11 Best Song Finder Apps for Android (2022)

Many times, you must have come across a situation in which you hear a song been played nearby, but you cannot recollect the song or the lyrics while enjoying a drinking party; this might me very irritating. Don’t worry this article is for you only, in this article I have listed some of the Best Song Finder Apps for android.

Top 11 Song Finder Apps for Android to Use

With the help of these apps you can easily find the song that is been played in your mind. You must agree with me in this that in older days it was quite difficult to find the songs but with the developing technology it has now become easier.

1. Shazam

This is one of the best and most popular app for finding songs. It will easily help you find any song that is been played near you. Along with the song name and lyrics it will also give you other details like artist name, singer name and many other details like these.

As you know artist also use this app to upload their new songs or clippings so it allows you to follow your favourite artist so that you get a notification if they upload something.

2. Spotsearch

This is an amazing song finder app that is incorporated with Spotify that help you to easily find different songs. It also gives you an option to play songs of your favourite artist and all the songs on your playlist even on shuffle mode as it is connected with Spotify.

If you buy the premium version of this app then you can easily download the songs and then listen to them anywhere anytime.

3. Hound

Hound is another amazing app for finding the songs. This app will find the song by using your own voice.

You just have to open the app and then sing it in your own voice, whichever part you remember and just let the app do its work.

it will also gives you other information or any details that you might want to know about the song. 

4. Music ID

This amazing app is the best in the list of Song Finder Apps will help you find any song instantly wherever you are, what you just need is the good internet speed.

If you think even after finding the song you might forget the song then you have an option to add notes and save the song, so that you can listen to it later on. One more amazing feature of this app is that it allows you to even buy a song.

5. Music identifier

Let me add this amazing song finder app to your list. This app provides you a much simpler and faster way to find the songs that are played nearby and the best part is that even if it is free you are not interrupted by unnecessary ads.

This is an app that has an easy interface so that it can be easily used by all its users. You can use this app with most popular app like Sound Hound, Shazam, Musixmatch, and others music apps. 

If you want to add sound effects to your music, then you can do this work easily with the help of Sound Effects Apps, with the help of this you can add different types of sound effects to your favorite song.

6. Sound hound

If you heard a song and cannot find out what song it is this is an incredible app that will help you in this process. Apart from just telling the song and the lyrics it also gives you a full detail about the song.

This can be used by both android and iOS users. The app also provides you with a feature to save your own history so that you can go back and listen to the same songs if you wish to.  

7. Bird song Id

This app as the name suggest will help you even recognize the songs of the birds. It is a light app as it uses very less space in your smartphone. It has an easy interface and is also user friendly making it easier to use it by all the new users.

One of the best features of this app is that you can even use this app in offline mode so that you can use them anywhere even if you don’t have an internet connection. 

8. Musixmatch

This is one of the most popular and incredible song finder app that you can use on your android phone. You can easily find amazing songs on this app just if you know only few lines of the songs.

The app provides you with the song lyrics that to with multilingual translations. You can easily sync it with your youtube, Spotify or any other music platform. 

9. Beat musix

This is another incredible song finder app that can be used only for android users. any music can be identified on your device very easily just by using this app. Even you can try lip syncing video app to create your own lip-sync videos.

It will just take a few seconds to find which song you are listening to as the app is quite fast.

Apart from this it also have a feature by which it can automatically play any song from you library whenever you want. 

10. Genius

This is considered to be the best song lyrics app that you can find. The app will make it easier to find the songs that you are listening to but you are not able to find the name of the song so that you suggest the song to your friends.

This app will help you in all these situation, it take just few seconds to find any song along with the details about the song.

11. Undrtone

It is another amazing app for song finding purposes that I would like to add to the list.

This is available for free, you just have to make an account and then you can easily listen to all the songs and even find the songs that you heard been played near you.

You can even save the songs and make your own playlist. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the Best Song Finder Apps are quite amazing and have incredible features. From having an easy interface to been user friendly, they all can be used by anyone and will surely help you to find the songs that are played nearby or those whose title you don’t know. Download the apps and give them a try, I hope this article was a help to you. 

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