9 Best Shipping and Receiving Software (2023)

In this article, best shipping and receiving software the movement of components, supplies, materials, equipment, and stock to and from an enterprise is sent, accepted, and recorded by shippers and receivers.

They work in manufacturing firms, retail and wholesale businesses, as well as other commercial and industrial institutions. Deliveries of incoming and outgoing freight, inspections, and transfers to and from storage are the primary duties of receiving and shipping.

Companies can keep an eye on everything that enters and leaves the warehouse with the aid of shipping and receiving. Accounting for these things makes it simpler to maintain accurate inventory counts.

They make sure that both incoming and leaving products are properly processed, stored, and packed for transportation. In many contexts, activities would only stall with shipping and receiving locations.

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How is Software Used in Inventory Management?

Inventory management may be automated with the use of inventory management software. It guarantees that you can precisely track your present inventory levels and discover the goods you require more of in a flash.

It consists of a software program for keeping track of orders, sales, and delivery. This is also applicable to manufacturing facilities. Utilizing inventory management software will reduce the amount of time needed to process, audit, and track your goods.

You can monitor the stock levels for all of your merchandise using a single interface, keep tabs on what’s selling and what isn’t, locate supplier details, and link to payment applications for invoicing and purchase orders.

How Vital is Shipping for a Business?

When it comes to online transactions, shipping is the first point of physical interaction with your clients. Therefore, offering your clients a fantastic shipping experience is critical if you want to keep them returning to your e-commerce business.

The benefits of trade and commerce are distributed more fairly thanks in part to shipping. Every country relies on maritime trade to purchase and sell goods since every nation is only partially self-sufficient.

The final quality of your items is impacted by shipping. The customer’s perception of your business may need better shipping methods.

To ensure the smooth delivery of your products, it’s crucial to have reliable shipping and receiving systems in place that can handle various volumes and destinations efficiently.

Is Shipping and Receiving Hard?

The best shipping and receiving programs position does include a lot of mobility but may or may not need heavy lifting. You’ll need to travel around the facility, stoop and stretch to reach things, move boxes or specific goods, and engage in other physical activities during the course of the day.

In essence, careers in shipping and receiving keep you on the go. It may also be fast-paced work, which makes the roles considerably more active than some individuals would anticipate. Shipping and receiving may be for you if using your entire body to do chores appeals to you.

Is Shipping and Receiving a Skill?

A shipping and receiving assistant prepares goods for both incoming and departing shipping and, after confirming the contents of each package, carefully documents all shipping information.

Transport for goods is another thing they manage. They may also go by receiving manager, warehouse worker, or shipment coordinator titles. A few crucial talents are solidly written and verbal communication abilities, hauling, packing, and loading, as well as stocking, stacking, and receiving.

Having the most efficient shipping and receiving system is crucial to ensure that goods are delivered promptly and accurately, and a skilled shipping and receiving assistant plays a vital role in achieving this goal by managing the entire process from start to finish.

Top 9 Shipping and Receiving Software (2023 Picks)

#1. FishBowl

FishBowl - 9 Best Shipping and Receiving Software (2023)

Fishbowl is both the most sophisticated and feature-rich standalone inventory management solution that is intended to work with QuickBooks. It can easily manage your processes, whether you are producing, distributing, selling, servicing, or simply maintaining your inventory!

The best shipping and receiving software production and warehousing management system for small to medium-sized firms is Fishbowl. Thanks to its robust inventory control system, your small or medium firm will have all the tools necessary to revolutionize inventory management and grow. You may get it at the link provided above.

If you’re looking for the best free transcription software for Mac, you might want to check out Express Scribe, which offers an intuitive interface, playback control options, and compatibility with a wide range of audio and video file formats.


  1. Fishbowl has excellent customer service and is inexpensive and straightforward to use. A confirmed social network is Fishbowl.
  2. The most straightforward approach to establishing your professional status is to sign up using your corporate email or LinkedIn, which also makes it simple for you to connect with people with similar backgrounds.
  3. The following are some of the essential features: barcoding, job shop floor control, work order administration, manufacturer orders and bills of materials, inventory management, material needs planning and much more. Overall, it is among the most extraordinary pieces of software on the market.


