10+ Best Social Media Exchanges Website List [2021]

Are you searching for how to get more likes on Instagram, how to get more likes on fb, or on any other social media platform then you have landed on the right page. Here we are going to discuss about one of the best social media exchanges website. There websites will help you to grow your social media followers and likes easily.

Social Media is probably the best thing that happened to the people. It is the ideal approach to associate with loved ones, and practically 90% of web users utilize online networking sites or applications once a day.

On social media platforms, we upheaval our feelings and demonstrating responses to different things by preferring, remarking, or sharing a post, pictures, and recordings, and so on. Online networking is probably the ideal approaches to associate with loved ones.

These online social exchange sites can enable you to get free fb likes, free Facebook followers, free Instagram likes, Pinterest pins, Pinterest adherents, Google Plus devotees and offers, YouTube subscribers, and quality backlinks which will help your business to grow more.

There are also many apps that get you likes on Instagram, Facebook that works same like these websites, you can also try them from Google Play Store.

Top 10 Social Media Exchanges Website to Get More Likes & Followers

Many of you are always commenting on Instagram, YouTube that like my pic, follow me or something like this but from now all these tasks will be automated from these web based software.

So, let’s dive in to the most used social media exchanges website.

#1 SX-Flood

First one is SX-Flood! It is truly probably the ideal approaches to promote your web-based life pages. You’ll effectively get free Facebook likes, subscribers, Youtube subscribers, LinkedIn shares, Twitter retweets, Youtube video views, Youtube video likes and dislikes. Winning the in-stage money or focuses is fundamentally the same as other like trade sites.

This social media exchange sxflood is best site as like Addmefast and Follow quick. Presently it is anything but difficult to trade likes. Here you will get similar what you get from overall destinations. Like planet can be utilized to acquire cash. Gather 5000 by preferring, following and buying in somebody, at that point convert your point into dollars. 5000 points are equivalent to 1$. You should have the least 2$ to trade out your PayPal or Payza account.

#2 AddmeFast

The first and foremost social media exchanges website is AddmeFast. There are many sites in the market like youlikehits etc. but this one is special. This is one social exchange site that has got all the options. AddmeFast allows you to develop social contacts for social nearness. Their 200 Instagram followers free trial will give you free 200 Instagram followers. This makes them different from all their competitors.

This social exchange site allows the user in getting YouTube video likes, free soundcloud promotion, twitch sub points, free Facebook followers, free Facebook photo likes, etc.

addmefast social media exchanges website

This will increase your followers, likes, comments, subscribers and even your social media sharing. It makes it helpful to you by connecting your entire social media platform.

It has a free YouTube views increaser through which you can easily increase your YouTube views. But to get the desired results, you need to follow some steps.

Firstly, you need to log in. To log in, you need to get yourself registered. To register, you need to add basic things such as passwords, email and other important details. Then click on get me likes and start getting likes.


  • It does not sell likes, buys in, adherents, sees, hits.
  • This social exchange site will increase your social media contacts faster.
  • It is like a package if you want to be famous on social media.


  • This one is best for someone new.
  • It is also best if you are someone who is starting from 0 itself.

#3 Everve

This is for you then because Everve is one of the easiest social media exchanges website that I have ever come across as the developers have put efforts in by adding a high-end artificial intelligence (AI) to develop this social exchange site. You can easily grow your blog or even business by increasing the traffic.

This website is where you can get genuine users in the exchange of money. To start using this, there are a few steps you need to follow. But other than that you don’t need to have detailed knowledge about this.

Everve social media exchanges site

To start using this site, you need to login, complete the assigned tasks, earn from the task, create your social campaigns and last but not least, gather engagements. In just a short period, Everve had a good number of users. People love this social exchange site, as it has some amazing tools and features. 


  • To join the Everve community, you don’t need to pay a penny also.
  • Insta auto liker
  • It has a chrome extension that provides features like sleeping mode, start or pause option for each module, and artificial intelligence (AI).


  • It is very easy to use.
  • An AI guided social exchange site.


  • It has a beta phase since it is the start of inception.
  • Of course, we cannot bet and put all the money on this as this is a very new SEO technology.

