13 Of The Best Geological Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

Study your planet Earth to the core, now on your phone! thanks to these best geological apps for android and iOS.

With the planet Earth constantly evolving throughout a long period and even now as we speak of it, it somehow becomes quite troublesome to keep ourselves updated with discoveries and features of it, as it is very vast. Especially if you are a researcher, geologist, student, or just an enthusiast in the field of geology.

While most of us think that purchasing a book or looking at the info online can be the best approach for detailed studying and keeping ourselves up-to-date.

But nowadays even the books or encyclopedia of the latest edition contains decades-old information and have only a few add-ons of new stuff. And we also can’t ignore the fact that such Geological books are many times costly, the more info means the more amount to be paid.

So what can be the best proposal that you can opt for, to get the best yet authentic in-depth knowledge without spending much or anything? Well, the best and most convenient way to study geology for almost any purpose is to get any of these top 13 recommendable geology apps.

Whether you are just looking for the basics or the most complex theories, there are absolutely zero chances that you will not find even any tiniest details. From Earth’s crust to various types of minerals found in it and much more other detailed info can be easily found in all of these stone identification apps.

Most of them can be also used as a geological map which can be useful if you are traveling. So you can pretty much use it for any purpose as they are an all-in-one package.

So wait no more, just look through the detailed summary of each 13 apps provided in this article and get the one that stands out the most suitable to you.

14 Of The Best Smart Geological Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

After analyzing and reviewing more than 40 apps from Google Play Store and App store we have created this list for YOU.

You don’t need any master’s degree for using these geological apps.

So, let’s begin.

#1 Google Earth


This is an amazing science app and is a free app that can be used by both android and iOS users. This app is developed by Google Inc so it can be trusted. This roadside geology app will help you get all the landmarks of cities that you want in a great 3D way.

You can see the world in a very different way of using Voyager. You can search for the best possible route that you can take to go to a certain destination that you have been planning to go with it to our friends and you can experience the view of real-world by using augmented reality.

Google earth
Google earth

#2 Earthquake


This app will help you know all about the earthquake and other details based on all the statistical data. You can get every detail about the odor the latest earthquake-like where it was, how many were affected, its magnitude, and things like that.

You will even get a pop-up notification regarding the latest earthquake that occurs anywhere in the world. This is an easy and free geology app for both Android and iOS users can use it. It gives the information according to the location that you set.

Earthquake app is a free rock identification app in which you can study different types of small and big rocks. We have shared some in this post about amazing fake GPS apps.

It also has a map that will give you detailed information about all the places. 


#3 Compass


This is another better option for geological apps that can be used by both android and iOS users that will help you get the direction of your nearby places or where ever you want to go. It is easy to use the app as it shows all cardinal points.

The app will work on a magnetic north system using a GPS. For this app, you must have a GPS-enabled smartphone. It provides an accurate result on your smartphone. The accuracy of this compass depends on the sensor of your smartphone.

geological apps

#4 Moon Globe


If you are very much interested in the moon then this is the best geological application for you that can be used by both android and iOS users. with this app, you will feel that the moon is in your hand itself.

It is a simple and easy-to-use app that helps you know all points of view by different scientists that will surely clear all your doubts. The app has a detailed guide with all the information related to the moon. You can call this a stone identification app to find different stones on the globe.

You can easily zoom, scroll, and search to get a better result and clear all your doubts and gain knowledge.

Moon globe
Moon globe

#5 Flyover Country


This is among the most popular and amazing geological apps that both Android and iOS users can use. It has a great interface that makes it easier to use and this app is developed by regents of the University of Minnesota.

The app has all the information and will end your curiosity relate to the world map. It also tells you how each place in the world are connected through flights, road map, and other GPS of different countries like the united states, etc.

The best part of this app is that you do not need an internet connection for this app as you can see and save the cache of the path.

Flyover country
Geological apps

#6 Earth Viewer


This app will allow you to get the earth’s view from different angles, times, and locations. Both Android and iOS users can use the app. This app will give you all the deep history of the world from different periods and is based on research that will help you know about the seas, oceans, and countries. You can use this geology app offline and also as it has a cache option. 

Earth viewer
Earth viewer

#7 Weather and Radar


This app is amazing and will give your hourly weather updates from different locations. It is a free geological app that both Android and iOS users can use, which can give you many details apart from rainfall like temperature, satellite maps, and other details on your smartphone itself.

The Weather Radar app predicts the weather forecast for 14 days so that you can plan your days accordingly. It has a great interface that makes it fast and easy to use the app.

Geological apps
Weather and radar

#8 Geological Timescale


As the name suggests this is the app that will help you know how old the earth is and things like these. This is an amazing app that both Android and iOS users can use. Along with the timescale, this app will help you solve many interesting questions that make you curious.

Jasper explains in this post about amazing interesting questions.

It tells you about all the different geological time scale periods. You can easily find all the questions that you are curious about till now. It also has animated maps.

geological apps
Geological timescale

#9 SpaceWeatherLive (Sun Activity)


This is an amazing and best app to know every detail related to the sun. This is an easy-to-use app that can be used by both android and iOS users.

You can know the temperature, the current values of the KP index, the KP index by using data from an earth-based magnetometer, and many other details like these.

You must have to enable GPS systems on your smartphone for better use of this app.

Geological apps
Sun activity

#10 iGeology


This is another amazing and interesting geological app that can be used by both android and iOS users. this will help you to explore your nearby areas virtually just by sitting in your room. If you want to know more about stones then you can try this stone identification app.

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This amazing app was developed by the British Geological Survey that was used to get the street view of anywhere in the UK. You just have to write the name or the postcode of the place, just allow the app to access the GPS and your location as it works on them. 


#11 Smart Geology


This app is free and amazing but can be used only by android users. This mineral identification app will help you know all the details and solve your queries related to minerals. All the information related to minerals is divided into categories and subcategories along with images that will help you learn more.

This app can also be considered as a study tool that allows you to get every small detail about the minerals. This will also help you do hand specimens in a different language and that too free.

Smart geology
Smart geology

#12 Glossary of Geology

($19.99 One Time)

This is a science app that both Android and iOS users can use. As the name suggests it has almost all the words related to geology that will help you understand whenever you read some information and didn’t know the meaning of a certain word.

That means now can carry the whole geology dictionary in your smartphone. This app also has geology tutorials, quizzes, and formulas. 

geological apps
Glossary of geology

#13 Geology Sample Collector


This app is also known as geofieldbook. If you do a lot of fieldwork then this app is the best for you as this app will allow you to keep a track of all the field works so that you can remember all the points.

Both Android and iOS users can use the app. You can save your work/documents in the form of photos, videos, audio, text, and other formats. 

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Eleggible’s Final Words

Since Geology is itself a very vast subject having almost never-ending topics, it becomes quite necessary that you have a source that, along with basic facts and studies, also keeps you in contact with the fresh news and information.

And this list of the top-notch applications provided above is that reliable source only that you have been searching for. Since they are available on android as well as iOS, you can comfortably explore geological aspects virtually, anywhere at any time.

Also, you can get these applications without any further research as we have suggested this list, only after self reviewing and testing many of such geological apps, thereon filtering out the most excellent one.

So you can consider that all these 13 apps are the best ones in the market. While the top one even among these 13 is smart geology application as per our research. Having the most positive plus high ratings it also stands out for its remarkable service.

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