11 Best Free Notepad Apps for Android & iOS

If you are finding Free Notepad Apps for android & iOS then we have this detailed article. We live in an ultra-fast life, and it becomes very difficult for anyone to cope up with everything around.

You may forget many things to do or might see or hear an amazing quote, or you wish to elucidate your thoughts by jotting down a poem, or a paragraph you wish to dedicate to someone, then all these things meet up at one point, notepad!

If you wish to have your virtual notepad, then there are thousands of apps you can rely on, that provide various other perks circumscribing the base.

Top 11 Free Notepad Apps for Android & iOS

So, here’s our list of 11 Best Free Notepad Apps for Android & iOS.

1. Evernote

The best app, in terms of notepad apps, for this app as been developing and distinguishing itself by its great features.

It allows the user to write the notes in various formats text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings, and adding many more others too! Convert your any important audio file to text using Audio to Text Converter.

It also allows you to scan, and make notes quickly, and also has a floating option for copying web pages.

You can sync your account to unlimited accounts, and its easy user interface with a dark mode makes it the Best Notepad App in the sector.

2. Notepad

A simple and lite available for both platforms that help you to get a smart notepad, where you can write, paint, scribble, etc. whenever you wish to, at your fingertips.

The painting section has many features, like variety in brushes, color, saturation, etc. whereas the writing section has an excellent simplicity, with all basic features required.

You can add up password locks in specific notes if you wish to keep it private. You can also share your notes with others via media apps.

3. Google Keep

An app, by the most popular developers, Google Keep. Using this app, you can create notes and lists, set time and place reminders, and check off your completed tasks. It also allows you to upload pictures, and draw them if required!

You can group specific notes using # tags, making it convenient. Moreover, it also allows the user to dictate the content, making it simple and handy too! It has color notes for easy scanability and quick distinction.

Now, the next time you use the ‘Ok Google’ feature and ask to ‘save a note,’ then it will directly be saved to your Google Keep!

4. Microsoft OneNote

Another great app, developed by the technology giant, Microsoft. Just like Google Keep, it has been made up of all basic features like quick saving, sharing, smart organizing, picture uploading, painting, graphs, and what not!

It has almost all features provided by the top apps like Keep and Evernote, but one unique feature it has is its connectivity.

You can connect this to other Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc., making this is the best in terms of business use.

5. Any.Do

An app, popular on both platforms and available to install for free, Any.Do. It is the best to-do-list app, with timely reminders, and calendar markings.

It has a super simple user interface that can make things easier for you while being hassle-free.

It has a sync option available, whereas it also allows you to share your lists and reminders.

The reminders can be set in terms of notes, pictures, videos, or even voice messages. It has integration with a lot of top apps, making it handy for being your virtual manager.

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6. InkPad

A basic app, available on both platforms, InkPad. The app gives one a realistic effect of a notepad, for it has a dedicated background and organization of the app that gives this app, this alternative trait.

It has basic features like sync, share, delete and restore, ink colors, categorization, etc., but among all this, it holds one more feature; that is, you can access your notes on the web, on its website InkpadNotepad.com.

But, this app has a lot of ads and has some extra features available only on the premium version.

7. ColourNote Notepad Notes 

An app filled with iridescent colors all around, which makes notepad usage light to your mind! It provides the user with a notepad that makes reminders, memos, floating reminders, sticky notes, and what not! And, all in a colorful way!

These colors can be used to segregate the documents in the notepad, concerning its content, importance, or even according to the concerned person. It has a passcode lock option too, and also allows sharing along with sync.

8. Keep My Notes – Notepad, Memo, Checklist

A quick and lite app for Android and iOS with various options for your notes, be it in terms of text font, color, or size, or in terms of saving in various formats, like pdf, voice message, photo, etc.

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It also has various other features, like sticky notes widget, floating reminders, etc. and has connectivity and association with many popular apps.

9. My Notes – Notepad

Another simple app, exclusively for Android users. This app has all features that an app for notepads has to offer while being extremely easy and lite.

It can store large notes too, large in terms of size and length, both. It has a password protection lock, too, making your notes extremely safe to store. It has storage option on your cloud, and also has sync and sharing access.

10. Sticky Notes

Just like the name suggests, this is a notepad app that specializes in one thing, Sticky Notes! It has a wide range of colorful stickers that will make the use better.

You can keep these widgets on the lock screen, as well as a home screen! This is the perfect app if you are looking out for a virtual experience of sticky notes.

11. Bear

The last app on our list would be an app, specifically for iOS users, Bear. This app is a notepad app with dozens of themes, backgrounds, etc., making it the perfect writing space.

It allows uploading of voice messages, photos, and even videos, along with normal texts. It supports Siri and other iOS shortcuts, making the usage even better. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here’s our list of 11 Best Free Notepad Apps for Android & iOS. There are some popular developer apps listed, making your choice if you are looking for a mainstream choice.

Still, if you are ready to explore, then you should try the other apps listed, for they provide you with an altogether different experience!

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