#4 Like4Like

Like4Like is a system which is made specifically for Instagram. If you are searching for how to get more likes on Instagram or how to get fake likes on Instagram then this is the best website for you that will enable you to develop your social nearness for nothing.

By enjoying different people groups fan pages, locales, photographs, video, and considerably more, you have been allowed to raise your pages, the whole way across the Internet!

like4like instagram auto liker

Their Instagram auto liker feature will generate real Instagram likes automatically from the real user accounts so you don’t have to think about account ban or any restriction.

It is same as Addmefast. The primary concern of Like4Like is, It doesn’t sell Likes/Follows/Subscribe as the vast majority of the web-based social networking websites do. Indeed, you should attempt this site additionally to build your web-based social networking likes. It is the best option to get likes on Instagram.

#5 LinkCollider

This is another social media exchanges website LinkCollider. It can be said that it is one of the online life trade webpages, which indicates the ubiquity of web-based social networking trade. You can also use this social exchange site to improve the SEO of your blogs.

If you are a blogger, you might want to check this top social exchange site. This particular site helps you in getting real likes, infinite follower, etc. fast.

linkcollider social media exchanges website

This will result in making your page trending on the net. This social exchange site presents dynamically to keep you updated with your pages in sync with the trending zone on the net. Initially, this social exchange site was not the top social exchange site.

But they did change a lot of things and updated things as well. They were resulting from it into the leading social exchange site. This social exchange site is also secure to share information, contracts circular, transactions of contracts, and end-to-end message transfer.


  • It integrates all the updates of social media relating to all the fetching of trending data and customer brand.
  • Schedules all the social media updates in one place resulting in saving the time of the user.
  • It keeps the social media account of the client active all the time with fresh updates.
  • Monitors social media through likes, comments, locations and more.


  • It is entirely free of costs.
  • This is not very time consuming whilst it is straightforward and efficient to use.
  • It can create huge traffic for any website on time.


  • It may be possible that the traffic is not organic as there are many hypotheses about it.
  • You need to manually collect points for like or so, and that can be exhausting.
  • Free members are not given access to all the features.

#6 YouLikeHits

Another free and mostly used website is YouLikeHits. YouLikeHits will assist you with growing your Social media account.

It works in all the categories of social media like it has twitter follower increaser, Instagram likes generator, etc. so that user don’t have to go on any other platform for another social media website.

YouLikeHits get infinite follower

YouLikeHits is an online life device that will enable you to become your Facebook, VK, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Websites, and then some. It’s basic and FREE!

You should simply add your profiles and sites to YouLikeHits record and start developing your online nearness by enjoying other individuals’ photos, tail them, or offer their posts. Pretty much every social trade site works like this.

#7 FanSlave

FanSlave is another such best website to grow your social media accounts. This social exchange site allows you to earn money by using your social media accounts. Specifically by performing certain actions on user’s social media accounts. It will give you free fb likes, 1000 likes for Instagram, free YouTube views, etc.

Actions such as following someone or subscribing to a channel, or liking a picture. This social exchange site is available in 5 different languages. It is available in languages such as English, Deutschland, Spanish, French and even Chinese.

FanSlave social likes website

You can earn money by doing different tasks on social media. The payment on this social exchange site works based on credits. The more task you do, the more you will be able to reach the public. And you need to be active and complete certain tasks every day. You reach a minimum payment requirement in weeks, but it depends on the tasks you complete.


  • It provides a great experience and about 1800K members.
  • The system is very easy and straight forward to use.
  • The payment process is very safe.


  • It is very easy to collect credits.
  • There is a free method also available.
  • It is very easy to accumulate referrals.


  • It is preferable if you create a Facebook account beforehand.

#8 TraffUp

TraffUp is one of the most trusted social media exchanges website in the market. It is for increasing the user’s social nearness on the internet. Traffic uses the procedure, which is quick and even smooth.

If you are in search of how to get more likes on fb then this place is for you. Here the unstructured information text of all length in the tree outline structure. This tree outline structure includes all the formats, whether emails, webpage and images.

