9 Best Games Like Borderlands to Play in 2022

Games like Borderlands aren’t straightforward to create as the first person looter-shooter games with elements of RPG are hard to combine in correct proportions, especially when they have to be visually pleasing and with deeply satisfying game mechanics as well.

All of these characteristics have made Borderlands one of the best series of our generation though there are games that can challenge Borderland’s creativity and experience.

Games Like Borderlands you will Get Addicted to in No Time

In this list, we have assimilated the 9 best games like Borderlands, which you are sure to have a lovely time playing.

1. Dying Light

Taking on zombies has become a bit cliché. Still, Dying Light does it better than a lot of other games because of its fluid and realistic parkour system, dynamic day-night shift, and co-operative multiplayer modes.

Games like Borderlands
Dying Light

You play as Kyle Crane, who is an undercover agent sent out to infiltrate an infected zombie city by the name of Harran. The game comes with stunning graphics and details, which will get you a real zombie apocalypse experience.

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2. Fallout 4

This open-world post-apocalyptic game has got everything, be it a captivating story, excellent mechanics, RPG elements. It has a more intense and mature story than Borderlands and is only a single-player; however, the game is a gem of its own.

Fallout 4

You play a character known as the “Sole Survivor” who looks ventures into a post-apocalyptic environment to look out for his missing child. There are a lot of extensions to this game, which are nothing short of a treat. Check out these Power Arms in Fallout 4.

You can also try out Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas as they have similar mechanics.

3. Mad Max

You play the role of a guy named Max and who is mad about pretty much everything and hence the title.

Mad Max

The story progresses as Max, who is an ex-police officer and hence skilled in armed and unarmed combat, decides to run away to a place called “Plains of Silence” to live the remainder of his life in peace.

However, he gets into some trouble with thugs and goons and then gets on an all-out rampage to fulfill his mission. 

4. Wolfenstein: The New Order

This game, much like the other games of the popular Wolfenstein series revolves around killing Nazis who are hell-bent on turning the tide of the war with technologies never seen before.

Wolfenstein The New Order

The game is played in the first-person perspective, and locations are reached mostly by foot. The combat system of this game is extremely well designed as it comes with a cover system to avoid enemy attack or prepare for an ambush.

There are a lot of customization when it comes to weapons, which gives a fresh outlook to this game.

 5. Rage

Rage is similar to the Fallout series when it comes to the story as both are set up in a post-apocalyptic world; however, it resembles Borderlands closely when it comes to graphics and gameplay.


Like both of them, Rage is played in a first-person perspective, and the players roam around the world, killing mutants and monsters that provide a stiff challenge.

Vehicle combat also comes in handy, so its smart to upgrade your buggy. Rage can be played in co-op mode as well as similar to Borderlands.

6. Saints Row 4

 The main character of this game is the leader of the world’s most powerful gang, President of the United States, has superpowers and is leading the war against an alien invasion, sounds cool, right?

Saints Row 4

The game is filled with humor at every step of the way; you’ll be facing a bunch of zombies, jumping over buildings, and run fast enough to outrun vehicles. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your superpowers more.

It is like a combination of many games and will be fun to play if you enjoyed playing Borderlands.

7. Destiny

Played in the first-person perspective in only multiplayer mode, Destiny is one hell of a ride. The game has multiple options like player vs. player and player vs. environment.

Players assume the role of a Guardian who squares off against alien races to protect the Earth’s last safe city using a power called Light.


Your mission is to awaken a celestial being known as the Traveler in their bid to save the city from its near-inevitable destruction.

It comes with RPG and MMO elements and is sure to give you a good time, given you have friends to play with.    

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8. Bioshock Infinite

I couldn’t stop myself from adding Bioshock on this list, and in my defense, the whole series is just awesome. Bioshock Infinite sees you play a character by the name of Booker, who is hired to capture a girl named Elizabeth in the city of Columbia, flying above the clouds.

Bioshock Infinite

However, much to the dismay of our character, the job is deeper than expected. The open-world display of the whole city is jaw-dropping, and the world does resemble that of the Borderlands to a certain extent.

The look and feel of the game will surely remind you of Borderlands.  

9. Dead Island

Imagine you and your friends went to a beautiful island for vacation, and suddenly a lot of zombies showed up, what will you do? Will you run away or face them; that’s what Dead Island is all about.

Dead Island

It is a survival action game that focuses on melee combat; the open world is free for exploration so that you can find out the cause of the zombie apocalypse yourself.

The combat system, details, and visuals of this game is splendid and is a good way to spend your time with friends.

Eleggible’s Final Words

That would mark the end of this list. Now, I know not many games, even on this list aside from Saints Row 4 can match the humor section in Borderlands. Still, you will enjoy your time playing these games.

A few games I have mentioned have sequels and prequels as well, so make sure you check which one you should go for and do check whether or not your PC will be able to handle it smoothly. Enjoy your time gaming! 

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