11 Best Girl Game Apps for Android & iOS

Today I will give the best Girl Game Apps for Android & iOS. Boredom all around? Try playing some games to unwind!

Ever since the growth of technology, the one industry that has proliferated to another level is the gaming industry. The gaming industry has been growing relentlessly and running through people’s minds like a juggernaut.

There are thousands of sections in gaming, viz—adventure, action, shooting, puzzles, girls, kids, adults, racing, etc. Every section in these contains a huge ocean of apps, and hence, choosing a game is like finding for a nail out of a haystack!

Top 11 Girl Game Apps for Android & iOS

If you are a girl, and like girly games, then here’s our list of 11 Best Girl Game Apps for Android & iOS:

1. Unicorn Dress Up

Do you like having a pet of your own? A sweet little pet that can be groomed in any way you want to! Unicorn Dress Up is such an app for Android as well as iOS platforms.

Girl Game Apps
Unicorn Dress Up

There are eight distinct Unicorns made available, with more than 180 outfits. You can change the horn, body, mane, tail, necklace, etc. of the unicorn, in any way you like, and then, boom! In some steps, you can get yourself a cute little unicorn. This app is free, with no in-app purchases at all!

2. Candy Crush Saga

The number #1 game in terms of puzzles and girl games, Candy Crush Saga. It has more than 1,000,000,000+ downloads on the play store, making it one of the best games of all time. The game is about swapping pieces, to make a sequence of three or more similar items.

Girl Game Apps
Candy Crush Saga

This was a renewed concept in terms of gaming, and the reason they got so famous, even though the game was extremely mainstream, was because of its cool user interface, connectivity with friends via various social platforms, etc.

Its developers, ‘King,’ have developed two other games, totally similar to this, but having a different user interface and collectables, viz. Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly.

3. Kim Kardashian – Hollywood

A unique game where you get to play the life of an aspiring stage artist. You can dress up yourself, make choices and ultimately, reach for fame and glory!

Girl Game Apps
Kim Kardashian – Hollywood

You can create a star of your own, and begin the game, then keep on making various choices. Your date, dump, marry, or even have kids with the best guys of LA!

A free game provided by popular developers, Glu, and available on both platforms, Andoird and iOS.

4. 2048

Another popular puzzle game available for both platforms. This game had reigned the top charts on both, Android Play Store as well as the iOS App store when it was first introduced and has not lost its popularity yet.

Girl Game Apps

In this game, you have to combine numbers, provided in a square of 4×4, 5×5, or even more. The original app had just one mode, whereas the new apps made, same to these, have added various variations. The motive of this game is to reach for the number 2048, by way of combining numbers all the way through.

It is a good brain exercise game, along with endless fun, but, beware, you may get addicted to this game!

5. Cooking in the Kitchen – Baking Games for Girls

A free app for Android users, where one can make 25 distinct items, with cool animations and a super simple user interface. 

Girl Game Apps
Cooking in the Kitchen – Baking Games for Girls

You can make a burger, fries, Easter eggs, waffles, and other items where the instructions will be provided to you, and you have to tap on the ingredients according to the order described.

After doing that, a tasty food item would be ready for you! This app can be a must install for young girls, for the gradient colours, and animations make it a good pick for them!

6. Supermarket Grocery Store Girl

Supermarket Grocery Store Girl is a free game for Android and iOS users. However, it includes in-app purchases.

Girl Game Apps
Supermarket Grocery Store Girl

This game works offline too, and its simple and colourful user interface makes it a good pick among girls. As the name suggests, you have to handle your supermarket!

There will be hundreds of products around, and you will have to sell them to your customers accordingly and make your way to becoming the best in town!

7. Pottery

You must be thinking about how would ‘pottery’ entertains you. The suggestion we could give you is to try this app! 

Girl Game Apps

This app includes a smooth process, where first, you create the mould using the material; second, you keep it in the furnace until the material becomes intact all around.

This whole process includes a smooth display animation, making this app good. Then you can add patterns, colour shades, patches, etc. to make your pot distinct.

Then comes a window where you can take the view of the pot in a 360-degree rotation, and then, in the next step, you can share it on social media, and finally, you can use it in the market!

There are two apps for this, one free and other paid. The free one includes very fewer options in terms of materials, patterns, etc. as compared to the paid ones.

8. Beauty Nail Art Design: Girls Fashion Salon

This is a free offline game for Android users, where one can use this simulator to paint nails, in various colours, patterns, shades, etc.

Girl Game Apps
Beauty Nail Art Design Girls Fashion Salon

This game has various shades, making the game colourful, and ultimately, a good choice for girls! People use this app to test out new patterns they are about to try in reality, to see how some specific patterns would blend!

9. Farmville 2

Are you feeling nostalgic? Yes! This is the second version of the popular game Farmville available on Facebook. This game revolves around a farmer, and you have to guide him to riches by way of various primary and secondary occupations!

Girl Game Apps
Farmville 2

You can seed, harvest, and earn, practice animal husbandry of various domestic animals, open various mini-factories, mills, etc.

This game is an addictive experience of a farmer’s life. The cool graphics and animations are no more than a cherry on the top.

This is a completely free app and available on both platforms, Android and iOS, but beware; you may get addicted to this!

10. Word Cookies

Another addictive game, Word Cookies. This is a puzzle game that helps you develop your vocabulary to some extent too!

Girl Game Apps
Word Cookies

This game has a lot of levels, so even if you keep on completing levels the whole day, this game will last for a while! And, this game is interesting too, for young girls, and even adults, who are aspiring to build their vocabularies.

11. Word Search

Another cool puzzle game, Word search.

Girl Game Apps
Word Search

This has been a traditional game, since it is an easy drinking games on phone, with a lot of benefits, in terms of vocabulary, presence of mind, and quick visuals. This app is free to use on both platforms, Android and iOS.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, here’s our list of 11 Best Girl Game Apps for Android & iOS. All have different ways of playing, so you can choose one that intrigues you the most! Happy gaming!

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