TraffUp social media exchange websites

This information and arbitrary files of any length and format are compressed automatically. And then, it is stored in a tree-structured outline form. To increase personal productivity, so many options.

These options are information building through editing, searching, organizing, sharing and also capturing. The software manages the flow out of processes also. The software arranges large and growing information on notes and documents in one place. Traffup integrates and captures webpages which also includes the URLs.


  • Traffup does not sell likes, followers or even subscribers to make a vast web-based social network.
  • It is very simple to register.
  • You can register yourself without paying for anything.


  • The time taken for the platform to deliver the result is very little. Meaning you get the desired results in no time.
  • It offers up to six networks for a user across the globe to improve marketing sales.
  • Users get free service which helps in boosting marketing sales.


  • If you do not have a PayPal account, you might don’t want to use this social exchange site as it only has one option for payment.

#9 FollowFast

Followfast is perhaps the best social media exchange websites out there. This site was begun in 2012 with the mean to give boundless likes via web-based networking media posts. It depends on the Like4Like technique.

FollowFast how to get fake likes on instagram

That implies when you like/pursue or buy in somebody, you will get the point, and after that, you can utilize that point to get enjoyment on your post. It will help you to get free YouTube views and Insta likes fast and many social likes for free.

There is four-approach to get Points.

  1. Get the point by Liking, Subscribing & Following
  2. Referral your friend & when they join through your link, you will get a 100 point
  3. Pay some dollars for Point
  4. Log in every day and do some task to earn a daily bonus.

#10 FollowLike

FollowLike will enable you to develop your Social Networks, Websites, Business, Videos and Music, Blogs, Backlinks, Bookmarks or Promote pretty much anything you need by interfacing you with other individuals appearing to be identical.

Improve web search tool rankings, get free Facebook likes, and free twitter devotees with our like trade from clients who will cooperate with their web stages. You can utilize Follow like as an SEO promoter to get web traffic and associate with genuine individuals from over 70,000+ dynamic clients from everywhere throughout the world in our like for like social trade framework.

FollowLike instagram likes generator

New site or an old one? It doesn’t make a difference. What does make a difference in traffic, backlinks, web index positioning, and person to person communication, else clients don’t realize you exist. Follow like has numerous SEO devices that will enable you to improve site design improvement and increment site traffic, including backlinks and Unique Article Spinner.

To improve your web-based life measurements today, free Facebook Likes, social bookmarking what interpersonal interaction is? Online life presently has an immense influence on your SEO, getting endorsers, enjoys on your web-based life locales is imperative.

What is website optimization? Real web crawlers use it to rank your site’s prominence, so the more Social Exchanges you improve your rank. This can be as Likes or Social Bookmarks.

#11 LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap is a pay to click (PTC) site. It is also a revenue-sharing advertising platform. This social exchange site allows you to run the LeadsLeap on an extra device all day. LeadsLeap helps the user to increase the traffic of the blog.

Business people can also search for the right marketing solution. As with the right marketing solution, the user can make money from home itself. You can use the credit you would earn by visiting advertisement and then using the credit to derive more traffic to your website.

LeadsLeap allows the business to promote ads-free up to 4,000 web sites and even other members. You can even get training about how to advertise and achieve positive results. It is a very legit site. And if you are a beginner, you might want to try this website.


  • This social exchange site is the newest tool for generating leads.
  • It provides extensive training to its users.
  • They have free as well as premium membership plans.


  • This site has very good stability.
  • This allows for unlimited referrals.
  • This site has no membership restriction so you can join no matter what country you are in
  • It provides free marketing tools.
  • It also provides unique advertising products that will help you to stand out from other sites.


  • You will receive at least ten ads per day as the ads are compulsory.
  • The upgrade price is a little high.
  • It will work better if you want to make money online, so if you don’t want that, it might be a disadvantage.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So these are top-notch social media exchanges website. We have mentioned almost all the best ones.

According to our review we would suggest you to go with LinkColliderEverve if you are looking it as a business and for personal use you can go with AddmeFast.

Also do share this with your friends and let them also grow their followers and likes.

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