8 Best Tips & Tricks for New Mac Users in 2022

Macs are great computers that are appreciated for their speed and amazing performance. However, a lot of Mac users can not even imagine how many features, shortcuts, and other tricks are hidden in their computers.

Using a Mac alone can already make you more productive at work, but knowing a few tricks can get you even further. Thus in this article, you will find a list of 8 tips and tricks for new Mac users that is a must to know.

Tip #1: Learn to Record Facetime Calls

Same as any video content on social media, video calls now are more popular than they ever were. More to it, free Wi-Fi and cheap cellular data have also made their influence on the popularity of video calls. Using Facetime is convenient because you can explain or tell certain things the same way as you would in person.

A simple call would make it longer to explain because a person can not see you, and texting them would take even longer. Therefore, you might want to learn how to record facetime by using specialized software because it may come in handy work-wise or study-wise.

Tip #2: Be Aware of Your Storage Space

If you had a computer with Windows operating before you purchased a Mac, you might have a bad habit of hoarding files and programs you do not need. With Macs, you should build a new habit of keeping as much free disk space as possible because once you go down to less than 10% of free disk space, your Mac will become slower.

To regularly check storage space statistics, click the Apple icon at the top of the screen, choose About This Mac, and go to the Storage tab. It may take a minute or so for data to be calculated and displayed. 

Tip #3: Keep Your Desktop Empty


The main reason why you should have your desktop clean at all times is the fact that each thumbnail you see on your screen is slowing your computer down. The second reason is that it becomes difficult to find files and determine what is no longer needed when hundreds of files are stacked upon one another.

Tip #4: Do Not Let Your Mac Overheat

If you purchased a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you must know the optimal temperature should be between 10° and 35° C. Also, your Mac may overheat because of other reasons, like intensive gaming.

Anyhow, you should ensure that your Mac does not overheat because otherwise, it will simply shut down to protect the device. A simple solution to avoid that is to invest in a cooling pad for your Mac.

Tip #5: Use Streaming Services

If you enjoy watching TV shows and movies on your Mac and are getting very close to no free disk space, a good solution for you would be to start using such streaming platforms as Netflix. The same goes for music. If you enjoy discovering new artists and constantly listening to new music, you should start using such music streaming platforms as Spotify.

Tip #6: Get an Antivirus for Your Mac

Even though you may hear some people saying that Macs are very safe computers and do not need an antivirus, still invest in one. Such opinion about Macs might have been formed because some time ago, there were a lot more malware and virus attacks on Windows computers than on Macs.

However, some time ago, fewer people wanted to purchase a Mac. Nowadays, the percentage of people who own a Mac is growing. Therefore, new viruses can create every day.

Tip #7: Install Updates Regularly

You are probably familiar with the situation where you keep postponing the updates because you have no time to restart your computer when you are working or watching a movie on your computer. On the other hand, you should install both macOS and app updates as regularly as possible because it is important for your Mac’s security, performance, and bug fixes.

Tip #8: Restart the Computer Regularly

Tips & Tricks for New Mac

If you have a MacBook laptop, you will often feel the urge to simply close your computer and go do something else. Although, you should remember that it is important to restart and shut down your Mac as regularly as possible if you want it to keep running fast and smooth.

If you never restart the computer, there might be some apps running in the background that could not close because of some error. And there is a high chance this will influence the overall performance of your Mac.

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