9 Best Story Saver for Instagram Online in 2022

Are you in search of the best Instagram story saver app? Some applications such as Instagram feed and reels, have capabilities that let you download Instagram stories. You may download Instagram Stories, as well as feed posts, reels, and Igtv movies, using the app.

You can effortlessly download any Reels, posts, stories, or videos from Instagram with the Reels downloader for Instagram. If you want to learn more about it, check the details for each app listed below. We’ve compiled a list of the top Instagram story-saving applications, let us now take a look.

These Insta story saver apps are completely free from viruses, you can use them without any hesitation. 

If you are an iOS user then you need to jailbreak your device to get these features for Instagram story saver. Because iPhone doesn’t support third-party apps, due to security reasons.

Top 9 Best Story Saver for Instagram in 2022

#1 FastSave

FastSave best story saver for instagram

Download Size – 6.1 MB

Ratings – 3.5 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

FastSave is a program that allows you to browse and save photographs & clips to your device. You can instantly view photographs and video clips offline by downloading them, and the greatest part is that you can even repost them using this tool.

It’s unlike other photo video download software in that it’s really simple and quick to use, and it works without a hitch! You can certainly give it a shot.

  • This is a fantastic tool that is simple to use and has a terrific user interface that is self-explanatory.
  • The app’s sole drawbacks are subscription difficulties and occasional bugs.

#2 Instore


Download Size – 74 MB

Ratings – 4.3 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

InStore: Story Saver & Video Downloader made simple for social network users, merely because of the immense benefit it provides. By just uploading your photo, it now creates hashtags and captions.

The photographs and videos you download from Instore are guaranteed to be of excellent quality. It also provides Easily share on Instagram or any other social media network. Insta Use does not require a login.

  • This tool helps to easily and seamlessly integrate video snippets into my story.
  • It’s also useful for copying links for various purposes and sharing them on many networks.
  • According to user evaluations, the previous version of the program was excellent but the current one has too many ads.

#3 Video downloader for Instagram

Video downloader for Instagram

Download Size – 6.7 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Video Downloader for Instagram (Instamigo) is the app to download Instagram stories if you want to download videos, photos, stories, and reels from Instagram and IGTV to your phone, REPOST with captions and hashtags to get more followers, or SHARE with your friends via Instagram.

It’s never been easier or faster to download Instagram videos! Instagram videos and photographs may be downloaded, and stories and highlights can be saved for Instagram.

The built-in video player allows you to watch offline videos whenever and anywhere you choose. You can even share files with your friends. The size is little, only 6M. The app is completely secure!

  • It is recommended to use this app over others since it is so much easier, more helpful, and better.
  • It only takes a few minutes to log in, so the procedure is also quite rapid.
  • Users only have complaints regarding the new program update.
  • Don’t like the new improvements and user interest.

#4 Story Saver for Me

Story Saver for Me best story saver for instagram

Download Size – 7.6 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – IOS

It’s never been simpler to save and Explore As with Instagram, you may browse and bookmark profiles, stories, highlights, and posts. Create FULL HD resolution lists from them.

Turac Sogutlu’s Story Saver for Me is a Social Networking app. It has a 5-star rating on the AppStore and has had over 9,065 ratings throughout its existence. Version 2.1 is the most recent version of the program.

  • The app is fantastic!
  • However, there is a bug that has to be addressed.
  • This app claims to allow you to privately access stories.
  • App lagging is also an issue.

#5 Quick Save

Quick Save

Download Size – 9.2 MB

Ratings – 3.7 Star

Price – Free

Link – Android

Quick Save is the best story saver for Instagram users who want an extraordinary way to save/download photographs and videos.

The Quick Save app has a built-in feature that allows you to modify your favorite photographs or videos with multiple color filters and editing tools, as well as publish straight on Instagram.

From the Quick Save app, you can easily share downloaded photographs or videos to any social media app. Making a collection using our Instagram Photo Downloader and Instagram Video Downloader is quite beneficial.

  • So simple, so wonderful, yet there’s a problem with the commercials.
  • The app occasionally displays problems and bugs, frequently losing sync.

#6 Repost Stories

Repost Stories best story saver for instagram

Download Size – 32.5 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – IOS

‘Repost tales’ allows you to quickly repost any user’s stories on Instagram without any restrictions. There is no fee to repost photographs and videos; simply download the app and repost as many stories as you want on Instagram.

There is no watermark and no currency system; simply repost. You can republish stories in their entirety. ‘Repost tales’ has a rapid repost on Instagram as well as a variety of editing tools to make stories more relevant and spectacular.

Filter, Adjustment, Effects, Blur & Focus, Rotation, Draw, Splash, Crop, Resize, ToneCurve, Sticker, Emotions, Text Draw, and many more tools may be used to edit tales.

  • According to the reviews, this app is awesome.
  • Now You can quickly download the story of any other user on Instagram.
  • The app seems to get worse with each update.
  • Too many ads then lead to a bad viewer experience.

#7 StorySaver+


Download Size – 66 MB

Ratings – 4.0 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

StorySaver+ was created with the express intention of making your life simpler by offering tools that allow you to download nearly any form of material.

It helps to Download Private Profile Content and Download One-Time Snap-In DM Photo, Video, and Carousel 

Highlights of the HQ Avatar Download IGTV & Reels Story Download Other features are still in the works and will be published in the near future.

  • The only thing that could be improved about the app is if there was a method to bookmark.


  • This app has significantly fewer negative reviews.
  • Just that users want more free features on it.

#8 Insget

Insget best story saver for instagram

Download Size – 8 MB

Ratings – 4.6 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

Insget is a simple, straightforward, and quick program for downloading Instagram photographs and videos. Its excellent and seamless UI sets it apart from other comparable programs.

It will never have the annoying full-screen adverts that other apps have after each activity. You can quickly download images, and IG and IGTV videos from both public and private Instagram accounts with Insget.

You may use Instagram to download videos and photographs, which you can then post to Direct, Feed, Stories, or any other application. All of the tools for viewing stored photographs and videos are included in the program.

The post’s description and author are also kept, in addition to the media assets. As a result, you may download movies or photographs from Instagram and view the information even if you don’t have access to the Internet.

  • This is an excellent app.
  • It’s simple to use and download photographs and videos.
  • Like How to alter the color of the backdrop.
  • If there are many photos/pictures to download, choose which ones to download.
  • Based on feedback this app contains too many ads.

#9 Regrann


Download Size – 26 MB

Ratings – 4.7 Star

Price – Free / In-App Purchases

Link – Android

With Repost for Instagram, you can repost Instagram photographs and videos without the need to apply watermarks. You may also save Instagram photographs to your phone using Regrann.

You can repost Instagram photographs without having to leave the app. Instagram pictures may be downloaded right away. Instagram photos will be saved to your photo folder with the name of the Instagram poster.

  • It’s astonishing how fast and rapidly this program copies and pastes to an Instagram page! Fascinating.
  • With so many applications to choose from.
  • According to user evaluations, the app is functional, however, the nature of the advertisements detracts from the overall experience.
  • It would lock out any function on a regular basis, requiring an IG login.

Eleggible’s Final Words

If you truly don’t have time to view the Stories, or if you want to keep anything vital to yourself from someone else, Story Savers programs will be really useful.

There are several story saver applications accessible nowadays, but we have highlighted a few of the well-made, popular story apps that you can check out, analyze, and try for yourself to see which one best meets your needs or Instagram algorithm.

Choose your favorite because they are all completely free and safe to use. We hope you have found this information to be beneficial. Please give us your critical insight so that we may be inspired to publish more similar material for you.

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