9 Best Skateboarding Youtubers Channels [2022 List]

Below is a compilation of the best skateboarding YouTubers channels for Skateboarding that will undoubtedly educate, inspire, or entertain you. With the very minimum of YouTube video technology, you may quickly and simply watch and learn from powerful presentations, tutorials, and more.

As it produces and encourages online debate, it may be utilized to establish an eLearning community. There can be no denying the value of eLearning videos for analysis and discussion.

Given how many kids have smartphones, video is an excellent medium for connecting with them. YouTube is a fantastic platform for learning new skills since it is well-optimized for mobile devices, and the majority of students are already using it.

Skateboarding is one among them. An excellent resource for skateboarding education and inspiration is YouTube. There are several channels that produce videos on a range of skateboarding-related topics.

Some of the best skateboarding YouTubers channels are pretty popular, with millions of subscribers, and have the power to have an impact on the skateboarding scene. Others, albeit smaller and less well-known, provide high-quality content and, in our opinion, need more recognition.

That’s the main idea behind the article we have for you today. If this interests you and that’s what got you here, then please continue reading. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

Top 9 Skateboarding Youtubers Channels Ever [Ultimate List]

#1. Braille Skateboarding

Aaron Kyro, a highly well-known YouTuber who has been skating for 18 years, runs the channel Braille Skateboarding. He has been instructing children in skating both in person and online for several years, and he has created thorough videos instructing the fundamentals of Skateboarding to those interested.

On his own website, brailleskateboarding.com, you can also purchase items like skateboards, gloves, decks, shoes, and other necessities for learning how to skateboard.

Additionally, he founded and served as CEO of Braille Skateboarding, which has its headquarters in San Leandro, California, in the United States. You may easily watch his free skateboard video tutorials on YouTube, which can genuinely assist you in learning any trick you choose.

The channel has transitioned to be more of a hilarious and experimental endeavor where the Braille team attempts to skateboard over obstacles and skateboards that are impossible to ride.

Braille skating provides countless hours of fun and knowledge, which is fantastic. This seems enjoyable, doesn’t it? We thus urge you to check out this one. 

#2. Skateboarding Nation

This YouTube channel, which was founded in August 2015, has more than 180K followers and a great page with lots of material. Also, if you’re considering learning skating tricks and advice, this channel needs to be your first port of call.

There are Q&A videos on this undervalued channel where skaters respond to inquiries about themselves and skating. In setup films, skaters are featured in interviews as they assemble a new deck.

Videos showing skaters skating in renowned locations, such as El Toro and Hollywood High, as well as whole parts, are available. It is a really enjoyable bundle to use your time at.

Visit it and sign up for updates if you want to learn more. Skateboarding Nation also provides hours of entertainment, and it’s easy to lose track of time when watching all the amazing stunts and footage from other action sports on the site.

You should check this one out since it offers a tonne of high-quality stuff that is easily accessible on your phone and allows you to learn from anywhere in the world.

#3. Carlos Rick

Another reputable resource for learning skateboarding is Carlos Rick. You may subscribe to the channel to constantly be alerted when new videos are posted. The collection features fresh videos every day.

With more than 125K followers, it is one of the top best-skateboarding YouTubers channels. Carlos, a skateboarder, and videographer from Brazil, regularly posts videos to his YouTube account that showcase his incredible abilities or disastrous failures.

On this channel, you can find both compilations of up-and-coming skateboarders and a lot of raw videos of famous skateboarders. The channel launched in 2015, making it an “old classic,”; yet, you may learn a lot of new stuff from it, and it’s generally entertaining.

Given that he is freelance and writes his own product reviews, they are outstanding and primarily objective. He only evaluates things that pique his attention or that have been specifically requested by others.

Check out this channel if you want information on a new setup or if you want to see some good street and transition skating.

#4. ThrasherMagazine

Thrasher is a skateboarding publication that Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello started in January 1981. The newspaper primarily consists of reviews of skateparks, photos, interviews, and essays on Skateboarding and music.

They launched YouTube in October of 2006 and continue to update it regularly for their 2.97 million members. You may discover news, pictures, videos, apparel, skateparks, events, music, and more here about Skateboarding. It sounds like fun. Anyone may see their courses and learn for free, as well.

Additionally, this provides a lot more in the way of accolades and prizes; Thrasher annually bestows the title of “Skater of the Year.” The honor was first presented in 1990 and is still regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world of Skateboarding.

The award is given to one skater each year, and the editor of Thrasher makes the announcement. It sounds great and yet so much fun, so you must visit their website and YouTube channel for more information and subscribe since they have so much in store for you.

#5. Skate Box

Skate Box, with over about 200K YouTube subscribers, is included in our list of the top best skateboarding YouTubers. The channel launched formally in May of this year.

