17 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Free Services 2022

Since in this busy life, all of us need a lifesaver, which is known as a cell phone. Perhaps each and almost everything is done over a just a single cell phone. We all get phone calls, messages from all over the world concerning how we are connected. But have you ever gone through a spam caller? Reverse Phone Lookup is another a service.

Most of us must have been the prey of this case. But what actually should we do to spam call? Should we receive it or not? it is overall a big question that stands publically. According to my, why can’t we detect and know that who is trying to call us? Or the reverse technique to know the identity of the caller? Is this possible? Yes, of course!

The technology has so forth that now we can know the person’s name who is trying to have contact using calls or messages through free reverse cell phone lookup. There are some software applications known for this criterion that will help you out.

Now you can track the number of the unidentified caller by just a small app. However, not a single, but many such reverse phone lookup applications help find out the identity of the person trying to reach you out.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Knowing the name, we can find a rough idea of what does best phone number lookup means. The person trying to call you may be supposed to know you irrespective of dialing a wrong number instead. But does you recognize the number, that’s tricky obvious.

Keeping this in mind and directing reverse psychology regarding this, the term Reverse Phone Lookup is initiated. Knowing the person’s details begins the most curious thing that you need to find out. Moreover, leading to this idea, several applications were built to identify the person’s necessary details.

This methodology is executed to know the name, address, location of the person. In addition to that, not every person calls you for your purpose. Some numbers are spam calls and reported by other users. However, the reverse phone lookup initiates here also to identify the phone numbers that are spammed.

It works from landline to over a cell phone and helps you to know the information. It takes action according to every single number and also adds a pop-up-like window. The call is incoming over your phone. Leaving aside the cellular phones, it works more efficiently for telephones and perhaps used over many business and industrial companies to assure security by just having these software applications.

On the other hand, leaving the applications, the reverse phone lookup also has a spare side of websites that work almost the same as software applications. You can choose any of them as per your convenience.

17 Best Legit Reverse Phone Lookup Free Services

Here is a list that contributes to the search for the identity of unidentified callers. There are top 17 picks of reverse phone lookup, which you will know with a description. I hope you found your best safety companion in this article.

1. SpyTox

Spytox is one of the unadorned frames in the path of reverse phone search contraption. You can go through and find people and their respective phone numbers for free using Spytox software application. It is one of the trusts worthy applications with a legit directory that will help you find phone numbers and identity of a particular person.

It offers you access to their name, phone number, address location, and other secondary details that you are supposed to know. You have to enter the phone number and enter, and here you result in all segments.


  • Can able to find a person’s name and contact numbers for free
  • It also consents you dial free calls and send free message texts
  • Preferences like full background checks are inattentive.
  • The search engine doesn’t always give you an accurate result.
Reverse Phone Lookup services

2. SpyDialler

Relative to the name, it has similar functions and derivatives that will help you spy unknowingly and know the data of peoples that initiates to contact you. It is the most forward-looking facilities you will get than any other free reverse cell phone lookup software application in the marketplace.

You can get all kinds of close details, including a landline number or a cell phone number. It is one of the simple websites that can give you points just in few minutes. All you need is enter the number, and yes, you are done with it.


  • Free to use as reverse search engine 
  • Do not to join the membership
  • Privately track any phone number just in few steps apart
  • Location tracking, call recording, SMS tracking are useful features.
  • Identification over a distant range
free reverse cell phone lookup

3. ZoSearch

ZoSearch is proclaimed as the significant reverse phone lookup application, which includes almost every feature. It offers you every detail of a person trying to contact you from its social media account to the person he knows. It is the whole big package that one should fond of.

Hence, it permits access to the person’s data unknowingly more comfortably and efficiently. Many big companies use it. All you need to do is enter the mobile number and get all the results just by clicking the start button instantly in few minutes.


  • Fast and efficient to use
  • You get it in an affordable price range depending on the package
  • Contains almost every possible detail one should know
  • Get the link of target’s social media account and find relatives in necessary
Best Reverse Phone Lookup

4. ZLookup

One of the recent companies’ motive is to promote ZLookup worldwide with an accurate search engine. It runs amenities of reverse phone lookup with extreme ease of use due to the fascinating user interface. You’re tolerable to pursuit any contact number free of cost at Zlookup.

