist option. You can pick anyone you prefer

  • This is just an excellent app to use for managing all your to-do lists, timetables and other such stuff.
  • There are no ads to disturb the user, and the app is organized in a very decent manner.
  • The app is a very, very basic app, and you may get to see very monotonous features in it.
  • This will help you not to get confused while using it.

#6 Samsung Notes

Samsung Notesfree notepad app

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Samsung Notes is an online notes app that helps the user create notes that may contain not just text but also images with footnotes, voice recordings, music, and more. This app has everything that you will need from a Notepad app.

You can also share your notes quickly with SNS; moreover, they can also be imported into this app if you have made any memos previously. When you use this app, you will see various brush types to pick from.

You can make unique paintings with the wide-ranged colour mixes available in this app. This Notepad app allows the users to not just stick to the conventional note-making but also make sketches, drawings and a lot more.

  • The layout of the app is beautiful.
  • You can change fonts, templates, colours etc, and you can even draw or add pictures to your notes.
  • The app is not compatible with all the devices.
  • Moreover, the app size is large, and also, the updates are not done regularly.

#7 Notepad – Notes and Checklists

Notepad – Notes and Checklists

Download Size – 16 MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Notepad: Notes and Checklists is a simple notebook that allows the user to use it for notes, checklists, task lists etc. It is a straightforward app to use. It is free to download notebook app and can be downloaded on Android.

By making use of this note-taking app, you will be able to make quick notes, memos, and checklists. This Notepad app will actually help you to organize your life effectively and with great ease.

Also, from the privacy and data protection point of view,  this app takes note that none of your messages or their information is stored by this app personally.

If you want to save them, then you can simply go for regular backups for the info. Hence, the safety point is also taken into account by this Notepad app.

  • This app is convenient and can be used well by anyone and especially students.
  • This app has a lot of exciting features to use.
  • It will help you to keep a regular record of your crucial information.
  • This app’s update with the caller ID was not very good.
  • It happened to erase much of the vital information of the users.
  • Also, it repeatedly asks for access to your contacts and other personal stuff which may annoy some people.

#8 BasicNote – Notes, Notepad


Download Size – 5.4 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

BasicNote is a straightforward notepad app. It is a clear and fast notes app. BasicNote helps you capture whatever comes to your mind when you are running short of time and can not look for a pen and paper to write things down.

This app has apparent, identical features and is very simple to use. You can use this app for creating your shopping list, making checklists, curating timetables or writing down a fantastic idea for your next surprise party. This app makes sure that you can always jot things down at the earliest.

  • The app is very easy to use, and even a beginner who has never used a notepad app can use this one easily.
  • You can totally rely on this app for you daily needs such as fixing schedules, taking quick notes, to-do lists etc.
  • There are too many ads that disturb the user. Moreover, these ads slow the functioning of the app.
  • Also, sometimes your notes may get deleted, and you have to rewrite them.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Having a Notepad app like this is truly a lifesaver for people used to making notes very often. You can quickly have a look at all the features, pros and cons of the above-listed apps and then decide for yourself which app caters for your needs in the best way.

These apps are needed for a person who loves to be organized in his note-making. These Note-taking apps come with an excellent opportunity to store and secure your ideas in a safe space. You can even get your thoughts backed up from time to time.

Moreover, these apps are convenient, and after syncing, they can be accessed by you from any of your devices. The best fact is that you don’t have to pay a penny for them. These apps are completely free to use; isn’t this just amazing? Many of these apps offer extensive features on top of the basic ones. So what’s holding you back? Try your hands right now on these free of cost Notepad apps.

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