9 Best Mousepad for Valorant Players: 2023 Picks

Looking for the best mousepad for Valorant gaming? Our top picks include mousepads with smooth surfaces and great accuracy, perfect to help you defeat the competition!

Valorant is an intense and skill-based shooter video game that requires a precise level of accuracy to succeed. With the unique combination of strategic planning and precise gunplay, it takes great skill and practice to become a true Valorant champion. To ensure you have the best experience with this game, you need the right gear, such as a good mousepad.

A mousepad can greatly improve your gaming performance by providing smooth control over your in-game movement, allowing for more precise aiming, and providing excellent responsiveness when making critical maneuvers or shooting opponents.

Unfortunately, not all mousepads are created equal. Low-quality mousepads can result in issues such as stuttering and delayed responses when making movements or clicking your mouse buttons. This can ruin your gaming experience and severely hinder your in-game performance. 

That’s why it’s so important to find the right mousepad for Valorant that is both comfortable to use and provides excellent performance while gaming. This article will provide gamers with helpful information on how to find the best mousepad for Valorant. We have compiled a list of some of the best options available on the market today. 

Our goal is to assist gamers in finding a quality mousepad that will help them achieve optimal gaming performance while playing Valorant, thus improving their overall user experience with this thrilling game!

Criteria for Selecting the Best Mousepad for Valorant

1. Surface Material

The surface material of a gaming mousepad can have a dramatic effect on the performance and accuracy of your Valorant gameplay. Common materials used for gaming mousepads are foam, cloth, plastic, and aluminum. Foam mousepads provide a softer feel and offer better grip but lack durability.

Cloth mousepads are usually more durable than foam and provide a smooth, accurate surface that is great for precision shots in Valorant. Plastic mousepads are ideal for gamers who want an ultra-smooth surface with less friction while aluminum provides an ultra-durable surface that is perfect for fast-paced play. 

Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages so it is important to choose the right one based on your needs to maximize gaming performance. Ultimately, selecting the best mousepad for Valorant should come down to comfort and precision; go with the option that offers both!

2. Size and Thickness

When selecting the best mousepad for Valorant, size, and thickness are important factors to consider. The most common sizes range from extra-small (24” x 13”) all the way up to extra-large (36” x 24”). Generally, the larger surface area is beneficial for gamers because it increases tracking accuracy and offers more room to move. 

The thickness is also important because it determines how much cushioning you have while playing and impacts comfortability. Thinner mousepads are typically lighter and easier to transport but lack cushioning when compared to thicker mousepads. 

Ultimately, finding the right combination of size and thickness can have a major impact on your gaming performance in Valorant.

3. Durability and Longevity

Durability and longevity are important factors to consider when selecting a mousepad for Valorant. Durable mousepads allow gamers to have longer gaming sessions without having to worry about their surface deteriorating or needing replacements. 

When it comes to longevity, it is important to choose a material that will last you a long time and not wear down quickly. Some materials that are known for durability and longevity include cloth pads, rubber mats, aluminum alloy, steel, and plastic. 

Cloth pads provide great Precision mousepads and accuracy, while rubber mats provide a good amount of traction for improved control over movement. Aluminum alloy provides the best overall combination of durability, comfort, and performance. Steel pads offer the ultimate surface protection with their sturdy construction. Lastly, plastic mousepads provide a smooth glide but can be susceptible to scratches over time. 

Some examples of durable and long-lasting mousepads include Corsair MM300 Mousepad, Razer Gigantus V2 Gaming Mouse Mat, and Logitech G640 Large Gaming Mouse Pad.

4. Non-Slip Base

Having a non-slip base for your gaming mousepad is essential to ensuring the best performance while playing Valorant. Without it, you risk your mouse sliding or struggling to move, leading to accidental errors and misclicks that can affect your entire game. 

To avoid this, look for mousepads made of rubber or silicone which provide a strong grip and help keep your mouse in place. Other features such as anti-fray stitched edges also help to ensure the non-slip base doesn’t slip over time. 

Some great examples of Custom mousepads with a non-slip base include HyperX Fury S Pro, SteelSeries QcK Heavy, Logitech G640, and Razer Gigantus V2. Investing in one of these will give you the confidence you need when playing Valorant.

5. Price Range

Price range is an important factor when selecting the best mousepad for Valorant, as it can have a major impact on the quality of the product. In general, there are three main price ranges for Competitive gaming mousepads: budget (~$10-$20), mid-range (~$20-$60), and premium (~$60+). Budget mousepads provide acceptable performance at an affordable price but lack features such as customizable lighting and anti-fraying edges.

