13 Best Search Engine Apps for Android & iOS (2021)

Your mobile phone must be loaded with several apps to facilitate your work, but did you ever notice, that there’s a type of app, who is the king of all? That’s your search engine. Your search engine can reach out for anything on the internet, and with this infinite quirk, it can do all tasks performed by the apps individually.

Friends, at today’s time, you can make your research even better and faster by using the search engine apps.

Top 13 Search Engine Apps for Android & IOS

Here we are, with 13 Best Google Search Engine Apps you can rely on for your android or iOS device!

1. Bing

An app designed by Microsoft, with an excellent interface. The distinguishing feature about Bing is that it can translate the whole page to a language legible to the person viewing it.

Search Engine Apps

It has got an image search option that helps to obtain similar pictures with just one click. It also has an incognito mode to browse the web without leaving a trace of history.

2. Firefox

Looking for a browser with good security? Firefox will be the best call for you to make for its protection is unmatched among its rivals. It blocks pop-ups, malicious content downloading, and virus attacks intuitively and alerts the user if any permeable virus surfaces. 

Search Engine Apps

Along with security, one can rely on its quick shortcuts made by the AI of this app on the main screen of this application, and its straightforward interface does not create any difficulty to the user. This is the Best Search Engines for Android & iOS as well.

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3. Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser is a unique browser that provides a built-in VPN, and hence, this makes it one of the best in terms of privacy. It hides your footprints on the internet and thus helps you browse you anonymously on the web.

Aloha Browser

It has an interface similar to that of Google making it easy to use. It has a built-in VR player, too, so you can play VR videos directly from the web.

This unique VR keeps the videos on in the background, so this feature proves useful when listening to speeches, lectures, or music.

4. Yahoo Search

Back in the day, Yahoo reigned as the #1 search engine, however, it hasn’t lost its touch nowadays.

Yahoo Search

It has a simple UI and has some user-friendly features which make searching easy. Linking into the same account helps you retrieve the search and visiting history along with its bookmarks.

5. DuckDuckGo

Another Search Engines Apps is focusing on security and privacy, DuckDuckGo. It has security encryption, assuring 100% security to your personal information.

It doesn’t track your history. Thus you don’t leave your footprints behind on the web, making it a good search engine to search for private things.


It has an advanced AI system that creates shortcuts and provides suggested search concerning your web history.

6. Qwant

Qwant, another applications search engines specializing in security and privacy, with no tracking of records, but this isn’t all it offers. The most distinguishing characteristic of this search engine is that it has been made especially for music. 


One can search for music and download them, in one click, and also receive updates on new music albums, concerts, singers, etc. 

Other than being a dedicated-music search engine, it also has the qualities of a normal browser, with suggested search, top links for pages, images, videos, games, etc.

7. CamFind

The best android search engine is specializing in images, which helps the user search using images and get similar images. Moreover, one can get great pictures about their search by this engine.


For a cherry on the top, they have also included a QR code scanner for one-click searches and also, a language translator, that helps to translate you a picture, into a language legible to you!

8. Yandex Browser

This browser is a popular choice among the Russians, making it the most used best search engine for android. Apart from providing decent search results, it also provides an insight into current weather, traffic status, currency rates, stocks worldwide, and much more.

Yandex Browser

It has its own ‘nearby’ detection feature that helps the user to reach out for the ‘nearby’ restaurants, ATMs, banks, hospitals, etc., along with extensive reviews and ratings by users.

It also has a built-in ‘Ad-blocker’ for seamless surfing and has a unique customizing feature for your home page, where you can set a background of your choice.

9. Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

Maxthon is light and best search engine for iPhone with a built-in ad-blocker, notepad tool, and a systematic password manager. Another unique feature is that it can sync your data across iOS and non-iOS platforms.

Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

Its ad-blocker is considered among the best and also has good security options like incognito mode.

It has a user-friendly feature called ‘night-mode’ that is ideally made for users surfing the web at night so that they can continue their search without straining their eyes.

10. Findx

If you are searching for apps then this private search engine developed by Privacore can easily search anything you ask for while it doesn’t track your history. 


It has a decent algorithm that provides top results for almost all news available on the web. It does not collect any data from any of its users, making it safe, since any website will never access your private information. Moreover, it provides full SSL encryption too.

11. Ghostery Browser

Initially, Ghostery was treated as an additional app for track blocking. It is considered to have the best tracker blocking tool among all similar browsers or add-ons. Moreover, it has a unique feature that alerts you if any third party is tracking you.

Ghostery Browser

In this engine, you can clean all their cache data and cookies in just one click. It also has a unique feature for WiFi protection, which helps you to block trackers when you are connected to any WiFi network.

12. Owplus

Owplus is a unique document searching app that allows the users to search for documents online in various file types like PDF, XLS, DOC, ODS, ODP, txt, swf, xml, etc.


This engine also allows downloading of these files or even view them online, whatever the users prefer to.

It has a huge collection of files online and has been extensively used for this purpose. It is also used as a document editing app to edit your file online.

13. Google

Ending with the best out of the best, Google. The most used search engine to date, with thousands of features to make it the most reliable search engine in terms of simplicity, security, accessibility, guidance, connectivity, etc.

Search Engine Apps for android

Google has no doubt, the best algorithm of your searches, which makes it hassle-free to use it and find the best answers in the top links.

It has been growing every update with functions about voice and image searches, one-touch assistant, a live news feed, sync among accounts, offline web page downloads, etc.

With so many features, it stands out to be the best in business, which has made it one of the search engines you will find in your device built-in.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We have listed the 13 Best Search Engines, but these don’t exhaust the number of engines available. There are still several honourable mentions to this category, which have their pros as well as cons!

All the above apps have their speciality in various fields of web-surfing, but the one that stays outstanding throughout is undoubted Google.

It provides an all-round platform to its users, while it is user-friendly by being super-easy and providing various accessibility features in it.

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