12+ Of The Best GameCube Emulator for Android (2021)

Enjoy that decades-old favorite games now on android, by getting any of these best Gamecube emulator for android.

No matter how many new, advanced hi-tech games keep getting launched, we still have that special place in our heart for the games that we used to play as a kid and even now long for it despite the fact, that they are hardly available nowadays.

And even if we get access to them then the problem that arises is, that many of such games cannot run in such latest and advanced technology that are used to operate devices presently. But dolphin emulator ROMs are standard ROM games that can be played on the dolphin emulator.

Though you can get these Nintendo DS and Wii console games including Wii sports games like wind waker, resident evil, super Mario, etc. through ROM files, as you may already be aware, that downloading ROMs is illegal as well as unsafe for your device. And going to such an extent just to relish those old games can later on make you regret your decision.

So what can be the best approach to deal with such a matter, where you can enjoy your all-time favorite old games without doing much research work and any doubts?

Well, the only best solution is getting one of the best GameCube emulators. As for emulators, it is nothing but software that lets you run a completely different program on your Desktop or android.

And game cube emulators is that one platform that provides you convenient access to a wide range of GameCube games that you can play on your devices equipped with the latest technology with much ease.

Here in this article, we have presented our list of best recommendations that also includes Nintendo GameCube emulator for android and iOS besides just PC, that you can download.

Almost all of these have absolutely zero charges, and some of them can be downloaded even on a slow-paced device. So in all, by going through this article you will find the best emulators that are most suitable for your android.

13 Of The Best Nintendo GameCube Emulators for Android in 2021

After analyzing and reviewing more than 50 android Gamecube emulators, we have listed these best emulators for YOU. 

You can download these emulators from Google Play Stor or iOS App Store.

So, let’s begin. 

#1 LDPlayer

LDPlayer 3 and LDPlayer 4 emulator is available on the official website for Android users with 32 bit. It can be downloaded easily with a click further concentrates on giving emulation for the tremendous current Android games right on your PC.

Optimized to operate exceptionally practical on any device, which means that it has decent storage with RAM capacities than other identical software. It is a highly preferred Android emulator because it benefits Android 5.1 and appears with all of the essential details for every gamer.

LDPlayer will assist a person in entering any Android game on their PC. Even not only match, but you can also record any operating system. LDPlayer is independent to use, so people don’t need any money to fund their gaming preferences. It is system generous software, and you don’t expect to absorb a lot of capital on promoting your course. 

Best Gamecube Emulator
LD Player


  • It can accommodate your PC and veer it into a powerful gaming laptop or any desktop machine. 
  • Performs and allows the individual the extensively powerful mobile software with a high level of compatibility.
  • It gives rapid achievement for Android gaming and enables easy, convenient use to play mobile games on PC with mouse and keyboard. 
  • It can enable people to experience the Android undertaking system on their powerful computers.
  • One of the reasonable and clearest Android emulators for windows.
  • This Nintendo gamecube emulator for android is manufactured by a Chinese company and s broadcast for all users worldwide so that everyone can relish mobile games and apps on their large computers.
  • LDPlayer is a stable Android emulator for windows, and as it accomplishes, it contains numerous ads with no spyware.
  • LDPlayer demands not only comparative execution but also the flickering speed for operating Android games.
  • Beneficial and valuable for mobile users to install different apps&games as a play store.
  • Concentrates on empowering you with the best applicability.
  • Comprises of a built-in operation synchronizer, which is efficient and significant for regulating multiple instances at a similar time.


  • This android gamecube emulator does not let running multiple applications in various windows, and that is why people prefer another emulator than LD player

#2 Bluestack

It is one of the Best Gamecube Emulator. BlueStacks was established in 2011 to shove the barriers of mobile gaming. Today more than 210 million nations worldwide aim our App Player product to play mobile games on their PCs and Macs utilizing our patented Layercake technology. On the other side, we have a different strategy that incorporates digital and conventional publicity to maximize both in a path no one has accomplished before.

Bluestacks is one of the most outstanding Android PC and Mac emulators, borrowed by more than 370 million nations worldwide. However, It barely enables you to run Android games on your desktop, but it also proposes numerous other features to put up the experience to the next level. 

Best Gamecube Emulator


  • This GC emulator for android includes exceptional graphics achievement distinguished to even high-end custom mappings for keyboards or Bluetooth controllers smartphones, and multi-instance abilities to play with more than one id at a time. 
  • There are formal giveaways for gaming gear and in-game commodities and gadgets.
  • It is a favorable choice for several Android games while maximum games are constructed to be fiddled in short spurts, some required enhanced playtimes that will consume through your charge in no time like PUBG Mobile had graphics restrictions that your mobile might not meet.
  • You can make a short switch to YouTube, Facebook, and more utilizing OBS software, a prosperous and happy format than specialized cable software.