  • The most adaptable ERP software was available.
  • Manage inventories effectively.
  • It is simple to use.


  • A little expensive.

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#2. 3PL Central

3PL Central - Best Shipping and Receiving Software

For third-party logistics organizations, 3PL Central is a cloud-based system for managing various clients, workflows, and pricing structures. Complete visibility is provided, and regular processes are automated for simple management.

It offers a compact package shipping suite that streamlines workflows and reduces manual and paper-based operations to increase warehouse productivity. It benefits sectors like manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.

The 30-day online trial is free, and the needs of each particular firm determine rates. To increase labor accountability and workflow effectiveness, it incorporates a SmartScan function that monitors all employee activities in real-time and assesses employee performance. Check out this one right away using the link we provided.


  1. For client billing, distinct transactional and full/split-month billing schedules are maintained. Employees don’t need to search for manual receipts since mobile scanning makes it possible for them to gather receipts when services are complete.
  2. To produce, combine, and export invoices, integrate your system with Quickbooks. Additionally, as part of the package, it provides REST API compatibility, enabling users to connect to other internet-based services.
  3. Work processes may be streamlined by integrating with CRM, ERP, e-commerce shopping carts, and other systems. This also removes the need to manage carrier systems’ addresses and tracking numbers manually. Shipping labels for small packages may be printed instantly for carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL, Mail Innovation, and USPS.


  • Reduce labor expenses.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Obtain complete visibility.
  • Best warehouse management software.


  • A little expensive.
  • Shows ads at times. 

#3. Oracle Warehouse Management

Oracle Warehouse Management - Best Shipping and Receiving Software

Cloud compatibility is a feature that Oracle WMS offers to accommodate businesses of all sizes. It enables customers to simplify, organize, and increase the capacity of warehouses while also increasing productivity and accuracy and lowering inventory costs.

It is a versatile environment with configurable settings for rapid installation. Users can precisely transport enormous amounts of items thanks to complex fulfillment assistance. It offers a solitary site to assist manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses.

Because of its cloud-based technologies, it can avoid shutting down for updates and provides a safe location for document storage that unplanned outages won’t harm. Check it out right away.


  1. This program is incredible; automation avoids tiresome manual activities, allowing users to focus on more crucial warehouse operations. Error reduction lowers expenses and boosts customer satisfaction.
  2. It also enables customers to examine priceless data obtained through routine warehousing processes. Managers can plan and foresee more easily with this knowledge, which also helps them make wiser decisions.
  3. Users can recognize and improve complex processes because of data visibility. Additionally, it simplifies routine warehousing activities, allowing customers to design optimal warehouse floors while also improving product selection, packaging, and shipping precision.


  • Amazing features.
  • Simple to use and beginner friendly.
  • Advanced technology.


  • It shows ads with the free version.
  • A little overpriced.

#4. SkuVault


SkuVault is a cloud-based program that enables customers to manage all warehouse operations, including ordering, receiving, and order fulfillment. Functions may be collected and scaled with the use of automation, quality control, search, and reporting features.

It lowers human mistakes and increases operational efficiency to boost profitability thanks to robust modules and numerous integrations. Labor expenses are reduced by 30%, fulfillment times are slashed by 50%, and out-of-stocks are multiplied by ten.

Its best feature is its pre-built interfaces with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, ShipStation, ShipWorks, Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, and QuickBooks. Download it to explore all of its incredible features right away.


  1. You may avoid a drawn-out installation procedure and a high learning curve with an intuitive and simple-to-use solution. Automate some warehousing and inventory procedures to cut down on manual labor and boost output.
  2. The system can scale as the firm expands because of its ability to work with many warehouses, locations, and customizations. Get complete insight and control over operations by knowing the state of the inventory, warehouse activity, and order statuses in real-time.
  3. Use pre-built connectors for e-commerce platforms and sites, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Overall, this one was great; definitely give it a look.


  • User-friendly and simplified interface.
  • Real-time sync and scalable.


  • The paid version might be a little expensive for most people.

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Tools are provided by SAP WMS’s best shipping-receiving software for small businesses. For smooth interaction with forklift control and stock removal applications, it enables external modules such as warehouse control units.

It uses bin-level inventory management and automates resource-intensive activities to improve warehouse accuracy and general organization. It also displays inside physical locations on a map.

