9 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic (2023)

The best gaming headphones without mic are necessary for players who wish to immerse themselves in the game and experience better audio fully. A built-in microphone is a feature that most gaming headphones have, but there are other models without one.

High-quality sound and comfort are critical features of gaming headphones without a microphone. By improving sound effects and allowing players to pick up even the most minor in-game sounds, effective gaming headphones can significantly improve the gaming experience.

Even while microphone-equipped gaming headphones are standard, some players like models sans microphones. They are more comfortable to wear because they lack a microphone and are consequently less expensive, lighter, and bulkier.

This guide is meant to assist gamers in making the finest microphone-free gaming headphone selections. Discussions of each type of gaming headphone’s characteristics, requirements, advantages, and disadvantages will be helpful to the reader.

The gaming experience can be improved by using headphones without a microphone with more outstanding sound quality and a more comfortable design. Readers will know the necessary to choose the finest gaming headphones without a mic for their requirements.

Benefits of Gaming Headphones Without a Mic

Greater focus on game sounds. Gaming headphones without a microphone offer a noticeable advantage for players who want to concentrate on the game’s soundtrack. Players can concentrate on the game’s audio if there isn’t a microphone.

Moreover, sound effect apps can further enhance the gaming experience when combined with gaming headphones without a microphone, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game’s audio without any distractions.

Thanks to the headphones’ strong speakers, which produce evident sound quality, users can easily distinguish every noise and get a tactical advantage.

This type of headphone is ideal for gamers who wish to immerse themselves in the ambiance of the game while listening to the soundtrack and dialogue.

In light of this, gaming headphones without a microphone are an excellent option if you’re a player who values sound quality over communication.

More comfortable to wear for extended periods. The comfort they offer for prolonged gaming sessions is another crucial advantage of gaming headphones without a mic. These headphones tend to be lighter and more comfortable since they lack bulky cables and microphones, lowering the possibility of ear or head discomfort.

They frequently have adjustable headbands and plush ear cushions, guaranteeing a great fit and removing pain. These headphones are perfect for extended gaming sessions because gamers can wear them without feeling uncomfortable for hours.

So, gaming headphones without a microphone are a great choice if you’re a gamer who enjoys losing yourself in the game for hours on end.

Lower cost compared to headphones with a built-in mic. They have the benefit of being less expensive than gaming headphones with an integrated microphone. Because there is no microphone, the cost of production can be lower for the producer, which benefits budget-conscious gamers. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for gamers who don’t need or already have a microphone separately.

These headphones are a terrific option for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience without going over budget because they provide excellent sound quality despite being less expensive. For gamers who want to experience better audio quality without paying a fortune, it’s an economical solution.

List of 9 Best Gaming Headphones Without Mic in 2023

#1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 

beyerdynamic Dt 990 Pro Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

The open-back Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones have outstanding sound quality and comfort. The headphones were made using premium components, such as an aluminum frame and velour ear cushions that provide a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions.

The headphones are versatile thanks to their 3.5mm connection, which works with various gadgets, including phones, PCs, and audio interfaces.

Customers may relax knowing that Beyerdynamic will cover any production flaws or issues with the DT 990 Pro for a full two years.

Additionally, the company offers top-notch customer service to help customers with any questions or concerns. Overall, the DT 990 Pro is an excellent headset with great value.

Things I Like

  • The open-back design of the DT 990 Pro enables a more roomy and organic soundstage with good detail and instrument separation.
  • These headphones are cozy for extended periods thanks to the velour ear pads and adjustable headband.
  • The coiled cable with the DT 990 Pro can be changed if necessary, and the device is well-built.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Due to the open-back design, there is a greater chance of sound leakage, which could annoy surrounding neighbors or those in public areas.
  • They are less ideal for noisy areas since outside noises can still be heard at loud volumes despite their lack of noise isolation.
  • Since low sensitivity and high impedance necessitate a solid amplifier for the function to its full potential, the overall cost of ownership increases.

