13 Best Fun Apps for Android & iOS [2021]

Are you feeling bored? Get some funny stuff on your device and pass your time like anything. Some people prioritize memes, socializing, making videos, games, etc. to pass their time through monotonous routines. Here is our collection of Top 13 Best Fun Apps for Android & IOS:

1. Instagram

One of the leading social media applications, supported by both Android as well as iOS. This is a social platform where one can put up their stories and posts for their followers to view.

This helps people to socialize and be in touch with people by pinging direct messages or commenting on their posts or stories. Popular people use this app for advertising, news, awareness, memes, fun, etc. 

This one app can be called the king of all trades for its all-round treatment for boredom.

2. Reddit

‘Reddit’ is a play-on-words with the phrase ‘read it’, that is, “I read it on Reddit.”

Reddit is an online community or forum where you can discuss any question from any distant field.

It has an endless array of queries and pictures about almost all fields of human life, viz. News, infotainment, memes, funny videos/images, etc. all at just a touch.

The posts uploaded on reddit are created by account holders called as ‘subreddits’. The popularity of a post is determined by the number of up-votes or down-votes it receives¬†

3. Quora

Another leading Q&A page where one can post up their queries and get them answered by other users and one can answer to questions posted by others.

Quora receives questions from the wildest areas one can ever think of and making it a fun, yet informative application among users.

A good feature presented by the Quora team is that one can view who answered its question, and provides a short description, as given by the person answering the question, making the answers more trustworthy and authentic if given by a person of that field.

4. 9GAG

9GAG is one of the best apps for iOS and Android for memes, funny videos, GIFs, etc. and gives easy sharing options on a wide range of platforms.

Name a category, and 9GAG has got stuff for it. From anime to relationship tips, it has everything for you.

It can be informative sometimes, whereas it is mostly for sharing LOL posts and videos.

It has its public accounts on major social platforms, like instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and what not!

5. TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform where one can create and edit videos for short lip-syncing videos. Users could create 15 seconds to 1 minute short videos in one or multiple shots.

They also have enabled editing by pre-set filters and effects that allow to change the speed or even reverse the recording played.

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Later on, they even added a feature to create short music videos that were GIFs with music.

There are a lot of ways that one user can interact with others using features like ‘ask a question’, ‘duet’, ‘best fan forever’, etc.

6. Buzzfeed

Another app to view daily new content full of funny videos from all over the internet. Apart from funny videos and images, it also offers hundreds of quiz, riddles, challenges, etc. and there’s nothing to worry if you cannot solve it in the first attempt since you can save and even share content just like other apps.

Ever since 2015, there is an in-house podcast team too, so BuzzFeed uploads its podcasts too!

Buzzfeed also has its cinematography and news uploading team, which provides them with an edge of authenticity compared to others.

7. Bored button

Love playing games? If yes, then get yourself this fun apps, and you’ll get a new game to play every time you click on the ‘boring button’.

There’s also a website for the same, where you can play weird but fun games, and you’ll never get bored with this!

8. Talking Tom

A childish, yet fun app to use in your free time. The ‘Talking Tom’ is an app that includes a cat named ‘Tom’ who does weird things when touched at a specific area on the screen and repeats whatever you say, in a much funny tone!

It is like your virtual pet, and you can pet him in hundreds of ways!

Along with these, there are many associated games in it which you can play with your cat.

9. Snapchat

Bored of texting your friends? Try using snapchat! Chat using images with texts, and this takes chatting to another level!

There are a lot of filters which you can use, along with after click edits, so this makes sure that there are a lot of ways you can click a picture.

If you and your friend talk daily, then you can maintain ‘streaks’ by sending one snap (image) once in a day. There are also points for the number of snaps you send, so use it and compare your scores with your friends!

10. iFunny

“Get your daily dose of fun.” Just like the tag line suggests, these fun apps provide daily content of memes about daily affairs, comics, cinema, and almost all spheres of life.

It also provides free short comics, for comic book geeks in a wide variety of languages available.

There’s a unique feature where one can vote for each post uploaded. Please note, this app may contain mature content, so you would better keep it away from children!

11. Pinterest

Just like reddit, Pinterest is another app for viewing memes, funny videos and news, but the main feature is that it provides high-quality pictures, and has thousands of wallpapers for every genre, having good quality, which you can keep as your wallpapers.

12. Sketch AR

Sketch AR is a unique app that helps you to sketch and paint on your iOS and Android device freely and gives you tips for the same.

It is based on the sketch AR 5.0 technology and is perfect for both, learned artists, as well as beginners. Beginners can use the outline feature to trace out sketches. So far, this is the best app one can expect on these platforms.

13. iFunFace

iFunFace is an online video editor where one can make fun videos of their own and share it.

With the help of these fun apps, you can put your face into a funny character and make your video out of it.

All you got to do is upload any picture, crop it according to the face, select a character and boom, create a short video out of it. 

You can save that video in your gallery and share it on various platforms. It is an easy-to-use app and helps you make quick fun videos.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Technology is developing, and innovations are being introduced every day. New minds are coming up, and new ideas have been implemented, so the ocean of apps on the playstore (Android) or the app store (iOS) is never-ending.

New apps surface, and some may even shadow the old milestones. The best way to enjoy this is by being in the race. Try new Fun Apps; maybe, you may find an even better app.

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