  • Bluestacks consumes a lot of resources on any computer than other resource-heavy applications or games. People have to be careful o leave it running in the background on a less than powerful machine.

#3 Andy

Andy OS is a complimentary mobile operating system emulator that operates on any device which has barriers between mobile and desktop computing. It gives its users PC compatibility, endless storage, and the proficiency to use a maximum of the Android application on their desktop computer. This is the best GameCube emulator for android and also combines your operations between appliances, confirming nothing is lost in the transition.

Best Gamecube Emulator


  • Andy, or ‘Andy the Android Emulator’ approves the individual to operate their Android applications, like Snapchat or WhatsApp through your PC desktops
  • This gamecube emulators for android operates Android OS 4.2.2 in an implied machine, encouraging people to initiate a full-screen application for a better experience or hold them available in a desirable window next to your Windows programs.
  • It has an operating system that contributes to a considerable emulation experience, including beneficial features, like using your phone as a controller.
  • Its program is complimentary, but there’s furthermore involves a pro interpretation that stimulates people to utilize the same network on multiple devices, proposes extra compatibility, fast access to the delinquent updates, and bonus support.
  • It doesn’t force people to operate any screen size but instead authorizes them to resize on the fly.
  • It Furnishes people with an enormous understanding of the Android governing operation relatively than only emulating particular apps Can clear and operate any mobile apps accessible in Google Play With straight technical expertise, 
  • A person can completely customize the interface Control application on your phone, enabling them to use the device as a controller while fiddling video games on your desktop.


  • Installation can be a complicated process that may need you to attempt to help your system 
  • The Andy Remote Control application occasionally has a problem comprehending your computer policy 
  • The software utilizes a lot of volume on your computer, and emptying more than one app on your desktop hinders everything down to operating the Jellybean version, which is an unfashionable interpretation for some mobile users.

#4 Genymotion

Genymotion is the reasonable & best Nintendo Gamecube emulator for android on demand, which is both healthy and susceptible to use and gains people’s interest with curiosity and Android originators.

It is an influential software, and the personality is decent, contemplating it’s free of charge, further approaches ideal as far as Android emulators belong.

Best Gamecube Emulator


  • It’s susceptible to employ but remembers sufficiently advanced features to fulfill Android developers and experts. This newcomer to the emulator market will have no difficulty establishing itself as a reference product in this market.
  • It is acceptable for everyone and convenient to utilize but has sufficiently developed features to fulfill Android creators and specialists.


  • The program is designed to be buggy periodically.
  • The screen’s rotation can cause problems on some of the emulated phones, and selecting the Android drop-down menu sometimes caused the emulator to crash.

#5 Game loop

This gamecube emulators for android imitates the Android strategy on a computer desktop or any other device. People can then use APKs—games and coquet them with all the advantages your PC enables.

GameLoop is just the following implication of those emulators for that people have to comprehend the significance of GameLoop and its archetypes. It enables people to know a little virtually about Tencent, a Chinese company, and the globally enormous video game corporation. 

Game Loop
Game Loop


  • The game loop is entirely prudent from viruses because it is an authorized emulator for mobile.
  • The next output android emulator software provided by Tencent, the same company that created the Android version of the outstanding battle royale tape game PUBG, has distributed a highly profitable Android emulator on PC called Tencent Gaming Buddy. 
  • It can be aimed to carry several popular mobile games to existence straight on your PC network.
  • It transcends the potentials of contemporary mobile hardware.
  • Fastest and mainly optimized Android gaming emulator for a person.
  • Widespread compatibility with some of the extensively prominent Android games of today.
  • It can Put up with the enormous purpose of people influential CPU, GPU, and RAM hardware to provide Android games decent than on mobile.
  • Full restraint customization.
  • Optimization networking for long gaming.
  • It provides a Built-in collaborator list and stoner-finding assistance.
  • It is an Integrated tournament browser with a one-click install and download procedure.


  • It lacks in a period of across-the-board emulation but is among the biggest for gaming. 
  • There are mistakes in the establishment, issues related to audios in games. However, these problems don’t prevail as standard as to leave behind you from utilizing it.

