9 Best Furniture Design Software [2020 Updated]

Furniture Design Software

As a user you are searching for free furniture design software and here we are sharing with you the best of those software that you need. We live in a world where there are gradual customization and development in every part of the industry.

Those days are now disappeared where there were a limited number of sources and limited varieties. We are progressing in the architectural field with a tint of digital change. If we discuss furniture, there is much software that has been practised. Dealing with this, there is much Furniture Design Software that may blow up your mind.

Top 9 Furniture Design Software for Windows & Mac

Here we are up with the top 9 best furniture design software in this running year 2020. 

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1. SolidWorks

It is Windows and Mac supported software that is used for custom furniture designs. The software offers you a set of 3D tools that will help you to create, simulate, and manage your data in the form of furniture.

The products are very simple and sober that will make you learn and understand for better furniture design and create a more complex structure with superiority.

This software also comes with guide lectures that will help you to use the software easily with simple navigation menus. But including all these highlights, there are some pocket drawbacks about pricing that are not appreciated.

The pricing starts at $7995.00 for per user and hence is quite expensive. As they do not have a free version available, instead they give you a free trial of the premium package.


  • 3D Solid Modelling
  • Include the multi-body part capability
  • Powerful and easy-to-use interface
  • Well-suited for beginners as well
  • Creation of complex structure in an essential manner
Furniture Design Software
Solid Works

2. Google SketchUp

It is the most popular 3D designed software that is developed by Google for furniture designs. The creation from a tree-house to a devastating building structure can be carried out with this software. Sketchup is a brilliant and very intuitive plan for digitally creating innovation.

It includes many layouts, effects and other things that will crave you to have this software. It is suitable for both new learners and professionals to create their masterpiece.

The regular package, Sketchup make free of cost but the premium one comes with the pricing of $695. The pricing is not that expensive so that one can have it for individual or industrial purpose.


  • Instinctive CAD way out that outdoes in creating and editing 2D as well as 3D concepts
  • Professional-quality topographies
  • Timely support and help with community
  • Incredible layout features and effects
  • Worth the money for better conclusion designs
free furniture design software
Google SketchUp

3. Polyboard Cabinet Design

It is considered as one of the professional software for furniture and interior designs. The software is a perfect mix of design, quality and pricing that will blow up your mind. This software is supported for both Windows, and Macintosh users and hence is platform-independent.

With the user-friendly interface of 3D cabinet design software, you can modify and make to order your cabinet conferring to your necessities. It has a huge assortment of glasses, doors, textures and handles to cherry-pick from.

You can sum up even minute details of your project by 3D Modelling feature and modify it as per your need. However, the pricing of this software depends on what you are working on.


  • New 3D presentation functions
  • Easy set-up of complex shapes
  • Enable you to interactively design cabinets, cupboards, fittings and practically any other furniture
  • Can create custom designs with self-modification
  • Quality specialization
Furniture Design Software
Polyboard Cabinet Design

4. CADPro Furniture Design Software

It is one of the drafting software that helps you modify and manage data related to wood and furniture. It is Windows and Mac supported software.

This software, claimed as a single product shop that will help you to add things in your project with the desired output. CADPro leases the creators to imagine, ideate, design and share their grind and that can be used to project the humblest to the classiest furniture designs.

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Apart from these amazing features you can carry across in a straight line your designs via mail and can also save them as a blueprint format in the pdf file. The amazing cool fact is you can get this software for free of cost without any single penny.


  • Modified and easy custom options are available
  • Offers a full set of drafting software
  • Platform independent
  • Save your work in blueprint format
  • Free to use – free furniture design software
furniture design software free
CADPro Furniture Design Software

5. PRO100 Furniture Design Software

Alike to CADPro, PRP100 is quite a similar kind of software used by many designers. It permits the creator to create and manage their requirements and need with suitable necessities. Also, it is very easy to use, and most importantly, it is faster than other software.

The chief compensations of PRO100 furniture software are its GUI which produces higher quality images and concentrates keeping miniature of details in one piece.

The recent version of this software has a lot of upgradation with 3D panorama and 360 ° view that is the most amazing feature of all. However, the pricing of this software is ₹40,172 by the year.