Mid-range mousepads offer improved comfort, durability, and responsiveness compared to budget models. Meanwhile, premium models feature top-of-the-line materials with additional features like RGB lighting, stitched edges, and waterproof coating. 

Similarly, the best white gaming mouse with a budget-friendly price range can provide a satisfactory gaming experience with basic features like customizable DPI and programmable buttons, but may not have advanced features like adjustable weights or wireless connectivity found in higher-end models.

Examples of high-quality performance mousepads in each price range include the HyperX Fury S Pro (budget – $15), Corsair MM300 (mid-range – $40), and Logitech G640 (premium – $50).

Maximize Your Precision: 9 Best Mousepads for Valorant

#1. Logitech’s G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech G640 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Logitech’s G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is a great choice for gamers who need an extra large and comfortable pad to keep their mouse movements accurate. The surface material of the G640 is made of soft cloth, giving it a textile-like feel that also provides excellent control and accuracy.

This mousepad measures 38 cm x 45 cm and its thickness is 3 mm, making it the perfect size for all your gaming needs. Its non-slip rubber base helps keep the pad in place during long gaming sessions without any inconvenience. Despite being such a large and durable mousepad, it’s surprisingly affordable and budget-friendly. Customer reviews for this mousepad are generally quite positive.

Users report that its design is comfortable, allows for accurate control and tracking, and that its Large mousepad size works great with most gaming mice.

Changing the DPI on a Logitech mouse can greatly impact your gaming performance, as it allows you to customize the sensitivity and accuracy of the mouse to your liking.

Compared to other products on the list, the Logitech G640 stands out due to its large size and thick construction, which help provide better precision compared to thinner mats. It also has a strong rubber base which ensures stability during intense gaming sessions. 

Things I Like

  • Soft cloth surface for improved accuracy 
  • Large size (38 cm x 45 cm) 
  • Non-slip rubber base 
  • Affordable price range 

Things I Don’t Like

  • Thinner than some other mats on the market

#2. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface Medium Cloth - Optimized For Gaming Sensors

Each Valorant player should choose this mouse pad. The surface is comprised of high-grade cotton fabric, which offers a smooth, reliable gliding surface and exceptional tracking precision. It also includes a rubber base that assures it won’t slip during lengthy gaming sessions.

The pad’s size and thickness provide enough support for all sorts of mice, and its sturdy design ensures its longevity. This mousepad is reasonably priced and provides excellent value for the money. The majority of customer evaluations are favorable, and many people laud its comfort and accuracy.

Many users commented on how much smoother their mouse movements were with this pad compared to standard ones. Additionally, there was general consensus that the longevity and durability of this mousepad far surpassed other brands in the same price range.

When comparing this mousepad to other gaming surfaces on the market, it’s clear that this one stands out from the crowd thanks to its outstanding features and performance.

When looking at both pros and cons of this product, it is clear that it offers everything gamers need to take their game to the next level: accurate tracking, comfort, a Non-slip mousepad base, and an affordable price.

Things I Like

  • Smooth gliding surface 
  • Durable construction 
  • Reasonable price

Things I Don’t Like

  • Some users report difficulty cleaning the surface

#3. BenQ Zowie G-SR SE Gaming Mouse Pad

BenQ Zowie G-SR SE Deep Blue Gaming Mousepad for Esports, Rubber

This gaming mouse pad has a top-notch surface that is intended for accuracy and precision. Valorant is a great fit for the fabric surface since it has been optimized for optimal comfort and control in FPS games. It has an improved micro-textured fabric material that makes the surface easy to glide across.

The non-slip rubber base maintains it securely in place on any surface while the medium thickness offers good support and toughness. The mousepad’s dimensions of 320 mm x 270 mm and 3 mm of thickness make it appropriate for any playstyle or gaming accessories. Also, this mousepad has a reasonably modest cost of $20 to $25 USD.

Customer reviews and ratings of this mousepad have been consistently positive, with many praising its comfort, accuracy, and sturdiness.

Compared to other mousepads on the list, the BenQ Zowie G-SR SE offers superior accuracy and firmness that can withstand heavy usage over years of use without any noticeable wear and tear.

Things I Like

  • High-quality cloth surface designed for precise movements
  • Suitable size for any playstyle or gaming setup 
  • Enhanced micro-textured cloth material ensures smooth gliding along the surface
  • The low price tag of around $20-$25 USD

Things I Don’t Like

  • Slight hard feel when used due to increased thickness

#4. Glorious PC Gaming Race XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Glorious XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat Pad - Large, Wide (XXL Extended) Black Cloth Mousepad

Gamers will have a great gaming experience with this extended gaming mouse mat. The mousepad has a smooth, silky cotton surface that allows for precise and reliable tracking.

