8 Best Plant Care Apps to Monitor Plants Health

We all know that it is quite easy to buy plants and collect plenty of them. However, it is a daunting task to take good care of them! So, we have created this list of the best plant care apps for you.

Whether it is about feeding them with the correct nutrients or just giving them the right amount of water, we often face trouble in doing the task with perfection.

Sometimes, we find the plants dying without water, and the other day we notice that their stems are rotting due to excess water. It is never easy to calculate the exact amount of water they need.

Apart from this, looking after their pale, yellowish leaves and finding out what we did wrong again is also a complex task. At the same time, most plant parents are experts at taking care of their plants because they have been doing that for quite a long time.

But when it comes to newcomers into the plant world, every day is a challenge for them. We understand your troubles well, so today, we will introduce you to the top eight best plant care apps that will ensure that you are not alone in taking good care of your plants.

These apps will help you not to refrain from buying lots of plants because of the tension of whether you can take care of them. So, why wait? Let’s jump straight into the article to find out more about them!

Top 8 Plant Care Apps to Monitor Plants Health (2022)

#1. Planta

Planta best plant care app

Do you love taking care of your plants? Planta is one of the best plant care apps that will help you to take good care of your plants and keep them healthy.

If you want to do plant journaling and maintain your life along with it, then you can go for the “plant journal” feature within the application.

The app has various amazing features that will ensure your plants’ good health and growth. Planta helps you to maintain your plants easily with the help of wonderful features like plant journals, plant identification, smart care reminders, a light meter, plant recommendations, and many more.

All of these fantastic features of this app ensure that your plant will stay healthy. You can also get answers to your plant-related questions within the application. Go for this great application if you want to take good care of your plants and help them grow properly. 


  • The layouts and descriptions of this app are great and very useful.
  • Those who tend to forget too much or are a bit inconsistent in following their daily plant care routine.


  • This app crashes quite often, and there are many special features that you won’t be able to enjoy
  • If you have not upgraded to the premium version. 

#2. Vera


Verà is another great application that will help you take care of your plants effortlessly. The amazing and decent features of this application make this application much more preferred than the others available in the market.

The features of Vera include a plant growth tracker, a plant journal, a plant library, a schedule tracker, and many more. With the help of the plant library, you can get answers to your plant-related questions and more knowledge about the plants you have in your garden.

It will help you to take better care of your plants effortlessly with just one touch on your smartphone. With the help of a schedule tracker, you will get time-to-time notifications for your plants. The plant journal will help you easily maintain your life with the plant’s life.

Vera is a great app for the plant-lovers and people who love gardening.


  • The UI of this app is very nicely built up
  • It helps users with all sorts of planting needs such as propagating, watering, feeding, and a lot more.
  • Also, it is very easy to use


  • The app is a little slow to use, and sometimes, the suggestion it offers can be misleading for your plants.
  • After all, it is not an expert in plant care and works as per the stored data.

#3. Blossom

Blossom best plant care app

Blossom is one of the best plant care apps for plant lovers who want to maintain their plants effortlessly and take good care of their gardens. It will be so easy to maintain your garden with the help of this wonderful app, Blossom.

Here, you will find amazing features that will ensure your plants’ better growth, ultimately leading to a better and happy life. You can easily get your plant’s care reminder within the application, which will remind you about your plant’s health from time to time.

One can also get watering tips, measure the light intensity of the plant’s surroundings, follow the plant care schedules, and learn many more things about plant care and health.

You can also get your plant care and treatment advice from botany experts through the application. This app is like a home for your beautiful plants in the garden. Take good care of them with this fantastic and easy-to-use application.


  • Blossom is undoubtedly the best app if you are looking for a companion on your plant care journey.
  • It will give you great detail on perfectly taking care of your plants.


  • Using this app can be a tough experience because of the constant lagging and freezing you will have to face.
  • Many users have reported this issue, and it is under maintenance.

#4. PictureThis

PictureThis best plant care app

Try using PictureThis for your plant growth and care, an incredible application with many decent features. Here, you can use various amazing features to take better care of the lovely plants in your garden.

The app is completely free to use as well. You can easily explore a wide variety of plants across the world and get to know more about them.

You can easily create your collections of plants within the application and can set care reminders for your plants as well. If you are a person who loves gardening and plants, then you can go for this great application where you will get notified about your plants from time to time.

You can also share your plant pictures with the plant-loving community within the application. So, you can also interact with other plant lovers like you and get to know about many things from experts related to plants and gardening.


  • This app is very amazing on the ground that it offers hundred percent accuracy in the information that it provides.
  • Its performance is slightly better than other apps on the very same ground.