  • Assimilate genuine catalogue
  • You can export images, record panoramic visions and share them
  • Understanding 3D design
  • Importing data, nesting and crafting G-code for CNC
  • Easy-to-use software with genuine pricing
Furniture Design Software
PRO100 Furniture Design Software

6. Woodwork for Inventor

It is a well-known software application that is more occupants to construct kitchens, commercials and other interiors. The software is supported only for Windows user ranging from Windows7, 8, 8.1 and lastly 10.

It will assist you by powering statistics preparation for manufacturing, which is the most arduous and inefficient fragment of the complete furniture design procedure.

It has standard library parts and auto plot feature that is most convenient to perform your task. Woodworks for inventors can be one of your finest choices for furniture software that enables access for your requirements. It offers you a free 45 days trial with limited sources.


  • Dressing frame body with boards in an essential manner
  • Only supported for Windows Operating System
  • Automatic generation of machinery with updated features
  • Standard library with rich sources
  • Produce compound furniture from altered materials
Furniture Design Software
Woodwork for Inventor

7. SketchList

Many designers use SketchList furniture software to produce 3D ideas for kitchen, cabinet and all other furniture designs. It is very easy to operate this software as we just have to enter the dimensions.

Due to its ease, it is lone software that is used widely by many professional users and also by beginners and novice. It has features of dynamic resizing, effects and unlimited colour grains.

You can also add a realistic background effect with just a click of contours and joints. Including all those features and components you cannot get this software for free and have to pay the price for it. You may find this software for around ₹7000, which is worth taking.


  • Accumulate recognizable 3D objects
  • Automated woodworking design furniture software
  • Easy to use for cabinet design
  • Worth pricing with powerful results
  • Resizing effect with unlimited colour composition
Furniture Design Software

8. SweetHome 3D

SweetHome 3D is an interior design software application and can be considered as a great software to design interior. It is an easy, one-window application that permits you, nevertheless of design familiarity to generate a home idea in just a small number of minutes. It is the best software for a beginner who doesn’t have any knowledge about.

Hence, it is a pretty basic program having less weight and runs smoothly on your computer. Also, it is very cheap; perhaps there is no risk to try it.

It is compatible with any operating system and hence is platform-independent (runs on Windows, Mac and Linux). The price of this software is just $13.99, so you can purchase and work on it.


  • 2D as well 3D designed software
  • Budget-friendly and efficient uses
  • Runs on the different operating system
  • Create realistic pho view
  • You can import blueprints
Furniture Design Software
SweetHome 3D

9. SmartDraw Cabinet Designer

If you want to create a complex structure on building or mansion in a pretty easy manner, then you are at your perfect shot to have this software application for your designs.

This software offers you 4,500 nifty templates and more than 34,000 symbols over 70 diverse types of diagrams, including flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, network diagrams, and much more.

You can use it over any platform, and yet it runs smoothly. By having the trial version, you may get to know them first-hand experience over this application. The price of this software is $9.95 per month online and $297 for Windows users.


  • Interactive elements and features
  • Provides a huge source of templates and effects
  • Easy to use with drag and drop option
  • Can import and export files with any formats
  • Used by professionals as well as beginners 
Furniture Design Software
SmartDraw Cabinet Designer

Eleggible’s Best Recommendation

Those were the top 9 best furniture design software in 2020. All of them are best in their way, but being smarter, you can choose it according to your requirement.

If you are the one who is professional in this field and know pretty good about interior and wiling to find software over your convenience, CADPro Furniture Design and PRO100 Furniture Design are at its best.

However, if you are a beginner and have less knowledge about design SweetHome 3D and SketchList can be referred to as a good option. Moreover, other software can be usefully experienced who have construct complex structures and designs.

Check these best furniture design and get an Idea about how you can create on your own.

Best Furniture Design from Eleggible

Here is the link – https://in.pinterest.com/clothandkind/the-furniture/

Eleggible’s Final Words

All of these software applications are good in their ways, yet the choice is over you and what you need. Having the software that satisfies your needs and requirement will rather help you more than buying a tool which is complex and advanced but not having desired results.

All the above software are the most viewed and rated, so don’t hesitate to try one of it. Also, you can take a free trial to get an idea about all its tools and can be easy to navigate accordingly. What are you waiting for, just grab one and start designing your house, come up with ideas that you want without any finding the middle ground?