In order to enhance daily logistics, financial, and inventory operations, it links elements like ERP systems. Utilize barcode scanners to fulfill client orders, track goods, and increase inventory levels.

While on work, it may verify the availability of materials, pre-pick items in accordance with orders, accept and distribute those based on purchase orders, and watch over all commodities as they enter, exit, or travel about the warehouse. Utilize current stock data and avoid mistakes that might result in a shortage of items. Check it out.


  1. To reduce delivery delays and human error during order execution. You may get comprehensive inventory management and control regardless of the number of items. Promote quicker order turnaround times to boost overall effectiveness.
  2. Use physical control over operations, including stock transportation, receiving, and stocking as well as immediate inventory visibility and increasing fill rates by offering the most recent information on order selection and shipping.
  3. Find the trouble spots and solve them before they become expensive issues. Real-time updating of inventory data will increase efficiency. Manage daily operations, scan barcodes, track incoming and outgoing goods, and provide automated reports. Overall, SAP WMS software is the greatest; you will like it.


  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs.
  • High-level enhancement technology.


  • Setting up can be tricky.
  • Customer service needs to be up to the mark.

#6. QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce

All sizes of multichannel e-commerce enterprises can use the organizational and stock control framework offered by QuickBooks Commerce. It emphasizes work automation while enhancing overall accuracy and reducing expenses.

Users can improve crucial daily chores to boost operational efficiency and support overall growth thanks to various connectors and the capability to manage inventories for wholesalers and distributors.

Users who are more concerned with mobile access and quick upgrades that don’t interfere with everyday chores can embrace it with cloud-based deployment. It is scaleable for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers that want to expand quickly. It has sophisticated reporting, forecasts, apps for mobile sales and inventories, and more. Use the link we have to check this out.


  1. Provides native iOS software that allows businesses to manage their items, customers, and orders on the move. A mobile-optimized product catalog, barcode scanning, customer data access, order generation, and management, inventory and sales data access, access to map views, and use of the device camera to take and submit product photographs are all aspects of the app.
  2. The native iOS app also supports offline access. Issues relating to human error can be reduced by improving stock organization. Users may resolve problems before they become expensive ones by identifying trouble areas.
  3. Spend less time on time-consuming manual operations like updating sales channels and managing spreadsheets so that you can concentrate on marketing and expanding your company. Overall, you will thoroughly like using this.


  • They have an app for iOS.
  • Time-saving and reduced errors.
  • Strong customer relationships with the helpline.


  • The app is not available for Android.

#7. Click Reply 

Click Reply 

The unique product suite from Logistic Reply, called Click Reply, offers businesses cloud-based or on-premise comprehensive solutions for managing and controlling the execution of their value chains.

It makes sure that distribution warehouses, inter-operational facilities, and the execution of production plant processes are precisely owned and operated. Users may achieve their main optimization goals, optimize earnings, save operational costs, increase inventory control, and improve customer services with the support of its adaptable and scalable plug-and-play additions.

The many modules it offers include labor, yard, and warehouse management, as well as warehouse performance and billing. In general, you’ll really enjoy utilizing this. Check out the link we’ve provided to learn more.


  1. Provides dependable, creative, and cost-effective technologies for the efficient and correct execution of logistics. Its mobile platform may be used with Microsoft and Android platforms and enables execution processes in various contexts and operating systems.
  2. Use the voice module to manage hands- and eyes-free systems. It makes it easier for people to work with RFID-based tools for writing and reading tags. Utilize yard management, which provides a number of capabilities, including mapping, truck and trailer analysis, and job generation, to control, handle, and keep an eye on yard vehicles.
  3. Utilizing its gate flow module, manage yard reception tasks, including registration and vehicle entry and exit control. Additionally, dock management aids in regulating activity at loading/unloading doors. In general, you’ll have a great time using this program.


  • Labor and warehouse management.
  • Warehouse billing and performance.
  • Logistics execution and helpful software.


  • The interface could be a lot easier to adapt for newbies.

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#8. Snapfulfil


Inventory, shipping, receiving, and put away 3PL support and multi-location administration are all features of the cloud-based software SnapFulfil. It drives effective warehouse procedures to optimize stock, space, and resources with implementation services like integration and training, a comprehensive support package, and necessary hardware additions.

