15 Of The Best OCR Software & Tool for Mac [2022]

We know that whether you are a student, business professional, an organization, or anyone with a need to scan lots of documents. It has always been a monotonous task. But what is much more complex and costly, is making edits and changes to the text for which one requires the best OCR software for macs applications.

OCR stands for (Optical Character Recognition) in a more formal and technical sense, is the mechanical or electrical conversion of machine-encoded text from softcopy written by hand, typed, or printed text.

This is a smart documentation procedure that converts paper and scanned documents into Word documents which are the best OCR software for the macintosh.

You may utilize the OCR process to store your files for convenient and rapid access, as well as change the text of the scan. It has a lot of features and functionalities that allow you to make numerous alterations to your texts.

15 Best OCR Software & Program for Mac in 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be used in OCR software systems to create more complex ways of powerful data identification, such as detecting languages.

Even scaling the page, metadata retrieval, a variety of formats, or various handwriting styles are possible.

We have curated for you this list of top macintosh OCR software for macs, with modern mac like compatible capabilities.

#1 PDFTron SDK

PDFTron SDK ocr software for macs


With its comprehensive set of capabilities, PDFtron SDK rises to the top of the list. It comes with an OCR module as an add-on utility. This module allows you to utilize OCR with the SDK.

It gives you a platform to convert hardcopy, photos and scans into accessible and modifiable PDFs. You’ll get high-quality full-text extraction in more than 30 formats and languages.

With the numerous tools it provides, it permits annotations and collaborations. Add hyperlinks, highlight text, generate docs, and inspect the output via a code-based customizable viewer.

It is compatible with macOS programs as well as Windows, Linux, and provides strong macOS compatibility. This is a paid software but one can try its trial version.

#2 ABBYY FineReader PDF

ABBYY FineReader PDF ocr software for macs
ABBYY FineReader PDF


ABBYY FineReader PDF is one of the best OCR software for macs users. To provide mac users a better experience, the user interface is clean, straightforward, and contemporary. This software allows users to convert paper documents into customizable PDFs of excellent quality. It converts scans and photos into searchable documents quickly.

ABBY’s AI-based OCR provides quality structured layouts and exact results. While its image editing and layout capabilities provide quality structured layouts and precise results.

For long-term preservation, it supports a wide range of industry-standard PDFs. It can convert PDFs to a variety of editable file types. You may use the data encryption option to restrict who has access to the content of PDFs you’ve created.

You may also change files written in various languages to PDF with ease from here. Despite the restricted capabilities of the trial edition, this is a good OCR solution, to begin with.

#3 PDFelement

PDFelement ocr software for macs


PDFelement is another excellent OCR program that has all the necessary PDF features. It can convert all photos and scanned data into modifiable or search documents with this software.

The OCR technology in this software allows you to edit, format, and resize all text in scanned files or image PDFs. It can convert PDFs to PPT, TXT, Microsoft Office, and other file formats.

Using the Batch OCR tool, you may convert a huge number of scanned PDF or image PDF files. It has a large selection of languages to pick from. For an exact conversion, choose all the languages in the image PDF. It features a free version for Mac users.

#4 Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC ocr software for macs
Adobe Acrobat DC


Many people choose Adobe Acrobat DC when it comes to features and capabilities that allow them to deal with PDF with ease and accessibility. It has the best OCR software for Macs users and users of other programs.

Acrobat gathers textual and visual data from scans and converts it into a document that can be modified with OCR software. It can operate with PDF in many apps because it supports a variety of formats.

You may get PDF files that can be altered just like the originals. Because it incorporates the feature of automatic custom font production, Acrobat OCR software recognizes the font and matches it to the original document.

It is possible to save PDFs for future usage in long archiving here. In the trial version of Acrobat Pro DC, you can utilize every tool to get the most out of its PDF-editing capabilities.

#5 Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica ocr software for macs
Wolfram Mathematica


Wolfram Mathematica improves the accuracy of text identification. It adds the ability to return identified text at the character, word, line, or block level. Numerous recognition attributes, such as text location, and more, are also available that make it the best scanner software for mac.

This OCR software has  TextRecognize which has a Masking option.  In cases when a photograph is captured outdoors. Text detection fails in such instances, resulting in optical character recognition program failure. This Masking option allows you to determine where in the image, the text should be recognized.

TextRecognize can also recognize text in a variety of languages, as well as when multiple languages are present. This is thus one of the best OCR for macs, allowing for advanced desktop operations. There one does not get the free version but can start with its free trial.

#6 Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF ocr software for macintosh
Foxit PhantomPDF


In terms of digitizing or modifying scan documents into PDFs, Foxit PhantomPDF gives a flawless experience. This enables a user experience similar to that of Microsoft Office. For scanned documents, it supports a wide range of languages.

To save space, the scanned pdf can be resized without impacting the original document’s resolution. This software contains extra features that may be used when the OCR is finished. These include text editing and automated text recognition for simple reflowing and spell-checking.

PhantomPDF is a low-cost tool for business professionals that need to work securely with PDF documents and forms. PDF technology, it’s a full-featured PDF editing program that competes with Adobe Acrobat. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

#7 PDF Studio

PDF Studio macintosh ocr
PDF Studio


The OCR feature in PDF Studio allows users to scan text from images, add text to scan documents or photographs, allowing them to be searchable and annotated in the same way as a word document can.

There are several languages to choose from, and it is suggested that using all of the correct languages in the file would improve OCR accuracy. It is now possible to execute OCR in many languages simultaneously in the new PDF Studio.

