15+ Best Rainmeter Skins Layouts & Themes (2021)

Totally change the look of your desktop with the help of one of the best software available on the internet i.e; Rainmeter. Rainmeter Skins are free and open-source software that can make the desktop look visually attractive and vibrant.

In the modern era of computers, we have several Operating Systems(OS) like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. But the most commonly used OS is Windows. One of the most advantageous features of using Windows OS is the number of customization options that the OS offers.

We have various customization options in Windows which include visual customization like wallpapers, screensavers, etc. This might seem a bit inadequate but that’s not the end of the customization options provided.

We can completely personalize the look of our desktop by just downloading the Rainmeter best skins software. You can easily add desktop widgets, icons, toolbar, and wallpapers. It is compatible with all the Windows versions, right from Windows XP to Windows 10. We get extremely attractive Windows 10 Rainmeter skins on the internet as the quality of graphics used is much higher in Windows 10.

There are various platforms from which we can get the best rainmeter skins, rainmeter layouts, etc. As we had mentioned above, we can apply various rainmeter clock skins and rainmeter weather skins too and these are categorized in a different section which makes it much easier to find these customized rainmeter widgets.

Rainmeter skins are safe to use which are just meant to give a customized look to your desktop. Rainmeter skins affect the performance of the desktop to a certain extent. It depends on the specifications of the PC and how heavy the rainmeter skin is.

17 Best Rainmeter Skins Layouts & Themes for Windows in 2021

All the rainmeter skins and themes are arranged according to their popularity.

∗Note∗ You can easily download all the themes from Deviantart.com for free.

So, let’s get started.

#1 Cyberpunk 2077 (Best Rainmeter Skin)

Cyberpunk 2077 comes first in the list of top rainmeter skins. This satisfying theme makes the desktop look more edgy and classy than ever. Designed for 1920×1080 screen size, it even gives access to edit it as you like. Giving a pleasing sight, it is mostly recommended by top gamers in the gaming industry as it just boosts up your enthusiasm before a match. This theme is one of the best rainmeter skins for gamers.

Besides that, this layout also fits that high-class look to your devices hence can also be used by non-gamers as well. Available in all colors and backgrounds, it’s a must-try.

Cyberpunk 2077 best rainmeter skins
Cyberpunk 2077

#2 Spiderman (Windows 10 Rainmeter Skin)

Bored with that still look on your windows, not anymore as this Rainmeter skin hereby gives you the animated version of setup. Whether it’s your mac, iPad in addition to your computer fits perfectly in all of them.

So get ready to take a jaw-open look at your friends/colleagues by this top-notch animation theme making them swept away from their feet, as now even they would get this amazing and good rainmeter skin. It’s just an add-on if you are a big-time spider man movies fan.

Spiderman cool rainmeter layouts

#3 Big Sur (Futuristic Rainmeter Skin)

Yearning for those macOS big sur widgets? And want all updates on your screen, then this skin is your dream come true. Having an admirable collection of aesthetic themes with all kinds of widgets with different patterns, giving several options to select from. Clock, browsers, latest updates, temperature, date and day, all such sorts of information is provided under this futuristic rainmeter skin.

Hence making your busy schedule a bit of not-so-busy. Only by a single look on your windows, you get served with all news and info at once. Just browse through all the layouts to get your desired one. This is one of the most useful best rainmeter themes provider.

Big sur rainmeter best skins
Big sur

#4 Aliens (Most Popular Rainmeter Skin)

One of the most popular rainmeter skins is Aliens. Aliens are till now the best skin that you are looking for in terms of knowing the details and functioning of the system in a second. Its design is so splendid that is not easily findable. A robotic and technical look that no one can resist having.

The main and unique feature is that, along with other common widgets, like time and all, it also includes downloads and uploads, showing details of CPU, which are hardly available in others. The icons are shaped like hexagons and are scattered around the desktop, hence enhancing the background even more.

Aliens top rainmeter skins

#5 Enigma (Cool Rainmeter Skin)

Look out at any device out there, and you will find that most of the people have enigma Rainmeter skin. For decades and even now it’s the most popular and used skin ever, with millions of downloads. The reason behind its success is just because of incomparable features and qualities.

Including sub-modules with system updates and world clock, it’s definitely worth your time to check it out. It also keeps on adding various new themes, you can at any time change your themes as the trend goes. It provides you full access to customize as your liking.

Enigma good rainmeter skins

#6 Sonder (Coolest Rainmeter Skin)

By applying this best Rainmeter plugin, you will feel that calmness and peaceful vibes through its themes just by looking at it. And as minimalist, needing that neat type theme, then it’s the stop. Providing you next-level services with nothing in return, what can be the best deal than this.

A gateway to all the programs, folders, and info without clicking the start menu, is easy on your tips. Its new versions also keep you updated to install for a better experience. You can always alter, without any problems and wastage of time.


#7 PALETTE (Coolest Rainmeter Skin)

Now comes the coolest rainmeter skin “Palette”. Not that makeup palette, but much vibrant than that one. Similar to having a colorful array of elements, making your laptop look elegant and vibrant from afar.

With having modernized tools and cool widgets such as automated calendars, installation updates give an alluring look to the screen. It has wallpapers with a bit of every color if know, just like a rainbow colorful yet graceful. You can also apply rainmeter addons to this theme.