#6 Koplayer

Koplayer helps it’s a user to increase their excellent experience while playing on their PC. It is a substantial and unrestricted best Nintendo Gamecube emulator for android that settles the primary emphasis on giving people a lag-free experience. Like other emulators, Koplayer incredibly facilitates a person to appreciate Android’s details and processes with an Android device.

This gamecube emulators for android enables a person to download, play and install any application accessible on Google Play Store in it, which can be installed manually and through this emulator further benefits .apk files that can effortlessly be pulled and declined at your desired location. 



  • It enables you to comprehend what brings about it varied from other emulators out there in the market
  • Excellent, simple to utilize, and interactive user interface.
  • It enables you to appreciate all the Android applications on the big network with more entertainment and excitement.
  • The built-in video documenting detail facilitates a person to report their videos and appreciate them conveniently.
  • It gives free-to-play accessible content.
  • People can compute gameplay with their friends and family. 
  • It appears with another Google Play Store, thus providing you with the capability to admission any application you need at the touch of a regulator within this emulator interface.
  • It encompasses a toolbar lending quick entry to, screen capturing, and quantity adjustment other settings surrounding selecting your desired determination, setting a Boss key, and others.


  • People might find a problem while installing it.

#7 Windroy

Windroy is a proposal that integrates the processes of YouWave and Bluestacks to emulate Android. It is to be eligible to operate all Android apps and be as manageable to employ as any other application.

Android 4.0.3 is the version that nowadays scrambles in Android. It’s time to commence and request an entire Android experience, which has some shortcomings. You can also play Mario kart, smash bros, etc. games with this emulator.



  • Windroy is a significant application formulated to emulate the Android operating system 
  • It combines flawlessly with Flash and Windows Media Player, comprising all the screen resolutions, keyboard and mouse usage, and web tools.


  • In WindowsAndroid, you won’t disclose Google Play, the Android app store. To operate applications, you should know to get the APK file and remove it from the SocketeQ\windowsandroid_root\system\ folder.
  • WindowsAndroid also requires audio at the juncture, and the web browser is hazardous. However, it is a new program, and these crises should be ironed out as it formulates. It’s also a neat path to find out the ins and outs of Android.
  • WindowsAndroid is still incredibly inexperienced. It’s a profitable undertaking to get Android running in Windows, but it’s far from excellent at the minute.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

The best Nintendo Gamecube emulator for android would be Bluestacks, as it is one of the most outstanding Android PC and Mac emulators, borrowed by more than 370 million nations around the world. However, It almost enables you to run Android games on your desktop. Still, it also recommends numerous other features to put up with the experience to the next level.

It includes exceptional graphics achievement distinguished to even high-end custom mappings for keyboards or Bluetooth controllers smartphones. Multi-instance abilities to play with more than one id at a time are a favorable choice for several Android games.

In contrast, full games are constructed to be fiddled in short spurts. Some required enhanced playtimes that will consume through your charge in no time like PUBG Mobile had graphics restrictions that your mobile might not meet.

You can even switch to YouTube, Facebook, and more utilizing OBS software, which occurs prosperously and happy format than specialized cable software.

Is the Dolphin Emulator Safe?

Dolphin games emulator is the best emulator ever with no features like malware that arrives along with Dolphins, Hence, It’s very comfortable, susceptible to use as it’s one-source and it’s safe.

Is There a Working GameCube Emulator for Android?

Dolphin Emulator is an influential emulator, appreciation to Gamecube, and Wii video games on your Android device. 

Does Dolphin work on Android?

It is one of the largest technically mandating emulators for Android, which makes GameCube and Wii games available for smartphones, and it appears a long way since its initial release.

How Do I Install the Dolphin Emulator on Android?

You can download it through the play store.

Is the Dolphin Emulator Legal?

The code of the dolphin emulator itself is legitimate as its extensively detailed audio emulation.

Are Emulators Illegal?

No, emulators are not illegal.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Although there are many other Gamecube emulators for android available in the market that have their credibility the reason to choose Nintendo’s GameCube Emulators above all others is that it is wholly meant for gaming purposes which means that it has a collection of many rare and popular retro games that can hardly be found in any other manual emulators, such as Mario Party 7, Wave Race, Final fantasy, Bloody roar, and the list goes on.

Giving you the best gaming experience ever, it is worth your time to get any of the listed GameCube emulators.

Also by reviewing and analyzing thoroughly almost every GameCube emulator accessible, we can say that Dolphin is the most excellent Nintendo Gamecube emulator for android among these 12.

It is a highly reliable and safe approach, also available on all platforms i.e. windows, android, and Mac. Its authenticity and efficient service has now made it the most popular choice.

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