9 Best Karaoke Software For Mac to Use in 2022

Are you searching for the best Karaoke Software For Mac?? Then welcome!! You are in the perfect place. Karaoke is being invented in the 1970s. Since then, it became a good source of entertainment at parties and pubs.

Earlier it was a bulky machine which cost a lot of money spent on it. It was given with a rolling lyrics and a microphone. But now you don’t need money to rock the show with your voice.

Now you can experience the same feel with much more comfort by just downloading software in your Mac and enjoy singing with music and lyrics.

These days they are used by people who are aspiring to be a singing star by practicing singing with piano,  background music and lyrics.

Top 9 Karaoke Software For Mac to Use

But it is not easy to find good karaoke software for Mac. So to help you, we are here with nine best karaoke software for Mac, which will give you a professional experience. If you want to use karaoke in your smartphone then check these karaoke apps for android & iOS.

1. Karafun

Karafun is a very professional karaoke software with the most downloaded numbers. Although the free version only offers a sample of 30 seconds of the song after subscription, you can enjoy more than 35000 songs, which is more than enough.

The best thing about this software is you can enjoy it in offline mode also. So now enjoy singing wherever you are without having any buffering or network problem.

best karaoke software for mac

You will enjoy using this software anywhere, anytime, without any hesitation. It is supported in many formats like MPEG, CD+G, MIDI or KAR. You care about your kids, so what this software also.

You can give this to your kids to enjoy their party with parental control, which will hide the lyrics with bad words. Moreover, you can also add vocals to it or can set the tempo and key according to you. It is one of the best karaoke software for your Mac. 

2. KaraokeTube

If you are using karaoke for the first time, then KaraokeTube is just for you. It is effortless to use, and you start enjoying it in minutes.

The best thing about it is you can enjoy 12000 songs for free, which is a matter of happiness. The list of songs includes major artists like Adele, Green Day, ABBA, and many more.

karaoke software for mac

Also, it is being updated with new tracks regularly. It is provided with an OS X style interface, which makes it more relaxed. The lyrics are shown in the main window, and the song list is at the bottom. For a bit karaoke amateur fun, you can opt for it.

Try these amazing song finder apps to find any song according to the situation, time and your mood give them a look.

3. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke offers a free version for your Mac with some limitations. There are only five songs in the playlist, and you can record a song for just 69 seconds duration. The background of the lyrics cannot be changed. Apart from these problems, it is right for you.

free karaoke software
Kanto Karaoke

But the best thing, you can overcome all these limitations by taking a subscription to it, and you will get unlimited song playlist, you can record for infinite duration, you can convert mp3 to midi and midi to mp3 and lifetime updates are also possible. Before filing, you need a USB microphone connected to Mac to get a clear recording. 

4. Ultrastar Deluxe

Ultrastar Deluxe is one of the best free karaoke software for Mac. It also rates your singing skills and tells how good or bad you are singing the track. The presentation of Ultrastar Deluxe is charming, but although it opens in full-screen mode.

The only problem with this karaoke software is it has a limited number of songs playlist. But you can add more songs by yourself. Otherwise, this software is a well-developed karaoke game for Mac.   

Karaoke software for mac
Ultrastar Deluxe

5. YouTube

You must be already familiar with YouTube, but remember it is one of the easiest and cost-effective options for having karaoke on your Mac.

It provides you a quick and easy way to find a karaoke for your favorite song anytime without any subscription. There is a lot of song karaoke available on YouTube. You just have to search for that song along with writing karaoke, and that’s it. You will get what you want in just seconds. 

Karaoke software for mac

Also, read this detailed guide on how to download YouTube videos on android for free in this post.

6. kJams

kJams is very simple and easy to use the best karaoke software for mac. It is available in two versions, first is kJams Lite, which is perfect for your home and casual use, and the second one is kJams Pro for professional use which has more features to assist you.

Hence, it almost supports all formats but excluding KAR. It has its Music Store from which you can search and download your favorite one. You can even change the pitch of the track and set your ratings to it. 

best karaoke software for mac

7. TunePrompter

TunePrompter is a free karaoke software for Mac, which makes it very easy to make karaoke videos. It supports mp3 and searches lyrics automatically, which is a very nice feature of it.

It has a manual option for syncing words with the voice of the singer. TunePrompter is the perfect software for making impressive videos. You can go for it. 

free karaoke software

8. Aria

Aria is also a free karaoke software for Mac. It is available with three modes: Karaoke mode, DJ mode, and Scratch mode.

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Karaoke mode gives you a long list of excellent songs, which makes make easy to choose your favorite song. Even though if you did not find your favorite song, then you can purchase and download that song.


You can change the tempo and pitch of the track, according to yourself. It supports WAV G, standard MP3 G, and Zipped MP3 G. This software is perfect for your party, so go with it and rock the show. 

9. Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is an excellent karaoke software for Mac. Even for professional purposes, it works excellently. You can get information about any track in seconds due to its vast online database.

Even its home version has so many features that you can use it professionally. It almost supports all formats.

best karaoke software for mac
Karaoke 5

Eleggible’s Final Words

These are the nine best karaoke software for Mac, which will help you make the freshest karaoke videos on Mac. Some of the karaoke software is even free of cost also. Now you have a list of best karaoke software for Mac. Select anyone from the list and enjoy improving your singing skills and also make the show rock.

If you like experimenting, then you must try this different karaoke software to see which one you want the most. Use them to make your house party feel like a grand party. So now liven up your party with the best professional karaoke software in your Mac.

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