17 Best Gacha Games for Mobile to Play in 2022

In this youth, the category of games is at the highest point, as we all are into these and being a part of the gaming community. With this gaming, there is a lot of different genres that contribute towards distinctly nevertheless. In this, Best Gacha Games which comes to the contribution of Japanese RPG combat. As this is new in the market, neglecting that, it still has plenty of loyal fans and supports that made this game on the top of the market.

Due to the success of the Gacha game, we are into this article, which gives you stand to other related games of a similar genre like Gacha—getting a quick review of Top Gacha games, for those who don’t have any idea about this game.

It a fun video game which gears Gacha mechanics, and is relatable to the loot-boxes or something sort of loot-crates which you are rewarded randomly, including in-game currency. Providing this real money, you will receive some virtual simulated items in-game, which is generously in this increasing trend.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the similar popular gacha games. Don’t worry about the best alternative. We are list our top handpicked collection of good Gacha games that you can play on your mobile phone in this residing year 2022.

Our 17 picks of best mobile gacha games related games and along with its brief description will help you to find the best for yourself. With the addition to that, we will recommend the best amongst the given list and also discuss some fascinating and commonly used FAQ’s that deserves the suitable answer.

 Top 17 Gacha Games In The Year 2022

 Let us start with the best 17 of all related Gacha games that you find as an alternative for Gacha. In this segment, we are ongoing with the brief description of a particular game and can choose the one which you are convenient with.

Without getting a delay, let us move!

1. The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code is one of the popular and is the best alternative when it comes to the Gacha genre. It shows the grid grounded strategy that is the primary gameplay of this particular gaming application. In this game, you have to rule over some basic 3D units and defeat the opponent player by your tactics.

In addition to that, you will be familiarized to Logi and Dias, who are the only leading characters that want to bring even-handedness and change the entire world. Apart from these characters, there are more characters and classes that you fond of in the next level of accomplishment.

The gameplay of this game is pretty awesome, and the user interface is also attractive and fantastic. It is supported for Android and iOS users which is available on Google Play Store or its official App Store.

Game for Mobile to Play
The Alchemist Code

2. Tales of Erin

Looking straight-forward at the display, the Tales of Erin seems like for a more fantasy-related category of anime genre than RPG combat. But it is one of the creative creations of new Gacha Gaming and has a massive community of GachaGames. Similar Alchemist Code, Tales of Erin is based on the leading character “Erin” which is against the law-breaking facts and wants to deal with every obstacle and progress with leaving peace.

You will continue with the next level after the succession of the first. This game is played widely by many of its users and has more 80K positive reviews and 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store. You can get this on its official site or Google Play store and can play it with your friends with real-time multi-player feature. You can even try these two-player games.

Games for Mobile to Play
Tales of Erin

3. Marvel Strike Force

If you are the one who is obsessed with all the casts and superheroes from Marvel, then this Marvel Strike Force is the only way where you can relish all your joy. All those iconic names and characters such as Daredevil, Wolverine, Black Panther, Elektra, Rocket Racoon, and many others are animated in this game as a part.

It gives you display as similar to a movie with a cinematic view. The game is all loaded with action and fights which have to be succeeded for preceding the next level.

Along with that, you can create your squad with some characters and casts of four players. It is entirely free to get this game from Google Play Store and is also compatible with both Android as well as with iOS.

Game for Mobile to Play
Marvel Strike Force

4. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is another popular RPG gacha game which was released on 17 May 2018. You might have heard about this game as the popularity of it is on the next level. It contributes towards anime and action genre and is the best RPG game if found.

It permits you to play with fantastic characters like Goku, Legenda and others. This game has more than 10,000,000 downloads over recent times and has most possibly all positive ratings and more than700K reviews. This is loaded with all 3D animation along with action genre and visual fights.

If you are obsessed with fighting and actions, then this game might be the best for you. It is incredibly free, and you may found it on Play Store itself. It is well-suited for both Android and iOS platforms.

Game for Mobile to Play
Dragon Ball Legends

5. RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID is one of the newcomer which was released on 29 July 2018 in this new gacha game, yet has received a lot of downloads and heaps of positive reviews already. Despite being new to this, it has covered almost every possible stroke that should be contained within.

