12 Of The Best Sound Effects Apps for Android & iPhone

“Music is the language of the heart,” and most people would agree. Particularly those who have arrived at our page in search of the greatest sound effects apps. You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy music; you may casually listen to it. It is well acknowledged that sounds assist us in better expressing our thoughts and sentiments.

The apps discussed in this article are just what you’re looking for. These apps will assist you in improving your music listening experience by altering the song’s sound effects. Either you want to make professional adjustments, such as enhancing the audio quality.

If you want various sound effects for every scenario. These apps will come to your aid immediately. With only a few touches, you may enrich your music with a variety of effects.

12 Of The Best & Free Sound Effects Apps for Android & iPhone

Get a good chuckle by pranking your family or friends with amusing and wild sound effects. Even if obtaining such sound effects is difficult, read this post. Attempt to test your ideas using the top sound effects apps for Android and iOS.

#1 Bass Booster & Equalizer

Bass Booster & Equalizer sound effect apps
Bass Booster & Equalizer

Download Size – 5.6 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Use Bass Booster & Equalizer to enhance the music or video experience and to make the best music possible. It modifies the levels of audio effects utilizing tools such as bass boost, volume boost, and virtualizer. It contains a 5 band equalizer and ten eq presets.

The UI is excellent, and the controls are intuitive. The efficiency of this equalizer is amazing. With this, you can genuinely adjust the audio output in the desired manner. Stereo surround sound effects & edge lighting are further important elements.

The app works with a wide range of Android music and video players. Using this free tool, you may change the sound intensity, frequency, and amplitudes.

One feature it currently needs is an always-on mode, which would allow it to be utilized with the home screen.

#2 Instant Buttons Soundboard App

Instant Buttons Soundboard sound effect apps
Instant Buttons Soundboard App

Download Size – 47 MB

Ratings – 2.5 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

If you want to have a wide range of android audio effects in one spot, the music effects app on the list is Instant Buttons. It is a popular sound app for android with 400+ sound buttons organized into genres. It contains sounds for popular memes, songs, films, and TV shows.

Sound effects from gamers, anime, children’s shows, and even sports commentary may be found. It also has features such as a favorites system that make it relatively easy to use.

Instant Buttons is ideal for people who want music tracks to go with them on practically any occasion. The option to make your custom buttons is maybe the finest feature of this one.

This tool is suitable for free for Android and iOS. However, for unrestricted access to the app’s features, you may purchase an annual pass.

#3 Equalizer — Bass Booster & Volume EQ & Virtualizer

Download Size –  MB

Ratings –  Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

This is a free platform that provides unmatched sound quality. It generates high, crystal-clear audio with Bass Boosters, Volume Boosters, and 3D Virtualizer effects. You may use this equalization to improve your music and increase your audio with the manual process.

Among its many capabilities is a Virtualizer for generating quality sound in a Digitally Surround Support. Music visualization Spectrum is a tool that may help you create a one-of-a-kind sound effect. Preset sound effects and reverb effects provide for better video and audio playback.

In addition to high-quality feasible themes. This app is a sturdy yet user-friendly Music Equalizer. Allows you to increase the audio quality of any Android device.

#4 Sound Effects

Sound Effects Apps
Sound Effects

Download Size – 33 MB

Ratings – 3.5 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

For people who are seeking funny and unique sound effects in a variety of genres. Sound Effects is one of the coolest android sound effects apps on the market. Its sound collection has over 200 genuine sound effects.

With a clear user interface and simple browsing via important but intriguing categories. Everyone can have access to it. The app is accessible in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, and English.

The ability to change your stories, videos, and streams with the keyboard. It provides easy access to your favorite sounds. The app is available for free on Android and iOS.

The option to download sound effects is one feature that users may want in the app.

#5 Equalizer & Bass Booster – Music Volume EQ

Download Size –  MB

Ratings –  Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Comping up is an app that will be simple and easy to use from the start. So, don’t be concerned if you have no prior expertise with such apps. Equalizer & Bass Booster – Music Volume EQ is a free Android app.

You can alter the volume and increase the bass with this Five Band Equalizer. You may keep customized equalization settings and add up to 22 more to suit almost any genre.

When you use 3D stereo sound effects, you may get a sound that is tailored to your auditory preferences. They advise utilizing Google Play Audio because Equalizer does not function with other music players. This functions as a professional tool with little setup.

The app is ad-supported, but it is not bothersome.

#6 Video Sound Editor: Add Audio, Mute, Silent Video

Video Sound Editor: Add Audio, Mute, Silent Video sound effect apps
Video Sound Editor: Add Audio, Mute, Silent Video

Download Size – 11 MB

Ratings – 4.2 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Video Sound Editor is a voice sound effects editor which also works with video recordings. It makes it easy to add audio tracks to existing video content. The procedure is straightforward and user-friendly.

Increasing the convenience with which any clip may be customized. This includes the removal of the original audio and the exclusion of a video segment.