#8 Wisp

Wisp Rainmeter theme is a go-to theme if you are into some material theme. This awesome rainmeter skin comes with an advantage as you receive the chance to keep a track of your CPU usage and its temperature, also you will get the course of bin, ram, and swap memory. This provides an environment for easy setup and gives you multi-screen options.

It supports mainly four themes that are dark orange, blue,  red, and green. Wisp requires core temp and MSI Afterburner. It supports the usage of up to two drives while one GPU. It has swap memory and RAM. Its sub-elements seem as if they are directly drawn into the background of the desktop instead of just looking like a tact gadget.


#9 Moderate

It’s kind of looks like the interface for android. This skin is best to go with a touchscreen laptop, it comes with music controls and a launcher. It has great functionality because it allows you to change the look of your panel by helping you to expand its area in addition to a calendar including weather placed exactly in the middle.

This provides you many variations in color with the help of which you can the panel’s theme and makes it more attractive as per your requirements and needs. It gives you a very aesthetic and easy setup.


#10 Mond

It’s one of the most fantastic skin themes as it provides you modern font with a unique and modified UI. It gives you permission of editing and customizing as per your needs and requirements. This allows you to have the trace of date and time and day of the week, and other details about the weather with images.

It keeps the track of deleted elements through a widget namely bin. In the skin format, it will automatically get installed. It comes with connected drives which make it more handful, it’s widely used in the world as you can translate it to your own language or in your mother tongue in the settings.


#11 Windows 2019

With the collection of sumptuous layouts, it will definitely have your eyes wide open admiring its features and attributes. This is forestalling all its competitors by providing a world-class feature that not even androids have like the bin icon gets red as soon as it gets filled, offer a to-do list along with alarms in form of alerts via text/voice message.

No need to fill up your phone’s space when you can have all that same stuff in your, best suited for those who spend hours on their PC, just like the saying goes killing two birds with one stone.

Windows 2019
Windows 2019

#12 Before Dawn

Want that easy-to-use and convenient meter, when before dawn is here then be rest assure. This simple rainmeter skin is very useful if you don’t want anything useless on your screen. Just install the software, select your favorite and that’s it, enjoy the relishing view on desktop. If you’re that lazy or busy dude that doesn’t even want to or like to customize the working and animation of the widgets, don’t worry you’ll get fully modified stacks of outstanding themes to pick from.

It displays the info right at the center and by this, just at a glance, all the details are in front of you no need to look around all corners to search, as in the other skin.

Before dawn
Before dawn

#13 Rainworks

Frustration builds up really quickly when an easy-peasy task gets complicated, but here customizing couldn’t have been more simple than ever. Thanks to Rainworks not only it is the most customizable app but also clean rainmeter skin with single-handedly saving user’s worthy time and energy, just change the outlook in merely 2 minutes by clicking on the middle of active skin.

It comes with 30 compact skins with basic or upgraded options. You can apply it at the top or bottom, as you prefer. Be sure to be a vigilant consumer by getting aware of all the details, conditions applied throughout its use.


#14 Ageo (Rainmeter Minimalist)

Craving that hyper-cool look on your desktop but the other side preferring a rainmeter minimalist theme also. Then it’s the right choice hardly giving you any regrets. Offering a kind of material appears to the PC. It comes with an amazing time, date, notepad, weather, and music player widgets.

Whatever program, files you have opened or any other thing you are working on, listening to music could have never been so convenient. It even has a unique running widget where few motivational quotes keep scroll, ensuring to keep your energy hype up throughout the day. A must-try from this side.


#15 NXT OS

Now your laptop would not appear the same as did to be, once you apply any of this layout. It is so advanced in its content and theme that will definitely leave you as its fan. Providing you 400 more ranges of color yet with different features.

It is the most authentic and classy skin that one can ever have. It also gives a game drawer along with many of its items, where you can numerous games simultaneously. Accompanied by exquisite designs, templates it is capable of more than what you expect it to be.


#16 Lim!t

Just the opposite it may sound contradictory of its title, this Rainmeter skin has unlimited perquisites and benefits which forces you to have this at the top of anything else in the market. It has a clock-based skin that does not in any circumstances suggest it to have just a timepiece.

It comes with many perks besides chronometer as the others. Taking sufficient amount of space it surely knows how to work efficiently and effectively with no internal harm like storage, functioning to the desktop. You can check its design on a web browser to see whether or not it suits the PC.


#17 Mnml UI

It has tranquil skin and comes with minimal or almost no distractions. It provides a very clean and neat look for your widgets on the desktop. MNML UI comes with modernized clock and date specifications. It allows you to store tabs on the usage of data and disk space on your computer.

Its plugin shows usage percentage space, drive D, total space, and drive C with the help of which you can modify your files like you can add or delete them without looking for storage on your behalf.

Mnml ui

Eleggible’s Final Words

Windows gives us an option to change the visual appearance of the desktop to a certain extent. But with the help of rainmeter skins, we not only change the visual look but also make certain customizations that help the users to easily access certain functions for eg using the rainmeter clock skin, weather widget, etc.

And as we know that the things which belong to us depict our personality as well. So by using cool rainmeter skins, we can enhance the visual attractiveness of our desktop as well. So now it’s your turn, go on and choose your most favorite ones and enjoy the experience.

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