It covers the genre including new Gacha gaming, fantasy, action and adventure. Apart from that, it has a vast community of all its loyal fans and has pretty well downloaded. It includes expansive gameplay of different characters belonging from other class.

Most of such the game is mostly known for its graphics and displays all over. You will find a 3D gameplay with great adventurous which almost covers the bunch of distinct genres. RAID is available for all the operating systems from Android, iOS to Windows itself.

Game for Mobile to Play
RAID Shadow Legends

6. Another Eden

It is yet another role-playing game which can found as the ultimate alternative for Gacha gaming. Its initial release was on 12 April 2017 and until now has created a considerable fan-base of people over the globe. The graphics and animation are the things which will attract you to play this game.

Along with it, it has a simple two-dimensional side-scrolling feature through which you can manage your character and locate it wherever you are willing to. Playing this game in real-time mode lags or pauses very frequently or sometimes not at all through which you can conclude the gameplay of it.

It exploits turn-based battle, with opponents with mounting in more effort than previous as you progress over the game. It is available on Google Play Store for completely free cost and is compatible with Android, iOS, Switch, Nintendo.

Another Eden

7. Azur Lane

If you are the one who loves the brain-teasing and wants something to overcome it, trust me Azur Lane can be at its best which includes puzzle-solving tactics. It has enough ideas of its own that make it stand best from others. The interface is immensely loaded with graphical displays which may be little messy and provide you with dynamic gameplay eventually.

Most popularly with these loads of features and graphics the game is worth having as it is free to use. You can manage to have it from Google Play Store which will also give you a view to its recent downloads, highlights and other reviews. Azur Lane is compatible with only the Android and iOS platform, which quite disappointing for users of other platforms.

Best Gacha Games
Azur Lane

8. Summoners War

Summoners war is another interesting mobile turn-based strategy game which has been played by users all over the world. It has massive support and has a vast community look after every minute details. It offers you real-time gameplay with multi-player that is compatible for you as an opponent randomly over the entire globe.

Moreover, it is one of the strategy-based game where you can customize the gameplay and then defeat the opponents. The graphics and display are not that complex, but the gameplay is pretty awesome and even can be better after that.

Since recent, it has enormous fans playing this game from the initial release till now and has found it the best strategy related match ever. Perhaps it only supports to Android and iOS platform, and you can download it for free from Play Store.

Best Gacha Games
Summoners War

9. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

If you are the one who is obsessed with Dragon Ball Z character, you may found this game best for you as it includes the franchise characters and casts from Dragon Ball Z itself. As it is one of those, who have released very early but yet has its loyal fan base all over till now.

It is the two dimensional RPG gameplay which has introduced a large community of users. You relatively have to collect Dragon Balls to attacks the opponent, which will higher the gameplay in times.

It consists of a map, large attacking enemies and specific attacking points where you might get defeated, but overcoming it with your on-time strategies and tactics levels you up. The game is supported to only android and iOS platforms, and you can get it quickly from Play Store.

Best Gacha Games
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

10. Epic Seven

Epic Seven is one of the games which has recently been released on 30 August 2018 and yet has a lot of followers who are enjoying and relishing this game. It has enormous displays, intermediate graphics that will make you play this game overtimes. Most popularly the gameplay is so fast and tremendous that you can’t even oppose playing this game.

Dealing with massive attacks, opponents and other obstacles this game stands separately. But at the real-time and real-currency mode, this may take your hopes down as it is not that worth. But still, you can enjoy this game virtually. It is available for only Android iOS-based platforms, and you can download it with a patch file from Play Store itself.

Best Gacha Games
Epic Seven

11. Langrisser Mobile

It is one of the beloved gamed until now which has a deal with significant up-gradation and has turned back as one of the best RPG games ever. It has extensive modifications in graphics and display, which makes the most likely part of it. 

Hence, it is a random push game which has stood up from the ’90s until now and hence is receiving humble followers now. It is based on action, adventure and RPG genre. Again it is only available for Android and iOS and can get it from Google Play Store itself without costing a single penny.

Best Gacha Games
Langrisser Mobile

12. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

As looking onward the name of the game, you may get a clear idea that it is fantasy related game which has comprised of several different characters. Irrespective of the story, this game also has a dull filter that will no longer remain a fantasy. As the remake of Final Fantasy has plenty of modified part that will blow up your mind.