#2. Sennheiser HD 660 S 

Sennheiser HD 600 - Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic Headphone

Audiophiles with high standards should consider the Sennheiser HD 660 S headphones. With premium materials and a comfortable, ergonomic fit, the design and structure are of a blooming appearance.

It has a broad soundstage that improves the listening experience and a clean, detailed, and balanced sound quality. With a detachable connection for easy accessibility, the headphones work with various gadgets.

The closed-back design offers some noise seclusion from the outside world, even if there is no adaptive noise cancellation. Sennheiser provides a 2-year guarantee and excellent customer service to provide customers the comfort of mind.

Things I Like

  • With the precise and detailed depiction of instruments and vocals, the HD 660 S is recognized for its balanced sound profile.
  • For prolonged listening periods, these lightweight headphones are comfortable to wear.
  • The HD 660 S boasts a sleek, appealing design and is constructed from premium materials.

Things I Don’t Like

  • The HD 660 S’s inflated cost may discourage some customers.
  • These headphones need to use a supplementary amplifier to obtain their best sound, which could raise their price.
  • Many claims that the HD 660 S’s music selection is less extensive than expected.

#3. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x 

Audio-Technica Ath-M50X Wired Over Ear Headphones Without Mic (Black)

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones are fashionable and durable. The ear cups may be twisted to provide a snug fit, and the craftsmanship is of high quality.

The sound quality is excellent, with clear and balanced playback, making it ideal for studio work and music creation. The headphones’ easily replaceable detachable cables can be used with various gadgets. Active noise-canceling headphones are still preferred despite the good sound isolation.

The headphone offers exceptional customer service and a year’s worth of warranty repairs for the headsets. The ATH-M50x headphones are, in the end, a trustworthy and high-end option for music enthusiasts and professionals.

Things I Like

  • Excellent sound quality with a clear and balanced output that is ideal for music production and studio work.
  • Sleek and durable design with comfortable ear cups that swivel for a customized fit.
  • Detachable cables allow for easy replacement and compatibility with a range of devices.
  • Affordable price point compared to other professional-grade headphones.
  • It comes with a protective carrying case for safe transport.

Things I Don’t Like

  • Noise isolation is decent but not as effective as active noise-canceling headphones.
  • Ear cups may feel a bit tight for those with larger heads or ears.
  • Lacks wireless connectivity options for those who prefer cordless listening.
  • Not as lightweight as some other headphone models, which may cause discomfort during extended use.
  • It may not be suitable for casual listeners or those who prefer bass-heavy sound profiles.

#4. Philips SHP9500

Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

The Philips SHP9500 headphones stand out for their straightforward, lovely design and strong yet lightweight construction. The ear cups’ soft padding and breathable materials make them comfortable for extended listening sessions.

The sound the headphones generate is incredibly accurate, crisp, and detailed. The open-back design enhances the soundstage and provides a more natural listening experience.

These headphones contain a 3.5mm connector, which is widespread and compatible with many devices. Although they lack active noise-cancellation technology, they nonetheless provide sound noise isolation.

Philips provides a one-year guarantee and helpful customer service. The Philips SHP9500 headphones provide a lot of value for anyone searching for a high-quality, reasonably-priced listening experience.

Things I Like

  • Excellent sound quality with a neutral, regulated output that works with a variety of musical styles, compact design, airy ear cups, and a comfortable fit.
  • Compared to other high-end headphones, the pricing is reasonable.
  • Open-back designs provide a larger soundstage and more natural sound reproduction.
  • Easy replacement and compatibility with a range of gadgets thanks to the cable’s detachability.

Things I Don’t Like

  • It lacks noise isolation, potentially unsuitable for usage in noisy areas.
  • There might be less bass response than some listeners would want.
  • Although passable, the construction is less robust than that of specific other headphone models.
  • Those who prefer a sound profile with more bass or listen to music with many sub-bass frequencies might find it challenging.
  • For people with smaller heads, the headband could not fit snugly.

