7 Best Secret Snapchat Saver Apps to Save Snaps (2022)

A Snapchat story is a compilation of Snaps over the previous 24 hours. By default, all of your friends can see your Story, and they can watch the Snaps in it as many times as they like. Change your privacy settings to limit who sees your Story. Because stories aren’t permanent, you don’t have to worry about the content staying on your profile indefinitely; they vanish after 24 hours. When it comes to saving someone else’s Snapchat stories. You may use a clever trick: swipe up to react to your friend’s tales, then go to their chat and hold down to save it before opening it. You may also download, store, or record their stories and updates using the third-party Snapchat saver apps listed below.

For people who want to take a snap and save it for more than 24 hours, the vanishing photos in live updates are a concern, and there is currently no SnapChat saver option accessible in this App. However, utilizing third-party apps is viable, and these apps are accessible for Android and iPhones. Today’s article will look at a few applications that will allow you to store these photos quickly, for free, without submitting any personal information. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

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You may utilize the Store option from Snapchat to keep your own stories and the Save In Chat option from your friends’ snaps by holding down the option and clicking it. It’s relatively straightforward.

Top 7 Secret Snapchat Saver Apps to Save Other People Snapchats

Free applications can assist you with saving other people’s Snapchat stores; you may download, store, or record their tales and updates using the third-party Snapchat saver apps listed below.

#1. SaveStory

SaveStory Snapchat Saver Apps

SaveStory is the most incredible screenshot, and the screen recorder software runs well on non-rooted phones. When you take a screenshot, it is automatically saved in your gallery, and no message is sent to your Snapchat buddies. This save story software does not require a login, which is a nice bonus.

Using its rapid processing and HQ recording features, you’ll fall in love with this gem. The App was formerly free, but you now have to invest $5 to access the web version. Another bonus is that it works on both iOS and Android. This software has received positive feedback online, and users love using it.

#2. Private Screenshots

Private Screenshots Snapchat Saver Apps

Private Screenshots is the most private and secure App, and it is widely used. You can get this fantastic software right now from the link above and start uploading your photographs, videos, and photos anonymously. The advantage of utilizing this most excellent software is that your screenshots will be kept private and secure.

Netflix, Chrome incognito, Tor Browser, secret Telegram chat, banking applications, and other protected apps are not supported by this App. A presentation mode in Private Screenshots captures the content of a phone screen for the duration that it is turned on. The screenshot button then saves the photo as an image file, ensuring that no broadcast messages regarding the snapshot are delivered. You can certainly put this to the test.

#3. SnapGrab


SnapGrab is a simple snapshot application that uses MediaCapture intents to capture screenshots. This incredible program allows you to download screenshots secretly and without notifying the sender, and the images are instantly saved in the gallery. This fantastic software is adored by all users, as seen by reviews in the app store and Google Play.

The program also allows you to add comments, URLs, and other data to the photographs to make them more relevant. It has an autosave option that works in tandem with the conversation and photo and video capability.

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#4. Apowersoft

Apowersoft Snapchat Saver Apps

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a risk-free screen recorder that can capture any action on your computer screen. According to reviews on Google Play Store and Software Store, the App allows users to record only what they want rather than having to capture the entire screen. It also has a large audience, and people enjoy using it.

Apowersoft is a legitimate and secure program, and there have been no instances of this recording program being infected with malware. It saves the recorded information to your computer or smartphone. It includes an easy-to-use interface and can record video with audio from either the system sound or a microphone. Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is completely free, with no recording time restriction or video watermarks.

#5. Story Save

Another excellent Snapchat saving software for Android is Story Save. Story Save is a quick and light software that runs well on non-rooted devices. It can capture a screenshot or record video on an app without displaying or sliding any notifications. It’s a simple program that lets you capture snap tales with a single click.

You won’t have any problem using it because the UI is very similar to Snapchat’s. You may scribble on your photos or just upload them from your gallery. With only one tap, you can save videos and pictures. The most excellent part of Story Save is that you don’t have to log in or register to take screenshots or record videos.

#6 Screen Recorder – Livestream

Screen Recorder - Livestream

Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder app that allows you to record and capture your smartphone screen in video formats with or without the use of the front camera. It’s a reliable, high-quality screen recorder for Windows that lets you capture smooth, clear screen movies and save them as GIFs or videos.

It is a free screen recorder app that allows you to capture and record your smartphone screen in excellent quality. It is also an effective and simple-to-use professional screen recording program with a large user base that like using the App, according to evaluations on Google Play Store and App Store.

#7. MirrorGO

MirrorGO Snapchat Saver Apps

Wondershare Technology Corporates Limited created MirroGO stream and Snapchat saver program, which captures your Android screen and seamlessly mirrors it to your PC. You can quickly move your real-time Android screen to your PC and watch movies and photos. This software has received positive feedback online, and users love using it.

MirroGo may also be used to create video tutorials. Take high-resolution screenshots and easily save films and tales since it works with all Android versions. MirrorGo is fully compatible with all Android apps, not just Snapchat, which is beneficial because it offers multi-utility.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We all want to keep our stories and our friends’ updates and stories for longer than 24 hours, but Snapchat does not allow this, which is where this post comes in handy. The above-mentioned excellent Snapchat saver apps for Android and iPhone are simple to use. If you’re concerned about your device’s compatibility, you’ll want to read the description for each App.

These Snapchat saves don’t require you to register or log in to your account; you can start using them right now. The majority of them are compatible with both Android and iOS. When you’re wondering how to store Snapchat stories, remember this. These applications are the solution. You may use these applications to surreptitiously capture or download someone’s Snapchat stories without letting them know.

Thank you for stopping by; we hope you found this helpful post, and we eagerly await your thoughtful and constructive criticism. Please let us know if you like this article so that we can be inspired to create more like it.

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