11 Best Red Eye Removal Apps for Android & iOS

Smartphones nowadays are stacked up with a high-end camera, sorry, high-end cameras! But, one traditional problem that prevails in many pictures is the red-eye, which makes your photo, quite not upto the mark. So, you need Red Eye Removal Apps to make your picture look good.

Top 11 Red Eye Removal Apps for Android & iOS

However, there’s nothing to be worried about as we bring out the list of 11 Best Red Eye Removal Apps for Android and iOS:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

The most renowned photo editor app of all time, Adobe Photoshop, has its mobile version, Adobe Photoshop Express.

Being a mobile version definitely did reduce its features when compared to the PC version, but it doesn’t fail as a simple and quick editing app and has almost all features given by other similar apps.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Adobe Photoshop Express

Other than red-eye remover, it offers hundreds of different tools to get the best out of your picture. Some features would be crop, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc. adjustment, frames, strokes, auto image correction, and whatnot.

Some features other than editing are cloud services, edited image download, and sharing, stable and continuous updates, to keep you updated with the new technology coming every day.

2. Visage Lab

An AI app, built on the base of the ever-developing technology nowadays, face recognition. It recognizes the face in a picture and automatically removes red eyes, pimples, dark spots and provides even lightening, teeth whitening, and smoothening.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Visage Lab

It has an advanced face recognition tech, so all you got to do is to upload a picture where the face is visible, and then the app processes the picture accordingly.

It will provide the basic edits using AI tech, and you’ll get an automatically edited photo in seconds. Moreover, you can manually edit these pictures for an extra touch.

3. Pixlr Express

Another famous app for editing, Pixlr, developed by the renowned developer 123RF, is a free app on Android and iOS platforms. This app is an all-rounder app, having a lot of features in it.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Pixlr Express

It can be used as a red-eye remover, but other than that, it covers all basic features offered by a photo editor app. Moreover, it has a built-in collage maker app, so you can make collages, and then provide effects to it.

4. Pixelmator

Pixelmator, an app offered by the app store for iOS users. Using this app, you can easily edit pictures, as well as create images using the tools provided by the app.

Red Eye Removal Apps

Upload your picture, and then you have a vast set of filters, effects, tools, etc. to edit and enhance your picture to the niche. It also includes a red-eye remover feature, and the distinguishable feature provided is the image creator tool. You get a blank space, and you can edit your way out, add effects, texts, and other graphics to it.

5. Facetune

A small-sized, compact app with limited, but picture-perfecting tools, is another iOS app on our list. It can be called to be a lite photoshop app for mobile since it provides all the essential features required.

Red Eye Removal Apps

You can get rid of red eyes, pimples, oily skin, and other flaws in your picture in just one click. It has a simple UI so that you can provide a light and straightforward manual edit in seconds.

6. Cymera

An app with a live photo shooting feature, where you can get a Cymera-edited photo by clicking pictures through this app. You get some standard DSLR functions in this app, like image and video stabilization, autofocus, focus, and brightness controller. You can use 3D camera Apps to take a good photo.

Red Eye Removal Apps

Apart from this extensive feature, you also get the editor tool, where you can edit any photo uploaded from your phone gallery and get rid of flaws in your picture like red eyes, pimples, etc. and add up touch-up effects using the 800+ features provided by the developer.

7. Eye Color Studio

Eye color editor is a photo editor app created just for the sake of perfect eye editing. As the name suggests, it is an app for changing the eye color in a photo, along with red-eye remover.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Eye Color Studio

Since this app provides this single feature, it is better than all others offering a wide range of features. This app has this one feature, but the developers have made this one feature so precise that you can get different results for using various other tools provided.

8. Eye Color Changer

Just like the previous app, this app specializes in editing one thing in a picture, your eyes! You can select what type of sights you want to keep in your picture. There are a lot of distinctions with respect to eye color and pupil disperse. So, there’s a wide range of options for you!

Red Eye Removal Apps
Eye Color Changer

Other than this, it also provides the red-eye remover feature, and the distinguishable feature of this app is that it an advanced AI, making it easy for it finds eyes in distorted pictures as well.

9. Photo Wonder

Another excellent app for photo editing, Photo Wonder, having hundreds of unique tools to make your photo the best, available for free on Android and iOS platforms.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Photo Wonder

It has all the basic features, including the red-eye removal feature. The wide range of features makes it a good choice for all-round purposes.

10. Photo Editor by Aviary

The photo editor by Aviary is an app with a convenient and multi-functional program for Android and iOS devices. There’s an auto photo enhancer that uses smart tech to auto edit your pictures.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Photo Editor by Aviary

However, you can edit your photos further by manually editing them by using the tools and effects provided. 

It has more than 1500 free effects, tools, features, etc. and more can be added-on by making some in-app purchases.

11. Red Eye Remover

The name explains its feature and definitely makes this red-eye app a specialist in red-eye removal.

Red Eye Removal Apps
Red Eye Remover

Even this app has an auto edit feature, where it detects your face and removes the red-eye problem if any. After that, you can manually edit the picture, too, making it a handy and hassle-free app.

Eleggible’s Final Words

This is our list of top red-eye remover apps for Android and iOS. If you are looking for an app just for red-eye removal, then you should go on with apps providing the feature as their specialization, since that makes them pretty much distinguishable from others, in terms of quality, whereas, if you are looking for one super photo editor app, which includes this as a feature, then you should go on with the other all-rounder apps given!

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