This service doesn’t let you gamble to search names, mail addresses, or any other details. On the other hand, you can make calls using Zlookup, which are used as front-line tools for the users.


  • Has a cool understanding use interface
  • Offers you call through this application
  • Enables you to have the most accurate search
  • Easy to use 
Best Phone Free Services

5. White Pages

It is an enormously beneficial online index service that leases you to do background orders and reverse phone lookup free of cost without costing you a single penny. Using the prevalent database of all minute details of contact numbers on American citizens, this tool is incalculably easy to reach for authentication of ID and airing of scam.

Whereas other from personal us, many businesses are permitted to cherry-pick the premium packages to be safe from cyber or phishing attacks.


  • Used by over a large community of more than 35 million over a month
  • You get contact numbers, email address, address
  • It also gives you the details of bankruptcy, criminality records, and other illegal records.
  • Worth of usage 
  • Expensive but yet very useful
Best Phone Free Services

6. ZabaSearch

It is an experienced company launched in the ’90s and yet the prevalent industry with its positive reputation. As compared to Whitepage, it has comparatively low reviews but yet has competitive features. Earlier it was offering a free search, which is now not possible and asks you for charges.

If you are an American resident, it enables your free search of a 10-digit number. But the premium service lets you find more details of target phones rather than just name.


  • Accurate search in a few minutes
  • The premium package has more features than regular
  • You can get access to background reports
  • Expensive to purchase
Reverse Phone Lookup

7. True Caller

True caller is unquestionably the utmost used best free reverse phone lookup that are known worldwide. Over and above 150 million people use this app run-of-the-mill on their smartphones to fond the anonym’s person. This is a free software application and gives you immediate details of the caller in just a while.

But all you require is registering the application in demand to mandate their services. After writing it through your Google account or any other means, you have to dial the number and get the instant desired results.


  • Used over a large community of peoples
  • Also enables you to show the location of the caller
  • Also, get the information of a person who has viewed your profile
  • Displays the name of the caller when the app is already installed on your device.
best free reverse phone lookup

8. Truth Finder

Truth Finder is one of the pre-eminent implements for finding contact details privately unknowingly of the caller. Acknowledgments to their lookup set of rules, the moment you enter the phone number, the app immediately searches the social profiles and the name of the caller and its location.

The thing that you can find more interesting is that you can even track the employment particulars and the caller’s photos if any. This application also lets you check criminal records and other law-breaking aspects if dealt with any.


  • Find out the social media profiles
  • Easy to use
  • Has an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It also offers you the photo of the caller which is to the next level of spying 
Reverse Phone Lookup

9. TruePeopleSearch

As similar to its name, this application’s function is the same as the display name of this application. It searches the people genuinely without wasting a single while and results in you instantaneously. It is the recently launched, which has an efficient amount of community of people who use it.

You can search for the same phone number for unlimited times without any charges. Other than phone numbers, you can also search the target person by its address or names.


  • Search for a person’s identity in an effortless manner
  • Has a user-friendly and understandable interface
  • Can also search people by their name or resident
  • Free to use for unlimited time
Reverse Phone Lookup

10. RevealName

To find out the proper authority of a specific phone number without any third-party initiation, RevealName works at its best shot. It is completely free reverse phone lookup with name to use the platform and has safe and legit tools. It can be used over several platforms widely over the entire globe.

There is no need to use your credit card or any other payment method; this software application is free. You have to enter the person’s number, whose information you need to find out, and it’s done within a while.


  • Gives you instant and desired results
  • It is entirely free to use
  • You can call or text the target number for free of cost without any charges
  • Has an absolute search engine
completely free reverse phone lookup with name

11. ReversePhoneLookup

Now, apart from software applications, some best free reverse phone lookup sites are used to identify the person’s details, perhaps RevrsePhoneLookup.com belongs to one of them. If you want to search a number instantly without installing any application, this site is a backup for you to know about the person immediately.

As it’s a website, it does not require any membership or paying for a premium package. All the stuff you do; do not charge a single penny from you. This site is known widely and is used by many people for single-time use.