If you are new to combat, you must try this game out as it increases the adventure and action as the way you keep on perceiving succession. You can easily find it on Play Store or its official site. Apart from that, you can even enjoy this from your Xbox, Play station and other gaming tools. It is worth to play this game as you will never be disappointed.

Best Gacha Games
Final Fantasy-Brave Exvius

13. One Piece Bounty Rush

It is another free mobile game which is based on the one-piece characters and franchise. It has simple graphics which does not have a much to do with but yet is an exceptionally trending game in this year. If you’re obsessed with one piece characters, this gameplay will relish you more than any other game.

It covers the genre related to action, anime which suitably the best. The graphics and display are so better and modified, which creates better gameplay so on. Also, you can find this game free on Google Play Store and can download it. Also, it is only available for Android and iOS platforms.

Best Gacha Games
One Piece Bounty Rush

14. Exos Heroes

Being one of the popular Gacha games, Exos heroes have its best stand from now over. It includes unique features and graphics that enable the gameplay even better. When it comes to graphics, it stands out from the crowd with other gaming community.

It is supported to both Android and iOS platform as well with free downloads. Overall it has the best reviews and ratings until now. The point where you might get irritated is the loading time. If you want to play this game, it is worth or if with real-time gaming with money, you must think about it before.

Best Gacha Games
Exos Heroes

15. Brave frontier

Brave frontier is another Japanese mobile role-playing game with Gacha gaming which was further released on 13 December 2013. It is the game which covers animation display and graphics with loaded features. Also, it covers action, adventure, role-playing of different genre. It tempers with standard support RPG combat with an addictive card pull together events that you should not miss.

Creating a unique game with the broad application this game stands out of the crowd with its unique features. It has a massive community of users and supporters. Also, you can get it for free from Google Play Store and compatible with most of the operating systems.

Best Gacha Games
Brave frontier

16. Dragalia Lost

Dragalia lost is another action mobile playing game which was released on 27 September 2018, by Cygames and was later published by Nintendo. The game is quite a fantasy-related which consist of landing on the piece of land which also comprises some of the dragons. Combat and drive are retained modest, as you tap to attack, drag to run and swipe to dodge without any technical difficulty.

Furthermore, it has enough graphics and display is impressive for the users. Also, you can modify some of the settings itself. Dragalia Lost is only availed for Android and iOS, and you can find out on Google Play Store.

Games for Mobile to Play
Dragalia Lost

17. Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is yet another RPG which is for Android and iOS platforms which let players take on the character of an inexperienced to become dominant on a pursuit. It is countless amusing, but then again with a few prerequisites and condition-based. It is related to the anime and action genre.

The graphics are on the next level, and also it supports a massive community of Asian, Korean, Chinese and many others. It is a story-based adventure which has a young volunteer who wants to save humanity and well-being and further maintain peace all and over. The difficulty level rises after completion of the initial level. You can quickly get in on Play Store instantly.

Best Gacha Games
Fate-Grand Order

Eleggible’s Recommendation

This was the list of top 17 best Gacha games which one must give a try. As this was a massive list of 17 extremely trending games, you might get confused to pick the one which is most extra-ordinary than others. Helping you out at some extent we have tried to find out the best which you must give a shot.

Our recommendation would suggest you have the very first from the list, which is The Alchemist Code. It has incredibly outstanding gameplay. Also, you can go for Tales of Erin, which is even more competitive. Other than that if you are finding the one which has some of the franchise, and then Marvel Strike and Dragon Ball Legend may be sound right for you.


1. How do Gacha games work?

As mentioned earlier, the game works in our mobile by displaying a spin wheel which you can refer to as lucky draw-spin or roulette wheel. It points on the random item when you feed in the real game currency and hurray, you get that random virtual item that pops-up on the wheel.

2. Can you hack Gacha games?

The sense of hacking has been into reality with hacking perception itself, so yes, the game can hack or drudge. But it does not let you have any effect on the game, but the user who can hack can retain some of the other things that are award irrespective of the game’s rules and regulations.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here was the article about 17 Top Gacha games which must give a shot. If you are obsessed with Gacha gaming, these are some which you will love. On the other hand, this list contains only top picks so you can go with any game which you like to have irrespective of our recommendation.

We have almost covered everything related to this article and also have discussed some of the common FAQ’s. Just quickly grab any one of them as each of them contains some of the other quality and start playing games. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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