#5. AKG K702 

AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear, Open-Back, Flat-Wire, Reference Studio Headphones,Black

A professional-grade headphone made for music creation, studio work, and immersive gaming experiences is the AKG K702. The sleek, contemporary design has a cozy and adjustable headband and padded ear cups for extended listening sessions.

The audio reproduction is accurate because of the flat frequency response, and the expansive soundstage makes for an engaging listening experience.

The headphones have a detachable cord that is simple to replace and works with various gadgets. The headphones come with a two-year warranty from AKG, and they have excellent customer service. Overall, the AKG K702 is an excellent and dependable choice for gamers and music professionals.

Things I Like

  • Professional-grade headphones with a flat frequency response and a large soundstage for precise and lifelike audio.
  • Soft ear pads and a self-adjusting leather headband provide a comfortable fit for prolonged usage.
  • Easy replacement and compatibility with a variety of devices thanks to the cable’s detachability.
  • Ideal for usage during prolonged gaming sessions is a lightweight design.
  • Open-back architecture that produces a natural and roomy sound rendition

Things I Don’t Like

  • It does not work for blocking out the noise
  • High-impedance headphones may need an amplifier for best results.
  • The headband could be annoying or tight for some users.
  • There may be more aesthetically acceptable headphone devices on the market.

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#6. HyperX Cloud MIX 

HyperX Cloud MIX - Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth, Game and Go, Detachable Microphone, Signature Comfort, Lightweight, Multi Platform Compatible - Black

An affordable gaming headset that offers a secure fit and exceptional sound quality is the HyperX Cloud MIX. High-quality, long-lasting materials are used in its attractive, streamlined design.

The music is crystal clear and sharp, enhancing the game’s immersive experience. Additionally, the headphones have Bluetooth connectivity, making it simple to connect to various devices. While the ear cups muffle outside noise, the noise cancellation technology helps reduce background noise.

The headset is a dependable, inexpensive gaming option with a two-year warranty and first-rate customer service.

Things I Like

  • Adaptable design for usage with wired and wireless networks
  • 40mm drivers and dual-chamber technology for high-quality audio
  • A sturdy, comfortable design with memory foam ear cups

Things I Don’t Like

  • Compared to other gaming headphones, expensive
  • Poor noise cancellation and average microphone quality

#7. SteelSeries Arctis 5

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is a top-of-the-line gaming headphone that boasts a sleek and comfortable design with the excellent build quality. Its sound signature is balanced, making it suitable for a wide range of games, and its positional audio is top-notch, allowing gamers to pinpoint the exact location of in-game sounds.

It is also highly compatible with multiple platforms and devices, thanks to its USB and 3.5mm connections. The Arctis 5 offers decent noise isolation but lacks active noise cancellation.

However, the headphones come with a generous two-year warranty, and SteelSeries provides excellent customer support, making it a solid investment for serious gamers.

Things I Like

  • The SteelSeries Arctis 5 has a stylish and cozy design that makes it perfect for prolonged gaming sessions.
  • The headphones produce a well-balanced sound signature that is accurate and clear in all frequency ranges.
  • Excellent positional audio makes it easy for players to identify the location of in-game noises.

Things I Don’t Like

  • As a wired headset, the Arctis 5 may be less convenient or portable for many users.
  • For individuals who want a more streamlined appearance or want to use headphones for uses other than gaming, the fact that the microphone is not detachable may be a concern.
  • It may displease bass aficionados that the headphone’s bass response could be more substantial than that of other gaming headphones.

#8. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 

Crossfade M-100 Master Over-Ear Headphone - Matte Black

The V-Moda Crossfade M-100 are high-quality headphones with durable construction. They are sturdy since leather and metal were employed in their creation.