With SnapFulfil’s 45-day deployment method, users may avoid a drawn-out multi-warehouse management implementation procedure. Additionally, it provides an all-inclusive solution with no upfront costs.

A company may lose hundreds of dollars for each hour of downtime. Users can guarantee seamless operations and efficiently service their client’s around-the-clock thanks to SnapFulfil’s 99.99% uptime. This program is among the most accessible, so try it out and share your thoughts with us.


  1. To improve warehouse operations for space utilization, stock selection and storage, and resource productivity, users may trace and audit every movement of stock and resources using sophisticated warehouse controls.
  2. SnapFulfil adheres to testing and certification by external bodies to guarantee that user data is safe. With SnapFulfill’s disaster recovery and failover techniques, data can be readily retrieved even in the event of a problem, and the system may be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  3. With the software’s data controls and specific reporting features, users won’t have to worry about compliance difficulties. This is among the best shipping and receiving software programs accessible, so check them out.


  • Optimized performance and data security.
  • Fast working and flexibility.
  • Updated technology and superior features.


  • The interface could be a lot better.
  • Expensive. 
  • It costs more to get customer service around the clock.
  • Lack of support for shipping models; excels in quick fulfillment.

#9. Logiwa 


This is a warehouse management program focusing on inventory, warehousing, and order fulfillment in the cloud. Logiwa WMS offers assistance to companies in the retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL sectors with adaptable and trustworthy warehouse software.

The Cloud Fulfillment Platform from Logiwa is made for companies selling and transporting goods to several locations. This system offers a complete high-order fulfillment solution for brands, online retailers, and 3PLs.

Consider Logiwa if you’re seeking logistics software that supports next-day delivery. With Logiwa’s shipping software, you can expedite the shipment process while also saving time and money. To learn more about this program, click on the link we’ve provided.


  1. Logiwa WMS offers assistance to companies in the retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL sectors with adaptable and trustworthy warehouse software. Logiwa helps businesses run their warehouses more efficiently, cut expenses, and boost profitability by synchronizing multichannel inventory and orders for its clients.
  2. Although it offers enterprise-level capabilities and numerous connectors to its clients in the retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL industries, it is best suited to small and medium-sized organizations. Check out this quick and top-notch program; you’ll enjoy using it.


  • Affordable price.
  • Multiple features.


  • Little complicated to set up.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Best Shipping Software?

Commercial enterprises utilize shipping software to automate shipping processes. Multiple carrier options, parameter-driven pricing computations, the purchase and printing of labels and packing slips, shipment tracking, and progress reporting are all supported. ShipStation, PirateShip, ShippingEasy, Shippo, Easyship, and EasyPost are a few well-known shipping software.

2. What is an Inventory Management System?

Tracking goods from producers to warehouses and from these locations to points of sale is known as inventory management. An inventory management system is called an inventory management system for tracking and managing product inventories, product sales, and other manufacturing activities.

The process of storing, ordering, and selling products and services is referred to as inventory management. The subject also includes managing a variety of resources and procedures. Managing the movement of raw materials from their acquisition to completed goods is one of the essential components of inventory management.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

The best shipping and receiving software aims to make your order fulfillment and delivery processes more efficient. Consequently, you will require capabilities that automate the process of order manifestation, ideally with various carriers.

Additionally, your e-commerce platform has to have access to a variety of consumer improvement options thanks to your logistics software. The software will automatically determine shipping charges based on package weight, dimensions, shipping zone, carrier, and priorities like best rate or quickest delivery time.

It offers free shipping choices based on a customer’s profile, the cost of the goods, the location, and the cost of delivery. The platform provides real-time cargo tracking and delivers delivery status updates by email, SMS, mobile applications, and Internet websites.

It provides the simplicity of creating shipping labels and packing slips on any computer with a printer at your site. You have it now!

While acknowledging the real solution leaders who enable your choices, we have done our best to assist you in finding the best shipping and receiving software for your particular company’s needs.

We hope that this article, best shipping and receiving software was beneficial and gave you some knowledge. If you find this helpful information, please let us know, as well as any specific data you would like to see from us. Keep coming back till then for more great content!

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