  • Get a limited amount of information
  • Free for usage 
  • Easy to use with intuitive web-interface
  • You can find a person’s name, contact number a network from where it surfs through.
best free reverse phone lookup

12. Spokeo

Spokeo is another software application that is used to find personal details of the target phone. It offers you a quick search and is one of the flexible software than any other software. 

It provides you best reverse phone lookup service other than its competitors. Spokeo also allows you to know a particular person’s background records, including its law-breaking or criminal reports.


  • It offers you real-time searches
  • Shows you background information of any scam or other issues
  • Also, you can customize your search with the information you have
  • It is affordable for use and efficient
Reverse Phone Lookup

13. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a contextual check provision that provides a person’s accessible public record data, including email addresses, contact numbers, mail addresses, social media side view, criminal records, and many more. Any of this information could be enough to find the person by searching for its databases.

On the other hand, Instant Checkmate takes out all the mind-numbing research and does it for you in a solitary and a simple search itself.


  • Provides your background checks of the person
  • It enables you to find personal details along with the location
  • Used by many business companies and also for private use
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Pro Bullet All-embracing community information in a single search
Reverse Phone Lookup
Instant Checkmate

14. Addresses

This is another widely used website that has tons of community support over the USA. It is used to find out the person who is trying to reach us. With its public information, you can able to find out the identity of anyone.

However, this website does not support you track or spy on the person but lets you help just the person’s public identity. You have to enter the contact number, and you get with all the preliminary information.


  • Used by many business authorities
  • Helps to find the name and current location of the person
  • The essential identity of a person is displayed
  • Free and easy to use.
Reverse Phone Lookup

15. Cell Revealer

Cell Revealer is flaunted to provide you the most precise and accurate results using this free reverse cell phone lookup service facility. By exploiting the caller ID database, you’re endorsed to search a contact number and clutch all the details that you may require.

This is a suitable and firm way of recognizing mysterious calls. You can also mark and block spam calls so that the user can go on safely without any inconvenience.


  • It provides the most accurate identity of a specific individual
  • Has a massive collection of database
  • Can mark or report any spam call 
  • Can record the calling 
free reverse cell phone lookup
Cell Revealer

16. BeenVerified

BeenVerified can be noticeable as a background check service facility that compromises you to far-reaching reverse phone lookup services. With these facilities, you can also check whether caller has any illegal or some crime-related background.

It is one of the popular mobile applications for iOS, Android, and even for Apple Watch. This is a prevailing device that lets you search thousands of data points in a single search without any third party authorities.


  • It provides you background check of a specific individual
  • Widely used over many people
  • Has vast community service and help
  • Can be used over different devices 
  • Fast and efficient search
Reverse Phone Lookup

17. People Finders

This is additional than a reverse phone lookup service as it comprises of outstanding features. It permits you to do general market research with specific phone numbers that reach you.

You are also allowed to check the address of a particular person’s addresses, accomplish background checks, and do quite a few other stuff on People Finders. Almost you can find every probable factor of the caller by viewing their public records unknowingly.


  • Has advanced searching tools which help to search rapidly
  • It takes just a few minutes to give you the final result
  • You can find the address, location, and name of the individual 
  • You can view public records of the individual and search it whether its scam or by an unidentified user.
Reverse Phone Lookup
People finders

Eleggible’s Recommendation

Here were the top 17 best picks of our for reverse phone lookup service in this year 2022. All of them are excellent in itself and carries unique superiority. But within the given list of 17 software applications and websites, ZoSearch, SpyDialler, and Spokeo stand on the next level.

It offers you the best features that are different from other applications and websites. It has additional features of call recording, SMS tracking, and tracking an individual’s live location more efficiently.

Other than that, the price may give you a thought to go for another, no worries it depends on you, but the charges which it includes are worth and should not think of its waste of money as it gives you desire and best of the result.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now we think you like seriously free reverse phone lookup that we have shared. All the above 17 software are unique in itself and will help you to find out for the best. You can also choose according to your dependency and requirement. If you want to search for a single time, then you may go for websites that would be more comfortable.

But if you want more security over your company and finding for the best reverse phone lookup software, then this article may help you. All of them are best, and you should grab one and see the anonyms caller that troubles you indeed.

Now no need to worry. You can find the person who makes fraud calls, scams, and other illegal activities just by these software applications. I hope this article was helpful to you till then stay safe.

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