This mat is the ideal size, spanning 36″ by 11″, providing you with enough room for your mouse and keyboard arrangement. Moreover, it boasts a thick 4mm rubberized base that offers exceptional stability and grip on any surface. This makes sure that even during long gaming sessions, the mouse mat will remain securely in place.

Also, it is water resistant, and the anti-fray stitching on the frame keeps the edges from peeling, giving it remarkable resilience and lifespan. The Glorious PC Gaming Race XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat has a huge size and a high-quality build, yet it is still reasonably priced, making it available to all gamers.

The majority of customer evaluations for this mousepad are quite excellent, complimenting its functionality, comfort, and toughness. Due to its outstanding tracking abilities and gorgeous appearance, many people have compared it favorably to other expensive mousepads like Razer’s Gigantus or SteelSeries’ Qck Heavy.

This Glorious PC Gaming Race XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat stands out when compared to other items on the list because of its extra big size, which provides plenty of room for numerous keyboards or mice without compromising precision or smoothness while moving the pointer around.

Additionally, users may also want to consider adjusting the polling rate of their mouse to achieve an even smoother and more responsive experience while using a gaming mouse mat like the Glorious PC Gaming Race XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat.

Additionally, its rubberized base ensures added stability when athletes are pushing their gear to the limit during gameplay sessions.

Things I Like

  • Soft cloth surface for precise tracking 
  • Stable 4mm rubberized base 
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame 
  • Affordable price range

Things I Don’t Like

  • Could be too large if not enough desk space is available

#5. Razer Gigantus V2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (Large)

The best option for gamers seeking for a sturdy mouse pad is this cloth gaming mouse pad. It has a smooth, textile surface material that makes sure the mouse pad glides consistently and precisely on any surface. With dimensions of 350x250x4mm, this mouse pad is very big, giving you plenty of areas to play.

You won’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon because of its thickness, which also provides it with great resilience and lifespan. During gaming, the mouse pad will stay in place thanks to the non-slip rubber base. Although the price range varies, it is typically within reach.

The majority of customer evaluations and ratings for this product are overwhelmingly favorable since people praise its high levels of accuracy and durability even after repeated usage. This mousepad compares to others on the list due to its great size and tough construction and non-slip base making it a great choice for gamers who want accuracy and comfort while they play. 

Things I Like

  • Smooth cloth material 
  • Large size 
  • Durable construction 
  • Non-slip base 
  • Affordably priced 

Things I Don’t Like

  • Can get dirty easily

#6. HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

HyperX Fury S - Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Gamers who want to play better in Valorant may choose this gaming mouse pad. It boasts a smooth, fabric surface that guarantees every movement is accurate and precise. The pad’s sturdy construction ensures that it will last many years of furious gaming.

The mouse will stay solid even during intensive games thanks to the non-slip rubber coating on the pad’s bottom. The HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad is a terrific choice for all gamers because it is also reasonably priced. This mousepad has received overwhelmingly good customer feedback.

When playing their favorite games, like Valorant, many consumers appreciate the reliable glide and precision it offers. Others laud its toughness and lifespan, demonstrating that this mousepad can withstand grueling gaming sessions without displaying any signs of wear and tear.

The HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad distinguishes out from the other mousepads on the list due to its distinctive features and style.

It differs from conventional pads in that it has a perforated surface that yet offers precise tracking capability while allowing air to pass through. Its resilience and lifetime are further increased by the fact that it is thicker than many other pads on this list.

To make sure that your gaming mouse is accurately tracking on the Glorious PC Gaming Race XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat, you can use a DPI tester to ensure that your mouse’s DPI is set correctly for optimal performance.

Things I Like

  • Durable construction
  • Perforated design for better airflow

Things I Don’t Like

  • Not as thick as other competing mousepads available now

#7. Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Corsair MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming - High-Performance Mouse Pad Optimized for Gaming Sensors

This Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is a premium mouse pad with top-notch functionality. It has a very smooth surface made of micro-weave fabric, ensuring motions that are both effortless and accurate. The mouse pad is both substantial and comfy, measuring 9.8 inches by 11.8 inches and having a 2mm thickness.

The non-slip rubber base offers stability and traction on almost any surface, while the anti-fray stitching guards against fraying and other damage for long-lasting usage. The Corsair MM300 provides incredible value for money considering its mid to high price range!