Incorporating one’s favorite audio effects, modifying, and combining are all quick and easy. It also lets you see a preview, save it, and begin sharing it, and it supports all video formats.

This is the greatest free audio-video editing tool for Android phones and tablets. This takes up less storage space. While producing higher-quality results and allowing for speedier processing.

#7 Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid

Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid
Meme Soundboard by ZomboDroid

Download Size – 42 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

If you wish to get popular with your trendy meme game, we offer awesome sound effects apps for you. We present Meme Soundboard, an app for Android devices. It is an essential meme sound effect tool.

Since it includes 500+ high-quality audio files that may be used for pure entertainment. You get the most recent memes, which you may add to your library of fav meme sounds. You can have simple access from your homepage.

Aside from that, you may add any audio or record your original using the option. With the many playing choices, you may have hours of fun with your pals. It allows you to mix up to 16 audio to create a relatively long one. Also, you may share these sounds with your friends on many networks.

To unlock further features of this fantastic app, you must make in-app purchases.

#8 Music Player-Echo Audio Player

Music Player-Echo Audio Player
Music Player-Echo Audio Player

Download Size – 18 MB

Ratings – 3.9 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Music Player-Echo Audio Player is a versatile and strong program. It includes a 10-band equalization and a bass booster media player. This freeware includes many presets as well as custom audio effects.

It also functions as an audio changer, altering the tempo and pitch of the tunes & sounds. Listen to your altered songs and with volume modifications, you can effortlessly alter the loudness of the song.

All the effects and aural control are fantastic. It works with all types of songs and audio files and can trim audio tracks. This app has automated file scanning, headset controls, and lyrics support. You may also send your favorite music to your friends.

It is functional with all Android platforms. But one con is that the rotation rate is pretty fast.

#9 Keyboard With Sound Effects

Keyboard With Sound Effects app for sounds
Keyboard With Sound Effects

Download Size – 26 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Isn’t it cool to have your customized keyboard on your phone? That fits your personality, is beautiful, and has amazing Sound Effects.

So far, this is the most interesting sound effects app for you. This allows you to personalize your keyboard with beautiful fonts and entertaining sounds. As the theme of the keyboard, you may add several backgrounds with personal images.

Other features include its emoticons and stickers which are compatible with most Android devices. Some features can only be accessed with coins. These coins you can get in a variety of ways. So while messaging, enjoy satisfying and comical sounds.

#10 100 Sound Buttons

100 Sound Buttons android sound effect
100 Sound Buttons

Download Size – 44 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

With entertaining sounds, 100 Sound Buttons is one of the greatest soundboards available. It offers an easy-to-use interface and a well-organized free sound library. There are several varieties of sounds that are easily accessible.

Sounds from online gaming, film, anime, wildlife, automobiles. As well a variety of other natural sources are among them. The app is compact and doesn’t use up much space on the device.

There are automatic updates every once in a while. All the audios are freely available to use with any Android smartphone. So, you can listen to any sound on your smartphone whether it’s Pleasant, hilarious, or terrifying sounds.

#11 SOUND Beautifier – Equalizer

SOUND Beautifier - Equalizer music effects app
SOUND Beautifier – Equalizer

Download Size – 6.2 MB

Ratings – 4.5 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

This is one of the finest and reliable and easy apps for anybody looking to get more out of their audio experience. SOUND Beautifier is a mobile app that runs on Android. This, as the name suggests, enhances the beauty of your songs and is convenient.

The bass it produces is strong and impactful. The app may enhance the sound by energizing the audio stream with various frequency changes.

These are fantastic free presets with the ability to share them. The equalization is subtle in use, and it allows users to hear more details. There is no damage caused by the volume booster.

Make in-app purchases for the full version to enhance clarity, bass, and richness to your sounds.

#12 Sound Effect DJ

Sound Effect DJ sound app for android
Sound Effect DJ

Download Size – Varies with device

Ratings – 3.2 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Sound Effect DJ is another fantastic sound effects app. This free app has a massive selection of the greatest DJ sound effects. It features a basic reasonably graphical interface and can be managed by anyone.

With a single click, you may choose the right sound for every circumstance or purpose. This soundboard contains over 75 sound effects. It gives you the chance to rearrange and change the position of the sound buttons.

This allows you to compile a list of your most often explored sound effects. This famous sound effect tool is essential for having a great time with your friends or family.

Eleggible’s Final Words

You’ll discover apps here that aren’t your typical music editing software. They provide you with exceptional features. Also, assist you in making a wide range of sound effects using your songs or vocals. You may apply many effects to your favorite music to enhance it.

Create your sound effects and amazing ringtones or alarm tones for your smartphone. It enables you to add a unique, humorous, or bizarre effect to your voice or music. Some of these incredible apps provide functions without charging you a dime.

Others have in-app purchases, but after examining each one, we believe they are worthwhile. Enjoy them to their full capacity, try out some old-school sound effects.

Have a genuine experience of listening to high-quality music at home at any time. Choose your preferred sound effect apps from the list of most popular sound effect apps and get started.

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