This OCR software also allows you to input text into a document as it is being scanned, which is one of its benefits. The document might not only be ready for search or modifications after OCR of the scanned data.

#8 PDFpen

PDFpen best ocr software for mac


PDFpen by Nitro is an amazing mac scanner software with which anyone can perform OCR conversion of the text on scanned files into editable words.

It is cost-effective software that is known for its accurate results as it uses the OmniPage OCR engine. It provides proofreading after the OCR with its viewable OCR text layer. One can change the dimension of the files, as well as the picture and scan files’ quality, tone, clarity, and size.

Even if you are working on the PDFpen or with the close screen, this software conducts the OCR processing in the meantime. It is the ideal OCR program for Macs users since it allows you to scan directly from Image Capture or any Mac-compatible scanner.

#9 LightPDF

LightPDF ocr program for mac


LightPDF is an online tool with a simple and effective user interface that makes navigating a cinch for everyone. Users can choose between two types of services: free and paid VIP versions. This software extracts all the text from scans and converts them into editable documents in both services.

By delivering the same layout and practically perfect text recognition. It preserves entire accuracy and uniqueness. There are now several distinctions between the paid and unpaid versions.

One is that the LightPDF OCR service will extract almost all the text from a PDF or picture to the desired document format.  Regardless of whether it is a free or premium service.

Despite the fact that it permits and supports a wide range of file types and languages without sacrificing quality. Only one language and TXT as an output format are available in its free service.

#10 KnowledgeLake

KnowledgeLake pdf ocr mac


KnowledgeLake is a user-friendly OCR program with a Microsoft-style ribbon bar and application menu as a user interface.

This is a fully cloud-native document processing system. It converts scan and index documents intelligently and quickly. This software has been shown to be the most effective for commercial purposes.

It also enables the simultaneous OCR scanning of numerous files and the addition of language support to the files. You can boost your company’s productivity using its robotic process automation. Your converted documents may be archived, ensuring that your material is always accessible and safe.

#11 Rossum

Rossum pdf ocr mac


Another cloud-based best OCR software for Macs is Rossum. In contrast to traditional OCR data collection, it uses current and effective OCR data capture methodologies.

Rossum is kept up to date by AI that is constantly learning, allowing it to create new templates and rules for each invoice layout without requiring any special setup.

It immediately pulls data from a broad range of document layouts. It accelerates and improves the human verification process. While also providing current OCR capture methods that are simple to use. It simplifies the exchange of documents between you and your business associates.

This software is both cost-effective and time-saving. There are ample OCR features that it offers. Data can be retrieved in a matter of minutes using those features.

#12 Hypatos

Hypatos best scanner software for mac


Hypatos employs a deep learning-based document automation solution that is enterprise-ready. It may be readily linked to any RPA solution and can also provide enterprise-level automation features.

It can meet the needs of both small and large businesses. Until recently, RPA technologies only supported classic OCR technology, which translated pictures into text. Data extraction from photographs was a delicate and time-consuming process.

Hypotas OCR software is a versatile solution that allows for the automation of a variety of operations. Especially in an area where firms previously relied only on human processing.

ID Scanning, Indexing, and Metadata Extraction are all possible with this. It works with several languages and output formats. There is a free version that only offers restricted features.

#13 CapturePoint

CapturePoint scan text from image


CapturePoint is an OCR technology that is used to extract typed or handwritten text and images from documents then convert them into data. It uses modern OCR solutions which provide accuracy with its AI-based technology.

CapturePoint classifies documents automatically and knows the difference between an accounting invoice and a purchase order. It then sorts, processes, and routes them without the need for someone to manually capture it.

The Intelligent capture feature captures unstructured documents and performs image cleansing and repairs. With the features of this software, one may capture text and data in any format. It also improves user experience and optimizes outcomes by processing documents immediately.

#14 Alfresco Content Services

Alfresco Content Services scanner software for mac
Alfresco Content Services


Alfresco Content Services is an OCR software that allows you to scan, handle, and save documents with ease. In your organization, it ensures a smooth and hassle-free operation.

It has ECM (enterprise content management) features. By integrating Amazon Web Services’ AI and machine learning. This provides a scalable solution to automatically enhance content and acquire important insights.

You can switch from paper-based procedures to efficient automated data with this best OCR software for Mac for free. The AWS image recognition program quickly extracts and retains textual content from photos. It can recognize document layout and important parts. 

#15 ITyX

ITyX scanning documents on mac


ITyX is an OCR software that incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence. What makes it a fantastic OCR software, far superior to typical OCR programs. When the standard OCR application can produce inaccurate results and on the contrary. The greatest OCR analysis of information is provided by ITyX.

All text structures can be obtained, which are supported by this software. Integration with third-party programs is also possible. You can change your OCR processed document into many formats.

It can transform scanned documents into different languages. There is a free trial as well as a free edition of this program available.

Lastly, this is among one of the best OCR software for Macs since it checks all the features that companies need to automate.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In these difficult times when almost everything has become automated. Why stick to the old methods of scanning documents?

Try mac scanning software to enhance your work performance. These top 15 OCR software for macs will help you save you a lot of time, hassle, and money, with the most intelligent document automation platform.

Since the OCR technology has come a long way. One need not know any extensive coding, with just a few simple clicks one can even get the data extracted from the scanned files for further use anywhere now.

You can get the resultant PDF in the same layout, font, and color as the original. The contrast of the document, skews, resolutions can also be modified.

Hope by using these OCR software will definitely uncomplicate the complicated process for mac users as well. Since all this software supports Mac and the OCR tools you can get results as good as the windows version.

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