The headphones provide excellent sound quality, with powerful bass and crystal-clear highs. Among the equipment they use are computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

The noise cancellation feature in the headphones enhances music quality by reducing outside noise. The business provides excellent customer service and a one-year warranty on the products.

Things I Like

  • The V-Moda Crossfade M-100 has a durable and sturdy design, making it ideal for use during travel or in outdoor settings.
  • The sound quality is exceptional, with powerful bass and clear mids and highs.
  • The headphones come with a detachable cable and a hard-shell carrying case, providing additional convenience and protection.

Things I Don’t Like

  • An expensive price point may not be suitable for all budgets
  • Heavyweight and large sizes may not be ideal for prolonged use or travel
  • Limited noise-canceling feature compared to competitors

#9. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones in Black. Closed Construction, Wired for Studio use, Ideal for Mixing in The Studio

For gamers and music fans who place a premium on comfort and excellent sound, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is a fantastic option. Soft ear cushions that snugly fit around your ears are a feature of these closed-back headphones, which have a solid and robust construction.

They provide a rich, detailed audio reproduction with a good bass response, creating an immersive listening experience. Wide-ranging device compatibility and a 2-year warranty are both features of these headphones.

Focusing on your music or game is made possible by the noise isolation feature, which helps to block out outside sounds. Also fantastic is customer service.

Things I Like

  • Tone clarity and excellent audio reproduction.
  • The adjustable headband and plush ear pads guarantee a secure fit.
  • Built with a solid, long-lasting, and trustworthy design

Things I Don’t Like

  • It can be a bit heavy and bulky, which may not suit all users or activities.
  • No inline remote or microphone, which can limit their usefulness for phone calls or gaming.
  • It is slightly expensive compared to other headphones in the same category, but it is worth it for the quality.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Gaming Headphones Without a Mic

Consider elements like sound quality, comfort, durability, compatibility, design, and pricing when selecting gaming headphones without a microphone to find the ideal option that suits your demands and budget.

1. Sound Quality

Good sound quality is crucial when selecting gaming headphones without a mic. Look for headphones with high-quality audio drivers, good frequency response, and clear audio separation to enhance your gaming experience.

2. Comfort and Design

Comfort should come first because you’ll likely be using your gaming headphones for extended periods. Consider shopping for headphones with padding on the headband and ear cups, in addition to a lightweight design, to assure your comfort. Thanks to these features, your head and ears will feel less strain, which will also improve your gaming experience.

3. Durability

When selecting gaming headphones without a mic, prioritize durable construction using sturdy materials and good build quality to ensure longevity and the ability to withstand heavy usage.

4. Compatibility

Make sure your gaming headphones are compatible with your system. Some models work best with specific platforms, so verifying compatibility can help you get the best audio experience and fully immerse yourself in your games.

5. Design and Style

Consider a specialized graphics card, a strong processor, plus adequate RAM in your gaming laptop for the most incredible gaming experience. Also, consider elements including battery life, display quality, or storage.

6. Price

Before looking for gaming headphones, you must know your needs and preferences regarding comfort, dependability, and sound quality. This will assist you in narrowing your options and choosing a pair of headphones that are right for you.

When you’d prefer another choice, concentrate on finding headphones inside your allocated spending limit. It is crucial to read reviews and research any situation to choose the headphones that provide the best financial return.

By doing so, you’ll be able to choose a pair of gaming headphones that meets your needs and tastes while staying within your budget.

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Eleggible’s Final Words

We covered the top 9 best gaming headphones without mic to provide the best audio for gaming. We gave things like sound quality, comfort, durability, and design some thought. These headphones each have unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The best overall headset with fantastic sound is the Sennheiser HD 660 S, and for those on a tighter budget, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is the best substitute. In the end, your preferences and financial situation will determine which gaming headphones are ideal without a microphone.

Before deciding which option best meets your needs, we advise checking out a few. Your gaming experience will be enhanced by these headphones’ superb sound quality, comfort, and durability overall.

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