7 Best College & High-School GPA Calculator (2022)

Are you also tired of using the conventional, lengthy formula for calculating the GPA for your college scores? Well, say goodbye to the regular, time-taking formula and welcome the new-age method of calculating is College Gpa Calculator.

Today, this article lists the top seven GPA calculator websites that will get your work done in just a matter of minutes. These websites are top-rated and have a fair collection of plenty of positive reviews about them.

This means that they have earned a good name for themselves by proving their excellence in their results. Not just this, but they deliver results faster than any other app or website, which is why they have such a large user base.

The best part about them is that they are completely free to use and you can try them without paying charges. These websites are so easy to use that even kids won’t face any trouble using them.

Their UI is built with the utmost care, keeping in mind the requirements of users of all types. Since these College GPA calculators are mainly targeted toward college students, the fact that they don’t charge anything for their use is a highly positive characteristic they possess.

An individual can try one or more of these below-listed websites and then decide to pick one of them. Now, without wasting further time, let’s dive into the article.

Top 7 Best College and High-School GPA Calculator in 2022

#1. GPAcalculator.net

Gpa calculator
Gpa calculator

Gpa calculator is a great website for you if you are searching for an online tool to easily evaluate your college or school course grades. This is completely free to use, allowing you to easily calculate your Gpa within a few minutes.

Whether you want to calculate your high school Gpa, college Gpa, or if you want to work on a grade or final grade calculator, you will get all of these features within one platform.

Gpa calculator is that website where you can work on all of these options, including college grade calculator, final grade calculator, grade calculator, and high school calculator.

Go for this amazing and easy-to-use website to calculate your grades effortlessly in just a few minutes. This website can also find other features, such as a Gpa scale and how-to raise Gpa options.

Try using this website once, and you will not need to look for any other GPA calculator college for yourself.

Website Link: https://gpacalculator.net/college-gpa-calculator/

#2. GPACalculator.io


Goacalculater.io is another wonderful online tool where you can hand calculate your high school or college GPA. Gpacalculor.io includes various unique features, making it much more eligible than the other GPA college calculators available online.

The different types of calculators available on this website include college GPA calculators, high school calculators, cumulative GPA calculators, grade calculators, final grade calculators, and weighted grade calculators.

You can handily use any of these calculators and calculate your grades easily. Gpacalculator.io is completely free to use, and anyone can use and handle it effortlessly.

You will find a variety of common questions related to Gpa on the website, which you can read once to clear all your doubts related to it.

You can also look at their GPA calculator guide after which you can easily use this website. Go for this amazing website to solve all of your problems related to your grade and GPA calculations.

Website Link: https://gpacalculator.io/college-gpa-calculator/ 

#3. Calculator.net


Calculator.net is the website for your grade and GPA calculations. This is ideal for users who want to calculate their high school or college GPA easily within a few minutes.

Calculator.net includes a wide variety of different calculators, which also include GPA and grade calculators. Along with this GPA and grade calculator, you can also find free financial calculators like mortgage calculators, loan calculators, salary calculators, finance calculators, etc., math calculators, fitness and health calculators, and a lot more.

All of these calculators are completely free to use, and one can rely on them to calculate their grades effortlessly. Facilities such as Password generators are also available on the same website.

You will not need to go for any other online calculator tool after visiting this amazing website Calculator.net.

You will also find a grade and final grade calculator on the website. Try using this website once to easily calculate your high school or college GPA or grade point average without much hustle.

Website Link: https://www.rapidtables.com/calc/grade/gpa-calculator.html

#4. Rapidtables


Rapidtables is another outstanding website where you will find a wide range of different free-to-use calculators. You will also find a grade and GPA calculator here, with which you can very easily calculate your college or high school GPA and grades.

Rapidtables is a great online platform for calculators. Along with grade and GPA calculators, you will find a lot of other calculators such as electrical calculators, time calculators, wire calculators, finance calculators, maths calculators, and many more.

On the website, you will also find online converters such as energy converters, power converters, and temperature converters. These unique and completely free-to-use features make this website much more handy and suitable for users.

Visit this website to easily calculate your high school or college semester’s GPA within a few minutes. Try it to know about it in great detail.

Website Link: https://www.rapidtables.com/calc/grade/gpa-calculator.html

#5. Collegesimply

Collegesimply best gpa calculator

Collegesimply is a fabulous website where you can easily calculate your high school or college GPA in a short period. Within the website, you need to enter the grades, and your grades will get converted into Gpa within just a few minutes.

In this you can also be asked to fill in last semester’s grades, which are optional and up to you. You can read the guide available on the website if you have any confusion about using the calculator.

You will get college grade calculators, college GPA calculators, and high school GPA calculators. Collegesimply is a great website with many other beneficial features, along with GPA and grade calculators.

You can easily search for local colleges and colleges situated in popular states like California or Texas. You can also search for colleges GPA-wise or according to your SAT scores.

If you are a student trying to calculate your GPA easily within minutes or trying to search for a college, visit this website for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Try this website now!

Website Link: https://www.collegesimply.com/gpa-calculator/college-gpa-calculator/

#6. Grad.arizona.edu

Grad.arizona.edu best gpa calculator

Grad.arizona.edu is one of the best online tools where you can easily calculate your college or high school GPA within a few minutes. One can easily calculate their high school or college semester’s GPA using their grades.

Other options, such as Cumulative mode options, are also available on the website, which can be helpful for the students. To calculate your college GPA, you need to fill in details such as your course or institution, country scale, term or semester, units, and grade.

The website is very easy to use, and one can handily calculate their GPA from their grades. Various country scales are present on the website, such as the USA scale, Germany scale, India scale, and many more.

These amazing features make the website much more preferred than the others on the list.

You can also take a look at the selected grade scale and use the grade point formula which will be presented to you on the website. Hence, this website deserves to be a must have in your bucket list.

Website Link: https://grad.arizona.edu/tools/gpacalculator/

#7. Campusreel

Campusreel best gpa calculator

Campusreel is the last website on our list which is also considered one of the best among the others in calculating your high school or college GPA easily.

Within the website, you will get a table in which you need to fill in the important details to calculate your college or high school GPA.

The details include your semester’s course name, grades, credits, etc. A guide is also provided within the website with the help of which you can accurately calculate your college and high school GPA.

There are three categories of GPA calculators available on the website which are High school GPA calculators, college GPA calculators, and middle-school GPA calculators.

Other varieties such as the UCLA Gpa calculator, and the University of Florida (UF) GPA calculator are also available on the website.

Do visit this website to easily calculate your middle school, high school, or college GPA from your grades. We strongly recommend you to try this website at least once.

Website Link: https://www.campusreel.org/gpa-calculator/college-gpa-calculator

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here, we have reached the end of this article and we expect that all your queries and curiosities are resolved by now. We tried to mention nothing but only the best for you and are confident that you enjoyed reading the same.

These websites are well-known for the services that they provide and have very little room for complaints. In fact, the websites that we have mentioned above are actually top-rated in the app market for calculating GPAs for college students.

They have been helping several college students for a long time and they are well known for giving speedy results. They are free to use and that is why they are accessible to almost all college students.

When you don’t have to pay a single buck then you can comfortably switch between them and select which one is the best suited for you. We hope that you find it soon.

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