According to customer feedback, this mouse pad is well regarded for its robustness, accuracy tracking, low friction surface, and low noise level when used with gaming mice. The Corsair MM300 distinguishes out from the other mousepads on the list due to its exceptional price-to-quality ratio.

Things I Like

  • Micro-weave fabric material was used to provide an incredibly smooth surface. 
  • Anti-fray stitching guards against fraying or damage.
  • Mid to high-range price tag 
  • High customer ratings

Things I Don’t Like

  • Limited color options

#8. ROCCAT Taito Control Endurance Gaming Mouse Pad

ROCCAT Taito Mid-Size Control Black Endurance Gaming Mousepad

This gaming mouse pad is made for gamers that require speed and accuracy when playing Valorant or any other game. The surface material has a smooth, cloth-like texture that offers a great deal of control. It includes a foundation made of 3 mm thick foam, which provides the ideal combination of stability and comfort. 

Even during extended gaming sessions, its non-slip grip prevents it from slipping, and its enormous 270mm x 320mm dimension guarantees accuracy and comfort. Reviews have largely been excellent, praising the mousepad’s durability, sturdiness, and performance consistency.

 It’s also one of our more reasonably priced choices, which is perfect for gamers on a tight budget. This mouse pad outperforms the other pads on the list because of its surface, which has a cloth-like weave and provides outstanding precision and control when gaming.

Things I Like

  • Cloth-like weave surface for smooth precise control 
  • Perfectly balanced thickness and stability 
  • The non-slip grip holds it in place 
  • Large 270mm x 320mm size for maximum comfort •
  • Affordable price point

Things I Don’t Like

  • Not suited for very fast-moving games like first-person shooters where you need low friction

#9. ASUS ROG Scabbard II Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

ASUS ROG Scabbard Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Nano Technology Smooth Glide Tracking

For gamers, this extended gaming mouse pad is a useful and sturdy tool. Its top-quality micro-textured fabric surface provides outstanding precision and accuracy for gaming or office applications.

During long gaming sessions, the expanded size gives you room to move, and the thickness makes sure your mouse glides easily. It also maintains its position thanks to the anti-slip rubber base, preventing it from slipping or shifting while in use. This product offers excellent value for the money considering its price range.

The majority of customer reviews and ratings are favorable, with several customers praising the mousepad’s high-quality construction and smooth performance when playing games like Valorant. Many have discovered that using this mousepad has enhanced their accuracy and speed of action, which has allowed them to get higher scores.

The ASUS ROG Scabbard II Extended Gaming Mouse Pad provides exceptional value for money in comparison to other mousepads on the list. Because of its thick design and micro-textured fabric surface material, it gives customers a better gaming experience by enabling them to move quickly while yet retaining accuracy and precision. Furthermore, its non-slip base guarantees that it won’t move while in use.

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Things I Like

  • Superb precision and accuracy
  • Long-lasting construction; a non-slip base
  • High-quality materials
  • A reasonable price range

Things I Don’t Like

  • Not appropriate for tiny workspaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between a cloth and hard surface mousepad for Valorant?

A cloth mousepad is usually made from a sturdy material and has a softer texture than a hard surface mousepad. This gives it better tracking for mice with lower sensitivity, providing more consistent and accurate performance.

On the other hand, a hard surface mousepad offers more control due to its rigidness, reducing friction so that you have faster reaction times in games like Valorant. In addition, a hard surface mousepad will last longer as it generally won’t wear out like a cloth pad would over time.

2. What is the ideal price range for a high-quality mousepad for Valorant?

The ideal price range for a high-quality mousepad for Valorant is between $10-$30. Mousepads that cost more than this may offer better quality, but it’s not necessary for an enjoyable Valorant experience. Look for mousepads that are thicker and have textured surfaces for the best performance. 

When it comes to finding the best mousepad for Magic Mouse, it’s important to consider its smooth surface to ensure precise tracking and responsiveness, which can greatly enhance your overall user experience.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the right mousepad for optimal Valorant gameplay is essential. The best choice for most gamers is a high-quality cloth mousepad with a large surface area and low profile. The Logitech G640, HyperX Fury S Pro, Corsair MM300 Extended Edition, and Razer Gigantus are all great choices for high-end Valorant gamers that provide an excellent balance between accuracy and comfort. 

Comfort will be key in long gaming sessions and the right amount of drag is necessary to make sure your mouse gets across the pad smoothly. With these considerations in mind, finding the perfect mousepad to suit your needs should be easy.

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