  • The tracking process of the progress of a user’s plant journey is a bit tough in this app.
  • Also, it crashes often, leading to a bad user experience. 

#5. PlantSnap

PlantSnap best plant care app

PlantSnap is the fifth application on our list, which ensures your plant’s good and healthy growth with its amazing features. This also connects you with other plant lovers worldwide with its “explore” feature.

With the help of this feature, you can see snaps of different beautiful plants and can enhance your knowledge about them. One can put care reminders for their plants in their garden effortlessly.

This is like a teacher which teaches you how to take good care of your plants and help them grow decently. You can also view key information about the plants and can search and identify plants with the help of their pictures.

All of these features help you to take good care of your plants and help them grow in a great way. Try using this amazing app for good care of the pretty plants out there in your garden. 


  • This app is definitely a great tool to use for all plant lovers and naturalists out there!
  • You can easily track records of all your plant care routines and it is not very much disturbing when it comes to ads.


  • This app crashes sometimes all of a sudden and this can be a serious disruption to anyone’s experience.
  • Also, it may ask the users to log in again and again.

#6. PlantMe


PlantMe is another best plant care apps that allow the user to take care of their plants effortlessly and that too is completely free. It ensures that your plants will grow in a healthy way.

You can identify a wide variety of plants by their pictures with the help of this application. One can also get a lot of care and treatment tips for the pretty plants they have in their garden.

You can easily get notified about the variety of toxic plants in your surroundings as well. The application is very easy to use and provides the user with a lot of information and care tips about the various plants they have in their yards.

One can definitely try using this wonderful application Plantae for better growth of their plants and to get more knowledge about them. You will definitely enjoy using this fun app if you are a plant lover since here you can easily get to know more about the plants.


  • This app has a really good database that will help you never fall short of facts and information.
  • They are relevant in fulfilling your plant care routine with all diligence. 


  • The app may log you out all of a sudden without any prior warning
  • That can put you in unnecessary trouble of logging all over again.
  • Also, sometimes the ads even bother the users in the premium version and the entire purpose of upgradation to the premium version fails.

#7. Gardenia

Gardenia best plant care app

Gardenia will end your search for the perfect plant care app. It will update you on time regarding the schedules of watering your plants, the most suitable fertilizers for your plants, and what kind of disease your plant is having when it shows certain symptoms.

There is a guide on how to take care of indoor plants on Gardenia which will help you sail through your entire plant care journey of yours.

Gardenia calculates the symptoms that your plant shows whether it is related to their falling leaves or not so-significant growth and then matches it with the broad database it has and gives out results of all possible diseases that your plant may be suffering from.

You won’t need to worry anymore about your plant because you will not be the only one to look after it. Once you install this app, you will be assisted by it all the time in taking due care of all your plants.


  • This app has a good journal that the users can maintain to keep all records of their plants
  • It has collected good reviews from its users so far.


  • The only issue that this app face is most of the outstanding features.
  • You can be enjoyed it only after upgrading to the premium version.

#8. Greg

Greg is an amazing plant care app that will act like a plant care diary for you. It will remind you of all the details, even the minutest of them that you will require to take care of while you are looking after any plant of yours.

You can look after many plants with great ease if you are using this app. This app is very useful if you have indoor plants.

It contains all the basic plant information that you need to start with and later on you can even upgrade further to get access to advanced information.

This app will remind you to water your plants from time to time and also guide you over the exact amount of fertilizer that you need to put in your plant.

It will also update you on the weather and how your plant is going to respond to it. Any special care that your plant will expect from you will also be updated in this app.

It has a free version to use in the beginning and later on you can even update to the premium version for better features.


  • This app is generally free of irritating ads that pop up all of a sudden and spoil the entire experience.
  • The information that this app has is also very helpful in serving its purpose.


  • The overall performance of this app is good.
  • But when it comes to tracking the plant details on a regular basis, it doesn’t give out the results that are expected from it.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

Here, we have arrived at the end of our article, and let’s find out whether you got all the important information or not! We are sure that you enjoyed reading the article and are equally impressed by the apps that have been mentioned above.

These apps are certainly doing the best in the market for the purpose they serve. They are regarded as the best plant care apps and hundreds of users rely on them for their planting needs.

People have left great reviews based on their own experiences, and that is a good yardstick to measure the success of these apps.

You don’t even need to pay a single penny for their use because using them at first is completely free of cost. Later on, as per your own experiences, you can either update your version to the premium one or can stick to the basic version as well.

Most of the users who have tried these apps have left some generalized positive reviews and there are also some balancing negative reviews as well. We are sure you will find yourself the best out of these.

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