Skate Box has all kinds of tricks, including flat ground tricks, grinds, and slides, transitions, gaps, simple and complicated tricks. You can learn so much from the channel, and the page is really well structured, making it simple to discover the technique or tip you need.

In addition to all of this educational material, the channel also offers interviews with top professionals conducted by top professionals. If you’re searching for hilarious skits and fantastic skating, this YouTube channel is kind of your one-stop shop, which is incredible, right?

Additionally free, it provides instructions for a variety of methods that you may easily follow, replicate, and learn. This channel offers a wide range of videos to give you. Therefore it is worth your time to subscribe. Check it out since it is pretty simple to use and enjoyable. 

#6. Strictly Skateboarding

The Strictly Skateboarding crew is committed to giving you the finest Skateboarding entertainment and community possible on our YouTube channel. They assert that their channel’s main objective is to support and highlight talented skateboarders of all skill levels at various skateboarding locations and skate parks around the world.

They also hold the opinion that everyone in the skateboarding community, from amateurs to pros, deserves some sort of recognition, which is just so cool, right?

Strictly Skateboarding, who joined YouTube in March 2017 and has been active there for around 5 and a half years, produces, edits, and uploads all of the videos on the channel.

You must visit this channel or their official website to learn more about them and how hard they are trying to produce skateboarding-related material. Consider subscribing to them if you enjoy their videos and style so that you may benefit from the tutorials they offer.

#7. Red Bull Skateboarding

You can discover and watch new skate videos every week on this YouTube channel. Discover fantastic skate places, get behind the scenes at their events, and delve deeply into the world of Skateboarding with Red Bull. You can also learn about unusual skate travel destinations, both new and old.

You may also join some of the top skateboarders, like Torey Pudwill, Felipe Gustavo, Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, and more. About 230K people subscribe to this best skateboarding YouTubers channel, which launched in February 2019.

It would be best if you gave it a try because it also releases exciting and educational information for all the skateboarding nerds out there. In addition, there are prank clips, how-to videos, and the always entertaining skater montages.

So awesome, yes? So why not subscribe to this and test it yourself? When it comes to describing how to do tricks, roll up to the coping, position your body, and leave the coping, the instructors of this channel who provide content are simply the best.

#8. Creature Skateboards

Creature embodies the darker side of Skateboarding with an aesthetic rooted in horror movies and raunchy imagery. Their channel offers a comprehensive lifestyle for like-minded people, from jaw-dropping Skateboards to mind-blowing Graphic Artists.

This channel first launched in February 2010—12 years ago. It’s a straightforward process to learn from the teachers here and a fun and simple channel to check out.

Why don’t we assist them in reaching 100K subscribers because they are almost there? The channel has a combination of skating, educational road trips, product recommendations, and entertaining content for you all.

Watch out for this channel right away since it’s entertaining and arranged, and it should be one of your go-to sources for skating trick advice.

You will enjoy it when they offer a tonne of skateboarding stuff, including straight skating clips, vlogging videos of the campers, tip tricks, and much more. Check out this channel right off the bat.

#9. Josh Neuman

Before discussing his YouTube channel, we would like to pay tribute to the incredible American skateboarder Josh Neuman, who passed away in an Icelandic aircraft accident.

Neuman died at the age of 22. Josh one of the best skateboarding YouTubers began his YouTube journey in March 2007. Over the course of his remarkable 22 years, he lived a novel of hobbies and adventures.

His favorite pastime was skateboarding, so it makes sense that his crew is still maintaining his channel by posting sometimes. You can only find hundreds of incredible skate videos on his YouTube account.

According to his official website, Neuman had a fascination for extreme sports and had been making longboarding movies since he was 12 years old. He has a family of more than 1.25 million YouTube subscribers.

You should definitely visit and subscribe to this legend’s channel since you could witness pre-recorded or throwback videos that his family or teammates post. You will see unique and just skating demonstrations, which is incredible.

Eleggible’s Final Words 

We did our best to compile this list of the best-skateboarding YouTubers channels depending on the size of the channel and the type of material it offers. When looking for skateboarding content, YouTube is a great resource.

You may discover both old and new full-length skate movies, skateboard trick instructions, setup advice, and skateboarders having fun on YouTube.

This post has highlighted 8 of the greatest and perhaps most underrated best skateboarding YouTubers channels that no one talks about; you should check them out and subscribe to them if you like what they have to offer; it is accessible to everybody.

This post was written with the intention of helping you, so we hope you found it helpful and that you enjoyed reading it as much as we did. Please provide your insightful feedback in the writing below.

Please let us know what kind of material you would want to see next. We also thank you and respect the time you took to read this post because a lot of research and work went into creating it. Please remain in touch with us until then, as we’ll bring you more stuff soon!

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